10 Best Online Online Tech Support Services for 2021

10 Best Online Online Tech Support Services for 2021

The best online tech support services and companies are unfortunatelysometimes hard to find and you often have to navigate your way through some ofthe worst, before you can find the best. This guide to online technicalsupport services lists some of the top companies in the industry andidentifies some of the service highlights to make your choice easier.As technology becomes more ingrained in daily life, the need for support hasincreased substantially. Downtime no longer represents an inconvenience, butnow stands as a legitimate threat both to productivity and profitability forindividuals and businesses alike.

What is the best online technical support service?

If you read the explanation of technical support on Wikipedia you will seethat it covers a wide range of products and services for both businesses andconsumers, ranging from computer repair and troubleshooting, to offering alive chat service. Getting help with a problematic telephone service is acommon occurence that often requires an advanced level of technical support.While WhichVoIP is not a technical support service per say, we do have a teamof experts and can offer you free advice on most VoIP or networking relatedtopics. Just ask a question at the bottom of this page.We will also highlight which companies offer a voice related offering when wedig into the details of each service in the upcoming list.Utilizing chat, phones and remote login software, dozens of providers offersupport not only for Macs and PCs, but for a wide spectrum of tech devices andsoftware applications. With respect to features, pricing and quality ofservice, here are 10 of the top technical support providers operating today.Operating in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and Hong Kong markets, 24/7Techies is a support provider serving both consumers and SMB (small-to-mediumbusinesses). They advertise expertise in general Mac and PC systems andsoftware, plus support for smartphones and online tools such as Google Apps.Unlimited support for a single computer starts at $159.95 annually. 24/7Techies also offers marketing, cloud and server support for SMB customers,with plans from $499.95/year.AskPCExperts lists a gamut of brand-specific services for computers andgadgets including tablets, cameras, smartphones and digital audio players.They offer membership options for individual users as well as smallbusinesses, with prices dropping significantly for two- and three-yearcontracts.A network setup service is available for both homes and businesses whereAskPCExperts technical staff will setup and configure routers, networksecurity and voice-over-IP service.Depending on your intended level of commitment, AskPCExperts can providereasonable value. However, with a $249.95 price tag for a one-year individualplan, those not looking to take the long-term plunge should probably startelsewhere.Previously operating as iTok, Bask offers four tiered service plans, dependingon your desired level of protection. The Silver ($9.99/month), Gold($19.99/month) and Diamond ($24.99/month) options each require a $49.99 setupfee; The top-level Platinum service is priced at $34.99 monthly plus $99.99setup.Bask users report solid satisfaction in techs’ knowledge and efficiency ofservice. Note, however, that the Silver, Gold and Diamond base membershipprices cover only basic needs, such as PC optimization, malware clean-up andadding new devices. Major issues are still charged on a per-fix basis, withthe exception of the Platinum service level, making Bask one of the pricieroptions out there.Best Buy’s contribution to the tech support field is one of the most-recognizable and best-reviewed according to customers. In addition tocomprehensive PC and Mac assistance, Geek Squad offers protection plans forhome appliances as well as automotive and entertainment devices. It’s mostpopular package is available as low as $9.99/month with $99.99 setup andincludes unlimited 24/7 remote service.Features include complementary Internet security software, device setup andnetworking assistance, plus agent access in-store, online and over the phone.Worth noting is that PhonePower and VoIP.com (home and business phone serviceproviders), offer Geek Squad as an option for customer support.Taking a relatively unique approach to remote support, My Nerds offers it’ssubscription service ($240.00/year) as something of an afterthought. Instead,it emphasizes single fixes, which are available through a simple but cleanwebsite. Everything is executed via a web interface, including payment, whichstarts at $40 for what’s termed a simple fix.Single issues are repaired at $80 each, multiple issues at $120, and therepair of complex problems is priced at $160. My Nerds offers immediaterefunds for any issues it is unable to resolve, such as in the case ofhardware malfunctions.OmniTech’s website offers services targeted toward home users as well as SMBs,although making a distinction between the two is difficult. Service plans listfeatures including support for various digital devices in addition to thestandard fare: virus removal, PC clean-up, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, etc.With an annual subscription starting at $299.99, depending on issue and systemconfiguration, you’re likely to find similar options with much smaller pricetags.Support.com provides options both for subscriptions as well as one-time fixes.The catch: a single PC diagnose-and-repair stands to run you $129.99.Conversely, you can secure 24/7 support starting at $19.99/month (six-monthminimum with $40 setup). Support.com also provides one-off fixes if you’rehaving problems with your wireless network ($79.99), syncing smart devices($49.99) or simply looking for a general PC tune-up ($79.99).Those who prefer phone-based support should be wary; many users report lengthywait times when calling in for assistance. If you’re amenable to onlinesupport tools, however, Support.com should be considered.Customer satisfaction is one of the primary selling points of Tech to Us, acompany offering up most of the standard menu items for a remote supportentity. It’s website is clean and appealing, and pricing is designed forsimplicity: individual plans bill at $29.99/month (plus $100 setup) or$299.99/year. Business plans range from $49.99-$499.99/month for up to 20devices.The Tech to Us business plans list one-hour response time and 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.availability Monday through Friday. A variety of a la carte options are alsooffered, including support for servers, firewalls, data recovery and more.For support-seekers who desire a more straightforward approach, USTechSupportkeeps it simple: 24/7 remote assistance for all the basics, including virusremoval, optimization and general troubleshooting. If you’re a novice userlooking for help with software issues, Internet or device connectivity andother common problems, USTS is worth a look.Single-PC pricing starts at $19.95/month with a $39 setup fee, or get 12months of coverage for $179.iYogi’s stature in the tech support field has diminished in recent years, duein part to more competitive pricing offered by some notable competitors. It’sDigital Home Plan starts at $149.99/year (renews at $119.99) and includes afive-year $30 licensing fee for iYogi’s Support Deck/Tech Genie PCoptimization tools.While iYogi is recognized for providing competent technical support, usershave noted that both their agents and bundled software are sharply focused onselling additional services. Your presence is also required during theexecution of support functions, so be advised if you’re looking for a moreself-contained solution.iYogi does offer a voice management service as part of it’s specializedservices for businesses.


Ultimately, many of today’s remote tech support companies offer similarpackages and pricing. While one-time fixes can provide substantial savings,ongoing service plans often ensure the greatest value for users with regularquestions and minor issues. Always review the fine print and ask plenty ofquestions before making a long-term commitment, as the support option youinvest in will likely play a considerable part in the reliability of yourtechnology.I want to upgrade my 1 year old Dell G5 5090 from its existing 250 NVMe PCIeM.2 SSD to a 1TB. If I got an external enclosure for the New Replacement SSDwould I be able to make an image (using Acronis True Image) of my present SSDand simply swap them out? I am thinking that if it is an image…simplyremoving the older SSD (while the system is down) and putting in the newer1TB…will my PC start up without any tweaking? Would I have to anything in myBIOS? …or would it now recognize the larger capacity of the drive?-> Response: I’ve done this a few times using Samsung Evo SSD. Their migration wizard makes it really easy to swap them out.Geek Squad has been great for me. However, the wait times have become longerand longer. Currently, I am being asked to wait up to 24 hours before atechnician can help me.I concur that the Geek Squad is horrible now. I used to swear by them, and nowI would swear at them. I have had two recent experiences waiting for an hourto call back and the connection endedI’ve had very bad results lately with the Geek Squad. They used to be verygood, but in the last year, very bad. Haven’t fixed what I asked for andmessed up things in my MSOffice.Do you have any information about Tech Club. A few years ago, I was called byTech Club and they said they had taken over iYogi business. Since then, theykeep finding many things wrong with my 4 year old computer and telling me Ihave to spend thousands of dollars to fix it.-> Response: We cannot find anything official regarding Tech Club taking over iYogi business. If we were to hazard a guess perhaps they just bought the phone number from iYogi. There were quite a lot of lawsuits against iYogi it seems.Is OmniTech Support still in business? I have paid in advance for tech supportthru 2019 and they no longer answer their phone service number.-> Response: I see comments on their Facebook page where people have been saying the same thing. Sorry to hear that.I am looking for a good, honest online tech support company. I used to haveiYogi, which has since apparently been banned from doing business in the USA,and currently have Global Technology. While most of the technicians that I’vedealt with seem knowledgeable and resolve the problem, many of them put youunder a great deal of pressure to buy something extra (and EXPENSIVE). Isthere a good, reliable US based service like iYogi or Global Technology fromwhich you can buy protection and tech help for one price without being toldthat you need to buy something additional every time you have a problem? Ibought the basic package from Global Tech, then later they told me I needed tobuy internet security in addition, and then still later they told me that Ineed to buy web security or some such thing. And NONE of it is CHEAP.-> Response: Unfortunately the upsell is typical with most companies these days.Both bask and iyogi are out of the business.Top 10 Best Tech Support Service Companies


It’s best to work with a tech support service that has a solid track recordand an established history. Consider the background and expertise of eachfirm, and choose one that best fits your needs. * Previous clients: Take a look at some of the company’s previous clients to see if they have been happy with the services. Good services should be happy to offer client references, reviews and case studies that give potential customers a sense of their success rates. * Industry expertise: Different services have experts with experience in specific industries. Find out if a particular tech service has worked in your industry or an industry with similar needs. * Reputation: The best tech support services have a good reputation for providing solid, reliable support.


Which devices do the service support? Make a list of all devices for which youneed support and potential devices you may need help with in the future. Makesure that the tech support service can offer help for every device on yourlist. * PCs: Most individuals and businesses need occasional support for desktop and laptop PCs. * Printers and scanners: Printers and scanners can sometimes go on the fritz or have inexplicable trouble communicating with the server. It’s important to look for a tech support service that can help with printers and scanners if you know you’ll use these devices frequently. * Routers: For freelancers and businesses, issues with a router can mean losing a lot of business until the situation is resolved. Although many tech support services work with routers, some don’t, and it’s important to ask if the service can support your router. * Mobile devices: More and more, individuals are turning to mobile devices to perform tasks and conduct business. However, mobile devices aren’t always covered by tech support services. Make sure that mobile devices are part of the coverage if you rely on them.

Support quality

The best services help customers resolve issues as quickly as possible. Thequality of support is one of the most important features of a tech supportservice. * Free trial: Some companies offer a free or reduced cost trial period that gives you time to decide if you like a product before signing a contract. * Microsoft or Apple certified: The best tech support services are certified by Microsoft or Apple, or both if you plan to have them work on products from both companies. This means that technicians have the proper training and know how to properly fix these products. * Security: Any tech support service should ensure that they are working on an encrypted connection. Otherwise, anyone accessing your servers remotely could access valuable information.

Tech services

In addition to support services and devices, it’s also important to considerwhat type of tech services the company offers. Individual and business needscan vary greatly when it comes to tech services, so it’s important to be clearon what exactly you need before choosing a service provider. * Diagnostics: Diagnostics support includes periodic checks on hardware and software to spot potential failures, conflicts and software-related issues. It’s an important part of ensuring that a computer or computer network can run without issues. * Virus and malware help: When computers are infected with viruses or malware, tech support services remove them and restore the computer. * Data recovery: If a computer or computer network has been compromised, sometimes data is lost. Tech support services can help with data recovery to ensure that you don’t lose valuable information. * Customization: The more customizable a service is, the more likely you’ll find a plan that’s exactly right for you and doesn’t require you to pay for unnecessary services.

Customized support

Some people need constant help and immediate support, while smaller businessesor individuals only need occasional help. A tech support service should havepricing models that meet a company’s needs. * Self-help tools: Some tech support services offer valuable self-help tools that can help you take care of small problems easily. * As-needed service: Some companies need constant on-site maintenance while others only need a quick job performed now and then. Look for a company that offers a custom structure that fits your specific needs. * Direct access: Some tech services offer direct access to the specialists and services that an individual or business needs based on their account profile. This can save time in waiting to reach a service representative or having to be redirected to a different department.Best Online Tech Support Services of 2021Identifying the best service for online tech support is not an easy thing todo. And in many cases, a consumer will waste time and money on a subparservice before finding one that fits their needs.This matter becomes more and more important with time as technology becomes abigger part of today’s society. There was once a time when downtimerepresented a minor inconvenience. However, going offline today is a seriousthreat to profit and production for both individuals and companies.

Which Online Tech Support Service Is Best?

Technical support includes a variety of services and products to benefitbusinesses and consumers. These benefits include troubleshooting, computerrepair, and live chat services. It is common to experience problems with phoneservice and these problems often require high-level technical support toresolve.The ten companies below received high scores for both pricing and the qualityof the services they provide. These companies have been identified as the bestof the best in the field of tech support services.

Geek Squad

Geek Squad is one of the most recognizable brands in the field of tech supportand is highly-reviewed by users. Geek Squad provides consumers withcomprehensive protection for both Mac And PC. The service also provides asupport plan for home appliances, entertainment devices, and automotive needs.Geek Squad features include complimentary security software for internet use,network assistance, and device setup. Consumers also benefit from agentassistance online, via telephone, and in-store.It is worth noting that both Voip.com and PhonePower offer Geek Squad toaddress customer support needs.


The company which was formerly known as iTok offers four service plans to fitthe needs of customers. The first three plans, silver, gold, and diamond,range from $9.99 a month to $24.99 a month and each requires $49.99 to bespent for setup. The platinum premium plan costs $34.99 monthly and requires asetup fee of $99.99.Bask customers enjoy efficient services and say Bask agents possess superiorknowledge of tech issues. The first three tiers of service offer the clean upof malware, PC optimization, and the addition of new devices. Customers usingone of these tiers are required to pay for major issues on a per-fix basis.The exception to this is with the platinum level of service which is all-inclusive. This makes Bask one of the most expensive of the ten servicesprofiled in this article.


AskPCExperts provides a list of services for a variety of devices likesmartphones, cameras, tablets, and digital audio players. The company offersplans for both individuals and small businesses. The price of servicesdecreases dramatically for multiple year contracts.AskPCExperts will set up routers, configure routers, provide network security,and deliver voice-over-IP services for both home and business owners.This service provides reasonable value to its customers but the $249.95 annualcost makes it better suited for individuals interested in a long-termcommitment with a tech support service provider.

24/7 Techies

The company 24/7 Techies serves both individual customers and small to medium-sized businesses. The company operates in the United States, the UnitedKingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada. The company has demonstratedexpertise in providing general tech support for PC and Mac systems. They alsoprovide support for smartphones and online applications.Unlimited services are provided to single users for as little as $159.95 ayear. More advanced solution for small to medium-sized businesses begin at$499.99 on an annual basis.

Tech to Us

Tech to Us prides itself on customer satisfaction. The company maintains aclean an efficient website and its pricing structure is meant to be simple tounderstand. The cost for individual plans is $29.99 a month with a $99.99setup. Individual users can also opt to pay $299.99 annually. Businesses paybetween $49.99 and $499.99 a month for tech support services for up to 20devices.Tech to Us promises one hour turnaround time on weekdays from 9 A.M to 9 P.M.Customers also benefit from a number of a la carte services that includeserver support, firewalls, recovery of data, and more.


Support.com caters to the needs of consumers who need a one-time fix as wellas those desiring subscription services. However, customers have been lukewarmon the $129.99 charge for a one-time diagnose and repair service for PCs. Thecompany offers the option to secure around the clock support for $19.99 amonth. A six-month minimum commitment with a $40 setup fee is required forthis option.The company also offers one-time fixes for problems with wireless networks andPC tuneups for $79.99. Support.com will synch smart devices for customers for$49.99.Consumers who desire support via phone may need to take heed to pastdissatisfied customers who report long wait times when calling to requestassistance.


USTechSupport is perfect for the consumer who wants a simple andstraightforward tech support experience. The company offers 24/7 services forvirus removal, troubleshooting, and optimization. The approach to tech supporttaken by USTechSupport is perfect for the novice user who needs a little helpwith issues with software or internet connectivity.Monthly billing for single users begin at $19.95 a month and a $39 fee isrequired for setup. Customers can opt to pay a one-time annual fee for $39.

Final Thoughts

Many companies operating in the tech support field offer similar servicepackages and pricing structures. While many consumers find one-time fixes savethem a great deal of money, subscription service has proven to provide thebest value for people who may have regular questions and experience multipleminor issues.

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