10 Cognizant Technology Solutions

10. Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. office in Chennai, India.Mint | GettyCognizant Technology Solutions provides IT services, such as digital,technology, consulting and operations services.Offices: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata,Mangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

10. Cognizant Technology Solutions

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. office in Chennai, India.Mint | GettyCognizant Technology Solutions provides IT services, such as digital,technology, consulting and operations services.Offices: Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata,Mangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

Sankey Solutions

Mumbai-based Sankey Solutions is an innovative digital transformation partnerspecialised in advanced software, data engineering and data analyticssolutions. App development, user experience design, predictive analytics, AI,machine learning and robotics are all competencies among the firm’s 200 plusemployees. Since launching in 2015, the firm has served clients such as Bayer,Danone, Tata and The Free Press Journal, among others.


Now headquartered in San Francisco, Instasafe was founded in Bangalore in 2012– backed by top tech players such as Microsoft, IBM, Netapp and Oracle.T thefirm’s scalable, flexible and cloud-powered digital platform allows employeesto access secure business applications from any location or server.Instasafe currently has more than 30 employees working across its India andSan Francisco offices, serving Siemens, Schneider Electric and BerkeleyUniversity, among other clients.For Sundar, the relevance and success of this year’s top performers is apromising sign for India’s vibrant tech startup landscape. “The new era oftechnological advances coupled with this year’s rankings give us renewed faiththat Indian technology companies are making great strides forward,” heconcluded.Top 10 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in India by DeloitteSubscribe to updates Unsubscribe from updatesDeloitte recognizes fastest growing technology companies in India based ontheir percentage revenue growth over the past three financial yearsNoida-based Mogli Labs was declared the fastest growing technology company inthe country by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP (DTTILLP).Deloitte recently announced the 50 fastest growing technology companies in thecountry as part of its Technology Fast 50 India 2018 program. It is the 14thedition of the program, which was launched in 2005.The program recognizes the fastest growing technology companies in India basedon their percentage revenue growth over the past three financial years.Mogli Labs was announced overall winner with 11, 836 percent growth in threeyears, followed by Bangalore-based payments technology company RazorpaySoftware Private Limited with 11,174 percent. Delhi-based Cashify secured thethird position with 853 percent.This is the second time Ratan Tata funded e-commerce firm has become a Top 50winner, crossing the 10,000 percent mark.Although, ranked third and overshadowed in by the top two, Cashify hasachieved the fourth highest growth rate ever recorded by a Tech Fast 50winners in 14 editions.Top 10 fastest growing companies with revenue growth in three years * MOGLI labs (INDIA) Private Limited (Moglix), Noida – 11,836% * Razorpay Software Private Limited, Bangalore: 11,174% * Manak Waste Management Private Limited (Cashify), Delhi – 6,853% * Oriano Clean Energy Private Limited, Mumbai – 3,431% * Element42 Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore – 905% * NumberMall Private Limited, Hyderabad – 881% * Loginext Solutions Private Limited, Mumbai – 841% * Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd, Kolkata – 699% * Serosoft Solutions Private Limited, Indore – 682% * DigitalAPICraft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore – 625%The combined revenue of the top 10 technology companies jumped from Rs 18crore in 2016 to almost Rs 500 crore in 2018, marking a growth of almost 28times.Also, the overall three-year average growth rate of Top 50 was highest ever atjust over 910 percent. This year’s edition saw 20 repeat winners.These 5 Tech Companies Are the Fastest-Growing in LA, According to Inc.Two Los Angeles-based companies cracked the top 20 on Inc. Magazine’s newestlist of the fastest growing tech companies in the U.S.The magazine released its annual Inc. 5,000 list on Aug. 14, which highlightsthe fastest growing young companies across the U.S. Inc.’s list only includesprivate companies that have started generating revenue by the end of March2015. Those companies are then ranked based on revenue growth they generatedbetween 2015 and 2018.This year, 306 of companies made it for the Los Angeles area. Below are Inc.’stop five in the rankings.


Feedonomics is a Woodland Hills-based firm that helps businesses list theirproducts on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other marketplaces. It also helps firmslist their goods on such search engines as Google and Bing. In addition tolisting products, Feedonomics helps companies condense their listings into one“master feed.” Inc. reported that Feedonomics generated $7.4 million in 2018,up 3,371 percent from three years ago. Feedonomics was launched in 2014.5 of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Atlanta are Tech FirmsLast week the Atlanta Business Chronicle published a list of the 100 fastestgrowing companies in Metro Atlanta for 2014. Not surprisingly, half of the top10 companies are technology firms including three of the top four slots. Techcompanies are a shining star in the Atlanta economy and more city leaders arepaying attention to the importance of startups and entrepreneurs as jobcreators.Here are the top five fastest growing tech companies in Atlanta: *

1 Cloud Sherpas – Migrates Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps as well as consulting for other cloud services


10 CallRail – Phone call tracking, recording, and analytics

Congratulations to all of the top 100 fastest growing companies, especiallythe technology ones.What else? What are some other thoughts on the fastest growing tech firms inAtlanta?

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Entrepreneur View all posts by David CummingsPublished April 30, 2014The 50 fastest growing companies | startups in Europe, UK and Germany leadAn analysis of Europe’s fastest growing companies and startups shows that theUK and Germany remain the continent’s hot-spots for growth and innovation.UK’s Deliveroo, Germany’s Thermondo, and Spain’s Traventia Viajes top thetable.For the second year in a row, the Financial Times and Statista have partneredto reveal data on the most rapidly growing companies across Europe. Ananalysis of revenue growth between over a three-year period sheds light on the1,000 fastest growing European companies.Despite the versatility of locations for these firms, with companies from 31different countries making the list, the top 50 is dominated by companiesbased in the UK. Over a fifth of the top end of the list was taken up by UKfirms – a total of 11 companies – while in the top 1,000 overall, 157companies were listed as being based in the UK, of which 73 operate fromLondon.Rapidly-growing pioneer businesses were central to the recovery of theEuropean economy in the 21st century, creating new opportunities foremployment and sustaining strong competition across the continent’s markets.

Fastest growing companies

Top of the pile, bicycle-based food delivery disruptor Deliveroo usurped lastyear’s most rapidly growing company, German food company HelloFresh, whichresides at 18th this time around, after its revenue growth dropped from13,159% to a still-impressive 3,989%. The UK-based Deliveroo meanwhile boastedCAGR growth of 923.5%, and revenue growth of 107,117%, followed by Germanenergy innovator Thermondo – which grew more slowly by some distance, at10,878% revenue growth and 378.8% in terms of CAGR.A further two UK companies featured in the top 10, with automotive salesplatform Carwow (

8) both recording CAGR of

more than 6,000%. Germany and Spain were similarly prolific at the very peakof the list. Chemical firm Formycon (

24, 3,392%) boost Britain’s presence in the analysis of fast

growing firms further.France, Germany and Spain each saw a further two firms grace the top 25.Alongside the previously mentioned HelloFresh, Germany was represented byGermanimals, an agricultural commodities firm with CAGR of 4,763% in 13thplace. French technology firm SendinBlue (

Positions 26-50

Rounding off the British presence in the fastest growing companies in Europe,GoCardless, a FinTech based in London, recorded CAGR of 2,313% to rank 43rdwhile following close behind, financial services company Optal brought in2,276% growth to rank 44th.Germany has a further five companies in the top 50 – with Metacrew Group(

45) taking the

nation’s tally to 10 of Europe’s fastest growing firms. Spain meanwhile sees afurther seven firms appear in the analysis. Unidriver (

50). With 12 places, Spain is the most common

presence in the list.Elsewhere, Poland counted four firms among the top 50 fastest growingcompanies in Europe. Benhauer (

49) all saw CAGR of over 2,000% to secure their places as some of

the most rapidly expanding groups. France added a further five companies aswell. My Show Must Go On (

National changes

Beyond the top 50, in the Financial Times and Statista’s full 1000 stronglist, Germany hosts the most rapidly growing companies overall. 266 firmsreside in the EU’s largest economy, generating a collective revenue of €3.8billion. However, while the UK hosts over 100 fewer, the nation’s rapidlygrowing companies also see a much higher collective revenue of €6.9 billion,and a higher average revenue per firm.Proportionally, France also has a far less prosperous sector of fast growingcompanies than the UK. The 197 analysed have a combined revenue of €1.6billion, and a lower average per firm than either the UK or Germany.74 of Europe’s fastest-growing businesses reside in the UK capital accordingto this most recently available data, beating Paris with 62 and Milan’s 25,while the UK’s tech start-up scene drew almost £3 billion of venture capitalfunding in 2017, twice the level of 2016 and four times more than Germany.With Brexit approaching, London still heads the list of cities playing host tothese companies, although as these figures come from 2016 at the latest, thereis still no way of telling how the fateful referendum of that same year willsince have effected that, and the booming French tech sector, with fastgrowing companies having risen to 62 in Paris, from 45 in the previous result,suggests that the French capital might be a destination for start-ups leavingthe UK to maintain tariff-free trade links with the continent.Last year, the IT and software sector was representative of 11% of all thefirms listed. This year, the rephrased ‘technology’ sector accounts for anexpanded 16%,contributing 155 companies to the list, while ‘support services’make up 10%. While technology companies make up the largest section of thefastest growing companies in Europe numerically, however, they contribute lessin terms of revenue than support services – demonstrating that while there hasbeen a boom in investment in technology, in the longer-term, it is the need ofclients and customers to access support services to utilise that technologythat will possibly be the largest presence in years to come.Related: The countries and cities with the most fastest growing companies.Waterloo companies take top two spots on Deloitte Technology Fast 50For the second year in a row, Waterloo can claim the two fastest growing techcompanies in Canada, according to a new ranking from Deloitte.Intellijoint Surgical and ApplyBoard top the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list,which ranks companies by revenue-growth percentage over their last four yearsof operation. In that timeframe, ApplyBoard has grown 12,597% withIntellijoint topping the list at 19,311%.In total, eleven companies with a presence in Waterloo made the list,accounting for 22% of the fastest growing tech businesses in Canada. Thisincludes five companies – VitalHub, Sportlogiq, Tulip, Ecopia andImmuniPrecise – that are headquartered elsewhere but have operations inWaterloo. Voltera, another company located in Waterloo, was on the 2020Companies-to-Watch list.Here are the companies headquartered in Waterloo:

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