16 IT Tech Parks in Bangalore Every Engineers Aspire to Work

16 IT Tech Parks in Bangalore Every Engineers Aspire to Work

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India and the city of dreams where once youcome it’s hard to leave. This city is famously known for its amazingly carvedTech Parks and these tech parks host hundreds of top-notch IT companies.These tech parks are in every area of Bangalore, clutching almost all the bigcompanies in the world with a total of 1973 companies and lakhs of employeesmaking Bangalore a place for tech lovers with abundant opportunities.Check out the 2019 updated list of top Information Technolgy (IT) Parks inBangalore:

4. Ecospace Business Park

Right in the middle of Outer Ring Road, RMZ Ecospace park is one of the top ITparks in Devarabeesanahalli, Bangalore. There is a co-working space on thepremises. Inclusive of top IT firms like Intel, Accenture, HP India, Shell India, SAP,Persistent Systems, Intuit. Ecospace is near to Bellandur, Marathalli, andHAL.Direction: http://bit.ly/2X7r99L

16. Cessna Business Park

Cessna Business Park is located in Kadubeesanahalli, in the heart of the outerring road. This park is one of the largest, busiest and most popular businessparks in Bangalore.Companies like Cisco, LG, iQuanti, Yokogawa, Infiniti Research, Accolite,AT&T, InMobi and more resides in Cessna Business Park.Direction:- http://bit.ly/2KOyk0bConclusionAs almost all the famous IT Tech parks are occupied and new ones are fillingfast as well, Software engineers have a bright future in Bangalore, and itwill keep on growing.If you like the Articles and you want to know the IT companies residing in it,do check Top 45 IT companies in Bangalore

2. Which is the largest tech park in Bangalore?

International Tech Park commonly known as ITPL is a tech park located inWhitefield, Bangalore. It is the largest IT/ Tech Park in Bangalore whichincludes 450,000 square foot Park square mall, several sporting arenas and theVivanta by Taj hotel. ITPL is the oldest tech park in Bangalore which providescampus facilities for multinational giants like IPsoft, Societe Generale, MuSigma, Xerox, AT&T, Sharp, Scientific Games, iGATE, IBM, etc.

3. What companies are located in Manyata Tech Park Bangalore?

Major companies in Manyata Tech park are IBM, Cognizant, Microsoft, AtlasCopo, Justdial, Nokia Siemens Network India, Fidelity, Cerner, TargetCorporation and many more.

4. Which is Bangalore’s first Tech Park?

ITPL is the oldest Tech park and is located in the Whitefield cluster. It wasmooted in 1992 by the Prime Ministers of India and Singapore, PV Narasimha Royand Goh Chok Tong to replicate Singapore’s quality infrastructure in India.

5. How many IT companies are there in Bangalore?

Silicon city, Bangalore is known for its tech parks and IT companies. The hubconsists of 67,000 registered IT Companies, but hardly 12,000 companies workfull time. The remaining are either closed or shelf companies.Author: Mranal Gaur IT Parks in BangaloreThe best IT parks in Bangalore seem to take the ‘park’ in their names prettyseriously. The proof is in the recreation areas (to challenge your colleaguesto play pool), food courts (for days you’re too tired to cook) and a calmambience (to just zone out and recharge) that they have along with the officesof some top IT companies. Not just that, these IT tech parks in Bangalore areequipped with high-quality infrastructure and endless internet for high-speedcommunications. When it comes to being a truly modern, millennial place ofwork, the upcoming IT parks in Bangalore hit the ball out of the park.

10 Best IT Parks in Bangalore

List of top 10 IT Parks in Bangalore: * ITPL * Bagmane Tech Park * Manyata Embassy Business Park * RMZ infinity * Mind Comp Tech Park * Electronic City Tech Park * Ecospace Business Park * Kalyani Tech Park * Kirloskar Business Park * Global Village Tech ParkHave recently shifted to Bangalore and want a cozy place to live? Check outStanza Living’s fully furnished PGs in Bangalore and make your stay a breeze. —

Which Tech park is best for an IT/Software Company in Bangalore?

Ideally, the best tech parks are the ones with the best facilities –infrastructure, work environment, cafes, communication. These are the onesthat attract the most companies and most importantly, the best employees.

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in Bangalore?

International Tech Park, more popular as ITPL is located in Whitefield,Bangalore. It is so huge that it covers a 450,000 square foot Park Squaremall. And several sporting arenas. AND a Vivanta by Taj hotel too.

Which Companies are there in Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore?

There are many IT companies in Bangalore which are present in Global villagetech park. Accenture, Crompton Greaves, Mindtree, Sonata Software, Textron andHinduja Global Solutions… actually a better question would be – whichcompanies are NOT there in Global Village Tech Park.

Which are the New Upcoming Tech Parks in Bangalore in 2021?

Many of these tech parks we mentioned are planning to open new wings in theupcoming years. Besides that, a Life Sciences park is in the talks and isexpected to generate around 50,000 jobs.19 Top Tech Companies In San Jose 2021Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose serves as one of thenation’s largest tech hubs. This South Bay city not only boasts year-roundbeautiful weather, but some of the world’s most powerful tech companies. Witha population greater than that of San Francisco, San Jose brims with talentedminds and innovative companies, which are constantly shifting the techlandscape on a global scale.Many tech innovators, including Adobe and Cisco, planted their roots in SanJose decades ago. Since then, these companies and many others have flourishedand taken the lead within their industries, solidifying the city’s status as atrue tech capital. From fintech developers to manufacturing giants, these 19tech companies in San Jose are just some of the names that make up the city’sglobal tech community.

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