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Top 10 Consulting Firms in London, UK

What are the top UK consulting companies and cities? Well, welcome to anotherrendition of the Management Consulted top consulting firms list. This time,it’s one of your favorite cities in the world, where Big Ben stands tall.London’s calling – so enjoy reading about these consulting firms in London!For a brief overview of the top London boutique consulting firms, scroll tothe end of the article!Download our free Consulting Salary ReportMcKinsey London helps leading companies, public sector bodies and socialsector organizations in the UK. The London office supports many pro bonoinitiatives and not-for-profit organizations and takes a particular interestin youth entrepreneurship and unemployment, education, and women’s leadershipopportunities. This among other reasons makes McKinsey one of the top UKconsulting companies.McKinsey has 50+ years of experience in London and has 45+ nationalitiesrepresented among their staff in the UK office. It captured our top billingfor firms in London because its office and practice are the largest amongstthe top consulting firms – a prestigious position built from a strong legacythat has endured and recent growth targets spurred on by McKinsey’s growingimplementation practice.Something interesting: McKinsey London is a leading supporter of Tech City, aninitiative to create a dynamic technology cluster in East London. They alsopartner with TeachFirst, a not-for-profit body that recruits exceptionalgraduates to teach at schools with a high proportion of students fromunderprivileged backgrounds.Some more cool stuff from the Number 1 on our list – employees in the Londonoffice take an active part in the debate on economic growth in the UK andglobally. What more can you expect from a bunch of smarty pants? The UK officehas plenty of training sessions with colleagues from other offices roughlyevery 18 months. However, as with across McKinsey in general, a work-lifebalance doesn’t exist, so don’t go in expecting one.The next on our list of top consulting firms in London, is located just nextto Charing Cross station and a short walk from Embankment Tube. The BainLondon office is hip, cool, and the life of the party. Interestingly, BainLondon is one of the firm’s oldest offices, established in 1979 as the firm’sfirst venture outside the U.S.What types of industries and clients does Bain London cater to? London is oneof the most important strategic offices inside the firm, so they do everything– strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, mergers &acquisitions and transformations – and they do it across all industries. Bainhas consulting experts in their respective practice areas and has extensiveexperience helping organizations in the UK, Ireland, and across Europe.Bain London has specific expertise represented by their UK leadership team,including the European heads of the Utilities, Oil & Gas and Private Equitypractices. By the way, the Private Equity practice is one of their mostsuccessful practices of the past 20 years – Bain has advised more that 50percent of “larger” European deals. If you’re in the London office (or even ifyou just go there on exchange), chances are you’ll get to be a part of atleast one Private Equity engagement. In fact, the Bain PEG is one of the mainreasons why it hit

1 – the office and team

have a super cool, unparalleled vibe. Many events are organized and attendedby enthusiastic London Bainies, ranging from wine-tasting, rugby, arts, andfootball. Bainies also have a high core value for community projects, skitrips, sponsored walks, jogs, and marathons—the office is always buzzing withsome new activity or the other, making it a strong contender for a top UKconsulting company.No surprise here, as BCG checks in at

3 on our list of top consulting firms

in London. Located in trendy Marylebone, BCG London set up shop in the cityall the way back in 1970, and is located on famous Baker Street oppositePortman Square. The London office is arguably BCG’s most cutting edge in termsof presenting creative, innovative solutions for its clients, and is thefirm’s flagship European office. This office is also one of the firm’s mostdiverse, with dozens of nationalities and various commercial backgroundsrepresented.Consultants here cater to a wide variety of industries, including financialservices, consumer goods, retail, health care, energy, utilities, industrialgoods, private equity, media and telecommunications. Rest assured, you’llnever get bored of one industry here. The London office also recruitsworldwide, as EU citizens have the right to work visa-free in the UK (fornow), and it is often much easier for other international students to obtainvisas in the UK as opposed to U.S. offices.Culture-wise, BCG London is one of the chummiest offices in the firm, with thean office-specific Social Committee organizing bonding events ranging from anopen bar at a local pub to a 2-day trip in Italy. So of course they are a topUK consulting company! The office also does its part in giving back to thecommunity – employees are involved in a myriad of social initiatives in Londonranging from public health to childhood education. BCG London is alsointricately involved in the firm’s quest to make sure no human trafficking ormodern day slavery is a part of its supply chains.

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consulting firms in London. Founded in 1987, OC&C doesn’t think size is an endin itself but focuses on being a preferred strategy consultancy.OC&C is honed in on corporate strategy, business unit strategy, strategicrealization, and transaction support. The sectors the London office supportsinclude TMT, consumer goods, business services, financial services, industrialproducts, private equity, retail & distribution, travel, transport, andlogistics.OC&C London pays more than just lip service to the concept of diversity. Thefirm concentrates most of its services in London – and once a consultant joinsthe firm, they have a one-on-one mentoring program that actively supports allstaff and their individual needs. The firm also has specific programs tosupport female and LGBT colleagues.The major win for OC&C strategy is longevity – the burnout rate is much lowerthan other peer firms. There are far fewer boring, long, implementationprojects than nearly every other firm, which provides extensive freedom tocontinue learning and building expertise and means that exit opportunities areplentiful and varied. In fact, most peer consulting companies in London hireex-OC&C consultants at the drop of a hat! In addition – the work-life balanceis actually good here because the firm focuses on keeping consultants at homerather than at the client site.The London office has a strong entrepreneurial culture and great colleagues.Client exposure and contact start very early on the job which is excellent fornew hires. OC&C does not have oodles of bureaucracy or paperwork – itsmeritocratic promotion policy is very much like the culture in MBB. In fact,the company is very rich with history and experience but is still smallercompared to the MBBs and other firms with a more global presence. This makesOC&C one of the top UK consulting companies.Strategy& is recognized as the top UK consulting firms in London for informaltraining and promotion policies.In terms of industry expertise, the firm has expert talent and resourcesacross aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, energyand utilities, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, industrialproducts, media and entertainment, oil and gas, retail, and transportation. Infact, its industry expertise beats OC&C.Culture-wise, consultants have experienced a difficult transition with the PwCacquisition of Booz – the main reason why Strategy& doesn’t rank higher on ourLondon list. The company offers flexibility to work from home, and employeesare smart and hard working and the pay is competitive with other topconsultancies, but the future of the firm is still uncertain.What’s not uncertain is that the firm regularly publishes reports, whitepapers, and books. In fact, Strategy& London contributes to an award-winningquarterly magazine called Strategy+Business. It also produces regular podcastsand videos to promote its leading research.Strategy&’s London office invests a great deal in training programs; theseprograms address skills necessary for good leadership, judgment, insight,teamwork, and business development.Founded in 1999, Frontier Economics applies economics to real life policyproblems. Frontier is widely recognized as the leading economic consultancy inEurope. It provides clients with not just the costs of supply, movements indemand, pricing, and competitive dynamics of markets but also employs expertsin finance, statistical modeling, game theory, market research, and even thepsychological side of economics. For that reason, Frontier Economics makes ourlist of the top 10 consulting firms in London.The culture and the people of Frontier Economics London are wonderful; that’swhat makes it a special place to work. Consultants are friendly and create anintellectually stimulating environment. For a pretty heady firm, managementand leaders stop and engage with the staff – a notable exception to sometimes-sterile economic consultancies.Frontier is very community, environment, and people focused. The firm oftencarries out pro-bono work for clients like the St. Giles Trust, for which itevaluated a unique crime reduction program. Another community group Frontierprovides services for is Whizz Kidz; the firm quantified the impact ofmobility charity Whizz-Kidz’s new model for working in partnership with theNHS.Frontier Economics London is an environment-friendly and environment-consciousoffice. In London, all the energy used in the office is 100% renewable. Thefirm introduced server virtualization to reduce energy consumption and usesolid wax printing that reduces waste by 90% – plus, none of their waste goesto the landfill. This appeals to those with climate change on their minds andpushes the firm higher on the list of top UK consulting companiesSimon Kucher is a global consulting firm specializing in TopLine Power, whichencompasses strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. They round out our listof top consulting firms in London at

Honorable Mention: Top consulting firms in London, UK

Credo Consulting: Headquartered in London, UK, Credo Consulting is a leadingboutique consulting firm helping many leading organizations make and implementstrategic decisions.The Brattle Group: Headquartered in Cambridge, MA but with an office inLondon, the firm’s expertise includes antitrust, intellectual property, M&Alitigation, securities and risk management, among others.Alvarez & Marsal: Headquartered in New York but with an office in London,Alvarez & Marsal delivers specialist operational, consulting and industryexpertise to management teams and investors.Elixirr: Headquartered in London, Elixirr helps clients change the game intheir respective industries. The nimble teams help clients respond to thethreat of disruption with operational advantages in financial services,retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing.Eden McCallum: From its London office, Eden McCallum aims to redefinemanagement consulting. The firm supports clients to resolve their mostpressing issues of strategy, operations, and organization.Projective: Headquartered in London, Projective is a financial servicesproject management landscape company. The firm supports traditionalconsultancies, system vendors, and integrators.

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consulting firms in Washington DC. Located at 1200 Nineteenth Street NW,McKinsey is tops, both in terms of the size of the firm as well as itsemployee strength. McKinsey has legacy – the first mover in the DC area – andpower in its camp. The McKinsey office is positioned around the exciting andcolorful DuPont Circle District. Close to the Capitol, its office servesdynamic clients in a mix of industries including healthcare, aerospace,defense, and consumer products. This office is also home of McKinsey’s globalPublic Sector Practice, Social Sector Practice, and Recovery & TransformationServices.The McKinsey Washington, DC office attracts people from all walks of life:business, law, medicine, industry, academia, and public service. If you arelooking for a place to intellectually stimulate you, or you enjoy having verygood analytically-driven conversations with loads of energy, this is theoffice you need to go to – stat!McKinsey has 550 employees across its Mid-Atlantic offices in Washington, DC,New Jersey, and Philadelphia. This diverse group of employees spans at least50 nationalities. The partners in the DC office – in contrast to more suitcaseoffices like New York – are very engaging and take the time to assist, advise,and direct employees in a personalized career path.The Washington, DC office’s recruitment team hires highly intelligent peoplewho start as great communicators but are trainable. The DC consultancy officemanagement pushes training programs and the culture is all about groomingemployees into McKinsey-bred consultants; they do everything they can to stayon top.However, the news on the ground floor in DC is that if you are looking toescape the Northeast to get a better work-life balance, you need to stoplooking – it really doesn’t exist at McKinsey!BCG opened its DC office two decades ago, in 1996. At 4800 Hampden Lane inBethesda, BCG‘s Washington, DC office is located in a prime spot where theKennedy Center, the National Gallery, and the Smithsonian are all just minutesaway (yet you’re not in the core of DC). In the DC office, consultants work ondiverse projects for clients – industrial goods, consumer goods, retail,technology and communications, healthcare, and financial services companies.The work – vs. McKinsey – is notably skewed more private sector. BCG’sstrength in the industry firm puts it in the top consulting firms inWashington DC.The range of services this office provides includes general strategy, post-merger integration, organizational change, and corporate development. BCGersare active in their local community and participate in the National Race forthe Cure cancer fundraiser and a variety of community projects through theoffice’s affiliation with Greater DC Cares.In addition, BCG (especially in Washington, DC) is active on TED. Many oftheir leaders share the stage on TED and engage in transformative thinking.The consultants in the DC office have amazing opportunities to work withclients in numerous locations throughout the country, as well as in Europe,Asia, Australia, and South America.Bain is located at 1717 K Street, in close proximity to ~30 Fortune 500companies. Although Bain has been serving clients in the DC area for 40 yearsnow, the office is brand new. Bain came late to the Capital City party. Theoffice is 23,000 square feet – that’s one palatial place for all those greatconsultants to hang out. With an office like that, of course it’s going torank high in our list of top consulting firms in Washington DC.Bain serves a variety of industries in the mid-Atlantic region – includingaerospace and defense, financial services, retail, healthcare, and technology;clients cover the private and public sectors but definitely skew privatesector. Bain’s Washington, DC team is full of smart, down-to-earth consultantsthat are taking the region by storm – the office is one of the fastest-growingin the Bain network, driven by major gains in aerospace, health care, anddefense, which are all important sectors in the region. The population in DChas grown rapidly in the past decade, and this growth has brought in an influxof companies to take advantage of the area’s central strategic location.Bain is committed to and passionate about serving in the local community.Every year, Bain organizes an auction that benefits United Way. Each spring,Bain also has an “Impact Day” like Deloitte’s – branded “Community ImpactDay,” everyone leaves the office to spend the day supporting local nonprofits,which most recently included the Anacostia Watershed Society, KIPP DC, theRock Creek Conservancy, and the Father McKenna Center. For those interested inoutdoor activities, Bain consultants frequently arrange group activitiesoutside of work, such as cooking classes, whitewater rafting, and trips toWizards and Nationals games.

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Booz Allen Hamilton serves every federal executive department and mostindependent agencies, as well as some of the world’s leading non-governmentalorganizations and nonprofits. What’s so cool (and different, and so DC) aboutBooz’s work in Washington, DC is that they partner with clients working on thefront lines of national policy issues and programs that affect the nation’shighest priorities. Plus, Booz Allen Hamilton employees are able to consultfor federal agencies by offering rich insights that no other consultingstrategic firm can give, like being able to take what the Navy has done andapply to similar ideas and programs in the Army.The BAH office culture is a happy one marked by flexibility and managers whoare very supportive and collaborate with the team. Working from home is anoption – a constant delight when faced with daily DC traffic. The leadershipset you up for success. BAH is also known for having great people to work with– in general, they are hard-working, responsive, generous with their time, andsupportive of teamwork.Increasing size has led to more focus on numbers, process, and increasingadministration – however, with growth, benefits have actually diminished inrecent years. Booz Allen Hamilton is very large and at times the matrix can bedifficult to manage – plus, the pay can be all over the place. Trainingopportunities are plentiful, but you will need to show personal interest inorder to take advantage of them. If you have a passion for government, good –your focus at BAH will be on federal work with few opportunities forcommercial work.Found at 800 North Glebe Road in Arlington, the Accenture Washington, DCoffice has close to 4000 employees. When Accenture recruiters were hiringacross various locations a couple of years ago, they were asked a few commonquestions which they found extremely interesting – so they brought them to topmanagement. Overall, prospective employees wanted to know most aboutenvironmental stewardship and flexible work arrangements. Therefore, the90,000-square-foot office on North Glebe Road in Arlington is built aroundthese key core values: flexibility, mobility, and connectivity.The space makes use of a set-up known as “hoteling,” in which staffers aren’tassigned a designated work space. They reserve one only on days when they planto come to the office. Cool, or not? In one way, you’re permanently homeless.In another, you’re truly a member of a global firm. At Accenture inWashington, DC, there are no high-wall cubicles, but open spaces to increaseand encourage collaboration of teams and provides a more relaxed, friendly andairy atmosphere. You can work virtually from anywhere in the building becauseof its state of the art technology. The hoteling system in the building isalso a great help for new mothers in the firm as they can schedule a room forprivacy when pumping or even breastfeeding.The Accenture Washington, DC office serves clients in the area of technology,consulting, and strategy. The office is stunning – arguably one of the best inthe Accenture network. The people who work here are extremely intelligent andthey challenge you to expand on your current role. The motto on the flooracross the office is work hard, play harder! With a culture like that,Accenture notches the

5 spot on our list of top consulting firms in

Washington DC.Located at 1001 G St NW, the Deloitte office in DC is home to not just thefirm’s consulting arm, but multiple functional areas such as tax, strategy,financial services, and audit.In 2014, Deloitte Consulting launched a new health care division calledConvergeHEALTH, headquartered in Newton, Mass, which works closely with theDeloitte Health Informatics unit located in the DC office. This area ofDeloitte has been growing rapidly, generating demand for 200 new jobs everyyear. in fact, Deloitte has invested a total of $150M in its health carebusiness, including ConvergeHealth.Deloitte also has a Federal practice in the DC Area – the office is located at1919 N. Lynn Street in Arlington. The Federal practice is a hugedifferentiator – a true consulting firm (that even uses case interviews thatare strategic in nature). The Deloitte Federal practice is arguably the mostdistinguished government consulting firm in the world. This arm of thepractice is focused on transformational projects for government agencies.These include a focus on efficiency through digitization and enhanced customerservice. We believe the Federal practice will be busy for many years to come.Deloitte lands at a solid

6 on our list of top consulting firms in Washington

DC for this reason.Like many other firms, Deloitte offers two sabbatical programs: a one-monthunpaid leave that you can take at any time for any reason, and a three to six-month paid sabbatical to pursue personal growth.KPMG is located at 1801 K Street. KPMG operates from the Tysons corner area tobetter serve their clients in Northern Virginia. This office is less thaneight blocks from the White House, and consists of approximately 145 partnersand nearly 1,600 professional and administrative staff members. Most clientsare a great mix of Fortune 500 companies, independent colleges and stateuniversity systems, elite high-tech firms, and international financialinstitutions. KPMG is squarely in their strength here, which puts them at

9 on our list of top consulting firms in Washington DC.

Located at 1850 M Street NW, the Brattle Group Washington office was opened in1996 to focus on regulation, antitrust, and public policy projects. The officecontinues to grow and is one of the busiest and most important offices insidethe firm.There is a total of 250 Brattle staff and principals who work from 8 officesin the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. They servea number of industries, including electric power, financial institutions,natural gas and petroleum, telecommunications and media, and healthcare. Thework they perform for clients is high profile, extremely niche, and includessensitive government work. Hence, a key strategic focus on Washington, DC.This focus allows them to nab the last spot at

Honorable Mention List of Boutique Firms in Washington, DC

Avascent: Headquartered in Washington, DC, Avascent is a strategy andmanagement consulting firm serving clients operating in government-drivenmarkets – either private contractors or government organizations.Edgeworth Economics: Headquartered in Washington, DC, Edgeworth Economics is aboutique economic, financial and quantitative consulting firm, serving clientsin a wide range of industries and sectors, including government.Censeo Consulting Group: Headquartered in Washington, Censeo works withpublic, private, and non-profit organizations to improve operations. The firmspecializes in technology, higher education, sourcing and procurement, andworkforce development.Point B: Headquartered in Seattle, Point B specializes in a number ofmanagement consulting services, with venture investment and advisory being theprimary foci.Health Advances: The firm has an office in Washington, DC, and has only onepractice area: health care.

Chicago-Based Consulting Firms to Know

* Carminati Consulting * Nerdery * Slalom * West Monroe Partners * Ground Floor Partners * SaggezzaThese firms help businesses like the aforementioned startups evolve, grow andmake crucial decisions. From recruitment and human resources to operations andtech, we’ve rounded up 14 consulting firms in Chicago you should know.SaggezzaType: Technology ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity tostreamline their interactions, so Saggezza provides a competitive edge withits innovative technology. With Saggezza, companies inform decisions with richdata collections, automate repetitive tasks, and provide reliable customerservice with diverse communication channels. With countless resources at itsdisposal, Saggezza tailors strategies to meet each client’s needs and adapt totheir specific target audience.West Monroe PartnersType: Business and Technology ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: West Monroe Partners works with businesses to address their mostproblematic challenges. The consulting firm works with clients across sixindustries, including healthcare, energy, finance and retail. West Monroehelps their clients with a variety of needs, from customer experience anddigital transformation to operations and mergers, ultimately increasingrevenue and reducing costs.Axiom Consulting PartnersType: Management ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Axiom Consulting Partners provides businesses with growthsolutions through strategy, talent, analytics and other services. The firmadapts their approach to each individual business’s needs and works withclients in industries like finance, healthcare, retail and nonprofit.NerderyType: Digital Business ConsultancyLocation: West LoopWhat they do: Nerdery helps clients take the next step into the digital world.Whether a business has strategy, design or technology needs, the firm offersplatform modernization, IoT enablement, cloud and collaborative services thathelp digital teams enhance future product output.SlalomType: Software and Technology ConsultancyLocation: New East Side/ The LoopWhat they do: Slalom is a modern consulting firm made up of strategists,engineers and advisors helping businesses take on new projects and transformtheir businesses capabilities. Working with companies like Alaska Airlines,REI and DSW, Slalom provides a huge variety of strategy, tech andtransformation services.Carminati ConsultingType: IT ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Carminati Consulting is an IT consulting firm providing avariety of tech-based services ranging from software application developmentand project management to predictive analytics and learning managementplatforms. The firm works largely with clients in healthcare and government,as well as companies in the private sector.4 point consultingType: Human Resources ConsultancyLocation: Logan SquareWhat they do: 4 Point Consulting works with the human part of businesses,offering services for talent acquisition, training and benefits systems.Whether they’re working with a startup or private equity firm, the 4 Pointtailors their approach to each business’s needs.AAreteType: Management ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: AArete is a global management firm using data and analytics toenhance businesses around the world. The firm helps companies andorganizations cut costs, increase profits and enhance operational efficiencyacross legal, government, finance, manufacturing and more.Argo ConsultingType: Operations ConsultancyLocation: StreetervilleWhat they do: Argo Consulting works with businesses where operationalefficiency is crucial. Largely working with clients in transportation, energy,manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, the firm is made up of consultants thatbring their expertise straight from decades of experience in chemical plants,oil refineries, rail yards and more.Canback ConsultingType: Management ConsultancyLocation: StreetervilleWhat they do: Canback Consulting is a management firm driven by marketknowledge and predictive analytics. The firm works largely in five sectors:consumer goods, tech, retail, finance and industrials. Founded in 2004 inBoston, the firm has offices globally, working with some of the largestcompanies around the world.Clarity PartnersType: Management and IT ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Clarity Partners is a management and IT firm offering a widevariety of services ranging from cloud and enterprise performance managementto web design and customer application development. Rooted in Chicago, thefirm shows it in their portfolio, having worked with The City of Chicago, CookCounty, Metra and Chicago Park District.Ground Floor PartnersType: Growth ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Ground Floor Partners works with companies and organizations ofall sizes, but specializes in small and early stage businesses. The firm helpsclients establish strategies for sustainable growth through market research,feasibility studies and creating business and marketing plans.Inspirant GroupType: Management ConsultancyLocation: Fulton MarketWhat they do: Inspirant Group provides experienced teams of consultants builtaround the belief that people matter and delivering value is the highestpriority. Calling their consultants “unconsultants,” Inspirant has theexpertise of a large firm with the quick processes of a small one, providingbetter relationships with clients. The firm offers services like completedigital transformation, process optimization, L&D digital integration andtechnology transformation.Vantage LeadershipType: Management ConsultancyLocation: The LoopWhat they do: Vantage Leadership works with individuals, teams and entireorganizations, helping clients enhance leadership and performance. Whetherproviding executive assessments for new talent or working with familybusinesses during leadership transitions, Vantage helps their clients make thebest decisions possible.

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