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Top Software Companies in UK in 2020 | High Quality and Excellence

The technical world is booming with software development companies, excellentservices, and professional IT experts, who can help your business or startupto turn the ideas into a real thing.The number of software companies in UK is great. They offer a wide range ofservices and ready to personalise products according to their clients’ needs.In the world where everything goes online, it’s important to keep up with thetrends. Powerful software can enhance your business, the facilities you offer,bring new customers, and raise retention rates. The question is “Who should doit?”.We have conducted research on the software companies in UK and came up withthe list of 7 that have proven to be among the best ones according to theirclients’ reviews, services they give, and professionals who work for them.These are the companies that thrive to help their customers achieve theirbusiness needs, make services more interactive and user-friendly, thusfacilitating processes involved.Go through the list and learn about the advantages of each company, theirservices, squads of developers, etc. Every aspect is important as you arelooking for partners to cooperate with and work on the projects that arecrucial for your business. So, here is what we have found and want to sharewith you.

1. Intellectsoft Software Development Company in London, UK

Top Clients: Guinness, Audi, Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, Walt Disney, Eurostar,Universal, Nestle, Land Rover, NHS.Key Services: Product Engineering, Mobile Development, IT Consulting, UX/UIDesign, QA & Testing, DevOps.IntellectSoft is a software development company (UK) that offers cutting edgesolutions to companies in various industries, including FinTech, Logistics &Automotive, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, E-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality,etc.IntellectSoft professionals who have years of on-hands experience in customsoftware development can help you create secure engineering solutions for yourbusiness. They offer help with enterprise IoT solutions, blockchaindevelopment and tech consulting, custom full-cycle development ofcomprehensive enterprise AI solutions, UI/UX design that can be easily built,and bring AR to your industry.The group of experienced experts of IntellectSoft can help enterprisesaccelerate the implementation of the latest technologies into their systems,solve complex issues that occur during various stages of the project. Thecompany maintains long-term relationships with the partners and grants ongoingsupport through its company’s framework.Founded: 2007Location: London, UK

2. TatvaSoft Software Development Company in London, UK

Top Clients: ThoughWare, SaaS Company, PlusOne Ltd, Real Estate Auction.Key Services: Application Development, Product Development & Maintenance, BigData & Analytics, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Services, Mobile Apps, Testing &QA, UI/UX Design.TatvaSoft is a software development company (UK) that has been working in thefield for over 18 years. Through the course of time, the company hassuccessfully completed over 1800+ projects. The company focuses on IToutsourcing high-quality and cost-effective services. It’s an internationalcompany that serves hundreds of partners across the globe.TatvaSoft offers end-to-end software development assistance that is deliveredon time and according to the requirements presented by the customers. Theorganisation consists of professionals who are willing to set long-termrelationships and provide businesses with the best solutions for their cases.They have successfully completed multiple projects for companies that comefrom Oil & Gas- Mining industries, Energy & Utilities, Transportation &Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Education, Sports,Entertainment, etc.The company uses the best technologies and platforms, like Microsoft (.NET,SharePoint, BizTalk), Open Source, Java, Salesforce, Big Data, Android, iOS,and others.Founded: 2001Location: London, UK

3. DCSL Software Development Company in London, UK

Top Clients: Mitsubishi, WaterAid, Maxis, LCH, Ella, LDAT, Hospify.Key Services: Mobile App Development, Web App Development, IoT, Data MigrationServices, Software Consultancy, Application Support & Maintenance, SoftwareDevelopment for Startups.DCSL is a multi-winning company that creates bespoke software products, appsand operational systems for business partners that come from differentindustries. The organisation consists of experts who have years of experiencein the field and ready to tackle issues of different level of complexity. Theportfolio their customers includes establishes businesses, non-profitcompanies, government departments, and startups.DCSL company uses the latest technologies, frameworks and platforms thatinclude .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarian. The applications arewritten in C

4. CodeFirst Software Development Company in Birmingham, UK

Top Clients: IBM, Dell, Medtronic, FMI.Key Services: Bespoke software, Software Maintenance, Outsource Hiring.CodeFirst is one of the software development companies in UK that does itsbest to deliver high-profile bespoke software to different types ofbusinesses. Their expert groups build solutions that help companies improvetheir customer experience, generate more profit, and facilitate inner companyprocesses.CodeFirst professional developers have helped companies that come from variousfields, including Education, Science, Transportation, Finance, Communication,E-Commerce, etc. The team uses the latest technologies for softwaredevelopment among which you can find HTML5, Angular, React, Microsoft Azure,SQL Server, NodeJS, etc.You can hire a single developer or the whole group of developers to save yourcurrent project or maintain the software system you use. They are ready toovercome all sorts of issues and deliver to you the greatest solutionpossible.Founded: 2012Location: Exeter, UK

5. HeadChannel Software Development Company UK, London

Top Clients: FIFA, Nestle Purina, Smiley, The William Pears Group, Hospice UK,BBC Haymarket.Key Services: Bespoke Software Development, System and apps integration,Mobile App Development, IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting.HeadChannel is another bespoke software development company (UK) that valueslong-term relationships with its clients, puts its heart and soul into thedevelopment process and delivers high-quality solutions. The professional teamof developers will mould perfect software for your company needs that will bewell-structured and comprehensive, as well as easy to maintain and upgrade.HeadChannel team uses a hybrid of agile and other methodologies in thedevelopment process that allows them to manage both the client’s project andtheir own team in the most efficient way. It empowers the organisation incharge to keep everyone involved updated on the progress and maintain atransparent environment that speeds up the process thus the projects aredelivered on time. The company provides development help and support tobusinesses in the following industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education,Property Management, Recruitment, etc.HeadChannel team uses the following technologies: iOS, Android, HTML5,JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL Server, jQuery, Microsoft Azure, .NET, Xamarian,etc.Founded: 2004Location: London, UK

7. Softwire Software Development Company UK, London

Top Clients: BBC Music, David Lloyd, DeepMind and Moorfields Eye Hospital,Metaswitch, UK Government Department for Business, Energy and IndustrialStrategy.Key Services: Bespoke Software Development, Data and AI Services, Design,Advisory, Mobile App Development.Softwire is the last but not least in our list of the top software companiesin UK. The company is based in London and provides software consultancy andcustom software solutions to big enterprises as well as small businesses.Softwire team focuses on Education, Media, and Non-Profit industries. Theprofessional developers are ready to create high-quality software for iOS,Android, and Windows devices, as well as develop hybrid and cross-platformapplications. The company mostly works with Ruby and .NET frameworks and usesJava and ASP.NET languages for coding.The number of completed projects by Softwire speaks for itself as clientschoose their assistance for being client-oriented and delivering high-qualitysolutions for reasonable prices. The team of developers will closely analyseyour case and provide you with the most suitable solution that will go withyour business needs.Founded: 2000Location: London, UK

How to Choose your software development vendor in UK?

The number of great companies that can help you with software development,system integration, QA and testing is rather huge and it’s not an easy task tochoose. The list of software development companies in UK we have provided canhelp you to narrow the circle and find the ones that will get you and theideas you try to make real. Get in touch with the ones you like the most,negotiate, meet with their teams, and you will see who suits you best.Top 14 Software Development Companies in Manchester * Founded: 2003 * Company’s size: 10 – 49 * Min. project size: $25,000+ * Avg. hourly rate: $100 – $149 / hr * Website: corporationpop.co.uk * Offices: UK * Areas and services: Mobile App Development, AR/VR Development, Custom Software DevelopmentThe company has been highly successful in bringing interactive solutions thatserve as a bridge between you and customers. Corporation Pop is a softwaredevelopment company in Manchester experienced in bringing solutions for everyplatform existing such as mobile applications, websites, games and virtualreality experiences and enterprise software. The company offers dedicated teamservices consisting of designers, strategists, developers and projectmanagers. By choosing the dedicated team services you receive a warranty fornot having to worry about the deadlines, quality of the end point products andlots of other perks. Corporation is a purpose driven, ambitious team withimmense cross-sector expertise, user-centred design approach, technicalcapability and agile project management combine to ensure that the projectsthey deliver are always usable, reliable and provide outstanding value formoney.The A to Z list of the fastest 50 growing companies in the North WestToday the M.E.N reveals the businesses which have made it into the GreaterManchester Ward Hadaway Fastest 50 for 2018, the comprehensive list of theregion’s fastest-growing companies.Organised by law firm Ward Hadaway and backed by the Manchester Evening News,the list highlights and celebrates the achievements of the profitable,privately-owned companies in the region which have grown their turnover by thelargest amount in recent years.This year’s Ward Hadaway Greater Manchester Fastest 50 spans a wide range ofsectors from recycling companies and housebuilders to manufacturers andretailers.Paul Johnson from Ward HadawayPaul Johnson, executive partner in the firm’s Manchester office, said: “We arevery proud to present the fifth Ward Hadaway Greater Manchester Fastest 50which once again has produced a diverse mix, but with one common thread inthat they all have a passion to see the region succeed.“The list demonstrates the sheer variety of companies who are succeeding ingrowing their businesses, creating jobs and prosperity and attractinginvestment into the area.“It is these companies which are the growth drivers of the Manchester economyand they deserve the accolades and the attention which being in the WardHadaway Fastest 50 brings them.

Castlefield Investment Partners LLP, Manchester

Castlefield is a family of investment and advisory businesses which began in2002. The group manages investments for charities. It has shared ownershipwith employees and a grant-making charitable trust sharing in its business andprofits.

Embankment Developments Ltd, Manchester

Embankment Developments Ltd is a construction company based in Manchester.

Gladman Developments Ltd, Congleton

Developing a range of both office and industrial schemes, Gladman Developmentsconstructs projects totalling up to 3 million sq ft of space each year acrossthe UK with developments in locations from Aberdeen to Bedford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Bristol.The company appeared in last year’s Fastest 50 list.

Godel Technologies, Manchester

This software development company also made an appearance in last year’s list.Employing more than 300 people at its offices in Manchester, London, Minsk andBrest, it has worked with companies including Jet2.com, Experian and AO.com

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