Accenture Google IBM technology companies lead Top 15 Philippine employers

Accenture, Google, IBM technology companies lead Top 15 Philippine employers

Accenture, Google, International Business Machines (IBM) technology companiesare the most preferred companies in the Philippines.Technology companies Accenture, Google, International Business Machines (IBM)were cited as leaders of the Top 15 Philippine Employers to Work For in thecountry.With the enforcement of community quarantine to stop the spread of thecoronavirus disease, technology helped workers to continue working from home.When the lockdown is lifted, technology companies are seen to have a headstartin terms of adjusting to the new ways of the “new normal”.Philpad listed the Philippines’ top-rated employers and companies fromdifferent job search platforms online, using measures of employee ratings,hiring process, salary and compensation, employee benefits, work environment,and career growth.AccentureThe Top 15 Best Companies to Work For in the Philippines in 2020 is led byAccenture.Accenture is an award-winning Irish Company whose current clients include 91of the Fortune Global 100. The company provides services such as strategy andconsulting, interactive, technology, and operations.The BPO company boasts of over 50,000 employees across Manila, Cebu, andIlocos.Google PhilippinesConsidered one of the Big Four tech companies, Google provides internet-related products and services including cloud computing, search engine,hardware, software, and online advertising technologies.Google’s other subsidiaries include YouTube,, Google Nest, GoogleAdMob, Waymo, Google Japan, and Double Click.Google responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with a Google Maps featureto make it easier for frontline health workers to quickly get to theirrespective medical facilities or hospitals by finding the best Free Rideroutes.During the quarantine period, Google Maps Street View also offered users a360-degree view virtual visit and tour of local churches from their homes asif they are actually there.International Business MachinesIBM is one of the largest information technology companies and a globallyintegrated enterprise with more than 400,000 employees. The company provideshardware, software, and IT-enabled business services to domestic and globalmarkets.Here is the full list of the Top 15 Best Companies to Work For in thePhilippines in 2020: 1. Accenture 2. Google 3. IBM 4. San Miguel Corporation (SMC), one of the Philippines’ largest and most diversified conglomerates. SMC donated high-capacity COVID-19 machines and test kits to boost the testing capacity of the country by 11,000 per day. 5. Cebu Air 6. Philippine Airlines, the first Philippine-based carrier certified safe by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), through its IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Program. 7. Ayala Corporation is the oldest and one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines with core interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, and power. Ayala Corporation helped in setting up COVID-19 emergency quarantine facilities. 8. BDO, a full-service universal bank in the Philippines. 9. Procter and Gamble, an American consumer goods company that owns famous brands such as Pampers, Ariel, Downy, Tide, Safeguard, Whisper, Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Rejoice, Ambi Pur, Gillette, Vicks, Oral-B, Olay. 10. Unilever, a global company selling fast-moving consumer goods. Their famous brands include Dove, Axe, Knorr, Lipton, Ponds, Rexona, Surf, Pepsodent, Closeup, Vaseline, Clear, Eskinol, Domex, Lady’s Choice, Creamsilk, Selecta and many more. 11. Nestlé Philippines, Inc. (NPI) today is a robust and stable organization, proud of its role in bringing the best food and beverage throughout the stages of the Filipino consumers’ lives. 12. Metrobank. Established in 1962, the Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company has become the premier universal bank and among the foremost financial institutions in the Philippines. 13. Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company. 14. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history and it’s one of the most valuable brands in the world. 15. SM Investments Corporation, a leading Philippine company that is invested in market-leading businesses in retail, banking, and property. SM Group provided Php 100 million for personal protective equipment (PPEs) and medical supplies to assist healthcare workers at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), two of the country’s leading institutions in the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.Actor Dingdong Dantes and his Yes Pinoy Foundation have partnered with onlinejob websites, Jobstreet, Workabroad PH, and the Department of Labor andEmployment (DOLE) through the

Top IT Companies in the World by Revenue & Net Income:

The list of top IT companies include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle followed byAccenture, DXC, SAP & other big IT brands. The top information technologycompanies are leading innovation in consulting, outsourcing, technology andservices in the world. Here is the list of the top 10 Information Technology(IT) companies in the world 2021.

How much does an MBA cost?

The cost of an MBA degree can vary, but the average tuition for a two-year MBAprogram exceeds $60,000. If you attend one of the top business schools, youcan expect to pay as much as $100,000 or more in tuition and fees.An MBA degree from a top 10 or even top 20 institutes in the USA would costaround $100,000 -200,000. This includes yearly tuition fees of $30,000-60,000.

How much does an MBA cost?

The cost of an MBA degree can vary, but the average tuition for a two-year MBAprogram exceeds $60,000. If you attend one of the top business schools, youcan expect to pay as much as $100,000 or more in tuition and fees.An MBA degree from a top 10 or even top 20 institutes in the USA would costaround $100,000 -200,000. This includes yearly tuition fees of $30,000-60,000.

Administrative Technology Company Level

The professional at this highest level of technology company hierarchy aremore incorporated with decision making. They take care of the whole technicaladministrative work for the company. Basically, the professionals on thesedesignations are responsible for guiding their team to achieve the growth anddevelopment for the company. Professionals at such a high level requireextensive corporate perspective along with excellent communication skills andenormous technology knowledge. The various job profiles at this level of thetechnology company hierarchy include: * Technology Chairman * Technology President * Chief Technical Officer * Information Technology Director * Chief Information Officer * MIS Director * Technology Vice President * Senior Manager – Project Planning

Executive Technology Company Level

The professional at this highest level of technology company hierarchy are atthe managerial levels. The professionals at this middle level are connectedwith some diversified technical departments and they covetously manage thesedepartments by their technical as well as managerial skills. The various jobprofiles at this level of the advertising company hierarchy include: * Information Technology Manager * Hardware Systems Manager * Network Architect * Senior Manager – Programming * Senior Technology Engineer * Senior Database Administrator * Project Manager * Telecommunications Manager * Project Leader

Operational Technology Company Level

The professional at this highest level of technology company hierarchy areequipped with specialization in any technical field. These professionals haveindividual ability to manage definite pre-specified parts of a technicalprocess depending totally on their area of technical expertise. The variousjob profiles at this level of the advertising company hierarchy include: * Technology Analyst * Database Administrator * Technology Engineer * Application Engineer * Programmer * Network Engineer * Help Desk Technician * Network Administrator * Security Specialist * System Administrator * Software Programmer * Web Master * Telecommunications Engineer * Web Designer * Technical Content Writer * Software Testing Engineer * Hardware Engineer * Desktop Technician * Technology Associate * Technology TraineeWhat is a ‘tech company,’ anyway?This article was originally posted on the Tech North website.The definition used for a ‘digital tech business’ in the Tech Nation Report isa “business that provides a digital technicalservice/product/platform/hardware, or heavily relies on it, as its primaryrevenue source.” But ask around, and you’ll find people attached to all sortsof different ideas of what a ‘tech company’ is.It’s fashionable for companies to market themselves as ‘tech.’ The wordinvokes images of beer pong, bean bags, and millennials. It’s a way ofimplying your company is at the forefront of innovation without necessarilyhaving to innovate.

Raising like a tech company

Coworking company WeWork raises funding in the same manner as a tech startup.It recently received $4.4 billion in investment from SoftBank and is now aunicorn, meaning it’s a ‘startup’ valued at more than $1 billion.Unlike WeWork, unicorns are typically in the ‘technology, mobile technologyand information technology’ sectors. WeWork is a key example of howclassifying a business as a ‘tech company’ opens it up to new avenues ofinvestment not normally available to office management companies.But as investor and former Twitter engineer, Alex Payne, asked in 2012, “Is acompany that has staff members with ‘programmer’ or ‘engineer’ in their titlesa technology company?”

Selling technology as a service

Potentially, technology could even be a service in the way that Uber hasrevolutionised the taxi industry with its software platform andinfrastructure.David Coveney, Director of Liverpool digital agency Interconnect IT, says: “Atrue tech company creates new technology. It doesn’t necessarily sell it toother people. It may use technology as part of a product, such as Uber whichboth uses and creates technology in order to assist people in bookingminicabs. Or it may be like Google which creates new search algorithms.“But technology isn’t just software and can be machine based, or even quitesimple things like a new kind of kitchen tool. Paper is technology. Glass istechnology. Corning makes glass, and they are very definitely a technologycompany. But my local glass company is not a tech company. They merely supplyglass.”Uber is a salient example because it has been the subject of dispute in thepast over whether it’s a tech company or a taxi company. Airbnb also facessimilar charges over whether it’s a hospitality company or a software company(it would like to say the latter).The answer has serious consequences for how a company operates, and how it isregulated.

Reliance on technology

Simply having a software platform doesn’t necessarily entitle a company to‘tech’ status.Jamie Hinton, CEO of Sheffield-based technology consultancy Razor, says, “Webelieve the answer is fairly simple. If you took away the technology that acompany has created and it wouldn’t survive, it’s a tech company.“Buying or consuming someone else’s technology out of the box doesn’t count.In this case, you’re definitely not a tech company. You must have createdtechnology that differentiates you from the competition to truly be called atech company.Jamie Hinton of Razor”You don’t even have to sell technology directly, or as a service. If thecontribution of technology to your business and your customers becomes anintegral part of your operations, then it’s time to ask yourself if you’re acompany in X industry, or if you’re a tech company that also happens to be inX industry. The shift in focus might unlock your next level of growth.”This is probably the reason why Uber and Airbnb get away with being classed astech companies. They’re deeply defined by the software platforms they’vecreated to disrupt existing industries outside of tech.Head of Projects at Manchester startup consultancy The Startup Factory, JamesBrookes, says “A technology company or startup is a company who, without theirtechnology or their technology partner, would cease to be able to functioneffectively.”

Tech-driven companies

Then there are the companies formerly operating in one industry who classifythemselves as tech companies.Auto Trader, based in Manchester, is an online automotive marketplace, andformerly a print publication. They’re one example of a traditional companythat has survived the disruption wreaked by digital publishing, and is noweven flourishing.Alison Ross, Customer Experience and Operations Director at Auto Trader, says,“I increasingly don’t think of tech companies in terms of what they do, buthow they do it. You could argue that a car manufacturer, a bank, or anyretailer is now (or ought to be) a tech company.”To me, it’s often shorthand for a specific culture and approach to business:collaborative, innovative, purpose-led, and values-based.”UK Managing Director of digital agency Valtech, Phil Hall, says similarly.“By definition, a tech company harnesses technology to create a competitiveadvantage.”At Valtech, we believe that the most successful tech companies are those thatnot only harness technology, but also maintain a relentless focus onsatisfying their users’ and customers’ needs to create awesome experiences.”

Technology as culture and values

Some simply define technology companies as being oriented by tech’s uniqueculture and values.Amy Gornall, PR and Marketing coordinator at IT talent agency Doris, says, “Atrue ‘tech’ company is one that will never stop learning. It’s run by adiverse group of passionate people who are looking to build a better, smootherand exciting future for our next generation!“They’re also organisations that wouldn’t exist without technology, or havebeen created based on a technology product or service (like Doris)! Otherwise,all companies would be tech companies in the modern world.”While culture and values are important in any company, these must be combinedwith the other factors previously discussed to truly qualify as a ‘tech’company.

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