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9. Electronic Arts

Overview: Electronic Arts—known more commonly as EA—is a “digital interactiveentertainment” organization that specializes in games, content, and onlineservices. With gaming franchises ranging from EA Sports to The Sims, EA hasmade a name for itself as a global leader in the tech and gaming industries.The company has studios across the globe, including a location in Vancouver,which is home to some of the brand’s largest franchises as well as a few ofthe organization’s corporate teams.Open Positions: To keep up with the demand of the gaming and technologyindustries, EA is currently hiring for 170 open positions in Vancouver alone.Some of the top tech roles available as of January 2020 include:Work Environment: With core beliefs that revolve around creativity,pioneering, passion, determination, learning, and teamwork, EA has worked todevelop an engaging and collaborative environment among employees. Theorganization emphasizes employee health and wellbeing and provides a slew offun perks befitting of a company built on gaming. What’s more, family-focusedbenefits such as maternity and paternity leave, flexible work hours, andchildcare resources complement a comfortable paid time off program for thosewith commitments outside of the office.

Software leads the pack in contributing to higher pay

Arizona’s software industry has been a key driver of the economy over the lastfew years, Zylstra said.According to the most recent Greg’s List, a comprehensive list of softwarecompanies in major U.S. cities, Phoenix is now host to 698 software companies.That’s up 141 companies in less than a year.Arizona has also succeeded in attracting a diverse array of industry leadersstatewide including the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Nikola,Lucid Motors and Benchmark, Zylstra said.Other tech industries fueling salary hikes in Arizona include:– Advanced manufacturing-Electric vehicles-Aerospace and defense-Health and bioscience -Semiconductor

More jobs in manufacturing than in construction

As the tech industry has grown, there are now more jobs in manufacturing thanin construction, according to the Arizona Commerce Authority.Last year, the state’s tech industry surpassed 2019 in a number of key growthmetrics, according to the Arizona Technology Council’s recent fourth quarter2020 Technology Impact Report.Highlights from the report show:-A 29 percent increase in STEM job postings -A 6.2 percent increase in employment growth in technology-A 4.3 percent rise year-over-year in the number of tech firms

Jobs, jobs and more jobs

The impact report shows that the percentage increases in Arizona pushed thenumber of tech companies here up to 10,093 and tech jobs up to 201,740. Incomparison, tech jobs in California only rose 2.1 percent in 2020.For every 100 technology jobs created, 357 new jobs were created in otherindustries, Zylstra said.“Significant headwinds associated with COVID-19 will continue to persist, butI am hopeful as I was last quarter the strength of Arizona’s tech industrywill continue to grow,” Zylstra said. “That growth benefits employees,employers, and consumers in every industry in the state.”

Why Do Some Entry Level Tech Jobs Require Experience?

Some entry level tech jobs do require experience. However, experience does notalways mean having done the job role before. Relevant work or educationalexperience gives hiring managers confidence that you have the skills to do thejob well. These skills can be gained through degree programs, certificationsor previous work experience. Additionally, some entry level technical jobsrequire experience because a job candidate’s success in the role depends ontheir ability to understand technical concepts or software.

How To Apply For Entry Level Jobs With No Experience

It is possible to apply for and secure entry level technical jobs with noexperience. Securing entry level tech jobs with no experience simply takes abit of creativity.

Include Language From Job Description Where Relevant

Including specific language from the job description in a resume can helpcandidates showcase their unique fit for the role. It can also help recruitersassess the value your experiences can bring to the role you’re applying for.For example, a job description for a help desk analyst may use the phrase“record, track and document.” Candidates should think about a time they had torecord, track and document something, and include a description of what theydid, along with the phrase, in their resume.

Always Write A Cover Letter

When applying for an entry level tech job with no experience, always write acover letter. A cover letter offers an opportunity to share your story andprovide details about yourself that may not be obvious in your resume. Takethe space to share why you’re interested in the role, the company and the techindustry overall.Following these tips will help improve a candidate’s chances of getting anentry level job with no experience.

Types Of Entry Level Tech Jobs With No Experience

Job seekers interested in tech jobs with no experience should start with thislist. While this list isn’t exhaustive, these roles are a great place to startwhen it comes to entry level tech jobs.

Entry Level Computer Programmer

An entry level computer programmer writes and tests code that ensures computerapplications and software can operate adequately. Computer programmers havethe option to work in an office environment or remotely. Employers generallyexpect that a candidate has a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. In 2019, themedian pay for a computer programmer was $86,550, which averages out to morethan $40 an hour. Consider applying for a role with one of Arizona’s toptechnology employers hiring for this role, such as Axon, GoDaddy andSparklight.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

A network and computer systems administrator is responsible for the day-to-dayoperation of computer networks. They spend their days monitoring, organizing,installing and supporting an organization’s network and communication systems.This role often requires a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer orinformation science. However, some roles may accept an associate’s degree or apostsecondary certification. The median salary for this role in 2019 was$83,510, according to the BLS. Candidates interested in this role should checkout roles at GoDaddy, Freedom Financial and Workiva, incredible tech companiesin Arizona.

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