Best E PS Panels House Building Services in Kenya

EPS Building Technology Takes Off In Kenya

NHC workers construct a sample EPS panels house in Nairobi. PHOTO | FILEProperty developers across the country are finding a new way to deal with therising building costs that have increasingly denied many Kenyans a chance toown homes.The builders are now adopting alternative construction technologies in a bidto cut costs and maximise returns while maintaining quality standards.These include EPS building technology (the use of expanded polystyrenepanels), precast concrete panels, ferrocement building technology, among othermodern building technologies.Through the use of energy efficient but affordable materials, originatingmainly from China and India, property developers have managed to save on thecost and duration of construction.Prime Ventures is one such company that has embraced sustainable EPS panelhouse designs in a bid to meet the rising demand for truly affordable housing.The company is betting on a modern building technology that uses cement-coatedexpanded polystyrene (EPS) panels instead of conventional stones.The cheap building technology entails building homes by assembling ready-madeEPS foam, sandwiched between a wire mesh that is sealed on both sides withconcrete.According to Menelik Makonnen, chief executive of Prime Ventures, EPStechnology has been employed in many parts of the world and it has a brightfuture in Kenya where demand for low cost housing is rising.A regular two-bedroom house measuring 100 square metres takes about 70 panelseach weighing 15kg – meaning a prefab house can be ferried in a truck.Despite its light weight, a modular house is strong enough to defy naturalcalamities better than homes build using stones.According to Mr Makonnen, a posh three-bedroom house in a suburban locationwill cost Sh2.5 million when built using EPS panels.READ: How NHC plans to lift uptake of EPS panels in KenyaSince it is an inert material, EPS does not rot and has no nutritional valueto vermin and therefore it does not attract termites, rats and other pests –making the building more durable.The technology offers other benefits such as thermal insulation, which makesthe houses comfy regardless of temperature changes. The houses are sound andbullet proof, and they also have a high resistance to fire and other shocks.According to Kenrick Miako, a director of Mikooh Exquisite Ltd., which isusing EPS panels to build apartments in Rongai, alternative buildingtechnology has lowered his costs by 25 per cent while cutting the constructiontime by half.“This technology minimises labour costs and construction time. The buildingrequires less reinforcement due to its light weight. You get further savingson the foundation as well,” Mr Miako said, adding that lightweight panels aremainly used to erect walls, stairways, water tanks, floors, roofs andperimeter walls.“You use bricks only when laying foundation. The expandable polystrene panelsthen take over from the walls to the slab. This results in superior structuresand lends itself well to high quality finishes,” Mr Miako said.This comes at a time when the local demand for low cost housing far exceedsthe supply thanks to speedy urbanization and a growing middle class.Statistics show that the annual housing supply in the country is 50,000 unitsagainst demand of 200,000 units.

Using EPS Panels in Kenya to Build Cheap Houses

Are you trying to find the best Technology for building affordable houses inKenya? Nextgen Solutions we introduce to you Eps panels building technology.We are Experienced construction company specialized in constructing EPS panelshouse in Kenya.With the help of our professionals and talented workforce.We introduce to youour clients a wide range of EPS Panels. This EPS panel ensures flexibility indesign and choosing various options when constructing.The Eps panel aresuitable for ceiling where their strength, enables in increased spans. Also onwalling and slab.You can get this EPS panel from us at market leading price.

Cost and time implications of building using EPS technology .

Compared to traditional products, EPS panels accomplish far better results, atsignificantly reduced cost. A building framework constructed using the EPSpanels building system costs roughly 30%* less than a traditional one withsimilar features. It also save on the construction period as it take less timethus represent further savings.In the Kenyan context, there is a lot of choice for building cost effectiveconstruction. And even more important in the the housing sector.

Affordable House Construction in Kenya

Under the Uhuru government where he undertook an ambitious project of the big4.One of them is housing where a lot of homes are required to be constructed.These constructed housed subsequently. Will be provided to the underdisadvantaged people in the society. Who have an income, but still cannotafford a home to call their home.Under this scheme, the government want to attract investors who will buildthis houses. They are required to construct the housed and them out at asubsidized rate. Those interested are supposed to register to this scheme andstart monthly contribution. But, in contrast, the subsidy equivalent from theGovernment does not cover the entire cost of the home. As a result, it is thusborne by either the builder or the buyer.

Eps construction in Kenya

Now, with the EPS Panel Based Construction the cost of the building comes downconsiderably. In some cases, it comes down to a level where the cost is 30% ofwhat it would be for a building built using the Traditional ConstructionSystem. Therefore you can easily own your home easily without engaging in ascheme that will eventually be another corruption scandalA good and class 3 bedroom house in Kenya will cost around Sh2. 6 million whenusing Eps panels building technology..Best EPS Panels In Kenya & Affordable House Construction in EPS panels

Best E PS Panels House Building Services in Kenya

Are you trying to find the best Technology for building affordable houses inKenya? Nextgen Solutions we introduce to you EPS Panels in Kenya. We areExperienced construction company specialized in constructing EPS panels housein Kenya.With the help of our professionals and talented workforce.We introduce to youour clients a wide range of EPS Panels. This EPS panel ensures flexibility indesign and choosing various options when constructing.The Eps panel aresuitable for ceiling where their strength, enables in increased spans. Also onwalling and slab.You can get this EPS panel from us at market leading price.If you don’t have the plan don’t worry as we have in house professionalarchitect who will help you to come up with a good house plan of your dreamhome.You can also select our ready made house plan and designs on this pageplans

Construction using EPS Panel In Kenya

The Eps stand for Expanded Polystyrene.This is a modern, efficient, safe andeconomic construction system of buildings. These building panels are oftenused both as load bearing also as non-load bearing elements. EPS core panelmay be a 3D panel consisting of 3-dimensional welded wire space frame giventhe polystyrene insulation core. The Panel is placed in position and shotcreteon both the edges.The EPS panels contains a 3-dimensional welded wire space frame utilizing atruss concept for stress transfer. And stiffness EPS panel includes weldedreinforcing meshes of high-strength wire, diagonal wire and self-extinguishingexpanded polystyrene. undercoated concrete, manufactured within the factory.And shotcrete is applied to the panel assembled at the development site.Whichprovides the bearing capacity of the structure.

EPS panel after shotcrete has the following five components.

* The outer layer of shotcrete. * Welded reinforcing mesh of high wire. * The core of expanded polystyrene sheet. * Diagonal wire (stainless or galvanized wire). * The inner layer of shotcrete.The welded mesh fabric connected piercing polystyrene with truss of steelwire, welded to the welded fabric at an angle. It gives a rigidity spatialstructure. And simultaneously prevents polystyrene core shifting.

Some of the benefits of the EPS Core panel systems are as follows:

* It Reduce the cost of construction material by 30% and Labor by 50% * Eps building panels reduces Construction period * Reduce transport cost. Light weight panels: don’t requires cranes and other heavy construction equipment. (A Standard panel of size (1.2×3) m without shotcrete weighs 20 kg) * iv. The installation doesn’t need heavy construction equipment. * v. Ensure high levels of thermal insulation, sound insulation, also as sanitary and fire safety. * vi. EPS 3-D panels allow no additional cost to erect buildings in areas with moving soil, especially heaving, subsidence, frozen ground, and remote areas. * vii. Strength and sturdiness – used extruded polystyrene virtually inert.And doesn’t absorb moisture, is durable and immune to decay.

A number of the restrictions of the EPS Core Panel System:

* EPS Panel construction system may only be utilized in the development of foundation walls supporting 5 story’s or less, unless designed by knowledgeable engineer. * Concrete must be applied by either the “shotcrete dry” or “shotcrete wet” process in accordance with ACI 506 R-85, “Guide to Shotcrete,” by the American Concrete Institute. * Compressive strength of concrete shall not be but 20 MPa.The steel reinforcement shall have a minimum allowable stress (fy) of 415 MPa.The EPS Core panel system is environment friendly and aestheticallyappealing.So they are often constructed quickly leading to savings inconstruction time and money. The technology has been in use successfully inmany African also as European countries with involvement of various agencies.

Eps Panels Manufactures in Kenya

The demand for the Eps panels in Kenya is increasing a day. Therefore there’san emerging increase on the assembly of the building panels. So there arevarious Eps panels’ manufactures and Suppliers in Kenya and here is that theList of them.

Prices and price of EPS panels In Kenya

The one main advantages of the Eps panel is that the cost it’s ready to cutthe cost of the fabric by 30%. And therefore the cost of labor by 50% thanksto less time taken. So costs of the Eps panels varies from the sizes.DESCRIPTION SIZE (LxWxH) SALE PRICEEPS WALL PANELS60mm paneling 2.4mx1.2m Kshs 3,795.0060mm paneling 2.7m x 1.2m Kshs 4,010.0080mm paneling 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 4,910.00100mm paneling 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 5,600.00120mm paneling 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 5,900.00EPS FLOOR PANELS150mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 6,124.00190mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 7,320.00220mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 8,060.00260mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 8,740.00290mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 9,525.00300mm Floor Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 11,565.00WALL MESHES * 1box=70mmFlat mesh 1.2m x 250mm Kshs 150.00U-mesh 1.2m x (3+1+3) boxes Kshs 300.00Angle mesh 1.2m x (3+3) boxes Kshs 250.00Full mesh 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 1,500.00FLAT PANELS50mm Flat Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 1,700.0075mm Flat Panel 3.0m x 1.0m Kshs 2,485.00100mm Flat Panel 3.0m x 1.2m Kshs 3,250.00It is estimated that a two bed-room unit built with the technology would costSh700, 000 before finishing, about half the cost when using bricks

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