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17 Best Software Companies in Dallas You Should Know About Today

We want our readers to know more about the information and communicationindustry over the globe that’s why we write about software development culturein different countries. This article will cover the stories of top softwarecompanies in Dallas. By the end of the article, you will have learned whatbest software companies in Dallas are, what products they build, and what isspecial about them. This information will be helpful for those of our readerswho search for technology partners in the USA as well as for those who arelooking for tech jobs there. This is a good read also for people who are justkeen on new technologies.First off, let’s see what is interesting in Dallas. As of October 10, 2018,Glassdoor offers 4,593 software developer jobs in Dallas. This number isimpressive as it opens a bunch of opportunities for both entry-level andsenior specialists in the information technology sphere. According toGlassdoor, an average salary of a software engineer in Dallas is around$90,000. The rates distribution is from $70,000 to $118,000.Read our latest articleto know if you need an ERP solution.

Top software companies in Dallas according to Good Firms

According to one of the most trusted websites that rate software companiesglobally, Good Firms, we have compiled a list of software companies in Dallas.The information about the most popular companies was updated on October 11,2018. Below is a list of 17 firms that are considered by Good Firms to be thetop in Dallas. 1. FinoitThe full name of the company is Finoit Technologies, Inc. It positions itselfas a technology partner at developing software products. The company has awide range of technology stacks which are as follows: * .Net solutions * LAMP solutions * Java (J2EE/J2ME) solutions * Open source CMS products * iOS and Android applications * Blockchain products development * Product engineeringAmong the success stories of Finoit, there are several products worth yourattention. For example, they developed a product named “Car HealthDiagnostic”. The product provides fleet management. It is an OBD (onboarddiagnostics) system that transforms the car diagnostics on mobile phones. Withthe help of the system, users can receive helpful information about theirvehicles such as fuel consumption, trip summary/time, mileage, speed, etc.Finoit was founded in 2010 and now comprises 50-250 employees. The companyspecializes in the following technologies: Java, Xamarin, Python, Node JS, PHPand a lot of others.2. DICEUSDICEUS is a company with multi-national offices located in Ukraine, UAE,Lithuania, Denmark. Like Finoit, DICEUS was also founded in 2010. Although itis not located in Dallas, the company’s team often holds different workshopsand specialized meetings there and across the USA. Among the services, thecompany offers is the development of enterprise-level solutions like ERP, CRM,HRM, etc. DICEUS team has developed a great number of software products theyare proud of. They are experienced in building mobile apps, e-commercesolutions, cross-platform applications, etc. The reviews on the most recentprojects can be found on our website.3. Intelegain TechnologiesIntelegain provides a wide range of services including outsourcing services,business services, and digital marketing services. The firm offers itscustomers a bunch of delivery, pricing, and development models. That makes thecompany stand out from its competitors. Since 2004, Intelegain helpsbusinesses and startups put the idea into practice. Among the famous customersof Intelegain are Canon, Ericsson, Bayer, Amplifon, and others. If you wouldlike to see the portfolio, feel free to visit the company’s website as it isfull of mobile apps development and web development projects accomplished bythe company’s team.4. RailsCarmaRailsCarma is positioning itself as a Ruby on Rails development company. Hereare some of the things that the company does: * UI and UX design * Cloud hosting and migration * Custom RoR development * 24/7 managementAs you can see, the company specializes in RoR solutions. Among the productsdeveloped by RailsCarma are Move, DFH, Ditto TV. DFH, for example, is ane-health platform which combines ERP, practice management system, and ane-commerce platform in one place. Ditto TV is another product designed byRailsCarma. It is a TV application that allows users to access some regionalchannels. All projects build by the RailsCarma team are based on RoRtechnology. So, if you are looking for specialists in Ruby on Rails in Dallas,you can freely contact the firm.5. gotcha!gotcha! is a digital marketing agency. It is number 5 in our list of softwarecompanies in Dallas. It offers customers content and traffic drivers services.The company has also developed over 25 out-of-the-box mobile and web apps.Besides, they offer website development, online advertising, SMS messaging,and other services that can boost a brand’s awareness. Some of the productsoffered by gotcha! that are worth your attention are gotchalocalseo andgotchaapps. The first one offers a unique opportunity for sellers for betterlocal search-engine optimization. This product helps find businesses online inconsumers’ geographical location. It facilitates the work of marketingspecialists with the local-targeted audience.6. IBEE SolutionsFounded in 2006, IBEE has known as an apps development company. Unfortunately,their website is currently under construction that’s why there’s so littleinformation about the company. However, according to Good Firms, IBEEcomprises 10-50 people, – quite a small business located in Dallas.7. Apptura SoftwareApptura provides a bunch of marketing and branding services. What they offeris to custom everything. They offer to promote coupons through mobileapplications, pay for the services or good by mobile phones, and announcesales and events via phones because they consider this way of interacting withpeople one of the most effective. Apptura is all about the mobile culture ofcommunication between a seller and consumers. They help businesses build brandloyalty and boost user engagement. Apptura’s website contains dozens ofprojects they successfully developed and launched. So, if you are interestedin mobile promotions, feel free to visit Apptura in Dallas.8. IwerkIwerk has been streamlining businesses since 1991. The company offers customsoftware development of responsive websites and CMSs along with ERP systems,and other enterprise-grade solutions. Iwerk has a great experience indifferent industries what you can see from their portfolio. Among the workspresented on the website, there are projects for Danon, American Airlines,Biggby Coffee, Hudsonville Icecream, Forte Belanger, etc. Each case study isbright containing the description of what the team did and how it did it.Iwerks offices are located not only in Dallas but also in Detroit and FortWorth.9. BuradaBurada is number 9 in the Good Firms list of software companies in Dallas Tx.Burada is quite a small company consisting of up to 10 people. The companyoffers a standard range of services including wireframe prototyping,web/mobile apps, priority hosting, and priority support. The company alsooffers its own product called “Burada Building Blocks” which is a kind of anERP system that can be customized to customer’s needs and requirements. It isoff-the-shelf software that includes a bunch of modules that can be helpfulfor managing company resources and assets.10. Pepper SquareFounded in 2002, Pepper Square is focused on UX/UI design. The company dealsmainly with interfaces design. Other services they are qualified for are appdesign and software development. The offices are also located in India.11. Cooperative ComputingCooperative Computing is positioning itself as a business-driven technologysolutions company. It has a strong background in the following areas:healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, and human resources management.The firm is good at cloud hosting solutions, business consultancy, training,and development. To get a quote or see how effective the projects completed byCooperative Computing are, go to their website. It contains dozens of worksand detailed information on the services you may get from CooperativeComputing specialists in Dallas.12. ProitProit, one of the software companies in Dallas Texas, was founded in 2008.Among innovative services that customers can order from Proit is robotization.The firm provides robotics automation tools that can reduce customer’s costsand automate processes in legacy systems. Proit also has its own productspresented on their website: OpenText/Documentum, ProRules, and JHighway.ProRules is probably one of the most interesting products developed by thecompany. It is an information system that is able to assess and manage risks.The system works well with structured and unstructured information and isplanned to deal with AI as well.13. Retro CubeRetro Cube promises to put your app idea into practice. What they do is iOS,Android, game development and optimization of App Store apps. Retro Cube’sportfolio includes such applications as Food Finder, Nasa99, Trip, and GetFit.The works speak for themselves. The company was founded in 2013. Today, itconsists of up to 250 employees.14. NewlineinfocorpThe company has 10+ years of experience in product development, webinteractive, e-commerce solutions, learning management, conversationalartificial intelligence, etc. Newlineinfocorp has completed more than 500projects and delivered around 1000 solutions to its customers. The teamconsists of over 75 specialists. They offer solutions for work management andschool management. Both help boost productivity, streamline the workflows andimprove interaction. School management solution is very helpful for parents asit sends notifications to parents when arrives. With the help of thismanagement system, teachers can share their lessons plans and interact withparents as well.15. Atmo Software DevelopmentAtmo specializes in business software development, NFC, Internet of Things,database, apps modernization, etc. The company is experienced in differentindustries including healthcare, retail, insurance. It is one of the bestfinancial software companies in Dallas, Tx. You can find a complete list ofservices provided by the company on their website.16. Techno ExponentTechno Exponent offers a bunch of web design and development services fordifferent kinds of companies. The company was founded in 2011, its offices arelocated not only in the United States but also in India what makes the ratesreasonable. According to the technology you are looking for you may choose therecent projects completed by Techno Exponent and find out if you like it andif the services that the company offers fit your requirements for the project.17. JumpGrowthJumpGrowth is focused on consulting, designing, developing, and testing. Thecompany provides all these services using the latest technologies. JumpGrowthis a new firm founded in 2018 but with the specialists having strongexperience in ICT domain over 15 years. It is located in Dallas and comprisesup to 50 employees.Whatever you are looking in Dallas, web or app development, design orprototyping, you are free to use this comprehensive list of software companiesin Dallas compiled by Diceus. We believe you will find a trusted technologypartner among any of these firms, find a dream job, or will know a little bitmore about the IT culture in Dallas. If not, feel free to contact ourspecialists to solve your IT problems. We have a strong background indelivering high-quality enterprise-grade solutions for different verticals.Just send your request and we will contact you asap. Follow our blog to staytuned and know more about software companies all over the world.Top 10 trusted blockchain development companies In India 2021-2022The Indian blockchain technology market size was valued at a high level.Blockchain has emerged as an up-and-coming technology in the IT field. It’s anopen, immutable, distributed public ledger that can be accessed by manyparties involved in the transaction & acts as a universal depository of alltransactions between the involved parties. The increasing acceptance ofcryptocurrency in India is one of the major factors driving the market growth.Commercial and central banks worldwide are now using blockchain technology forpayment processing and issuing of their digital currencies.India is one of the biggest hubs with tons of IT companies, so finding thebest one is a difficult task. To help business owners who are looking for aBlockchain development partner from India, the team researched thousands of companies and compileda list of Top 10 Blockchain development companies in India to work with in2021 – 2022. The team has researched companies from Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur,Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, and Delhi and created the most trustworthylist.1. Hyperlink InfoSystemHyperlink InfoSystem is a top web & mobile app development company. Thecompany renders the best blockchain-based solutions to different industries.They develop blockchain products to help solve real-world problems thatenterprises face. Blockchain Solutions of the company are trustworthy, secure& transparent. They have custom development modules that can be easilycustomized depending on the client’s requirements. The company delivers thebest solution in web & app development, AI solutions, AR/VR, Salesforcedevelopment, Big Data Analytics, IoT development, Blockchain, CRM Solutions,and much more.2. InfosysInfosys Limited is an India-based MNC that provides business consulting,information technology, & outsourcing services. Infosys is the second-largestIndian IT Company after TCS. The company has 82 Sales & marketing offices and123 development centers around the world.3. Tata Consultancy ServicesTCS is one of India’s most well-known IT companies and placed among the mostvaluable IT services brands worldwide. The company offers services like mobileapps, Enterprise Apps, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions,Automation, and AI, and many more. It was founded in 1968 and now functions in149 locations across 46 countries.4. AccentureAccenture is a Fortune Global 500 company offering services like Appdevelopment, Oracle, Blockchain, Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Software Engineering,Supply Chain and Operations, etc. The company has over 492K employees servingclients from 200 cities in 120 countries.5. Capgemini India Pvt ltdCapgemini is one of the leading MNCs providing consulting, technology,professional, and outsourcing services with more than 270K employees in over50 nations. They have expertise in Cloud Services, AI Solutions, SAPSolutions, Blockchain solutions, App Development services, and almost allindustries.6. WillowTree AppsWillowTree is one of the top app development & digital product agencies in theworld. Their mobile strategists, UI/UX Designers, & software engineers havecreated over 1000 mobile and digital solutions for worldwide clients. Thecompany offers web and app development, software development, chatbotdevelopment, UI/UX, and working on the latest technologies.7. Zensar TechnologiesZensar Technologies is one of the top software companies founded in 1991. Thecompany has a strength of over 10,000 employees and has offices in 20countries globally. They offer services like Digital Supply Chain, CloudInfrastructure, AI and Automation, Data Management, Data Science, Enterpriseapps, and other latest technologies.8. Tech MahindraTech Mahindra is a subsidiary of Mahindra Group, providing InformationTechnology (IT) services for almost all industries. This company has 125,000employees across 90 counties and 900 plus active worldwide clients. Itprovides services like web & app development, Cloud solutions, Enterprisebusiness solutions, Digital Supply Chain, Data Science, and many more.9. FueledFueled is an award-winning mobile app development company offering itsservices since 2007. The company provides app development, CRM, POS, CMS, ERP,CDP, Web Development, UI/UX Design, AR/VR, Blockchain, Chatbot, and many more.They served Startups to Enterprise-Level Businesses worldwide, and their majorclients are MGM Resorts International, 9Gag, Harvard, Verizon, Crunchbase,etc.10. HData SystemsHData Systems is an India-based Data Science firm that helps businesses toincrease their productivity and performance with the service of analyticalapproaches. The company provides app development, big data analytics, datascience, AI, machine learning, automation, etc.Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved inthe creation of this content.10 Top Best Blockchain Companies List In 2021

Are you looking for top blockchain technology companies to work with?

List of the Top BlockChain Companies with Detailed Comparison:Are you interested in blockchain technology? Are you looking for the best ofits companies?You may be a developer or a technology officer who desires to work in a goodblockchain company. There can be any reason to know more about Blockchaintechnology and its top companies.This article will indeed put an end to all your searches.

What Is Blockchain?

You may have heard about blockchain in connection to bitcoin and othercryptocurrencies but it is actually more than that, it is a decentralizedtechnological system in which the transactions made in digital currencies arerecorded and kept in several computers that are linked together.It is a growing list of a record called blocks, linked with cryptography andfunction as a distributed ledger, managed by a peer-to-peer network, linked toa protocol for inter-node communication and building new blocks.

List Of The Most Promising Top Blockchain Companies

In order to help you choose the right blockchain company, we’ve listed some ofthe top blockchain companies you can consider. * LeewayHertz * Consensys * Blockchain Intelligence Group * Limechain * Applicature * Blockchangers * Ripple Labs Inc. * LeewayHertz * Blockchangers * Techracers * ChromaWay

Blockchain Intelligence Group

Blockchain Intelligence Group is one of the trusted blockchain technologycompanies, helping their overseas clients with Blockchain consultationservices required to build applications.Submit Guest Post BlockchainOperating on a global scale, they manage to deliver the best services atearliest in the competitive range. Blockchain Intelligence Group aims atproviding an optimum solution for reducing the risks associated with thecryptocurrency transactions.Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada Number of Employees: 50-249


Applicature is a full-cycle DeFi/ blockchain development and marketing agencycombining both in-depth technical and business perspectives on productdevelopment.Whether it’s a token/wallet/staking/yield farming platform or any other kindof DeFi DApp or smart contract, you will receive a top-notch solution followedby a viable business model.Having 10 years of experience in the blockchain sector we gained expertisethat helps us to make the finest technological solutions. Some of the mostpromising DeFi products in the space were developed by our team members andbusiness developers.When it’s ICO marketing, we make sure you receive relevant go-to-the-marketstrategy and token economics to attract investors and crypto enthusiasts.Applicature helps promising projects with introductions since numerousinvestors and VCs are associated with and follow the agency.Headquarters: San Francisco, California Number of Employees: 50


This company is based in Norway and was launched in 2015 for helping clientsunderstand and use blockchain technology. They work to promote blockchainthrough cooperation with private and public institutions to define the futureof blockchain.Blockchangers host Northern Europe’s largest blockchain conference, OsloBlockchain Day, and their clients include DNB Bank, PwC, Lyse, Datatilsynet,Trigger, Kantega and much more.Their services also include lectures, workshops, consulting, blockchaindevelopment, banking software development, front-end services, etc.Headquarters: Oslo, Norway. Number of Employees: 6 Estimated Revenue: 1-5 MNOK.

Ripple Labs Inc.

This American fintech company which was founded by Brad Garlinghouse in 2012,developed the Ripple protocol and exchange platform that provides cross-borderpayment solutions via blockchain technology. Ripple’s decentralized financialtools enable seamless experience in cross-border payment processing.Ripple offers a real-time payment system that enables banks and otherfinancial service providers to transact directly with each other without athird-party correspondence. They connect banks, other financial serviceproviders, and world trade organizations through its global payment systemRippleNet.Ripple enterprise software solution xCurrent enables banks to track their end-to-end transactions. Its xRapid enables banks to solve the liquidity issues byusing its token XRP as a bridge between currencies, in order to facilitatecross-border transactions.xVia is another financial tool developed by Ripple, that enables businesses tosend payment through RippleNet.Ripple’s funding is $93.6 million with its offices located in eight countriesi.e. New York, Singapore, Sydney, India, Brazil, Luxembourg, and the UnitedKingdom.Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA Employees: It has six key people in its management, including the CEO andadditionally has 150 employees.Estimated Annual Revenue: $5 million. According to the 2018 sales summarychart, generated by Ripple and it’s subsidiary XRP II, LLC, was $65.27 millionand $98.06 million respectively.


Blockchangers is the blockchain technology company, which has marked theirpresence in the IT industry for helping their clients understand and leveragethe potential of blockchain technology.Clients who want to build dApp can consult Blockchangers to discover the bestidea for their project.They are expert in providing lectures, workshops, consulting, and developmentservices to make their clients understand the potential of blockchaintechnology.


Techracers is now rebranded to Deqode. Deqode provides blockchain solutions tobusinesses for solving complex problems. It will help businesses to optimizetheir business processes and encourage business growth.Deqode has expertise in Blockchain, DLT, Software, Development, Consultancy,Crypto, and Application. It provides solutions to Enterprises, Startups, andlabs.Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware. Number of Employees: 51 to 200 Estimated Revenue: $10 M


Blockchain technology is an emerging market, hence many startups are springingup every day.The list above shows the top blockchain companies to search out for if you arelooking to engage their services.Contact us to suggest a listing here.Feature image credit: EntrepreneurTop-8 blockchain development companies in IndiaThinkMobiles is one of most trusted companies conducting IT & software reviewssince 2011. Our mission is to provide best reviews, analysis, user feedbackand vendor profiles. Learn more about review process.The revolution of blockchain is the reason why developing countries have thehope of turning the fate and becoming the leading economies. blockchainprovides such grounds and opportunities for transformation. India, inparticular, has taken advantage of blockchain technology recently. A number ofprojects continues to emerge in healthcare, social sector, etc., for example,Indicoin is set to rectify poorness. That’s why we decided to compile a listof top blockchain development companies in India – with focus on outsourcingservices in this area.Also it is worth noting, that blockchain technology is becoming a widely usedmechanism in scamming and security laws violation. Thus, the list could alsobe helpful as a security measure with reputable blockchain companies in India.

Top blockchain development companies in India

Established in 2006 as a product development company, Somish has managed tocreate a powerful brand name in automation mechanisms. Since blockchain’semergence in 2008, the company joined the streamline and now advocates andbuilds solutions based on blockchain. They have been working on token funds,bill discounting, P2P insurance, etc.Portfolio. Somish has got an impressive portfolio. Backed by a versatile team,the company’s flagship blockchain solution such as the GovBlocks gave them agood reputation. GovBlocks blockchain protocol is an Ethereum based projectdesigned for decentralized governance. Other standout blockchain projectsunder the company belt include: * Aviation maintenance – the fundamental target is to lessen the cost of operating as well as layover periods within the airline and aviation authorities. * Subsidy distribution – a public distribution mechanism which focuses on assured as well as accurate end-user; thus, improving transparency, standardization and attributable. * Transfer of tokenized funds – a DTF on blockchain for markets that are emerging to crane Financial Inclusion omitting bank branches last stage process. The company was founded in 2003 and since the establishment of blockchain, hasmanaged to recruit top-talent to develop blockchain products. With leadingclients such as eBay, Sprint, Mannatech, Nokia, World Vision as well as othersuccessful startups, CIS employs over 600 experts from 5 countries. Thecompany is proud of quality certification of CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015.Other services besides blockchain include: * Mobile application development * Website development * UI/UX design (mobile and web) * Quality assuranceLeewayHertz is an Indian blockchain development company established in 2007and now based in the US. The company is among the leading brands in deliveringan end-to-end solution in developing blockchain application at enterprise-level.LeewayHertz has managed to deliver 450 applications confirming their skills inmobile strategy, manufacturing, design. They present a great understanding indeveloping immaculate solution related to mobile platforms including: * Blockchain development * Creating smart contracts * Development of decentralized apps * Developing iOS and Android appsPortfolio. The company works for top customers such as the ESPN, ADX, WorldPoker Tour, iCruise, as well as other proprietary projects. With an hourlyrate of $100-150, LeewayHertz is one of the most affordable top blockchaindevelopment companies in India.Located in the middle of India, Delhi, with 450 employees, this company is oneof the trusted blockchain development companies in the region. Operating at aglobal scale, the company have managed to service close to 5000 clients in 35+countries across the world.PixelCrayons specializes in blockchain development, decentralizedapplications, Ethereum, Solidity etc. They also provide consulting services inICO implementation, digital wallets, crypto exchange platforms, blockchainconsulting. Some of their clients include VW, Puma, eBay, HP, Vodafone,WinZip.Upon checking the company’s contact info, we were impressed by theavailability of phone service in 4 countries which include: * USA +1 646-415-8677 * India +91 888-210-8080 * UK +44 1923-606-162 * AUS +61 2-8015-5687One of the top blockchain development companies in India with over 200employees. Prolitus’ motto states: “We do what is right, not what is easy.”The company’s expert team close focus is on financial operations, seems to be.The main service, surely, is all related to to blockchain development sector,which includes blockchain app development, smart contracts and POC, blockchainconsultation, smart contracts for ICO, marketing services for ICO, wallets.Portfolio. Regarded as one of the trusted blockchain companies from India,Prolitus presents a great list of their past work samples. Each sample isclearly explained on how it was developed giving you, as a potential client, aclear understanding of how they work.The company focuses on developing blockchain apps for efficient businessprocesses. It was established in 2015 and have since grown to be a force to bereckoned in the tech industry. Team members assist in identifying Dapps aswell as smart contracts that match your business requirements. That’s thestart typically. Their key services cover: * cryptocurrency development * token sale * smart contracts * private blockchain * distributed ledger * legal contractsPortfolio. Working with platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Stellar,Tron, EOS, R3 Corda, Minddeft finished a dozen on projects. One of them isBlockchain MVP – a blockchain project for a real estate startup.They focus on developing end-to-end blockchain solutions that enablebusinesses to improve the user experience. What Techracers does is it presentspre-designed blockchain-based frameworks which are also adoptable. They arekeen on delivering innovative blockchain solutions, in particular: * Development of enterprise blockchain * Smart contract development and audit * ICO launch services * Development of cryptocurrency * Development of cryptocurrency wallets * Private blockchain developmentPortfolio. Oddex Beta (app on React.JS) and Acebusters (dApp for Ethereum) inthe past. A New Frontier in energy sector and Asset Tracking Ecosystem insupply chain. Find out more in Case Studies section.Update, Sep. 2019: The project has been since bought off and discontinued.This Indian blockchain company delivers creative blockchain solutions on aglobal scale. Sphinx Solutions offers a wide range of services – from softwaredevelopment (mobile apps, e-commerce, UX/design) to digital marketingservices, chatbox development, and, of course, blockchain.Portfolio. Sphinx Solutions has got an impressive presentation of its worksand these case studies are available for download from the website. Some oftheir proud projects include Vivino, Wizzle, Dahmakan, Chocoholics, Seekmi.

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