How to combine logo fonts

Choosing the Right Fonts for Logos Should be Based Around Your Brand

IdentityIt takes a lot of skill and dedication to create a logo that’s exactly rightfor a brand.Designers have to leave no stone unturned to make sure that they create a logothat matches a brand’s image and identity. They also need to make it eye-catching, so it gets customers’ attention and stands out from the crowd.

Research Your Fonts and Hold a Focus Group

Your logo must resonate with your audience, and possibly explain a little bitabout what it is you do. If you are in the music business, perhaps design yourlogo in such a way that would resonate with musicians or people who enjoymusic. Perhaps you could have your logo embellished with some music symbols,notes, or instruments. Before you have the main foundation of your logoconstructed, you should already be considering what kind of font you wouldlike to use on your logo. It can be a good idea to shortlist a number of fontsthat your like, and then you can try them throughout the design process.The font your choose can alter how your brand is perceived. Before settling ona font, it could be a good idea to run it by a number of people, or perhapseven run a focus group. Focus groups are a great way to research particularaspects of your business and how they relate to your target audience. Holdinga focus group around which font they like better could be very helpful inchoosing the best font.To learn more about the importance of fonts, check out our ‘Creative Ideas toIncrease Sales‘ e-book.Best Logo Fonts: Examples and How to ChooseNowadays, people are trying to automate all the possible services andactivities. You can build websites, even if you know nothing about coding. Youcan make videos and animations without any professional skills. If you need alogo, why hire a designer when you can do it yourself?When it comes to logo makers, things can get a little bit complicated,especially for beginners. There are so many things to consider while designinga logo: logo font, icons, tagline, colors, logo type, etc. And of course, oneof the key components is typography.As an average user, how do you choose what font to use? You scroll the list ofthe available fonts, try the ones that look good and then keep the one thatyou like the most. For your logo, the same principle will definitely not work.In this article, you will get acquainted with the fundamentals of font styles,how to choose the right font for your logo, and will find the best logo fontswith real examples. * The Fundamentals of Typography * How to Choose the Right Logo font * Classic Logo Fonts * Creative Logo Fonts

How to Choose the Right Logo Font

Choosing the right logo font is especially hard for beginners. To help you doit more skillfully, we’ve prepared some tips from the professionals.So, here are the things you need to consider while choosing a font: * Use simple fonts which are legible and clear in different sizes * Avoid using trendy fonts, because sooner or later they will be irrelevant * Create a custom logo font or use a unique and original one that reflects your brand identity * Take into consideration your company type and your target audience * Check out the fonts used by your competitors * Use free commercially licensed fonts to avoid getting sued by the copyright owner.How many fonts should you use in a logo? Try to keep the number of fonts to aminimum, 1-3 fonts per logo. This will make your logo design look moreprofessional and clear.Now as you know what to look for while picking a font, we’ll present somecharacteristics of the main typeface categories. Depending on your brandpersonality and attributes, you can choose fonts from a certain category.Here are the 4 major font categories:

Source: Google Fonts

These were the main characteristics of the major font categories. This isclear enough for beginners to understand what types of fonts are typical totheir brands.You may have already noticed that Serif and Sans-serif fonts are more suitablefor logos than Script and Decorative fonts when used with icons. So, use thesetips and characteristics to find the perfect font for your logo.

Classic Logo Fonts

Classic fonts are commonly used in logos. Why are they considered classic?Because they never get old and are always trendy. Even non-professionals caneasily recognize these fonts because they are widely used. Let’s go throughsome of them.

Creative Logo Fonts

Fonts can make or break your logo design. Based on your brand personality, youcan choose more creative or bold logo fonts. If you want something fresh andcreative, you can try the following fonts which are also available in our logomaker. * Racing Sans One * Ribeye * Pacifico * Gruppo * Life Savers * Oxygen * Montserrat Alternates * Nova Square * VT323Have you found the perfect font for your logo? If you need more fonts, checkout Google Fonts where you can find a wide variety of creative logo fonts.


In this article, we’ve covered the fundamentals of typography and the bestlogo fonts with examples. If you’ve read them, then you have some basicunderstanding of what the fonts or typefaces are. Choose the logo font wiselyand consider the provided tips while trying the fonts. Classic fonts or morecreative and modern fonts? It’s up to you to choose. But, think about yourbrand identity and the message you want to convey.Good luck with your logo design. Before trying to manually find fonts, try outour logo maker which provides many different font styles and more than 20.000unique artworks.Try Now61 Best Logo Fonts and How to Pick the Right OneLogo fonts can make or break your logo design. Choosing the right typographycan help to tell your brand story and amplify the impact of your logo wheneverand wherever people see it. But the wrong font could spell trouble. There arethousands of fonts out there, and that’s exactly why we’ve we’ve put togetherthis list the most notable, game-changing logo fonts of all time.Many of these fonts are dazzling as is, but don’t forget that they are also agreat way to get inspired about your logo design. They can be altered andmodified in a multitude of ways to give your brand a unique feel. Picking theright font for your logo is important, so be sure to spend some time selectingthe perfect one for your brand.

There are several types of fonts or font families to choose from, and each one

tells a different brand story. Pick a font style and type that works with thestyle of logo you’re envisioning. Looking for a logo with a modern and minimalstyle? Then a sans serif font will be best for your logo. Want your logo to bemore traditional and classic? Go with a serif font.Serif logo fonts have decorative “feet” at the ends of each letterform andevoke a polished, classic feeling.Slab serif logo fonts are bolder, louder serifs with large letterformsdesigned to be seen from a long distance.Script logo fonts are both formal and casual typefaces that have the loops andflourishes of script handwriting.Sans-serif logo fonts lack the “feet” at the ends of each letterform and areconsidered more modern than their serif counterparts.

How many fonts should you use in a logo?

You should use no more than 2 or 3 different logo fonts in your logo design.Any more than that and your logo design will look too busy and inconsistent.The number of fonts also depends on the amount of text you’re incorporating inyour logo. Choose one font for your main brand name and another font foradditional supporting text, such as your tagline or brand description.

How to combine logo fonts?

A great design that combines several different fonts in one logo. Logo designby Aga Ochoco.When combining different logo fonts in one logo design you want to make surethe fonts complement each other.Pick one main font for your brand name that represents your brand’s style thebest. It should be the most eye-catching out of the fonts you selected. Anyadditional fonts need to be more subtle. * It’s a good idea to combine a statement font with a more subdued sans-serif font. * Another option is to combine different versions of the same font: try combining the font of your choice in italics, bold or all caps. * Avoid combining different statement fonts, such as serifs with slab serifs or a script font with another script font.Learn more about selecting a font for your brand here.

57. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque stands apart from other sans-serifs with its low x-height, acharacteristic that gives the typeface a certain compactness and warmth. Someof you may recognize it from the Comedy Central branding.Consider this font if your logo will be used regularly on stylish packaging ormodern label designs.

A logo design contest can get you dozens of ideas from professional

designers around the world.This article was originally written and published in 2016. It’s been updatedwith new information and examples.

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