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Investing gets social: Stockr

Stockr wants to become the nexus for investors, traders, and public companiesto share financial information online. In short, it’s a social network forpeople interested in the stock market. Founded by Vinny Jindal, Tim Symington,Brendon Crawford, and Bryce Knight, the financial-social network launched inSeptember into an open beta, said Jindal.By incorporating a Facebook-inspired social infrastructure into his investornetwork, Stockr can help members discover other companies and users who mightmatch their interests, said Jindal. Additionally, he believes he can generatesufficient revenue through targeted advertising campaigns that serve membersads “based on who they are as investors, not consumers.”Jindal, Stockr’s chief executive, aspires to dethrone Bloomberg’s Terminal andYahoo Finance to become the primary source for financial information online.He is critical of both platforms, arguing that Terminal’s high cost ($1,500per month per user) disenfranchises the average investor, and that Yahoo’sreliance on sponsored content compromises the accuracy of the informationexchanged.Jindal has launched a startup in a growing field, facing competition fromfinancial-social network startups like SumZero (cofounded by the Winkelvosstwins, who famously battled Mark Zuckerberg over the ownership of Facebook),StockTwits, and Kapitall. But Jindal believes that Stockr will prevail overthe competition because his network “can leverage existing Internet revenuemodels, like subscription platforms, so members can access the expertise ofpremium Stockr users.” In other words, at some point premium Stockr memberswill be able to set their own subscription fees for other users to accesstheir content.Stockr has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Personal Capital (aninvestment firm helmed by former PayPal chief executive Bill Harris), CBSinvestor relations honcho Adam Townsend, and Atlantic Media Group President M.Scott Havens, said Jindal.Also, on November 29th, Jindal will host the first Los Angeles FinTech Meetup.Former Wall Street Journal Los Angeles Bureau Chief Rob Guth is scheduled tointerview former PayPal Chief Executive Bill Harris at the event.Above: FastPay CEO Jed Simon

Dodging digital debt: FastPay

Independent web publishers have a cash-flow problem, maintains FastPay ChiefExecutive Jed Simon. It can take the big brands and media agencies up to sixmonths to pay their publishers (the websites who host the advertisements thesebrands and agencies buy), he said. For smaller publishers, this payment delayis a problem because they often have to pay the creative teams tasked withprogramming and delivering the ads much sooner than that (30 days in somecases).With the recent advent of FastPay, a loan company catering to the digitalecosystem, smaller digital players can function more effectively with improvedliquidity. Launched in 2010, FastPay grants credit lines (ranging from $100thousand to $10 million) to lower- and-middle market digital publishers, whichaccelerate payments and allow firms to do more business.Simon said the average FastPay loan is $500,000 and that in some cases, hiscompany is fulfilling the role played by venture capital firms. Two of thesecases include Giant Media and Moguldom Media. Both chose FastPay overtraditional venture funding because, unlike venture capital firms, FastPaydemands no equity stake in the companies they bankroll, said Simon.Simon said his company charges an annualized fee ranging from 12 percent to 24percent, which seems high, but is mitigated by the fact that his credit linesare supported by his clients’ account receivables. In other words, the highinterest rates are offset by the certainty that brands will pay his clientswithin a reasonable timeframe.Simon also said he doesn’t like to do deals under $1 million or $2 million andthat for every deal he does, he turns two down. FastPay has provided roughly100 digital media clients with $100 million in financing and employs twentypeople full-time, he said.FastPay has received $27 million in funding from Hudson Pacific ChiefExecutive Victor Coleman, JMG Capital Management founder Jonathan Glaser,private equity firm SF Capital Group, and the Dallas branch of Wells FargoCapital, the latter of which boasts a $6 billion credit line, according toSimon.Above: ZestFinance CEO Douglas Merrill.

Creditcard Genius

Founded just recently in 2017, Creditcard Genius instantly analyzes 126different features of over 200 credit cards to instantly present you with thebest option for you. You can input your preferred benefits when it comes tothings like the style of rewards you earn, fees, interest rates, and more.Creditcard Genius makes it as simple as plugging in a few of your preferencesand they’ll spit out the best credit card option for you. They also leveragetheir community to help gather third-party feedback and have a total of 1,300consumer reviews and 40,000 newsletter subscribers.


If you are on the hunt for a mortgage, Intellimortgage is one of the besttools to check out. They let you compare mortgage rates instantly betweenlenders, select the lowest rate, and apply. They also claim that you can save$1,000’s by trusting them to secure the lowest mortgage rate for you. Inparticular, they claim that you’ll save over $2,000 in broker fees and justunder $5,000 in bank rates (on average). In total, Intellimortgage has helpedits clients close over $1 billion worth of mortgages.

Fintech Startups London

In this list we cover the financial technology brands and scale ups you shouldbe watching out for in 2021* * *


The mortgage space and InsureTech and Lending in general is one that hastraditionally found itself highly resistant to digital transformation.fintech companies londonWell that as we know is all changing and online broker Trussle is a highprofile entry to our fintech startups London list as its mortgage comparisonplatform seems to be breaking out.Trussle – Fintech UK rising starTrussle doees this by scanning different lenders to find customers the bestmortgages available and then continuously monitors the market post-sale tohelp its clients identify and switch to better deals later.How frigging cool is that!* * *


SumUp is mobile payments company that provides card readers to smallerbusinesses for them to use without a contract.They take a 1.69% cut of payments made using the terminal but provide an easyand cost-effective way for businesses to make transactions.The company recently bought Shoplo, a Poland-based multichannel eCommerceplatform that allows small businesses to start selling online.As part of SumUp’s expansion strategy, they also acquired Danish companyDebitoor, an invoicing-software platform originally established forfreelancers and SMEs.In 2019 SumUp, announced that it has raised a from Bain Capital Credit,Goldman Sachs Private Capital, HPS Investment Partners, and TPG Sixth StreetPartners.SumUp plans to use this capital to accelerate its growth and acquire newmerchants in its current and new markets across the globe.The funds will be used to continue expanding SumUp’s product suite, bothorganically and through more acquisitions such as the acquisition of Debitoor,for accounting and Shoplo for ecommerce.Sumup – Best Fintech Startups London* * *

WealthTech Startups

* * *With the UK capital being a leading world hub for finance and the defacto homebase for some of the largest wealth management and hedge funds combined withthe booming fintech sector it’s no surprise that the city is punching aboveit’s weight in wealth technology as well as the larger fintech category solet’s look and some of the movers and shakers in this category* * *

fintech startups london

Unlike a traditional broker, our technology analyses every mortgage on themarket from over 70 lenders to find the best one for you in seconds. Once wefind you the right mortgage, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You’llhave a dedicated mortgage expert who will keep you updated with the progressof your application from start to finish, and will always be on the end of thephone or live chat to answer your questions.* * *


Fortu are new to our fintech startups london guide as they are a borderless,private, personal finance solution for high-net-worth individuals andbusinesses requiring secure, reliable and international financial reach.* * *

What does the term and expression Fintech mean?

The expression refers to both Financial technology and the general categorycomposed of companies that create innovative technology to make financialservices more efficient

What is the definition of a Fintech Company or Startup?

A Fintech Company is typically a new startup that is developing or utilisingnew technology to make the world of banking and financial transactions moreefficient.

Is the Financial Technology Category and FIntech Startups London in

General A Growing Market?The global fintech market was valued at about $127.66 billion in 2018, and isexpected to grow to $309.98 billion at an annual growth rate of 24.8% through2022. – PRNewsWire

Is Working For A FinTech A Good Career Choice?

100% Working for a financial technology company is probably one of the bestand most exciting careers choices you can make as it combines three of thehottest categories i.e. Startup, Technology, Finance which all can lead tointernational careers“NED stands” for non-executive director and it means you advise the company …The UK startup world is booming right now and with areas like …Even before corona shared working spaces were booming and after…well our money…Hot Fintech Companies London – Credit KudosHot Fintech Companies London – Credit KudosThe UK capital is one of the largest financial hubs in the …Best Fintech Startups London – HasteeUPDATE:You can checkout our full andupdated …Best Fintech Startups London – Thought MachineUPDATE:You can checkout our fulland …Europe has become a world leader in financial technology driven by strong …Scandinavia has punched above it’s population level in terms of tech scale-ups…France is one of the main receivers of venture capital in fintech …Berlin is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and one of the …

Fintech Executive Search Firms London

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