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22 Top Staffing & Recruiting Agencies In Los Angeles 2021

Looking for a new job in Los Angeles? New hire? Maybe you’re interested inchanging careers but don’t know where to start. Navigating the local techscene can be daunting and finding the right opportunity is often timely andexpensive. To help, we’ve broken down the top 22 recruiting firms and staffingagencies in Los Angeles for technology, sales, marketing, creative, executivesearch, finance and general staffing.

Tech Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

built inRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Hmm, this company sounds familiar… Built In LA is a hyper-localonline community of tech professionals in Los Angeles. We produce content andevents to connect local startups and tech companies with the extraordinarypeople that build them.Fast Fact: Our community consists of more than 88,000 local tech candidates,including software engineers, marketers and sales professionals.Learn how Built In LA helps hundreds of local startups and tech companies hireelite tech talent Hire With Built InSignify TechnologyRecruiting specialty: Software engineeringLocation: Los Angeles, CAWhat they do: Signify Technology maintains a constantly growing network ofcapable software engineering talent, helping passionate engineers landfulfilling roles within exciting companies. The organization is dedicated tohelping its talent develop new skills and discover meaningful networkingopportunities in order to grow as part of a community, while simultaneouslyhelping companies fill their roles and grow their teams.Fast Fact: Signify Technology has organized three Virtual Charity Conferencesand raised more than £17,500 for charity in 2021 alone while also conductingfive Scala Training Workshops.cadre talentRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Santa MonicaWhat They Do: Don’t let the cheeky baby photos of team members fool you, therecruiting experts at Cadre Talent have an average time-to-hire time of 14days and work with big-name clients, including AirBnb, SurveyMonkey, Glassdoorand TripAdvisor.Fast Fact: Their top dog recruiter — Stella, the office pup.mondoRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Fueled by Benny’s Tacos and Kreation Juice, Mondo has the energyand expertise to place specialized tech talent within five to ten days, onaverage. That’s less than half the national average (24.4 days).Fast Fact: Since its founding in 2000, Mondo has received more than 120awards.cybercodersRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: IrvineWhat They Do: The brainiacs at CyberCoders combined their skills inrecruitment and software to develop a proprietary technology called Cyrus. Thecloud-based recruiting platform filters through 40 million candidates,processing resumes, social media profiles and more to develop a holisticcandidate profile.Fast Fact: They’ve built a salary guide based on location and hiring demandsto help candidates compare job opportunities and negotiate offers.prosumRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Silicon BeachWhat They Do: Prosum understand the ins and outs of technology services,offering not only tech staffing but a variety of managed IT services andproject consulting with a 24/7 support network.Fast Fact: Prosum has five locations in LA, Orange County, Phoenix, Denver andDallas.technical connectionsRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Technical Connections was founded in 1984 by Helen MacKinnon,who received her master’s in Computer Science and Business Administration fromUSC. MacKinnon has built a team of highly skilled and personable professionalrecruiters, all of whom have a strong motivation to see the company succeedthanks to its employee stock ownership program.Fast Fact: Every year, the company sponsors local families during the holidayseason and donates food and livestock to people in impoverished nations.putnam recruiting groupRecruiting Specialty: TechnologyLocation: Silicon BeachWhat They Do: Founded in 2009, Putnam Recruiting Group has served 177companies. Key to their success? The referral program incentives communitymembers to refer credible people with satisfaction guarantee for clients.Fast Fact: The 2587 cups of coffee consumed likely aided in their success.

Sales Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

turningpointRecruiting Specialty: SalesLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Ken Schmitt’s recruiting career started with a newspaper ad(remember those?) in 1998. He founded TurningPoint nine years later, and hassince grown the company into one of Southern California’s top sales recruitingfirms.Fast Fact: TurningPoint donates 3% of their annual revenue to JuniorAchievement, an organization that provides local youth with skills infinancial responsibility, work readiness and entrepreneurship.aca talentRecruiting Specialty: SalesLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: The multi-lingual team at ACA Talent Los Angeles speaks Spanish,French and all things sales. They offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing thatstarts with a consultation and follows candidates through the hiring processto on-boarding and compliance.Fast Fact: Made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies inAmerica.kas placementRecruiting Specialty: SalesLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: KAS Placement has been a go-to sales and marketing recruitmentfirm in Los Angeles for 11 years. KAS recruiters maintain a 93% satisfactionrate in more than 100 different industries, from fashion to finance.Fast Fact: The company has been featured in Huffington Post, Wall StreetJournal, Monster.com and Fox Business News.Marketing Recruiting & Staffing AgenciesmarketproRecruiting Specialty: MarketingLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: The name says it all, MarketPro is a team of recruitingprofessionals with backgrounds in marketing, digital, creative and ecommerce.Their expertise helps corporate clients find talented marketers in half theaverage industry time.Fast Fact: MarketPro is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise NationalCouncil.aquentRecruiting Specialty: MarketingLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Aquent was started in the 80s by three college friends andquickly become one of the largest global recruiting agencies. Their supportextends beyond recruiting, providing career advancement and trainingopportunities for all of their talent to grow and succeed.Fast Fact: Gymnasium is their free online school for candidates to buildindustry specific skills.

Creative Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

vitamin tRecruiting Specialty: CreativeLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: The team at Vitamin T understands that creative candidates aremore than just their portfolio; their team vets every applicant with one-on-one interviews and technical assessments.Fast Fact: They offer a 110% money back guarantee for hires that weren’t quiteright…80twentyRecruiting Specialty: CreativeLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: 80Twenty has established itself as a leader in the creativerecruitment space, working with the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Airbnb andTesla. A 96% client retention ratio is a good indication the company knowswhat it’s doing.Fast Fact: They’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible with five starreviews on Google, Glassdoor and Facebook.

Executive Search Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

bristol associatesRecruiting Specialty: Executive SearchLocation: Los AngelesWhat They Do: Jim and Sandie Bright started Bristol Associates more than 50years ago and the company has remained family owned for three generations.Today, under the leadership of Ben Farber, Bristol is one of the Los Angelesarea’s oldest executive search firms.Fast Fact: Bristol Associates has carved out a unique area of expertise amongthe casino gaming industry.

Los Angeles Headhunters for Tech and IT. Executive Search Firms in Los

Angeles CA. IT Headhunters in Los Angeles and Executive Recruiting Companies /Information Technology Staffing Agencies in the Los Angeles area.Los Angeles headhunters for tech and IT, and executive search firms in LosAngeles CA that provide expert executive recruiting agency services for techand information technology staffing. Los Angeles CA executive search firms andexpert IT headhunters in Los Angeles that can help fill tech and IT positionswith candidates that are tough to find on your own. Information technology /IT headhunters for companies of all sizes and locations. When you work withour technical headhunters in Los Angeles, our executive recruiters are readyto find qualified candidates quickly. Our team of skilled top executiverecruiters in Los Angeles will fill your open IT executive recruitment andstaffing needs. Expert tech headhunters for information technology jobs inmajor cities.Executive search firms in Los Angeles with tech and IT headhunters in the LosAngeles area. We are a staff of experienced IT recruiters serving ITemployment needs nationwide. Los Angeles IT headhunters and Los Angelesrecruiting firms to help with all of your IT staffing needs with informationtechnology job market experts.If you are looking for the best tech headhunters to help fill open ITpositions in Los Angeles or looking for executive recruiters near Los Angeles,Next Step Systems aspires to be your go to resource. IT headhunters in the LosAngeles area finding IT and technical professionals on a contingency basisnationwide. Los Angeles executive recruiters providing organized and top-levelIT recruiting services nationwide.Our executive IT staffing agencies in Los Angeles working with severalindustries: healthcare, manufacturing, trading, financial services, etc. OurLos Angeles executive search firms work with companies of all sizes andsectors. Tech headhunters for any industry that has an IT department.Our executive search firms’ IT recruiters and IT headhunters understand theinformation technology marketplace in the Los Angeles area. Our group ofstaffing solutions experts for IT recruit for all technical levels and allinformation technology specialties.Our executive search firm in Los Angeles is an extension of your staff. NextStep Systems is a Los Angeles executive search firm that will partner with youon a tailored and committed approach. Our technical recruiting companies andtechnology headhunters find the best talent for any organization. Headhuntersfor tech and IT / information technology professionals.

About Our Los Angeles Headhunters for Information Technology and Executive

Search Firms in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Executive Headhunters for TechnicalStaffing and IT Recruiting.Our executive search firms in Los Angeles for technical staffing hasspecialized Los Angeles executive recruiters for information technologyprofessionals. Los Angeles executive headhunters for technical staffing and ITrecruiting needs. Our technical staffing executive search firms in Los AngelesCalifornia can help in filling information technology positions withcandidates that are tough to find on your own. Information technology / ITheadhunters for companies of all sizes and locations.Our information technology recruitment agency finds top talent to fillimportant positions throughout the Los Angeles area. Our specialized executivesearch firm team shares our well-established local partnerships and modernrecruitment strategies in Los Angeles. We are executive search firm recruitersin Los Angeles for technical and information technology professionals.Los Angeles executive search firms servicing several industries: insurance,trading, banking, healthcare, hospitality, computer services, consulting, etc.Interested in finding the best executive recruiters and headhunters for allindustries? Please contact us! Los Angeles executive recruiters and techheadhunters.Next Step Systems is a group of Los Angeles executive recruiting agencies withexecutive level staffing experience in the information technology / ITindustry. Our executive recruitment team offers executive and technicalrecruiting expertise with our Los Angeles executive search firms.We provide executive recruiting for technical and IT positions throughout LosAngeles including Beverly Hills, CA; Burbank, CA; Calabasas, CA; Carson, CA;Compton, CA; Culver City, CA; Downey, CA; Glendale, CA; Inglewood, CA; LaMirada, CA; Long Beach, CA; Malibu, CA; Montebello, CA; Monterey Park, CA;Norwalk, CA; Palmdale, CA; Pasadena, CA; Pomona, CA; Santa Clara, CA; SantaMonica, CA; Torrance, CA; West Hollywood, CA; Whittier, CA.When you have hard-to-fill IT executive-level positions, contact our LosAngeles IT headhunters and executive staffing agency. We are a group of techheadhunters in Los Angeles CA ready to help fill your companies most difficultIT staffing and technical employment opportunities at all levels.

IT Headhunters and Executive Search Firms in Los Angeles and major cities.

Cities we are active in for recruiting Information Technology Professionals.IT headhunters and executive search firms in Los Angeles that do recruitingfor information technology / IT professionals in major cities. Next StepSystems is one of the top IT staffing agencies providing IT executiverecruiting firm solutions in the Los Angeles area and throughout the UnitedStates. Our IT executive search firm in the Los Angeles area providestechnical staffing resources for recruiting information technologyprofessionals. Our leading IT staffing agencies recruit for great jobsrequiring C++, Java, C

Los Angeles IT Recruiters for Technical Staffing, Los Angeles IT Recruiting

Firms and Los Angeles Information Technology RecruitersNext Step Systems’ Los Angeles IT Recruiters understand the informationtechnology marketplace in the Los Angeles area. Our Los Angeles IT recruitersunderstand the information technology marketplace in the Los Angeles area fortechnical staffing. Our Los Angeles IT recruiting firms will help findqualified information technology experts for all levels of technical staffing.We recruit across all technical levels and all information technologyspecialties. IT recruiters in Los Angeles and technical staffing firmproviding technical recruiting services in major cities in the U.S.Our IT staffing agencies in Los Angeles will help find information technologycandidates for you quickly. Our IT recruiters in Los Angeles and technicalrecruiting companies can help in filling information technology positions thatare hard to fill on your own. For Los Angeles staffing needs, contact us! OurIT recruiting firms have the experience with recruiting for IT people in theLos Angeles area. Los Angeles IT recruiting agency and staffing company withexperienced IT recruiters that are ready to respond to all of your technicalstaffing needs.Our Los Angeles information technology recruiters will put their IT recruitingresources together for your technical staffing needs quickly.In Los Angeles, our technical recruiters strive to find junior level, mid-level and senior management to fill your roles within all sectors ofinformation technology. Everything our technical recruiters do in Los Angelesis help our employer clients find transcendental talent and our candidatesunderstand their career ambitions.

About our Los Angeles IT Staffing Agencies, Los Angeles IT Recruiting

Agencies and IT Staffing Companies in Los AngelesNext Step Systems has a long history of being among the finest Los Angeles ITstaffing agencies. Our Los Angeles IT recruiting companies are one of theleading tech staffing companies in Los Angeles and beyond. We are a group ofIT staffing agencies in Los Angeles with tech recruiters for the Los Angelesarea.Our Los Angeles IT recruiting firm and technical staffing agency in LosAngeles will help fill critical IT openings for companies. We are aspecialized group of information technology recruiting firms in Los Angeleswith top IT recruiters. Our group of IT recruiting agencies in the Los Angelesarea has experienced technical recruiters and IT headhunters. Executive searchfirms for recruiting IT people in the Los Angeles area and IT professionalsnationwide. Our Los Angeles IT recruiting firms and staffing agencies areprepared to find qualified IT job seekers for your employment needs quickly.Next Step Systems is an IT staffing and IT recruiting agency in Los Angeles.We are a technical recruiting and IT staffing firm in Los Angeles that workson a contingency basis to find qualified IT professionals. Looking for atechnical recruiter in Los Angeles ready to find IT candidates to fill your ITopenings and staffing requirements? Contact us today.Our IT recruiting agencies in Los Angeles and IT staffing companies in LosAngeles work with several industries: healthcare, manufacturing, trading,financial services, insurance, banking, hospitality, computer services,consulting, etc. Los Angeles IT recruiters for all industries andtechnologies.We provide IT recruitment throughout Los Angeles including Beverly Hills, CA;Burbank, CA; Calabasas, CA; Carson, CA; Compton, CA; Culver City, CA; Downey,CA; Glendale, CA; Inglewood, CA; La Mirada, CA; Long Beach, CA; Malibu, CA;Montebello, CA; Monterey Park, CA; Norwalk, CA; Palmdale, CA; Pasadena, CA;Pomona, CA; Santa Clara, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Torrance, CA; West Hollywood,CA; Whittier, CA.

Los Angeles Executive Recruiting Firms – Technical Executive Search Firms

in Los Angeles – Tech Executive Recruiters Los Angeles – Los Angeles ExecutiveRecruiters – Los Angeles Technology HeadhuntersOur technical executive search firms in Los Angeles provides expert executiverecruiting firm services for tech and IT staffing. Los Angeles executiverecruiters and Los Angeles technology headhunters can help fill tech and ITpositions with candidates that are tough to find on your own. When you workwith our technical headhunters in Los Angeles, our executive IT recruiters areready to find qualified candidates to fill your open IT executive recruitmentand staffing needs. We are tech recruiters in the Los Angeles area with astaff of experienced IT recruiters serving IT employment needs nationwide.Los Angeles IT recruiting firms for employers looking to hire IT people andjob seekers ready to make a career move. Executive search firms and executiverecruiting agencies for IT professionals in Los Angeles and other majorcities. Top IT headhunters and expert IT recruiters in Los Angeles.If you are looking for technical executive recruiters to help fill open ITpositions in Los Angeles or looking for executive recruiters near Los Angeles,Next Step Systems aspires to be your go to resource. Information technologyheadhunters in the Los Angeles area finding IT and technical professionals ona contingency basis nationwide.

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