Meet High Tech Companies at HiTech Vegas

Meet High Tech Companies at HiTech Vegas

Looking for a place to mix and mingle with high tech companies in Las Vegas?HiTech Vegas might be the perfect place for you!“HiTech Vegas is the meetup place for all the “Tech Entities” and high techcompanies in Vegas,” says event organizer Lori Nguyen. “You can network withother tech professionals all in one forum. Monthly tech mixers, Vegas style.Established tech companies meet new startups all in one place.“Lori Nguyen says she has been in high tech since the 1990s and moved to vegasin 1999. “I have always felt we needed a tech community in Vegas,” she said.“It started at a coffee shop, in a deep discussion as to how badly a thrivingtech community is needed in Las Vegas. Myself and two partners decided to justdo it. There are over 2,000 tech companies here in Las Vegas, but severalcompanies are unaware of the tech companies in their own community. Localtechnology companies should connect with each other, conduct commerce orpartner-up. At a minimum seasoned tech professionals should network andcommunicate with other people in their respective professions.“She believes startups need to network with established technology companies,so they can partner or conduct commerce with established brands. From gettingnew customers, partners, affiliates, or other relationships, Lori Nguyenbelieves Vegas Tech startups can benefit from meeting high tech companies atHiTech Vegas events.“Startups can meet several Las Vegas top technology companies in one forum –HiTech Vegas,” she says. “Established companies can learn about newtechnologies, new products, partner, conduct commerce, support their communityand educate.”In her eyes, entrepreneurs face 3 main challenges — funding, R&D expense, anda well-executed business/operations plan.“HiTech Vegas attendees include investors, R&D resources/engineers, otherstaffing resources and established tech companies that have achieved successand profits,” Lori Nguyen explains. “Our members are “partnering up” with eachother reselling products enabling each other’s solutions or outsourcingresources.”The future is bright for HiTech Vegas!“We hope to launch a tech seminar series sponsored by a major tech company and1 annual Tech Expo,” she said. “The community can help support HiTech Vegas byattending our monthly mixers, becoming members or sponsoring us. We aren’tjust hosting parties for free – we need your help & support!”The next HiTech Vegas mixer is Thursday March 27, 2014 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pmat Blue Martini at Towne Square. Register to attend here!Largest Companies In Las Vegas 2021Amidst Las Vegas’ celebrity-studded entertainment venues and luxury resortsexists a strong sense of entrepreneurialism. While Vegas may still be chieflydefined as one of the world’s largest entertainment capitals, the city isbecoming a tech hub in its own right. Vegas boasts a broad community of bothestablished tech companies and promising startups, focusing on sectors such asfintech, e-commerce and logistics. As the home of retail giant Zappos, thecity has long played a part in the cultivation of industry giants, making itan unsurprising hotbed of business activity.While Vegas is relatively new to the nation’s tech scene, the city has longplayed an integral role in the transformation of major industries. Whetherthey’re leading the hospitality industry or shaping the software space, Vegas’industry heavyweights have made the city a true leader in the business realm.We’ve rounded up 15 of the largest companies headquartered in Las Vegas togive you a glimpse of the city’s entrepreneurial strength.

Largest Companies in Vegas to Know

1. Zappos 2. Allegiant 3. MGM Resorts International 4. Rimini Street 5. Switch 6. Textbroker 7. Encore Event Technologies 8. Scientific GamesZappos


Founded: 1999Number of employees: 1,500+What they do: Once a small online shoe retailer, Zappos is now an e-commercegiant that offers a broad range of apparel and footwear. The company carriesover 1,000 brands including Nike, L.L.Bean, Mountain Hardwear and Dr. Martens.Zappos also offers an app that provides order updates, personalized contentand free expedited shipping.MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International

Founded: 2000Number of employees: 20,700+What they do: MGM Resorts International operates a global network of resorts,conference spaces and casinos. With more than 100 entertainment offerings, thecompany has created an app that allows users to book reservations, browseshows, find recommendations and take advantage of mobile check-ins. MGM’sresort brands include Bellagio, ARIA and MGM Grand.Scientific Games

Scientific Games

Founded: 1973Number of employees: 9,500+What they do: Scientific Games develops gaming and lottery experiences forcompanies worldwide. The company builds sports betting technology in additionto interactive and instant lottery games, which are used in over 50 countries.Scientific Games currently operates manufacturing, printing and commercialfacilities on six continents.Allegiant


Founded: 1997Number of employees: 2,300+What they do: Allegiant’s airline services connect both large and small citiesacross the country. The company is known for providing low fares on a stand-alone basis in addition to offering bundled packages that include hotels, carrentals and entertainment tickets. Currently, Allegiant operates about 350routes nationwide.Encore Event Technologies

Encore Event Technologies

Founded: 1988Number of employees: 1,400+What they do: Encore Event Technologies specializes in developing high-impactmeetings and live events for the hospitality industry. Their capabilitiesinclude event production and design, branding, content, venue integration,digital engagement and managed network services. Encore Event Technologiessupports events of various sizes and scales.Rimini Street

Rimini Street

Founded: 2005Number of employees: 1,400+What they do: Rimini Street provides a wide range of third-party enterprisesoftware support primarily for Oracle and SAP products. Their specialtiesinclude application management, global security, monitoring and health checks,database management, and software support. Rimini Street serves clients from avariety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education andretail.Switch


Founded: 2001Number of employees: 1,000+What they do: JT4 offers engineering and technical support to U.S. Air Forceand Navy test ranges. The company develops and tests war-fighting equipment,maintains integrated test and training range environments and trains war-fighter pilots to use equipment and tactics. JT4 is driven by the aim tomaximize warfighter support.Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment

Founded: 1937Number of employees: 13,600+What they do: Caesars Entertainment is a casino entertainment provider thatoperates a portfolio of brands worldwide. The company’s gaming brands includeCaesars Palace, Harrah’s, Eldorado and Silver Legacy. Caesar Entertainmentsboasts a broad range of offerings such as restaurants, meeting and conventionfacilities, hotel accommodations, and shopping centers.Boyd Gaming

Boyd Gaming

Founded: 1975Number of employees: 4,300+What they do: Boyd Gaming is a casino entertainment company that boasts anational network of properties. The company oversees a wide range of hotels,casinos, restaurants and showrooms. Boyd Gaming currently operates 29properties across 10 states including Nevada, Illinois and Louisiana.NV Energy

NV Energy

Founded: 1906Number of employees: 1,600+What they do: NV Energy provides a wide range of energy services and productsto residents across Nevada. The company’s service area covers about 46,000square miles, encompassing the communities of Las Vegas, Reno-Sparks,Henderson and Elko. NV Energy currently serves approximately 1.3 millioncustomers.GoWireless

Wynn Resorts

Founded: 2002Number of employees: 4,900+What they do: Wynn Resorts is an independent hospitality company that operatesseveral luxury resorts around the world. The company’s hotel brands, such asWynn Las Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor, boast casino spaces, diningexperiences, bars, spas and more. Wynn Resorts also operates convention spacesand a 129-acre golf course.Konami Gaming

Konami Gaming

Founded: 1973Number of employees: 400+What they do: Konami Gaming creates slot machines and gaming enterprisemanagement systems for the global gaming market. Konami Gaming currentlyserves clients in North America, Europe, Latin America, Singapore, Macau andelsewhere.

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Las Vegas gains momentum as budding tech infrastructure hubDale Laizure, who has worked in information technology for more than 20 years,relocated last year to Las Vegas from Southern California to be part of thearea’s emerging tech industry.He’s not alone. National commercial real estate services firm CBRE Groupranked Las Vegas as one of its top 10 “up and coming” tech talent markets inthe U.S. and Canada.Laizure saw an opportunity to go into business for himself in Southern Nevadaand will open his own CMIT franchise. Based in Austin, Texas, CMIT offersoutsourced IT services for small and mid-sized companies.“You have technology companies like Google and Amazon, a technology-relatedcompany, which are big players in the game, moving to town,” Laizure said.“Clearly, there’s something there. You don’t see companies like Google andAmazon throw money behind an area unless they see the kind of momentum that Isee and that everyone else sees.”Amazon recently opened its third fulfillment center in North Las Vegas, an850,000-square-foot facility, while ground was broken in July for a $600million Google data center in Henderson.“There’s been a massive influx into the valley, and even in my short timebeing here, I’ve seen it,” Laizure said. “I think Las Vegas will be wellpositioned to have a technology center in this area. That’s why I’m starting aCMIT (franchise) here — it’s going to be well-positioned to help those smalland medium-sized businesses that will continue to come along.”Whether it’s data center operations run by Las Vegas-based Switch or Google oran online retailer like Zappos, the valley has a solid foundation in the techsector, said Jeremy Green, a broker with CBRE’s Las Vegas office.Green also pointed to work being done in Las Vegas in the autonomous vehiclefield, which includes companies like Aptiv.“I think the Las Vegas economy is being diversified,” Green said. “A lot ofthe (tech) employment base is younger and this is an exciting city for a youngperson to live in. It’s also more affordable here than many of thealternatives.”Adam Kramer, executive vice president of strategy for Switch, said having megacompanies like Google and Amazon invest in Las Vegas helps solidify the areaas what he referred to as a “tech infrastructure hub” on a national level.“We have 900-plus clients who are putting their infrastructure here in Nevadaand running (their technology) out of our ecosystem,” Kramer said. “I thinkgrowth is absolutely going to continue here in Las Vegas, both because of theinfrastructure we have in place and the desire for companies and people tomove to Nevada from California or other areas. We definitely have thatinfrastructure now.”Started in 2000, Switch currently has more than 800 employees to go along withits hundreds of clients. Other smaller tech “ecosystems” are just starting outin Las Vegas.Those include a downtown Las Vegas area at Bank of America Plaza that the cityhas turned into what it’s calling a tech “innovation center” and UNLV’s HarryReid Research and Technology Park, which has started to gain tenants.David Knight, CEO of a data startup Terbine, thought enough of Las Vegas thathe decided to move the company from California to the Bank of America Plaza.He became sold on downtown Las Vegas after meeting with Zappos CEO Tony Hsiehand Switch CEO Rob Roy, both local tech industry leaders who tend to shy awayfrom media attention.“We’ve been constantly asked by the city and the county and the state to talkto other tech companies to help get them to move here,” Knight said. “What Iperceive is the game, at the moment, is to attract startups from across statelines. There’s a subset of that, which would be outposts of big tech companiescoming to the region to set up shop.”Knight said Hsieh recently visited Terbine’s operation.“It was really cool that he came to check us out,” Knight said. “He said, ‘wehad 25 people when we moved (Zappos) to Vegas and look what happened.’ Thethird leg of the tripod is to get startups to form here from scratch.”Whether it’s tech — which touches nearly every industry, anyway — or gaming,hospitality or sports, Knight said Las Vegas is the place to be when it comesto doing business.“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t fundamentally believe that,” Knight said. “Ifthe powers that be want something done, it gets done. We could turn into areal experiential economy here that isn’t just based on gaming revenue, andtech has a lot to do with that.”

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