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Chinese start-ups are hiring attractive women for massages

THERE is a trend among tech companies in China to hire young attractive womento “motivate” male programmers and coders.IT MIGHT sound like something that belong in an episode of HBO’s SiliconValley which spoofs the eccentricities of the US start-up culture, but this isreal.Start-up tech companies in China have come up with an unusual way to keeptheir employees — namely coders, programmers and engineers — happy andrelaxed. Officially they’re called “programmer motivators” but they sound morelike flirtatious cheerleaders.Their role is to keep the other, predominantly male employees of the businesscontent by chatting them up and looking after them.According to The New York Times, the unusual job is proliferating in a societythat largely adheres to gender stereotypes and believes that male programmersare “zhai,” or nerds who have no social lives — and an attentive andattractive woman is supposed to help that.To bag the position, you need to be attractive and good at socialising andputting men at ease. And massages, you need to be able to give a good massageapparently.They’re not exactly comfort women but at the risk of hyperbole there’s asimilar unseemliness to the idea. Just imagine the outrage, the blood-boilingbacklash if such a position was advertised in the West.In the Wake of the Times report, tech publication Gizmodo said it was “just assexist as it sounds” and said it was “hard not to see it as anything short ofprofoundly demeaning.”But in China — the country with the world’s largest number of self-made femalebillionaires — many don’t see a problem with the nature of the job.Shen Yue, 25, has a degree in civil engineering from a university in Beijingand works as a programmer motivator.“They really need someone to talk to them from time to time and to organiseactivities for them to ease some of the pressure,” she told the Times.The report recounted a scene during a day in the office when Ms Shenapproached a co-worker to provide him with a massage.“The company’s intention is for me to give you a massage, though my techniquemight not be great,” she told her colleague before they both broke out ingiggles.One of the people at the company responsible for hiring Ms Shen, who was alsoa woman, said applicants needed to have “five facial features that mustdefinitely be in their proper order” and speak in a gentle way.These roles aren’t exactly new.The country’s e-commerce giant Alibaba (essentially China’s version of Amazon)advertised for a programmer motivator with “recognisably good looks” in 2015but deleted the ad after being hit with criticism.According to a job search website run by Chinese tech giant Baidu, just sevencompanies are currently advertising for such jobs, mostly at smaller start-ups.Silicon Valley is frequently criticised for its male dominated “bro culture”but parts of China’s workplace culture reportedly pale in comparison when itcomes to gender stereotyping.Some of the country’s biggest tech companies such as Baidu, Alibaba andTencent have used job ads to boast about the fact there are “beautiful girls”working for their companies, according to Human Rights Watch.In a January job ad, Alibaba said it was looking for a sales manager. The adsaid women were preferred, aged 28 to 35, “with a good personal image andclass,” the Times reported.While the reference to gender was later removed, such ads are not uncommon.But for many Chinese citizens, that’s not necessarily a problem.Ms Shen said she loves what she does and does not consider her job to besexist.“Many feminist ideas are too extreme now,” she said. “I think women should beindependent, self-reliant and have self-respect. And that’s enough.”More related storiesGamingEA’s highly anticipated upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 officially launchesin November, but players will be able to try it out early.Read moreClimate ChangeChildren born in 2021 will live through unprecedented climate extremesincluding more droughts, heatwaves, floods and bushfires than people born 60years ago.Read moreClimate ChangeAn exasperated Greta Thunberg has hurled world leaders’ words against them ina withering take-down of their failure to tackle climate change.Read moreJobseekers, these 10 tech companies hired the most in 2019Looking for a job in tech? A new report from ON Partners helpfully narrowsdown where to look in three major U.S. tech hubs, based on recent job growth:

Bay Area: 27,500 new tech jobs last year

* Companies that hired the most: Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Amazon, Adobe, Salesforce, Airbnb, Workday, VMware * Smaller companies showing big hiring growth: Instacart, Robinhood, Snowflake Computing, TripActions, Flexport, Asana, Affirm Inc., Credit Karma, Rubrik,

NYC: 8,100 new tech jobs last year

* Companies that hired the most: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Compass, Spotify, Microsoft, Uber, Salesforce,, Lyft * Smaller companies showing big hiring growth: Rent the Runway, Justworks, Datadog, Squarespace, Fanduel, Warby Parker, Palantir Technologies, Moda Operandi, Group Nine Media, VTS

Boston: 5,540 new tech jobs last year

* Companies that hired the most: Wayfair, Amazon, Google, HubSpot, Toast, ezCater, Mathworks, CarGurus, TripAdvisor, Kronos * Smaller companies showing big hiring growth: Smartsheet, DraftKings, ZoomInfo, DataRobot, Salsify, Jobcase, Definitive Healthcare, Tracelink, American Well, Interactions LLCIt’s worth noting that some of these companies (Wayfair and Uber, for example)have also seen significant layoffs in recent months, and tech hiring growth ingeneral is down roughly 3% in all three hubs. But it’s still strong, clockingin at 9%-11% growth for the year. Hiring is expected to stumble a bit thisquarter due to COVID-19.Women in Tech in LondonAround 19% of the UK tech sector is made up of women. It’s no secret that thetech industry has a significant gender gap. However, when it comes to the UKtech hubs going above and beyond to bring about real change and increase therepresentation of women in tech, London is leading the way.Host to many of the biggest events in the Women in Tech annual calendar suchas Women of Silicon Roundabout, the Women in Tech Festival, the Women in TechEmployer Awards, and WeAreTechWomen conferences to name but a few. London ishome to around 200,000 tech companies and counting and has the highest numberof start-ups valued at over $1bn. The city is full of optimism and possibilityfor women looking to start or change to a career in tech.

What opportunities are there for women in tech in London?

As well as hundreds of women in tech events and conferences throughout theyear, London is also home to many important communities and organisationscampaigning for gender equality in tech, providing education for women, andspace for them to gain the confidence and skills to pursue a career intechnology.Here is a list of some London based groups and organisations for women in techto get involved with: * Girls in Tech * Tech London Advocates * Black Women in Tech * Women Who Code London * London UK Women in Tech Group * London Women in Machine Learning and Data Science * FinTech Women

Types of roles available to women in tech in London

There’s a variety of opportunities for women in tech in London across multipletech sectors such as FinTech, Travel Tech, e-commerce, Digital Media, Gaming,Cybersecurity and more. The scope for finding a role in tech in London is hugebecause of how many companies are headquartered in the capital. The scope oftech skills employers are looking for is also massive, opportunities rangefrom Project Management, Analytics and Product Development to SoftwareEngineering, Data Science and AI.The demand for tech workers in London is high and expected to grow higherstill as London becomes more and more established as the UK’s tech hub. Forwomen looking to start or change to a career in tech this is good news becauseemployers will need to focus on diversifying and expanding the tech talentpool to keep up with the growing demand for new and upcoming tech skills.According to recent research, London tech giants have committed to creating 1million tech jobs by 2023. As opportunities in the city grow, women must beencouraged and empowered to apply for jobs and boost the industry with theirvaluable skills and qualifications.We interviewed some of the women in different tech roles at a handful ofLondon based companies to demonstrate the variety of jobs available for womenin tech in the capital, but also to find out more about the different pathwaysthat led these women to their roles in tech:Form3 – Stephanie Mitchell, Senior Project ManagerForm3 – Sophie Condie, Operations LeadForm3 – Kristina Rocha Mello, Customer Success ManagerForm3 – Pauline Decuypere, Business AnalystTrainline – Abbie Dorling, Senior Business AnalystTrainline – Susan Graham, Web EngineerTrainline – Sara Estrela, Development Team LeadTrainline – Natalie Akam, DeveloperEquinix – Stephanie Malka, Director of NOC Service Engineering, EMEAEquinix – Madaline Stone, Facilities Engineer Apprentice

London based companies looking to hire women in tech

There are hundreds of thousands of tech companies in London and many bigglobal tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Coca-Cola have chosen thecapital for their UK Headquarters. Hiring more women in tech and narrowing thegender gap is becoming top of the agenda for a growing list of London basedtech companies passionate about the future of the industry and the necessityfor diversity and inclusion being placed firmly at the core of Technology.Click on the links below of these London based tech companies looking to hirewomen in tech to find out what steps they are taking to make the industry morediverse and inclusive.

Finding the latest tech jobs in London

Many London based tech companies looking to hire more women in tech are optingfor niche job boards to make sure their search is targeted at attractingfemale tech talent. The Women in Tech Job Board is used by hundreds of bigtech brands to advertise their latest tech roles to women at all stages intheir tech careers looking for their next role. The job board has beendesigned with a smooth user journey in mind with features such as a locationfilter, the function to set up easy and relevant job alerts, as well as anemployers page to make it easy to filter through opportunities at thedifferent companies women may be most interested in working for.

Salaries for tech workers in London

Salaries for tech workers in London are varied depending on sectors,experience and even how big the company is, salaries at start-ups may beslightly less than massive corporations for example. Recent salary data fromIT job board Technojobs revealed that the average salary for Data Engineers inthe capital is around the £60,000 mark and similarly DevOps Engineers around£67,500 and Front-End Engineers £50,000.The top salary software developers in London can expect has increased by 13%in 2019, to £74,000. Which was the largest increase for any tech capital inthe world. Suggesting that women working in tech in London can expect a goodsalary in line with their skills and talent, however, there is still work tobe done to narrow the gender pay gap impacting women in the capital,especially for senior level tech roles. A recent study looking into the gendergap in tech in London revealed that for top-level positions women were earning12% less than men in the same or similar roles.

How are London companies tackling the gender gap in tech?

Despite the growth in tech companies and subsequent career opportunities,London still has a gender pay gap problem.Recent statistics revealed that women in London earn 30.4% less than theirmale counterparts. However, one of the positives to focus on is that whilethere may be more challenges breaking into tech as a woman, that isn’tpreventing women from pursuing tech careers. In the Women in Tech Survey 2019it was clear that the gender gap in tech isn’t a result of a lack of womenwanting to work in the sector. Factors such as unconscious bias, lack of equalopportunity and the gender pay gap that is sustaining the gender gap in thesector.Vodafone’s CEO has stated that the company’s ambition is to be considered theworld’s best employer for women by 2025. The company have put initiatives inplace that will collectively work to narrow the gender gap in the long run andboost gender equality. The initiatives are carried out through globalprogrammes – family, flexible working, career, networks, youth, unconsciousbias and women in management. Vodafone’s impressive maternity leave policyoffers women 16 weeks on full pay, as well as working 30 hours a week on fullpay on their return to work. Focusing on increasing female leadership,increasing opportunities for girls to learn to code, making it easier for mumsto return to work after a career break, and debiasing the recruitment processare some examples of the practical steps Vodafone are taking to achieve genderparity in the sector.Another London based company making headway in tackling the gender gap isAccenture. Similar to Vodafone, Accenture has set itself a bold goal toachieve a 50/50 workforce by 2025. Accenture is inclusive of working mothersand makes it realistic for working mothers to also thrive in their career withthe help of their full maternity pay programme and flexible working optionssuch as job sharing and the adoption of flexi-time.If you’re looking for your first or next tech role in London, click here tofind all the latest jobs in the capital.7 Tech Companies Hiring in AustinMany people looking to work for a tech company automatically think of SiliconValley, the iconic home to some of the world’s most famous tech companies.However, the increasing demand for tech work has expanded the tech communitybeyond the Valley. Nicknamed the “Silicon Hills,” Austin, Texas is the risingtech hub of the Midwest. Tech companies hiring in Austin range from Salesforceto Google and provide incredible places for employees to grow and thrive.Austin is the ideal location for job seekers looking for work in the techindustry in the great state of Texas. With endless job opportunities and anunemployment rate lower than the national average, Austin is the place to be.Here are seven tech companies hiring in Austin to jump-start your job search.

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