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Top 15 Job Boards for Tech Startups 2021

The current world job markets are dived. Entrepreneurship continues to gainmomentum with each passing moment. More people are getting attracted to theidea of obtaining a computer science degree to begin their journey of buildingtheir own products, or becoming part of startups, both low-level and high-level. Computer science and web design are two career choices that provide avery large pool of job opportunities. As well as ways to earn a steady flow ofincome through freelance and remote work. Digital nomad is another rapidlyincreasing coin term that displays how one can combine their skills inprogramming and design with constant movement in life.The latest developer survey from Stack Overflow shows just how much manycomputer scientists have chosen the role of front-end and back-end developersfor some of the most reputable companies in the current startup market.Furthermore, developers and designers are responding to such jobs, and thekind of difficulties it can bring into one’s life when beginning to work for aworld-class startup. Even if the largest technology media outlets arereporting that startups are in somewhat of a trouble.Now, you are either a developer or a designer looking to find a job with yourexisting skillset. We are here to help you out. Job boards for technologystartups, programming, and engineer roles are in the plenty, but finding theright ones sometimes comes down to the ability to determine your own desires.With some careful selecting, we came up with 20 unique job boards that listjobs in startups for the roles of programmers, engineers, graphic and webdesigners, and plenty of other roles of the same nature that might complimentyour existing skills.


While Startupers might not really be the largest of tech startup job boardsout there, it is one of the places where you can find work that is notavailable elsewhere. I mean, it does not hurt you to pay the website a visit,as there might be something just right for you.It is not the easiest to use Startupers, as you can only search by scrollingand hitting the desired keyword in the search bar. There are no advancedsearch features available, but that is something they might be releasing sometime in the future. Still, the live search results will help you to findcompanies that appeal to you much quicker. What’s also cool about Startupers,the “secret job posting board for startups,” is that it accepts job listingsentirely free of charge.Explore

AngelList Jobs Board

Some startups wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for AngelList. Ahighly sophisticated fundraising platform for startup owners with zeroexperience. “Angel Investors’ on AngelList are in no shortage, and what theywant to see is the next best invention to invest their money in. Apart fromhelping startups raise funds, AngelList is also helpful for recruiting needs.As startups owner, you can turn to AngelList to put together your best team.But as a job seeker, you can apply to more than 40,000+ jobs within a singleapplication form. Though, we highly recommend to use the job category functionto search for startups that actually speak to your heart, choose one thatemphasize the kind of knowledge that you possess and wish to work with in thefuture. Jobs are by no means limited to job categories, or countries withinwhich you can find a job. What it will come down to is your resume. As well asyour determination to become a part of an already existing startup team.Explore

Stack Overflow Careers

Stack Overflow is a transparent company that cares about programmers in a waythat not many other companies can match. It is amongst the most professionaland most intellectual programming communities there are. It is also positionedwithin the top lists of job boards for finding truly dedicated, and trulyprofessional talent in the most successful job markets today. Stack Overflownot limited to any country, so jobs can be looked for worldwide betweenspecific job openings, and with specific requirements, such as full-time,part-time or freelance, or remote work. IT recruiters know that Stack Overflowis the place to go when seeking world-class talent in computer science.Explore

A quick note from Hubble

Since relaunching as the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, we’ve helpedbusinesses attract and retain talent by helping them reconfigure their futureworkplace strategies. The truth is, employees’ attitudes to flexible workinghas changed—and many of them will be expecting greater choice and autonomyover where they work.So, we’ve built four flagship products that have been designed to helpbusinesses find the right balance of working from the HQ, on-demand workspaceand home—or a combination of all three. The Hubble Pass, in particular,enables employees to access a global network of on-demand workspace—which isan offering that goes a long way in attracting and retaining talent.Find out more about the Hubble Pass; how it works, the locations available andhow to get your free trial by heading to the link below:As a young company with a limited cash flow, who you recruit can make or breakyour startup. In London, aspiring startups see a 41.7 per cent survival ratedue to a variety of reasons that may prevent them from keeping themselvesafloat. Even when everything else is going well, startups still rely ontalented new blood in order to ensure that operations are running smoothly andwork is being done correctly.Compared to larger corporations, startups are at a disadvantage. Startupsoften have trouble matching the competitive salary packages that these biggerand meaner companies can offer. Instead, startups attract talent through acombination of several appealing aspects: 1. Interesting and challenging tasks 2. Flexible hours 3. Strong and tightly knit team cultures 4. The ability to work remotelyAs a startup, however you keep new talent interested in your company, youstill face the problem of finding this talent in the first place. Drawingtalented, interested, and motivated developers that can positively influenceyour startup company to your ranks can sometimes feel like searching for aneedle in a haystack. Luckily for all of us, London is rich with startup techrecruiters and recruitment platforms, who specialise in matching talenteddevelopers with the startups they are looking for. Here’s our list of some ofLondon’s best agencies and tools that you can use to build up your team withthe people you need.Need an office space for your startup? We are the largest online inventory offlexible office space in London

Tech Recruitment Agencies

As the name suggests, Hired By Startups is a leading recruitment agencyspecifically for startups, helping them source, engage and hire the very bestcommercial talent. They specialise in hiring for Sales, Marketing, Operationsand Customer Experience and operate at every level, from Graduates to C-LevelExecs. Their clients include many of the UK’s best known & fastest growingstartups, spanning almost every industry from FoodTech to FinTech andeverything in between. They have a network of 20,000 startup focusedcandidates so whether you’re looking to make a single hire or rapidly scale ateam, they’ve got you covered.Today’s industry sees us increasingly reliant on digital everything. Hanoverknows this, and is a developer recruitment company that utilises digitaltechnology today to make the recruitment process easier. With a vision thatvalues transparency, consultation, innovation, and being personable, every oneof these traits is visible in their process. Hanover’s special ‘Hinterviews’allows clients to directly tap into and view an ongoing interview so that youcan directly get a feel for a candidate’s personality, experience, and abilityto communicate. It’s quick and easy, but effective, and a excellent choice fora startup developer recruiter. Plus, you get to say ‘Hinterview’ which isalways a fun thing to do.Like Hanover just above, Blu Digital is a recruitment agency that helpsclients find talent for their companies. Located in the heart of London, BluDigital’s vision is to take a dynamic approach to each of their clients sothat they can best fulfill their needs in recruitment. Blu Digital handlesjobs from a variety of sectors, including web development, with candidates infront end, back end, software, and mobile development. Professional,consultative, and honest, Blu Digital is a strong contender for your startupdeveloper recruiter needs.RecWorks is a tech developer recruitment company that specialises in javadevelopers, helping match the finest java developers with the jobs that areright for them. It’s quite specific, but if your team can make use of a javadeveloper, RecWorks is your startup developer recruiter of choice. In additionto connecting java developers with new companies, RecWorks also works tostrengthen London’s tech communities and enrich the scene and industry as awhole. Caring for both clients in addition to the entire industry? We canrespect that a lot.What can we say about Salt? It is a digital recruitment agency that handlesjobs from just about every sector – and when we mean every sector, we reallymean it. For your startup developer recruiter needs, you’ll find just aboutevery type of developer here, plus a gigantic plethora of candidates for manydifferent sectors, in case you wanted to go on a hiring spree, for somereason. With Salt, the options for hire are varied. Whether you want apermanent hire, a contractor, or even a temporary hire. It’s all here at Salt.Just – everything’s here that you need to fill up your startup team. It’squite impressive, really.

Tech Recruitment Platforms

The following platforms are created by startups and are less typical (andoften cheaper) than the standard recruitment agencies above.Hired is an online platform that turns recruitment on its head. That is, Hiredhas built their service so companies apply to talent instead of the other wayaround, putting power in the hands of job seekers. Candidates in tech lookingfor work create a profile on Hired. Companies can search for candidates andrequest interviews from candidates whose skillset matches each specific jobrequirement. We at Hubble, ourselves, have successfully used this platform tosuccessfully hire for our tech team.Honeypot is a job platform that specialises in developer roles. For you, itcan be an effective startup developer recruiter that helps you find top talentto add to your team. Honeypot’s vision is to match every developer out therewith the company of their dreams. For employers, they’re the platform to use,providing you with valuable analytics you can use to aid in your recruitmentprocess. Any developer that goes through Honeypot is vigorously screened,ensuring that the talent is there. They even provide free visa support if yourcandidate needs it. To finish off, they only require payment upon thesuccessful hire of a developer. Can you ask for more from Honeypot?Kandidate helps high-growth startups and tech firms hire top commercial andsales professionals. Their proprietary talent matching platform has helped thelikes of Uber and GoCardless scale their teams quickly and effectively,supported by Talent Managers who operate in-house at the companies they workwith. They boast a targeted talent pool of over 12,000 carefully-selectedcandidates who have the skills and experience to succeed in ambitiousstartups.Reecru is a startup with an innovative vision to refresh the traditionalrecruitment process. Through their platform, Reecru supports employers,independent recruiters, and candidates all in one place. Chances are, for acompany looking for a startup developer recruiter, the employer section iswhat you’ll be interested in. Simply connect with Reecru, and they will marketyour vacancy across over 50 job boards and run social media ad campaigns forwho you need. After that, an independent recruiter of your choice takes overand will screen the candidates, schedule interviews, and deal with salarynegotiations. Once all is said and done and you’re happy with your candidate,all you need to do is select them through the system and new talent will be onyour team. It’s all-inclusive, effective, and innovative, which are alwayspluses in our books.Sometimes, it pays to find talent that’s fresh on the market, especially as aninnovative startup. TalentPool is an affordable job platform that specialisesin matching young professionals with startups and SMEs. For you, it functionsas a perfect way to draw in new talent. All you need to do with TalentPool isdefine the role you want, set your criteria for hire, and you’ll startreceiving potential candidates that you can then sift through. Payment isaffordable for your tight startup budgets, with the option of paying upfrontor on-hire so there’s flexibility there. With over 50,000 members onTalentPool, plenty of which are newly graduated, you might just well have thechance to be a young professional’s first by using TalentPool.If you’re specifically looking to hire tech contractors, then definitely checkout the recruiter-free marketplace and job board dedicated tocontractors and hirers in the tech industry. As a hirer, you can list youropen contracting jobs, receive applications, and proactively reach out to apool of extremely talented contractors, all within the platform…withoutspending £1,000s on agency commission. The network is home to experiencedcontractors offering a huge variety of skills across full-stack engineering,UI/UX design, data science, product, and DevOps—all of whom have undergone anapplication process in order to join the platform, so you know that applicantswill always meet a high level of quality.

Current B.Tech/ BE Passed Sarkari Naukri India

Eligible applicants are advised to save this page to browse more opportunitieswhen releasing it by officials. Fresherstore ensures that all the B.Tech/ B.Ejobs get notified to all users. We recommended that those having BE / B.Techin relevant streams can register for Sarkari Result in our website. Here youwill find out different category posts in Railway Recruitment Board, Banks,IBPS, Army, Navy and Air Force, Public Sector Units, State Public ServiceCommission, Polic, etc. So that don’t miss out on upcoming BTech/ B.E Jobs2021 from this page.

Off Campus Jobs 2021 For Freshers

New year, a new beginning, all the MNC Companies are ready to conduct the OffCampus Drives. As well as the Drives is going to be held in the form of a PoolCampus Drives for the people. Our advice to the candidates is check thecurrent Off-Campus Jobs 2021 from this page. You can get the latest FreshersJobs 2021 across India. We all know that the Off Campus Drives 2021 is themost beneficial factor. Candidates who are pursuing their studies can grab thelatest Off Campus Jobs 2021. We are sure that, this is a correct span for thecontenders to show their talent in the Off-Campus Drives. Check the companies,designations, qualifications, the location from our website.Check Latest Off Campus Drives @ Off Campus Drives 2021

Internship Openings 2021 For College Students

Internship Jobs 2021 is the best opportunity for college students. Every yearmany MNC companies are selecting candidates for Internship Jobs. TheInternship gives a clear idea of Freshers candidates about the workenvironment. Also, many of the companies give some pay for the interns.Likewise, this year also a huge number of companies are waiting for theInterns. Especially multinational companies are very curious about theInterns. Students can easily gain minimum knowledge about the first-handexposure of working in the real world with the help of Internship Jobs. It isvery favorable for your career. We all know that till now a huge number ofcollege students are utilizing the Internship Jobs 2021.See More: Internship Jobs 2021

Startup Jobs 2021 For Freshers | Across India

Looking for Startup Jobs 2021? then check the valuable information on ourwebsite related to AngelList Jobs. Many of the Startup companies are offeringgreat job opportunities for the people. A bulky number of contenders arejoining in the Startup Jobs. When compared to the multinational companies thepay scale is very less in the Startup Companies. Anyway job seeking candidatesare very high year by year. And job opportunities are very less due to thelack of the population. Also, AngelList is the best platform for Startups.Check the latest Startup Jobs 2021 from our website.Apply for more: Startup Jobs 2021

Latest BPO Job Openings 2021 For Freshers

Check the latest BPO Jobs 2021 on our website. An immense number of people areshowing their interest in Call Center Jobs. Voice, Non-Voice Jobs are the twoprocess jobs that come under the BPO Jobs. Most of the multinational companiesare giving the career chances in BPO Sector for both Graduates and PostGraduates. New graduates can shine their bright future in the BPO Job Opening2021. On the BPO Jobs 2021 page, we are sharing the entire list of BPO Careers2021 for both freshers as well as experienced candidates. People who have goodcommunication skills in the English language can hurry up and apply for thelatest BPO Jobs 2021 from our website.Apply For More: BPO Jobs 2021Finally, we have shared the most precise information related to Freshers Jobs2021 in India through this page. We recommend to the Fresher candidates justrefer to this entire page. Also, get the current Job Openings 2021 from thispage. We hope the given information regarding Freshers Jobs in India 2021gives a clear picture. If you want to get instant updates related to FreshesJobs 2021 then bookmark this page by pressing cntrl+d as well as bookmark ourwebsite Freshers Now.Overall, we have arranged all the information about Freshers Jobs in India2021, Walk-in Jobs 2021, Off Campus Jobs 2021, Internship Jobs 2021, StartupJobs 2021, BPO Jobs 2021 on this page. Still, have any query about theFreshers Jobs 2021 then drop your valuable comment in the below section. Assoon as we clarify your doubts. View more latest job opportunities from thispage. Those who have started their searching for the Fresher Jobs 2021 andhaving the qualification such as BE, B.Tech, MCA, ME, M.Tech, MBA, Graduationcan keep an eye on this page.Crack TCS NQT with the best course & faculties | Learn everything for TCS NQTat your own pace with 1-1 live doubt support. Click Here

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