The Best Technology Companies To Work For in Nigeria

Best Fintech Companies in Nigeria

Financial Technology companies popularly called fintech companies in Nigeriaare fast rising as a result of millions of unbanked citizens in the country.Banks and financial institutions in Nigeria are known to only operate in topcities and super high ways in Nigeria.This leaves millions of Nigerians in rural, semi urban and other terrainunbanked.This is one of many solutions financial technology companies have come toprovide.Fintech companies are establishment that exploit use of technology to providebasic financial services like bill payments, transfer of funds etc thatordinarily are carried by banks.Also, these fintech companies ensure a stress free financial activities asusers and customers are one click away from making payments for bills,purchases and fund transfers.There is no doubt that these financial technology companies have come to sharein the profits of Nigerian banks.However, these firms can still not be compared to banks as their services havelimits unlike banks in financial activities in Nigeria.Nigeria is a very large market and it is not surprising that many fintechstartups are emerging and soaring high.Currently in Nigeria, there are over 20 fintech companies and firms operatingin the country.These electronic payments companies compete to have share of Nigerian’s onlinepayments infrastructure.In this post, we will be coming up with the top rated fintech companies inNigeria.

Popular & Top Rated Fintech Companies in Nigeria

Some of Nigeria’s best financial technology companies have operated for decadewhile some despite their young age has made strong entry into the market andbroke records.Some of the Nigeria’s best financial technology companies are unicorn firmswhich means they are valued at $1 billion and above.Some of top fintech companies in Nigeria are the most acceptable electronicpayments firms in Nigeria.Their services are found in payment infrastructure of most top businesses inNigeria.Below is the list of top fintech companies in Nigeria.

List of Nigeria’s Top Fintech Companies

Here are Nigeria most popular and widely used fintech companies in Nigeria.


This is one of Nigerian’s premier payment processing service provider inNigeria.eTransact is trusted by over 7000 business and financial institutions. Thecompany was founded in 2003 and has expended into Ghana, South Africa, Coted’voire, Kenya and UK.The firm is headqutered in Victoria Island Lagos and is among the best andmost trusted e payment gateways in Nigeria.


Remita is another very popular and highly rated financial technology companyin Nigeria.Remita helps individuals and businesses collect money, make payments andmanage their finances.It is one of the popularly used payment infrastructure for government leviesand taxes.Remita is headqutered at Plot B22 Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru Road, Oniru,Lagos, Nigeria.


VoguePay is a payment solution designed to help you capture more revenue andfacilitate payments.Transactions carried out on VoguePay has exceeded above $2 million.VoguePay is located at 33A, Abba Johnson Crescent, Akora Estate, Off AdeniyiJones, 101211, Ikeja.It is ranked among the top best fintech companies in Nigeria.


Terrapay is licenced digital payments infrastructure and solution provider.The company manipulates technology to enable businesses and individualsglobally to send and receive money.They are renowned fintech company in Nigeria. They are headqutered inNetherlands but operates and have outlets in Nigeria.

Globacom Nigeria

The company is the very first indigenous telecommunication company in Nigeria.It came shortly after MTN started operation and it was able to break into themarket and cut a niche for itself as a leading telecommunication company.They provide telephony services and data service. Their headquarters is inLagos and they have services in other parts of Africa, like Cote d’Ivoire,Togo and Ghana. Glo was able to make a huge breakthrough in thetelecommunication industry through its GLO 1 submarine cable that extends fromthe UK along the West African coast and ended in Nigeria.The submarine cable is able to provide very fast internet connection s to alltheir customers across West Africa, including Nigeria.This is yet another leading IT company in Nigeria and they also have theirheadquarters in Lagos. The IT Company is actually domiciled in United ArabEmirate and its operations spread across Africa and the Middle East.They started operation in 2008 and they provide various services, likeinternational roaming services, data services and GSM service. Theirheadquarters in Nigeria is located at Eti Osa in Lagos. They have variousinternet broadband services and this set them apart from the others. Theirwebsite is at

Airtel Nigeria

This company too is a force to reckon with in the Nigerian telecommunicationindustry. The company is actually domiciled in India and its headquarters inNigeria is located in Lagos State.They started operation in Nigeria in 2010. They took over the company fromZain. Compared with what Zain was providing, Airtel is a far better network.Their website is at

Ericsson Nigeria

This company originated from Sweden. It is multinational company and hasspread across many countries of the world. Its products are being used onglobal scale. They provide varieties of services and some of them are cableTV, video systems, business support, operations, fixed broadband, mobile,telecommunication and software.They are located at Carrington Crescent, Victoria island, Lagos. Their websiteis at

InterSwitch Limited

This is yet another top line IT Company in Nigeria with its Nigerianheadquarters located at Lagos. They started operation in 2002. It is anintegrated payment and transaction processing company and their servicesinvolve provision of advisory services, transaction proceeding, technologyintegration and lots more.They equally provide payment infrastructure to corporate bodies, governmentand banks. As stated earlier, their Nigerian headquarters is located in Lagosat Oke Awo Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. Their website is

IBM Nigeria

IBM means International Business Machine. The company has its base in theUnited States, but it has a branch in Nigeria. They equally have subsidiariesin several other countries. They deal in computer hardware, software,middleware, and the likes.They offer a number of other services, like consulting services, hosting andcloud computing. Their Nigerian headquarters located at Lagos is at KarimuIkotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Their website is at


This is yet another IT company in Nigeria. The company was founded in 2010. Itis actually an indigenous IT company, like Globacom Nigeria Limited. Theyprovide wholesale internet services to Nigeria.They serve large enterprises, decanal institutions, government agencies, ISPsand telecom operators. MainOne has its own submarine cable that runs fromPortugal to South Africa. The cable also lands both in Accra and Lagos.The submarine acts as a gateway that connects Africa to other parts of theworld. Their main office is located at Ligalia Ayorinde Street, V.I. Lagos.Their website is at


This is yet another indigenous ICT company in Nigeria. They have been aroundfor quite a while now; in actual fact, they have been operating for more than20 years. They started out by supplying technology products includingcomputers to their clients.They have however improved on their services and they now offer variousservices to middle and large scale organizations. They are now in partnershipwith a number of companies, like EMC, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, Symantec, Oracle,Microsoft and lots more they are located at Murin Okunola Street, VictoriaIsland, Lagos.Their website is at Best Technology Companies To Work For in Nigeria

The Best Technology Companies To Work For in Nigeria

For the second time in a row, global technology talent sourcing company,Andela has been named the best technology company to work for in Nigeria for2019, according to a recently released report by Jobberman.However, the company’s ranking dropped from 1st in 2018 to 9th in 2019 inJobberman’s best 100 companies to work for in Nigeria rankings, probably dueto its laying off over 400 junior engineering talent in Nigeria, Uganda, andKenya last September, in what it called a strategic approach focused on hiringsenior talent.Despite the restructuring, the company still went ahead of global technologygiants operating in Nigeria such as Google and Microsoft to show that itprovides the best career opportunity for growth and satisfaction. In thisTechloy infographic, we take a look at the best technology companies to workfor in Nigeria in 2020.Editor’s Note: Thank you for using our infographics or sharing them on socialmedia. Find more insights via

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