Top AI Companies Important Pioneers

Artificial Intelligence Companies – Summaries and Info

Apple Inc. in a multinational technology company headquartered in Californiathat develops and manufactures consumer electronics, online services, andsoftware. Since 2016 Apple has acquired several promising artificialintelligence startups, one of which founding the basis of FaceID, Apple’sfacial recognition security system.Amazon, the e-commerce giant, also offers cloud computing and A.I. softwareand hardware services for both consumers and businesses. It is the largestinternet retailer in the world when measured by revenue and is the secondpublic U.S. company to reach the value of $1 trillion, after Apple.Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures and license computer hardware,software, and consumer electronics, as well as provides various dataprotection and storage services. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and PaulAllen in 175.Google is a multinational technology and internet services company based inCalifornia. Google is known for its leading search engine platform,advertising technologies, android software, as well as cloud computing andmachine learning.Facebook is a social network and media service company based out ofCalifornia. Launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook continues to operateas one of the world’s largest social media platforms while also pursuingbusiness and development in cloud computing, virtual reality, machine learningand other forms of A.I. software.IBM (International Business Machines) is one of America’s oldest technologycompanies, manufacturing device hardware, middleware, and software since 1911.IBM also provides an array of hosting and consulting services in areasincluding nanotechnology, mainframe computing, and predictive maintenance.Intel develops software and manufactures hardware for the computing industryand the inventor of the x86 chip series found in most personal computers.Intel provides processors to leading computer manufacturers like Apple andDell and is the second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makerbased on revenue.Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company based out of California.Salesforce primarily sources its revenue through its customer relationsmanagement product but also develops and sells commercial A.I socialnetworking applications and internal development.NVIDIA Corporation designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for both gamingand professional markets, as well as system-on-a-chip units (SoCs) forautomotive and mobile computing markets. Its primary GPU product line directlycompetes with Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) GPU products. Nvidia also providesparallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists for high-performance supercomputing applications. It produces mobile processors forsmartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainmentsystems.Anki is an American robotics and A.I. startup that develops and manufacturesA.I. technology for children’s products. In 2013 Anki debuted Anki Driveduring the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.AiBrain is an artificial intelligence solutions company based out ofCalifornia. As one of the world’s pioneering developers of A.I. and automationsoftware, their main focus it developing an A.I. complete with human-likeproblem solving, learning and memory capacity.Banjo is a startup that designs and develops A.I. software that combs throughsocial media to identify key events in real-time that are of interest to itsusers. Banjo was formed out of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in2013 as a way for brands to analyze social media to react and make decisionsfaster.

Top AI Companies: The Leaders in the Cloud

The AI vendors are leading the market by providing AI and ML through theirpopular cloud platforms, enabling companies to incorporate AI intoapplications and systems without the expense of in-house development.The clear leader in cloud computing, AWS offers both consumer and business-oriented AI products and services, and many of its professional AI servicesbuild on the Ai services available in consumer products. Amazon Echo bringsartificial intelligence into the home through the intelligent voice server,Alexa. For AWS, the company’s primary AI services include Lex, a businessversion of Alexa; Polly, which turns text to speech; and Rekognition, an imagerecognition service.Google, a leader in AI and data analytics, is on a massive AI acquisitionbinge, having acquired a number of AI startups in the last several years.Google is deeply invested in furthering artificial intelligence capabilities.In addition to using AI to improve its services, Google Cloud sells several AIand machine learning services to businesses. It has an industry-leadingsoftware project in TensorFlow, as well as its own Tensor AI chip project.IBM has been a leader in the field of artificial intelligence since the 1950s.Its efforts in recent years center around IBM Watson, an AI-based cognitiveservice, AI software as a service, and scale-out systems designed fordelivering cloud-based analytics and AI services. It has been acquisitive,purchasing several AI startups over several years. It benefits from having astrong cloud platform.Microsoft offers a mix of consumer-facing and business/IT AI projects. On theconsumer side, it has Cortana, the digital assistant that comes with Windowsand is now available for smartphones other than Windows Phone, and the chatbotZo that talks like a teenager. On its Azure cloud service, Microsoft sells AIservices such as bot services, machine learning, and cognitive services.The leading cloud computing platform in Asia, Alibaba offers clients asophisticated Machine Learning Platform for AI. Significantly, the platformoffers a visual interface for ease of use, so companies can drag and dropvarious components into a canvas to assemble their AI functionality. Alsoincluded in the platform are scores of algorithm components that can handleany number of chores, enabling customers to use pre-built solutions. Expecthuge AI growth from Alibaba in the years to come.

Top AI Companies: Notable Vendors

These top AI providers are demonstrating that artificial intelligence can beused in a dazzling number of ways, across virtually every industry sector.

Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology is a subsidiary of Deere & Co. that combines artificialintelligence and computer vision to build smart farm tech – clearly a growingneed, given population growth. The company’s See & Spray technology can detectindividual plants and apply herbicide to the weeds only. This reduces thenumber of chemicals sprayed by up to 90% over traditional methods.

Top AI Companies: Important Pioneers

Think of these forward-looking AI companies as taking a particularly inventiveapproach to machine learning and AI.

9. Hexaware Technologies Private Limited

Hexaware technologies private limited is one of the global leaders and fastestgrowing IT service and business process outsourcing service provider. It islocated in Navi Mumbai, India and has almost its presence in more than 18counties. It was founded by Mr. Atul Chandra Nishar in 1990.

14. Lister Technologies

Lister technologies were established in 2000. Headquartered in Chennai, theyhave offices in Bangalore and San Francisco. They deal in technologyexecution, digital, and KPO aspects. It is one of the oracle marketing cloudpartners worldwide.

20. Sasken technologies

Sasken technologies are one of the technology and IT firms based out inBangalore India. Key areas of focus are digital transformation, IoT, AI, V2X,Blockchain, 5g and ML which is one of the most trending technology in IT. Theyare more than 30 years in the IT industry, serving 100+ fortune companiesclients, 500+ projects delivered, with billion products and 70+ patents whichmakes them one of the leading and advanced technology companies in India. Itwas founded in 1989 and now has 2000+ employees. In India, they have 4 majoroffices in various metro cities.

22. Tata Consultancy Services

Founded in 1968, by these prominent names Tata Sons and F C Kohli.An Indian multinational company which is into IT and consulting services andis headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is an expansion of the TATA Groupand they have the unique way of providing service to the clients which dealwith a combination of tech as well as business intelligence. They are expertsand market leaders in innovation and is one of the world’s most innovativecompanies according to Forbes rank list.

24. Verizon Data Services

It is an American multinational company founded in 1983.It is headquartered inNew York US. It is the 2nd largest company in the US as a wirelesscommunication provider. They give wireless solutions to the residents andservices solutions to other companies.

What are the top paid companies in Chennai?

Almost, every tech company offers a good and decent package in Chennai, butthe top paid companies in Chennai are Amazon, Zoho, Bank of America,Cognizant, etc.

What tech companies have invested in Ireland?

* The top 5 global software companies * 9 of the top ten US technology companies * Top 3 global enterprise software companies * 4 of the top 5 IT services companies(Source: IDA Ireland)

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