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Top 10 Fintech Companies in USA

FinTech basically refers to technological innovation in the financial servicessector. The ultimate role of FinTech companies is aimed at utilizingtechnology as extensively as possible for easing out various financialprocesses. Active engagement of industry experts in this promising industryhas led to the development of new technology. Basically, FinTech involves the use of computer programs and othertechnologies to support and disrupt banking and financial services. It isutilized to aid companies, business owners and consumers for the effectivemanagement of financial operations and processes with the aid of specializedsoftware and algorithms. The most popular FinTech companies have beenstructured to threaten, challenge and eventually uproot the traditionalfinancial service providers by providing fast and reliable services. FinTechseeks to answer financial mysteries through technological innovations such asAI and Blockchain has led to a transformation of the internet economy. Here iseverything you need to know for understanding intricate details of FinTechcompanies. Here we will share some top notch FinTech Companies in USA that aretransforming the Finance sector.

Top 10 Reputable FinTech Companies For Your Business:

1. Stripe: Valued at a whopping $9.2 billion, this fintech pioneer ‘s mission is totransform the workings of internet business. Founded in the year 2010 by Irishbrothers, Patrick and John Collison, Stripe has achieved indefeasible feats bysupporting online transactions for various bigwigs like Uber, Google, Spotifyand more. Its ultimate goal is to ease out the process of secure and fastpayments. It provides APIs to clients so that integration of online paymentsystems with their websites and apps can be smooth. Apart from that, it aimsat building flexible and powerful tools for internet commerce. Stripe’s unmatched functionality and meticulously designed APIs help createthe best possible products for users. Undoubtedly, it is a one-stopdestination for the creation of subscription services, crowdfunding platforms,an e-commerce store and more. This technology company builds economicinfrastructure for the internet by helping out businesses of every size. Itcombines a payment platform with applications that put revenue data at theheart of business operations. Millions of world’s innovative technologycompanies are scaling efficiently by building their businesses on Stripe. Nowonder, Stripe has occupied the top positions in the Top 10 list of FinTechCompanies. 2. Sofi: Sofi has made a mark in the FinTech industry by helping people achievefinancial independence. It follows a unique approach to offering lowerinterest rates and lending to encourage big savings. Sofi has brought thenecessary disruption in the US personal banking sector, by putting theconsumer first. With student loans mounting up and credit scores going down,acquiring money from a bank became a tedious task at hand. It established itself in the market by targeting student loan refinancing forStandford MBAs. But, with time, it moved forward with providing personalloans, mortgages and wealth management. Currently valued at $4.3 Billion, thecompany has grown exponentially in a short span of time. Founded in 2011 byMike Cagney, Dan Macklin, James Finnigan, and Ian Brady, the company hasexplored various economical alternatives for students depending on loans tofinance their education. 3. GreenSky: David Zalik, a child prodigy who began attending college at 14, foundedGreenSky in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. GreenSky stands tall in the market amongother FinTech companies as it specializes in consumer finance marketplace.Their areas of expertise include Retail and Home Improvement. They have builttheir customer base in over 50 states of USA. They strive to transform smallbusinesses and consumer credit mechanism by enabling pervasive and affordableaccess to financing. GreenSky has funded over 12 billion loans and worked with more than 1.7million customers. Apart from that, it is in collaboration with over 14 largebanking institutions which aim at granting loans to customers through aneasily accessible mobile app. GreenSky also financially supports medicalprocedures that may not be included in insurance such as cosmetic surgeries,dental assistance, visionary care, pet medical services and more. It hasemerged to be a sought-after alternative for credit cards. In this internetdriven era, where people are used to getting everything done with a singleclick, the instant lending option by GreenSky is changing lives for thebetter. 4. Credit Karma: Founded in the year 2007 by Kenneth Lin, Nichole Mustard, and Ryan Graciano,this company has proved to be an emerging player in the Financial sector. Itsultimate aim is to provide free access to credit scores and reports to itsreliable customers. Also, you can viably make informed financial decisions byseeking the advice of their experts. Credit Karma holds great years ofexperience in providing financial management and free credit services. Some other areas of its expertise include monitoring unclaimed propertydatabases, free tax preparation and recognizing and disrupting credit reporterrors. It receives most of its revenue from targeted advertisements. Itgenerates customers’ credit scores and reports from Transunion and Equifaxwith weekly updates. This customer credit data is then analyzed by the companyin order to recommend financial products to the users. Any purchases of thefinancial products bought through Credit Karma recommendations generaterevenues for them in terms of commissions paid by the banks. Also, its massivesocial media campaigns have helped it to gain recognition all over the world.In 2015, it began its MyMoneyStory online campaign encouraging people to talkabout personal financial problems and issues openly and share stories of theirfinancial woes, a rarely discussed topic in American society. No wonder thatit has occupied the top charts in the Top 10 list of FinTech Companies. 5. Oscar: Founded in 2012 in New York City, Oscar strives to use technology to humanizehealth care. Its founders namely Mario Schlosser, Josh Kushner and KevinNazemi aimed at establishing health insurance company centered around thepatient, engaging members and guiding them to the right care. In an attempt tomake healthcare simple, smart and user- friendly, Oscar has hidden all thecomplexities of the process behind a simple and accessible user interface. Itoffers all its members free 24/7 telemedicine visits through their Doctor-on-Call Service. A Concierge Team, comprising of three care guides and a registered nursecapable of handling everything from customer support questions to clinicalcoordination, is assigned to each of its members. It provides directappointment scheduling and a clinical dashboard bringing all of the patient’smedical histories on a single platform. Today, Oscar drives the highest levelsof engagement in health care, helping over 250,000 individuals and businessesfrom startups in Brooklyn, New York to bookkeepers in Bouldin Creek, Austin –take charge of their health. 6. Avant : Founded in 2012 by Al Goldstein, John Sun and Paul Zhang, it started with theaim of lowering the barriers and costs of borrowing. This Chicago based onlinemoney lending company strives to make the process of loan transaction smoothand user-friendly. Its founders Sun and Zhang graduated from the Y Combinatorstartup program in 2012 and wanted to build their business, Debteye. Theapplication process for the business loan was tedious and, lead to frustrationand desolation for them both. They decided to start Avant with the aim ofmaking loan processes easier for other people. Avant uses custom technology and analyzes customer data to provide personallending and credit scoring options. While most of the lenders look at thefinancial history of the customers, Avant focuses on what they can achieve inthe future. They study the behavioral and emotional patterns of the customersand not just their financial reports in order to provide them tailor-madelending options. 7. Zenefits: Zenefits is a promising American company which was founded by Park Conrad in2013. It aims at providing cloud-based HR software as a service to itsclients. Multiple HR services such as health insurance, payroll compliance,paid leaves, stock management options are taken care of by Zenefits. Itfollows a hub-and-spoke model for generating revenue. The cloud-based softwareservice(hub) is provided to the customers for free thereby making it easierfor the business to import all the employee information in Zenefits. It makesmoney through the spokes such as Health Insurance and Payroll by acting as amiddleman between the companies providing those services and its clients.Therefore, it generates revenues in the form of commission. Zenefits hashelped small startups tremendously by automating HR processes for them. Itsnetwork is spread in Tempe, Chicago, Atlanta, and Vancouver. Its goal is tobring technological disruption in an industry where usage of dot-matrixprinters and fax machines is preferred. 8. Prosper: Prosper was founded in 2005 as the first peer-to-peer lending marketplace inthe United States. Since then, Prosper has facilitated more than $13 billionin loans to more than 850,000 people. It is an online platform whichencourages people to invest in a way that is financially and sociallyrewarding. Borrowers can apply online for a fixed-rate, fixed-term loanbetween $2,000 and $40,000. Individuals and institutions can invest in loansand earn attractive returns. Prosper handles all loan servicing on behalf ofthe investors and matched borrowers. Prosper Marketplace is backed by leadinginvestors including Francisco Partners, Sequoia Capital, Institutional VenturePartners and Credit Suisse NEXT Fund. Founded by Chris Larsen and John Witchell, it maintains a full public databaseof all loans issued through its marketplace on its website. This database andall market statistics can be accessed and evaluated for analysis of loanperformance over time. It follows a transaction-based business model, chargingcustomers a nominal fee for each transaction. It verifies the borrower’sidentity before processing loans and manages every stage of the process. Forthe first three years of its existence, it followed a variable rate modelfunctioning as an E-bay like online auction marketplace. In 2010, it filed anew prospectus at the SEC, altering its business model to use only pre-setrates determined exclusively by a prosper formula. Instead of auctioning forrates in an unmoderated and sometimes unfair auction process, lenders have tojust make a simple choice now. They can invest at the rate assigned to theloan by Prosper’s loan pricing algorithm or not invest at all. 9. AvidXchange: This American FinTech company provides automated payment solutions and accountpayable options to medium-sized businesses. AvidExchange was founded in 2000by Micheal Preager. Catering mainly to real estate, financial services,energy, and construction sectors, it aims to make the process paperless andhassle-free. It provides electronic invoice capture, invoice approvalworkflow, invoice and bill payment reporting, utility bill analytics andpayment solutions, centralized invoicing processing, account payable solutionsand accounting system integration software solutions. It eliminates theoutdated manual processed that lead to fraud, delay in payments and painfulaudits. Comprised of a family of 800 employees, AvidExchange witnessed a3-year growth of 285% in the year 2017. AvidXchange strives to give you the power to reduce processing costs,accelerate approvals and eliminate paper with more transparency into, andcontrol over, spending than what you have ever had. AvidXchange gives you thepower to automate manual tasks and spend your time doing more valuable tasks.Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation is all about eliminating manual processes andbecoming more effective and efficient.P2P Automation streamlines the entireprocess from purchasing all the way through payment for enhanced reporting,optimal spending and better budgeting for your entire organization. Theirleadership team is comprised of a representative from every functional area ofour business. Their experts aim at creating strategies that can help yourbusiness grow manifold. 10. Robinhood: Robinhood is a mobile-application based service allowing an individual toinvest in publicly traded companies and exchange-traded funds listed on U.S.stock exchanges without paying a commission. The billion-dollar enterprise wasfounded by Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. In order to keep the fees down, thecompany has no storefronts and provides no additional tools. Aptly named afterthe popular fictional character, it is helping the less economicallyprivileged grow by using and betting on rich people’s money. The fintech apphas eliminated all brokerage fees that have traditionally been associated withinitiating a buy or sell. It earns money through its Robinhood Gold accountsfor premium members and by collecting interest from cash holdings and stocksjust like a bank. The app is simple and clutter-free making it easy to use foreveryone. Robinhood’s platform has fed directly in the application that linksout to some popular free resources such as MarketWatch and Seeking Alpha,providing you all the necessary information you need about the market.

Top FinTech Startups in Money Transfer

CoinPipFounded 2014 |CoinPip is a Singapore-based payments company that leverages Bitcoin to makeit easier and faster to pay remote workers. Payments are sent directly intothe recipient’s bank account so they don’t have to actually touch Bitcoin.Total Equity Funding: $100k in 1 Round from 1 Investor Most Recent Funding: $100k Seed on November, 2014Fastacash Pte. Ltd.Founded 2012 |fastacash™ provides a global social payments platform which allows users totransfer value (money, airtime, other tokens of value, etc.) along withdigital content (photos, videos, audio, messages, etc.) through socialnetworks and messaging platforms. The company has developed a patent pendinglink generation technology that enables the value transfer with a secure link.Total Equity Funding: $23.5M in 4 Rounds from 7 Investors Most Recent Funding: $15M Series B on July 14, 2015TOAST MEFounded 2015 |TOAST is a Peer 2 Peer money transfer application that allows Filipinos inSingapore, Hong Kong to remit money back home directly from a smartphonewithout the need to utilize existing banking infrastructure or queue up at aMoney Transfer Shop. They make themselves unique in terms of the mostefficient price offerings.Total Equity Funding: $865.93k in 2 Rounds from 4 Investors Most Recent Funding: $850k Seed on October 9, 2015

Top FinTech Startups in Lending

KyepotFounded 2015 |Kyepot brings social financial service to the digital age. People with bankaccounts find it difficult to save and people without bank accounts incrediblyharder. Financial exclusion limits access to good product for saving andborrowings. They offer tools for people to save in trusted communities. Theborrowing is at a reduced cost of capital so a win win for everyone.Total Equity Funding: $215.93k in 3 Rounds from 2 Investors Most Recent Funding: $175k Seed on February 28, 2016MoolahsenseFounded 2013 |MoolahSense, Singapore’s first crowd-financing platform, cultivatesentrepreneurship by empowering businesses and investors with a trusted andvibrant Crowd-lending platform. They aim to connect established businessesseeking loans for capital expansion, equipment purchases or other needs to thebroad investor community.Total Equity Funding: Undisclosed Amount in 1 Round from 2 Investors Most Recent Funding: Seed on March 19, 2015 / Undisclosed Amount

Top FinTech Startups in Personal Finance Management/Comparision

Money SmartFounded 2009 |The MoneySmart, founded by the entrepreneur Vinod Nair, specializes in themanagement tool of personal finances. They provide simplified financial adviceto customers, limiting the confusing jargon and helping them decide whichfinancial service is suitable for them. The startup allows users to ask foradvice, compare prices and features for products like loans, insurance, andcredit cards, and apply for them through the site.Total Equity Funding: $2M in 1 Round from 4 Investors Most Recent Funding: $2M Series A on October 6, 2015MoneythorLaunched 2013 |Moneythor enables financial institutions to deliver improved functionality andexperience to their customers across their digital channels. It provides a white-labelled solution to help financial institutions delivercontextual recommendations & insights to their customers within their existingonline & mobile banking applications.TradeHeroFounded 2012 |Founded in 2012 by app developer MyHero, TradeHero’s mission is to provide aplatform for traders to monetize their investment expertise, by democratizingtrading in a social and gamified mobile app. TradeHero is a free stock marketsimulation app, which draws real-world data from stock exchanges to create anun-rivalled global social investment network. Users can compete with friendsfrom their social networks, or on the global leaderboards with users fromacross the world. The app brings novice and knowledgeable traders together,allowing novice traders to subscribe for stock tips via push notifications,and top traders to earn subscription fees from followers.Total Equity Funding: $10.46M in 2 Rounds from 4 Investors Most Recent Funding: $10M Series A on September 26, 2013ShereitFounded 2015 |A Social Trading Network changes the way people invest in stocks. It allowsthem to interact, through live trades or messages with other traders aroundthe world in a real-time and transparent way. It is a social network designedand built specifically for stock trading. Investing has always been social. For hundreds of years investors have alwaysgotten their trading advice from Friends and Family, people they trust.Investors have always researched what the Best Performers are doing, peoplethey look up to. Some non-professional investors even follow their friends’strategies and while others go one step further and even copy the trades.Social Trading has always been with us and ShereIt uses the concept to makeshare trading easy for everyone.ShereIt is a white-label social trading network for stock brokerage firms. Theplatform offers:• Traders, inspiration to share trades and ideas globally with other traders,along with integrated trade copy and analytics tools to catapult tradingreturns.• Brokerage firms, increased deal flow, accelerated conversion ratios andbetter customer insights.Total Equity Funding: $15.81k in 1 Round from 2 Investors Most Recent Funding: $15.81k Seed on March 14, 2015WeInvestFounded 2013 |WeInvest is the first digital personal-finance assistant for AffluentInvestors in Asia. Singaporean startup WeInvest provides individual investorswith tools to discover and manage their investments. The platform curatesinvestment opportunities across real estate, mutual funds and deposits,provides search and compare tools, and presents investment data in an easy-to-understand format.

Top FinTech Startups in Data Management

Call LevelFounded 2014 |Call Levels is a simple, independent and reliable tool to track users’financial assets. The automatic notification feature frees users from thetime-consuming market analysis tasks.Total Equity Funding: $500k in 2 Rounds from 6 Investors Most Recent Funding: Seed on January 10, 2016 / Undisclosed AmountSmart KarmaFounded 2014 |Smartkarma is an independent financial research platform that is radicallychanging the way market participants create, distribute and consume investmentinsights. As a trusted and unbiased information source, they providedifferentiated research and transparency into the Asian markets that globalinstitutional investors need to confidently drive their investment strategies.They combine intelligence from the world’s premier analysts, academics, datascientists and industry experts in one collaborative marketplace to helpinvestors improve efficiencies, enhance returns, and optimize their researchspend while accessing the widest range of global analysis of the Asian marketsavailable.Total Equity Funding: $4.7M in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors Most Recent Funding: $4.7M Venture on June 1, 2016

Top FinTech Startups in Payment

2C2PFounded 2003 |2C2P (Cash and Card Payment Processor) is a leading Southeast Asiancomprehensive payment services provider, transforming millions of everydaypayments across Asia. The company offers a number of services tailored for theneeds of ecommerce and mcommerce merchants, banks and financial institutionsof any size.Total Equity Funding: $10M in 3 Rounds from 3 Investors Most Recent Funding: $7M Series C on April 27, 2015CodapayFounded 2011 |Codapay is an alternative payment gateway in Southeast Asia. Codapay enablemerchants to accept payments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand,and Singapore using payment channels that every consumer can use, even if theydon’t have a credit or debit card: direct carrier billing, bank transfers,cash payments at convenience stores, and physical vouchers. By making a singletechnical connection and commercial agreement with Coda, our merchants(companies like Baidu, Gumi, and Garena) significantly increase their revenuesin the rapidly growing markets that we serve. Similarly, by appointing Coda asa merchant aggregator, our payment channel providers (companies like SingTel,Indosat, and Maxis) generate significant net-new transaction volume.Total Equity Funding: $3.2M in 4 Rounds from 7 Investors Most Recent Funding: $2.3M Series A on December 2, 2013Fusion Payments Singapore Pte. Ltd.Founded 2001 |Fusion Payments (Formerly InterAcct Solutions) provides a range of ubiquitoushandset recharge, mobile banking and security solutions with partner mobilenetwork operators and banks in the Asian region.Whilst starting out life in 2001 as a dedicated USSD solutions provider, theportfolio has expanded to include all standard bearers. The mPayment andmRecharge hub / switch now provides, in addition to USSD, an open secureRESTful API for WEB, WAP and rich/native clients. This allows customers tosafely expose their core transactional (bank, credit card or wallet) andrecharge systems.GoSwiffFounded 2010 |GoSwiff is a leading provider of mobile payment platforms and marketingsolutions. They offer an integrated mobile commerce platform for online,mobile and in-store payment acceptance systems – and are helping to meet thegrowing demand for digital payments in both emerging and developed markets.Incorporated in 2010, GoSwiff is headquartered in Singapore and currently hasa presence in 25 countries around the world.KashmiFounded 2014 |Kashmi is a brand new mobile payments application that allows young people toexchange money with their friends in a simple and fun way, for free. Sendingmoney is as easy as sending a text by phone. Pay on-the-go, share experiencesand remind friends about dues.Total Equity Funding: $555.87k in 3 Rounds from 6 Investors Most Recent Funding: $509.97k Seed on August 1, 2015MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd.Founded 2009 |MatchMove Pay is Singapore’s fastest growing finance technology company,providing innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses increase revenue,user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of our customizablecloud-based PCI-DSS compliant platforms.Source: Crunchbase and the companies’ sites.List of top B2B fintech firmsB2B fintech companies may not be as sexy as those that touch the end customer,but they play a key role in the future of financial services.With so many lists on the internet, it may be hard to believe that there isn’ta great list that includes the top B2B fintech firms. So, Tearsheet filled thevoid. We focused primarily on firms that service the U.S. market.For the sake of this article, we defined ‘B2B fintech’ along two lines. First,a B2B company sells to other businesses, not consumers. Secondly, B2B fintechfirms provide a core part of the technology stack in financial services. So,an online bank that provides business banking is in, while a digital signaturecompany that sells a lot to banks and lenders wouldn’t make the cut.It’s a work in progress — we plan to add more firms to the list.The list is in no particular order.

Top Boston Fintech Companies to Know

* Domeyard LP * Flywire * Forward Financing * Kensho Technologies * Vestmark * Quantopian * Circle * Federal Reserve Bank of BostonWhat they do: The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is part of the Central Bankof the United States and seeks to facilitate financial growth and stabilitythroughout the New England area. The bank is heavily involved in the fightagainst discriminatory lending practices and has supported growth in smallerindustrial cities and rural towns, helping bolster citizens throughout theentire nation.Founded: 1914Location: 600 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA 02210ReggoraWhat they do: Reggora is a Boston-based fintech company that has createdsoftware for appraising real estate. Anyone who has purchased a home knowsthat home appraisal is an important part of buying property. But homeappraisals typically rely on manual processes or old technology, which makesReggora an attractive option for appraisers. The company’s software allows forquicker turnaround times and operational efficiency.Founded: 2016Location: 321 Summer St Boston, MAMassMutualWhat they do: With over 160 years of experience providing its clients withinsurance, retirement, investment and financial wellness services,MassMutual’s network of finance professionals possess the expertise to drivebig financial goals. The institution produces a variety of digital tools toallow individuals and families to plan for the future, continually making theprocess of money management simpler.Founded: 1851Location: 470 Atlantic Ave and One Marina Park in BostoKensho TechnologiesWhat they do: Kensho is a data analytics and machine intelligence company thatcombines natural language search queries and secure cloud computing to createanalytics tools that a wide range of investment professionals can use.How it’s changing fintech: Basically, Kensho’s super intelligent computersystems answer even the most complex financial questions in plain English.Founded: 2013Funding: $57.8 millionDomeyard LPWhat they do: Domeyard LP is a hedge fund that focuses on high frequencytrading.How it’s changing fintech: Domeyard uses advances in high-performancecomputing and data analysis to implement trading algorithms across assets likeequities, futures, fixed income, energy and commodities.Founded: 2013VestmarkWhat they do: Vestmark provides SaaS technology for comprehensive portfoliomanagement and trading solutions.How it’s changing fintech: Vestmark is changing the financial advisorysolutions industry with its innovative technologies and its clients currentlymanage over 1.7 million accounts with over $550 billion in assets undermanagement.Founded: 2001Funding: $50.4 millionEverTrueWhat they do: EverTrue empowers fundraising teams with web and mobilesoftware that identifies and manages their prospects.How it’s changing fintech: Over 300 nonprofit institutions with a combined $17billion of giving data rely on EverTrue’s platform.Founded: 2010Funding: $14.57 millionFlywireWhat they do: Flywire (formerly peerTransfer) is a leading internationalpayments processor that connects institutions with consumers on over sixcontinents.How it’s changing fintech: Flywire has revolutionized how internationalstudents can pay for tuition and health care and is now welcomed in 900+colleges around the world.Founded: 2009Funding: $43.2 millionLevelUpWhat they do: LevelUp is a mobile app that lets users order ahead and pay withtheir phone, connecting them to more than 150,000 restaurants in a singleplace. The company’s mobile payment network also powers loyalty programs withrewards and promotions for frequented businesses.How it’s changing finance: LevelUp makes takeout easier for customers, whilehelping businesses grow their loyalty and rewards programs.Founded: 2008Funding: $94.75MForward FinancingWhat they do: Forward Financing is a fintech company that provides fast,flexible working capital to US-based small businesses.How it’s changing fintech: They use own proprietary technology to provide sameday funding to business owners who need quick access to working capital inorder to succeed and grow. Since 2012, they have provided over $500m infunding to more than 10,000 small businesses.Founded: 2012BondLinkWhat they do: Bondlink provides products for the Municipal Bond Market. Theirplatform enables investors and issuers to connect across any device and iscurrently being used by multiple state and city governments including Florida,Georgia, Chicago and Detroit.How it’s changing finance: Founded by a former issuer, Bondlink’s platform istransforming the market and ensuring more transparency between issuers andinvestors.Founded: 2015Funded: $12MBISONWhat they do: Bison provides software that efficiently analyzes and monitorsprivate market data and funds.How it’s changing fintech: Bison has built a new way for investors in privateequity or venture capital to receive and review data from prospective andexisting managers so that they don’t have to spend countless hours makingmanual datasets.Founded: 2011Funding: $1.34 millionIntralinksWhat they do: Since its 1996 inception, the company has hosted more than $34trillion financial transactions while averaging 7,600 mergers and acquisitionsyearly. Their platform absolves some of the hardships that put M&As in dangerby providing a single, secure cloud-based space — a virtual data room — forbuyers and sellers to engage in real-time. With this, no signature goesunsigned, no documents are lost, and no information is compromised.Founded: 1996Location: 404 Wyman St Waltham, MA 02451PlastiqWhat they do: Plastiq makes it possible for business owners to use creditcards for virtually every payment (even for those that don’t usually acceptcard payment) in order to boost points and better manage working capital.How it’s changing fintech: Plastiq’s platform allows for business owners topay everything from leases to taxes, freelancers and insurance with a creditcard. All a business owner has to do on the platform is fill out paymentinformation and Plastiq will relay their payment to the correct party viacredit card.Founded: 2012Funding: $72.3 millionMidaxoWhat they do: Midaxo is streamlining the mergers and acquisitions process withits software, which helps companies avoid risks, develop better deals andimprove collaboration.Founded: 2011LeaseQWhat they do: LeaseQ connects customers with instant quotes on equipmentleasing, along with sources of financing, which users can apply for online.Equipment ranges from commercial fitness and tech, to construction andmedical.How it’s changing fintech: Equipment leasing quotes can take up to two daysfor customers to receive, so LeaseQ’s online marketplace drastically reducesthe time companies waste leasing commercial equipment.Founded: 2012Funding: $3 millionElsenWhat they do: Elsen reduces the time it takes financial professionals andhedge fund managers to process data.How it’s changing fintech: With a computing engine some 500 times faster thantraditional processing units, Elsen drastically reduces the time it takesasset managers to extract and process intelligence from financial markets.Founded: 2013Funding: $750kCentageWhat they do: Centage is the leading provider of automated, budgeting andplanning software catered to small and mid-sized businesses.How it’s changing finance: Centage’s cost-effective and user-friendlysolutions help companies move beyond Excel sheets and formulas, enabling themto produce more informed decisions and boost their ROI.Founded: 2002Funding: $23 millionGojiWhat they do: Using a combination of smart tech and human experience, onlineinsurance agency Goji helps users find the right policy at the best price.How it’s changing fintech: Goji’s licensed insurance agents guide usersthrough their options of insurance companies, costs, and coverage levels in amatter of minutes.Founded: 2007Funding: $89.2 millionAlphaPackWhat they do: AlphaPack acts as your own financial advisor, managing yourwealth better than any professional could. To do this, the automatedinvestment adviser creates a portfolio that’s tailored to your values andfinances, providing advice that could improve your financial outcomes.How it’s changing fintech: Integrating with banks and insurance providers sothey can offer automated wealth advisory services quickly to customers,AlphaPack also ultimately helps improve a company’s customer service andretention.Founded: 2015Funding: $20kAlt-OptionsWhat they do: Got Bitcoin? Alt-Options is the go-to platform for tradingdigital currency derivatives. Investors can use the startup’s pricingalgorithm to make smarter trading decisions.How it’s changing fintech: The founders of Alt-Options saw an opportunity tobecome an middleman in the emerging world of virtual currency. By connectingasset holders and investors with low-risk and low-cost strategies, Alt-Optionssolves the uber complex liquidity challenges virtual currency markets face.Founded: 2014Funding: $100k+Blueleaf.comWhat they do: Blueleaf uses clients’ financial information to help financialadvisors build profitable relationships.How it’s changing fintech: Financial advisors have struggled to keep up withthe rate of change technology demands, but Blueleaf helps the wealthmanagement industry keep up with other sectors.Founded: 1999Funding: $1.9 millionCovestorWhat they do: Covestor (acquired by Interactive Brokers Group in April 2015)developed portfolio sync technology so investors can select investmentmanagement talents for online marketplaces.How it’s changing fintech: Covestor is shaking up the investment managementindustry by letting investors easily compare and select from a transparentmarketplace of investment management talent including top performing portfoliomanagers and successful investors.Founded: 2005Funding: $23.5 millionFundraise.comWhat they do: provides online fundraising software fornonprofits, politicans, and individuals.How it’s changing fintech: The platform lets anyone make a donation in 5minutes or less without providing personal information like your credit cardor bank account information.Founded: 2011Funding: $1.2 millionQuantopianWhat they do: Quantopian helps smart, talented people get paid for writinginvestment algorithms that work. In addition to a browser for writing code,the platform also features research and data sets, and hosts competitions eachmonth for the best algorithms.How it’s changing fintech: The small startup has a novel approach to investingthat encourages any nerd or hacker writing code to use their unique skillsetto trade stocks or invest.Founded: 2011Funding: $273.8 millionSocialSciWhat they do: Socialsci provides an online community for academic researchersto collect data administering surveys and experiments.How it’s changing fintech: Researchers using Socialsci save money usingaffordable research participants who are easily compensated with theplatform’s built-in recruiting system and points.Founded: 2012Funding: $512kTrefisWhat they do: Trefis is an easy-to-use stock analysis service that breaks downa stock price by the contribution of a company’s major products andbusinesses.How it’s changing fintech: By simply dragging lines on charts, users of Trefiscan transform complex data models into visual interactives that forecast thefuture price of products and their future expected market share.Founded: 2007Funding: $2.13 millionTripleshotWhat they do: Tripleshot helps institutional investor clients be moreproductive and successful by avoiding high-frequency traders and other marketstructure issues that typically cost them millions of dollars per year.How it’s changing fintech: Though Tripleshot’s initial business was in U.S.stock markets, its unique solution can be applied to stock markets globallyand to markets for other asset classes.Founded: 2011Funding: $5 millionYayPayWhat they do: YayPay helps small and medium-sized businesses get paid quicklyand efficiently through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that automatesthe accounts receivable process.How it’s changing fintech: YayPay takes on the payment and administrativetasks that are typically dreaded by small business owners.Founded: 2015Funding: $750,000CircleWhat they do: Circle is focused on creating a free and easy way to store andaccess money. They believe accessing and transferring money should be assimple as sharing media and messages over the internet. Headquartered inDublin with offices in Boston, London and San Francisco, Circle has assembleda knowledgeable team hailing from JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Amazon andAdobe.How it’s changing finance: Unlike other management systems that are closed orrestricted, Circle uses internet open standards and protocol that enables themto offer a free and unrestricted service.Founded: 2013Funding: $136 millionRelatedRead More Fintech StoriesList of Top 12 Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021We bring to you the latest list of the top fintech companies in Nigeria andtheir competitive features, with financial gaps they’re filling.Few decades ago, no one would have ever thought that fin-tech solutions willbe widely accepted. For example, Nigeria today is home to over 250 fintechsolutions.Yes, key stakeholders (banks, telecom companies, and the government),enablers, and funding partners (i.e., universities and research institutions,investors, incubators, technology, and consumers) have made this possible.According to Frost and Sullivan, Nigeria’s fintech revenue is expected toreach $543.3 million in 2022 from $153.1 million in 2017.This is so because transactions are increasingly shifting towards mobile withthe growing popularity of mobile technology among the population, especiallythe unbanked.

List of Top Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021

List of Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021 — Rank| Name

Top Fintech Companies In Nigeria (summary)

Note that the Fintech companies in this article are only a little among allFinTech companies in Nigeria grabbing the opportunity given by technologicaladvances in the financial service industry.Technology advancement in Nigeria today has made a lot of things possible.With the introduction of online banking, fin-tech solutions are on the riseand making life easier.Did you find this post informative and helpful? I’d love to have yourcomments, questions, opinions, in the box provided below.Even More Topics:List of Top 12 Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021We bring to you the latest list of the top fintech companies in Nigeria andtheir competitive features, with financial gaps they’re filling.Few decades ago, no one would have ever thought that fin-tech solutions willbe widely accepted. For example, Nigeria today is home to over 250 fintechsolutions.Yes, key stakeholders (banks, telecom companies, and the government),enablers, and funding partners (i.e., universities and research institutions,investors, incubators, technology, and consumers) have made this possible.According to Frost and Sullivan, Nigeria’s fintech revenue is expected toreach $543.3 million in 2022 from $153.1 million in 2017.This is so because transactions are increasingly shifting towards mobile withthe growing popularity of mobile technology among the population, especiallythe unbanked.

List of Top Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021

List of Fintech Companies In Nigeria 2021 — Rank| Name

Top Fintech Companies In Nigeria (summary)

Note that the Fintech companies in this article are only a little among allFinTech companies in Nigeria grabbing the opportunity given by technologicaladvances in the financial service industry.Technology advancement in Nigeria today has made a lot of things possible.With the introduction of online banking, fin-tech solutions are on the riseand making life easier.Did you find this post informative and helpful? I’d love to have yourcomments, questions, opinions, in the box provided below.Even More Topics:

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