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Five Colorado Springs Tech Companies to Keep Your Eye On

October 22, 2018With hundreds of cities vying to become the next Silicon Valley, unexpectedhotspots like Colorado Springs are making waves in our nation’s tech andstartup ecosystem. Colorado Springs is home to a variety of tech companies,but they all have one thing in common: game-changing ideas. Let’s take acloser look at the five tech companies you should watch:


Founded by four Hewlett-Packard embedded systems developers, Altia is making aname for itself in Colorado Springs and recently relocated from the suburbs tothe city’s burgeoning downtown. The graphical user interface technology (GUI)company was recently featured in Forbes for its innovative approach toimproving display screens in cars and other products that utilize IoT. Altia’sbest-in-class software can be found in automotive, medical, industrial andconsumer electronics. The company already has its hand in the interactivedisplays of more than 17 million vehicles, ranging from the Ford Focus to theLamborghini.

Cherwell Software

Cherwell, an international service management software company based inColorado Springs automates IT services and support for healthcare, finance,higher education, government and retail industries. The platform currentlyserves more than 1,700 customers in 40-plus countries. Earlier this year,Cherwell made history by securing the largest-ever venture capital investmentfor Colorado Springs. The software company announced that global investmentfirm KKR would increase its stake in the company with $172 million through itsNext Generation Technology Fund.

Titan Robotics

From the medical field and research to product development and everydaymanufacturing processes, Titan Robotics is leading the way in the fields of 3Dprinting and manufacturing. Founder and CEO Clay Guillory is a mechanicalengineer by trade and started the company in 2014 at the age of 26 to make adifference in the lives of others. His passion for 3D printing began as ahobby, building 3D printers in his garage. Today, Titan Robotics builds andsells large-scale, industrial 3D printers, provides 3D printing services andhelps produce everything from prosthetics to footwear to car parts. The techcompany was even identified at the forefront of 3D printing by The Gazette andrecognized as a Colorado Company to Watch in 2018.


BombBomb is an interactive email service provider that creates number-boostingcontent solutions for sales teams. In 2006, now CEO and founder, ConorMcClusky experimented by sending a video email to his client list as a form offace-to-face communication. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback,BombBomb was launched. In addition to video messaging, BombBomb providestracking, canned responses, scheduling and reminders to optimize salespotential and make sales professionals stand out in a prospect’s inbox.BombBomb was recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch in 2017 for itsinnovative mission to “re-humanize” communication.


root9B is a cybersecurity company that offers comprehensive defense servicesthat range from basic training to high-level protection. A part of ColoradoSprings burgeoning cybersecurity sector, root9B works with both government andcommercial clients to protect highly classified information. On top ofroot9B’s proactive approach to cybersecurity, the company seeks to educate thecommunity on cybersecurity best practices, with a variety of cybersecuritytraining courses and real-world environment simulations.With these exciting and innovative companies located right here in ColoradoSprings, the city is rapidly becoming a hub for startups and tech companies.Want to learn more about starting or growing your startup in Colorado Springs?Visit our Small Business web page for information on how Colorado Springssupports entrepreneurs, techies and visionaries alike.Categorized in: Blog, Technology14 Top Tech Companies in Colorado Springs 2021Denver and Boulder often receive recognition as Colorado’s hubs for startupsand tech companies, but cities lesser-known for tech influence like ColoradoSprings and Fort Collins are making a name for themselves. There’s a mixtureof companies young and old, big and small in Colorado Springs, making it anup-and-coming hot bed in the community. To get to know the scene a littlebetter, we rounded up 14 tech companies operating out of the Springs.

Top Companies in Colorado Springs

* BombBomb * Formstack * Altia * Bold Technologies * BurstIQ * WOW! * Tek ExpertsChurch Community BuilderIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: As its name suggests, Church Community Builder delivers churchmanagement software that helps churches not only keep day-to-day operationsrunning smoothly but also engage with members and create a digital communitywhere its people can connect online.BombBombIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: BombBomb creates number-boosting content solutions for salesteams. The platform uses video messaging to make sales professionals stand outin a prospect’s inbox. Beyond video messaging, BombBomb provides tracking,canned responses, scheduling and reminders to optimize each user’s salespotential.FormstackIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: Formstack enables users to create simple online forms fornumerous external and internal business needs. Whether an HR department has tocollect contact information or an events team requires guest registrationforms, the platform makes it easy to integrate interdepartmental needs.Cherwell SoftwareIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: Cherwell makes IT service management software utilized worldwideby more than 1,700 companies. Their platform automates IT services and supportfor healthcare, finance, higher education, government and retail industries in40 countries.AltiaIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: Altia provides a platform for creating amazing graphical userinterfaces without the need for high-end hardware. The software is usedlargely in the automotive and medical industries, but products ranging fromexercise equipment to home appliances also utilize Altia’s software.Bold TechnologiesIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: Bold Technologies provides alarm monitoring and physicalsecurity information management software. Founded in 1981, Bold is a leader inthe industry, ensuring companies stay ahead of advances in critical securitytechnologies.BurstIQIndustry: HealthTech, Big DataWhat they do: BurstIQ’s technology spans multiple industries, but it’sspecifically introducing new possibilities to the health field. The datawithin healthcare is difficult to utilize because it is split and largelyinaccessible across multiple systems. With the help of Burst’s platform, datais aggregated and managed while staying within security and HIPAA compliances.fusesportIndustry: Software, SportsWhat they do: Fusesport is a comprehensive management platform for a range ofsporting events. From registration and participant portals to competitionresults and analytics, fusesport takes care of all management needs for races,multi-sport events and sport associations.PeakMedIndustry: HealthTechWhat they do: PeakMed is a monthly medical membership without co-pays,deductibles or pre-care consultations. Their system enables patients to see adoctor the same day and provides 24/7 phone access at any of their healthcenters.PV VenturesIndustry: Angel/VC FirmWhat they do: PV Ventures is a venture capitalist firm investing in seed-stagetech companies. PV has invested in multiple companies in Colorado Springsincluding Altia, BurstIQ, fusesport and X-IO.root9bIndustry: SecurityWhat they do: Root9B is a cybersecurity company offering comprehensive defenseservices ranging from basic training to more advanced protection. Cyberattackers find gaps in traditional security programs, and root9b’s solutionsdefend those gaps backed by a team of security veterans.WOW!Industry: TechnologyWhat they do: WOW! is one of the nation’s largest internet, cable and phoneproviders for residences and businesses. Headquartered in Englewood, WOW! hascall centers nationally — and Colorado Springs is no exception.X-IOIndustry: Enterprise WebWhat they do: X-IO Technologies is an advanced data storage system forcompanies and organizations in markets like education, manufacturing, finance,retail, government and healthcare. X-IO provides peace of mind while storingmass amounts of data and offers real-time insights without data loss.Tek ExpertsIndustry: SoftwareWhat they do: Tek Experts isn’t just a snappy name — it’s who they are. TheColorado Springs-based IT and business services firm supports businesses intheir efforts to better serve their customers by offering services likesoftware development and support, customer success management and salessupport — all from a team of proven technology experts.Four Local Tech Companies to Watch in Colorado SpringsApril 27, 2021Strong aerospace & defense, cybersecurity, tech, and IT industries in ColoradoSprings put the region on the fast track to a leading city in the nation’stech and startup ecosystem. Over 100 private cybersecurity companies arelocated in Colorado Springs, home to the National Cybersecurity Center, anonprofit for cyber innovation and awareness. Startups and small businesses inColorado Springs gain dedicated support from mentors, higher educationinstitutions, and accelerators.The veteran population from surrounding air force bases such as Peterson AirForce Base contribute to the emerging talent. Tech-savvy talent in ColoradoSprings is recruited from a veteran pool of 80,000+ and five collegescertified by the National Security Agency. Colorado Springs is also home tothe Catalyst Campus—a collaborative ecosystem where industry, small business,workforce training, entrepreneurs, startups, and venture capital intersectwith aerospace and defense industry to create community, spark innovation, andstimulate business growth.The below four tech companies are emerging startups that call Colorado Springshome: 1. BluestaqBluestaq delivers advanced software systems to the U.S. Department of Defense(DoD) and participates in the Chamber & EDC cyber diversification program,promoting a more vibrant and sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem in ColoradoSprings. In March of this year, Bluestaq received a $280 million contract fromthe U.S. Space Force for the Unified Data Library (UDL) to expand an existinglibrary of space objects that integrates data from commercial and governmentsources. The new two-year contract extension is for development and dataintegration of the UDL through 2024.Bluestaq was also recognized as a 2020 Colorado Company to Watch and in 2019,recognized by the Colorado Technology Association as the Emerging Tech Companyof the Year. Looking for a career with an innovative software company? Checkout the careers section on their webpage here. 2. AltiaLocated in downtown Colorado Springs, this company is a graphical userinterface technology (GUI) company that improves display screens in cars andother products that utilize IoT. Altia recently helped Ford redesign theirF-150 truck dashboard displays, scheduled to debut this fall. The displaysshow navigation and driver-assist features. Altia software has designedinstrument and dashboard displays used in more than 10 million Ford vehiclesand 45 million cars, trucks, and scooters from other manufacturers, withanother 60 million that will be manufactured during the next five years,according to The Gazette.Looking for a cutting-edge graphics software career at Altia? The company hasadded 20 employees during the past year to expand its workforce to 100 andplans to add another 10 by the end of 2021 – apply here. 3. Quantum MetricQuantum Metric is a platform that helps companies improve their websites andapps by harnessing continuous real-time feedback from end users. QuantumMetric landed $200 million in venture capital in a deal that values thecompany at more than $1 billion, making it the first technology “unicorn” inColorado Springs. The transaction is the largest investment ever in a localstartup in Colorado Springs. Quantum Metric’s 120 major customers includeAlaska Airlines, Bass Pro Shops, FanDuel, Lenovo, Lululemon, and WesternUnion.The company is on an upward spiral which could employ 800 or more peoplewithin two years with plans to stay put in Colorado Springs. Join the team andhelp organizations build better digital products. 4. BombBombBombBomb has a software that converts leads and generates referrals throughsimple video, making it easy to record, send, and track video messages fromyour laptop, smartphone, Gmail, Salesforce, and more. During the pandemic,BombBomb’s software allowed teachers to provide feedback and guidance to theirstudents face-to-face, even when they couldn’t be there in person.The company added a handful of temporary and permanent employees to its staffof 145 during 2020 to meet the demand caused by the pandemic. Named the BestMedium-Sized Company to work for in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine, checkout their career page here to learn more.Contact us to learn more on why Colorado Springs is the ideal place to start abusiness with the entrepreneurial spirit and resources to expand any company,especially in the high-tech fields.Categorized in: Blog, Technology

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