Top Edtech Consulting Service Companies In UK

Top Edtech Consulting/Service Companies In UK

Immersive learning through VR. Personalised digital lessons based on eachstudent’s need. Game-based learning. At the beginning of the 21st century,these three aspects seemed far-fetched. But, advancements in technology havemade these and other dreams a reality in many classrooms.With the introduction of AR and VR, classroom learning has undergone atremendous change. Learning has become much more immersive. Students are nowable to view enhanced versions of an image and objects on their mobiledevices. Moreover, VR and AR are making learning a compelling experience. Boththese techniques have taken digital learning to new dimensions. From atoms toplanets, and from Egypt to the Colosseum, students can explore and learn somuch more, all while sitting in the comfort of their classrooms.We have already witnessed gamification being used in classrooms in differentforms such as leader boards, reward points, badges, and stickers. In addition,now, gamification is the one trend that guarantees an increase inparticipation, engagement, and competition. Gamification incentivises studentsto learn and practice, improving the overall learning process. Teachers canuse gamification as a means to increase engagement, boost motivation, andcreate an interactive classroom environment.Social and emotional learning (SEL) is another emerging technology that showsimmense promise in helping students not only understand and manage theirfeelings but also develop empathy for others. Students learn to build positiverelationships with others and make sound decisions. SEL also helps studentsacademically.As a multitude of these trends is set to nurture the education sector’sgrowth, Education Technology Insights has compiled a list of leading EdTechconsulting/service companies in the UK that are at the top of their game. Theenlisted organisations are transforming teaching and learning at theconvergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine alsocomprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends,best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 5 EdTechConsulting/Service Companies in UK – 2020.”Top 25 Fast-Growing EdTech Companies & StartupsEducation has been the most highly affected industry by COVID-19. Workplacescontinue to operate remotely, businesses operate online, and the healthcaresector is working the same as before. But, educational institutes are one ofthe highly affected organizations.Lockdowns and closure of schools worldwide have given rise to EdTech startups.While we see universities/colleges move online, startups already operating inthat niche tend to grow.The already tech-savvy newer generations have to study online, and that ischanging multiple industries. Because if you change the policies in theeducation sector, it will directly affect the healthcare and business sector.The people who will join healthcare and start/work for businesses in thefuture are now in schools. Therefore, the education sector is the mostimpactful of them all.Education is going to become an industry worth $7 trillion by 2025. Startupsin this industry will be the most impactful and successful. These companieswill be shaping the new generations.In this article, we will discuss the EdTech startups that you must keep an eyeon in 2021. These companies have the potential to lead the EdTech business.The list comprises the startups launched in 2021 – the post-pandemic era.

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Find more about innovative ideas for own eLearning startup in 2020Read moreFounded: 2006Location: New York CityTPT is one of the amazing companies in the realm of education technology.Primarily, it connects teachers with teachers allowing them to exchange studymaterial.TPT works on an Open Marketplace business model securing funding via thePrivate Equity model.The aim is to breed deep connectivity in the teacher’s community. Teachers cansell and buy worksheets, lesson plans, and additional material from theirpeers.Since the Pre to K-12 segment has a homogenous study syllabus, TPT helps themembers gather the essential study material. Moreover, very few edtechcompanies have a similar business model.Founded: 2006Location: SeattleAs far as E learning startups go, Dreambox Learning is a very intuitive andexciting online education platform. Dreambox Learning uses the concept ofAdaptive Learning technology, which is rarely seen in even the top edtechcompanies.Where other education companies provide comprehensive learning, Dreambox usestechnology to teach mathematics.The mix of education authenticity and technology makes learning Maths easy andprogressive. Further, it helps the students learn maths without moving out oftheir comfort zone.First, they understand the level of the student’s knowledge. With this, thecourses recalibrate to address the student’s issues better.Founded: 2012Location: Mountain View, CaliforniaCoursera is one of the biggest education technology companies. It connectsstudents with more than 150 universities.They offer courses from diverse subject areas. Thus, helping students learnfrom the best educational institutions.Students can get access to on-demand video lectures and community forums. Notonly this, but Coursera is one of the biggest startups that is impartingeducation via e learning.With a total of 9 funding rounds, this edtech company has raised $313 Million.Founded: 2008Location: Salt Lake City, UtahAnother one of the amazing education startups that cater to the teachingcommunity. Instructure helps teachers create new courses and also allotassignments.Further, there are more than 3000 universities that have a listing on thiscloud-based platform.This startup’s USP is that it combines an LMS and a Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) to impart education.Founded:2008Location: New York CityOne of the most advanced top edtech companies, Knewton focusses on adaptivelearning.Knewton allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This isin combination with developing their intellect in the subject.Apart from the inclusion of smart learning, teachers can receive analyticalreports for the students. Like other startups, Knewton aims to make E learningeasy.The students can also get personal recommendations about learning techniques.With a total of 9 funding rounds, Knewton raised a total of $182.3 Millioninvestment.Founded: 2005Location: Santa Clara, CliffChegg works in three major domains. Chegg provides digital notes and subjectmatter to the students.Unlike other companies’ platforms, the students on Chegg can opt for onlinetutoring on the edtech platform.It focuses on helping the students with their homework and self-learning.Thus, making the students independent.More importantly, on Chegg, the students can also buy, rent, or sell books.This helps the students to reduce their burden and get more financial leeway.Founded: 2000Location: New York CityDonorchosse is one of the unique and innovative edtech companies giving toppriority to practical learning.As a non-profit organization, the students can get funding for their projectsby donors.It connects donors and students. Students can freely work on their innovationswithout limiting themselves to self-funding.This breeds a culture of understanding the practical applications of therelevant subjects.DonorsChoose has got around $7 Million from 3 funding rounds.Founded:2010Location: BengaluruThere are only a handful of large scale startups that streamline professionaleducation. Simplilearn is an amazing portal that provides certifications forprofessional courses.As an edtech platform, it also helps the employees of different companieslearn more about their fields. This allows professionals to become better intheir field and look for better job prospects.Today Simplilearn is actively becoming a part of the professional training. Ina total of 4 funding rounds, they have got $31 million in funding.

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Check out development challenges and how we did overcome themRead more19 Leading San Francisco Bay Area Edtech Companies To Know 2021The next wave of edtech is designed to mold the minds and sharpen skills ofeveryone from young students to working professionals. Breakthroughtechnologies, like VR and AI, are being employed throughout the learningprocess to make the experience more engaging and ultra-efficient.San Francisco is on the cutting-edge of edtech technology. San Franciscoedtech companies are helping educators better communicate with parents andcraft more personalized lesson plans, while students reap the benefits ofgamified learning and smart studying platforms. Edtech even helps adults learnnew skills, both in the office and in their personal lives.

Interactive Learning – A Revolution

They also enhance the entire teaching and learning process by leveraging thepower of digital technology. Interactive learning is one such example, whereinstudents can take a more active role while learning.Unlike traditional classrooms, online classes can help teachers useanimations, audio-video, live doodling, graphs, and live links to otherresources in real-time to make a topic more in-depth and interesting.

What is an Edtech Company?

An Edtech company, also known as an educational software company, is a companythat enhances the teaching and learning process with the power of digitaltechnology. Educational software companies create software and hardware thatempower teacher-led education and improves the learning outcomes of students.Interactive projection screens, in-classroom tablets, smart whiteboards,online real-time content delivery, and MOOCs are all examples of EdTech. Allthese technologies help make learning hyper-interactive.Let’s now look at the best education technology companies that are doing agreat job is changing the way teachers teach and students learn by ensuringinteractive learning.

These are the Leading 13 EdTech Companies in Canada:

* * *Prodigy is the developer behind the Prodigy Math App, an interactive role-playing game where students battle ‘monsters’ with correct solutions to mathquestions.Paper (formerly GradeSlam) provides chat-based help from tutors through livechats and file sharing.Top Hat offers classroom engagement and content management solutions, trackingattendance, enabling discussion, managing classrooms, access to interactivetextbooks, and on-device testing.Classcraft is a role-playing game (RPG) that creates a collaborative andcompetitive learning environment where students and teachers can playtogether.Thinkific operates a marketplace to create, buy, and sell courses integratingvideo, audio, text, marketing support, and editing tools for creators.Parlay Ideas promotes a discussion-based learning tool that encouragescommunication and the sharing of ideas between students and educators.ApplyBoard is a career guidance platform for higher education students,enabling simple foreign university applications.Axonify enables businesses to build and share front-line employee trainingprograms unique to each entity.FreshGrade is an online learning network allowing for seamless communicationbetween students, teachers, and parents through a digital portfolio.Destiny Solutions provides SaaS solutions assisting colleges and universitiesin their efforts to attract, manage, and maintain their non-traditionalstudents with services managing curriculum, enrollment, and systemadministration.D2L is a cloud-based learning solution provider for testing, tracking,reporting, virtual classrooms, and web conferencing. They also develop massiveopen online courses.Absorb LMS offers course and content management along with training andadministration capabilities for authentication, administrative reporting, andregistration.Altus Assessments has a suite of tools used for academic admission assessmentand skill tests.13 DC edtech companies shaping the future of learningThe year 2021 has been kind to many technology categories in DMV, but one thathas been in the headlines almost more than any other is the city’s thrivingedtech industry.With increases, acquisitions and product launches, education technology hasenjoyed unparalleled practical growth as schools continue with virtuallearning techniques and seek new ways to bring technology into the IRLclassroom. At the same time, institutions are looking for new models to runfront offices and make education more accessible.But we understand that it is difficult to keep up. So just in time for the newschool year, we have gathered 13 of the best edtech companies in the metroarea that you need to know.

Full Survey Education: The one who helps you out in the administration

officeWe’re still not done with the Blackboard connections. In 2013, Greg Davies,one of the founding team members of Blackboard, founded Full MeasureEducation, a company that develops communication software for theadministration side of college to help lower dropout rates.A few years later, as a startup, it raised $ 5.5 million and $ 6 million back-to-back investment rounds led by Wayne, Pennsylvania’s Protect scientificinformation.In 2021, the NoMa company raised another $ 10 million Fulcrum Equity Partnersthat will be put to employment, add an entire floor to its headquarters andexpand its product offering.Davies told in June that the company now serves 450 schools, themajority of which have been added over the past year and a half.

Knowledge for practice: The one who brings edtech to frontline workers

Following a $ 3.7 million increase in January 2020, Bethesda, Maryland-basedSaaS platform for Adult Learning Knowledge to Practice (K2P), launched asubscription-based learning module for physicians in July of that year.After collaborating with health organizations in South Carolina to implementthe platform for 25,000 GPs and professionals, it turned Current MD COVID fora mobile app filled with updated COVID-19 research and discoveries in micro-modules.Legends of Learning, HQ’d near Union Station in DC, offers tutoring games forhigh school students that teachers can assign to their students.After raising $ 9 million in 2017, the company made enough of a splash to landNo. 3 on our 2018 RealLIST startup. We haven’t checked out their WFH setups,but before the pandemic, you could often find robes hanging on staff chairsaround the office (for all IRL superhero needs, of course).

MPOWER Financing: The one who puts his $$ where his mouth is

Founder in 2014, MPOWER Financing, which offers loans and financing fordeferred efforts for childhood income (DACA) and international students, is ahuge player in DC’s market. And it has the funding to prove it.In 2018, it landed $ 110 million in financing for its students and then gotanother $ 100 million in loan financing from Goldman Sachs again in 2019. Itsgrowth continued in 2020 as it provided $ 9 million in fresh funding plus anadditional $ 25 million in January 2021 (aaaand another $ 5 million in March).If that wasn’t enough, it also claimed one of DCs megarounds in July withanother $ 100 million in an equity round and $ 52.5 million in unlimitedcorporate debt. So founder Manu Smadja told us in July that ESG practicesshould be at the heart of any business. Whoa, do you have all that?

Vemo Education: The one who takes on student debt

This has been a good year for Arlington’s revenue-based payment platform Vemo.In June, it acquired a Boston-based edtech company Edmit for an undisclosedamount, and the couple has already begun work on their new student service:Vemo and Edmit will pay for a six-month loan to eligible students who cannotfind a job within a year of graduation or earn less than $ 20,000 a year .It also found some impact in August, as it was at the top of DC companiesnamed in 2021 Inc 5000 list as

Words LIIVE: The one that lets you compare Kendrick Lamar and Beowulf

Words LIIVE, founded in 2015 by Salvie Salvo, is one of the more creativeofferings on the DC edtech scene. Its software lets students compare thelyrics to popular songs along with classroom lyrics to help explore literaryconcepts and improve reading skills.Earlier this year, Salvo and LIIVE were also named semi-finalists in GSV Cup,a pitch competition for edtech startups. To date, it has raised over $750,000, and Salvo is currently launching a brand new product offering for thecompany that helps teachers with lesson plans.

Austin Edtech Companies You Should Know

* A Cloud Guru * Aceable * Civitas Learning * Schoology * Upswing * Amazing.comaceableDriving and smartphones may not seem like the smartest combination forstudents, but Aceable has brought driver’s education to mobile devices withgreat success. The digital courses prepare students for the written portion ofdriving tests in Texas, California and other states. Students can also learnabout defensive driving techniques, which can lead to insurance discounts orclear a traffic ticket from their record.A Cloud GuruA Cloud Guru is the world’s largest cloud computing school with over 700,000engineers having taken courses. The company offers beginner to advanced levelonline classes on everything from introduction to Google Cloud to certifiedSysOps Admin tests. A Cloud Guru is currently being used by Women Who Code,Expedia and Qualcomm to teach their engineers.360training.comEducation doesn’t end at graduation. With, training andeducating new employees or professionals interested in expanding jobopportunities can learn new skills. By integrating e-learning technology withprofessional content, companies like Duke Energy and US Bank have efficientlytrained employees for complex jobs using’s programs.academicworksColleges and universities want the brightest students to attend, and thatoften means handing out scholarships to those who show great potential.AcademicWorks helps keep track of all those scholarships with a comprehensivemanagement service. The company’s products handle everything from complianceto stewardship of scholarship funds at nearly 500 institutions. With theirautomated system, more students can apply to more scholarships too, makingsure those funds are going to those who deserve it most.amazing.comAs many entrepreneurs know, ideas alone can’t power a business. Amazing.comhas courses for entrepreneurs of all levels. The service partners withbusiness leaders to share information and get startups off on the right foot.Courses include short lessons to fit into busy days and range from financialliteracy to courting clients.civitas learningWith everything a student does online, from researching on the library’swebsite to submitting a term paper, they are generating data. But data alonedoesn’t provide much insight on how students are faring. Civitas Learning usesinstitution-specific predictive models to monitor how students are performing,along with graduation expectations and other key predictions. With a focus ondata science, Civitas may even expand beyond education thanks to a $60 millionfunding round last year.compasslearningTo ensure a fair education for all, many schools abide by standards set forthby local, state and federal officials. Software maker Compass Learning makesstandardized learning programs engaging at all levels. Many students enter theclassroom with an understanding of technology, and Compass leverages that tokeep students on track.peopleadminPeopleAdmin is a talent-recruitment and management platform used by K-12schools and higher education institutions. The software offers applicanttracking, position and performance management, employee onboarding and data-driven analytics reporting. More than 700 organizations are using the cloud-based solution.penpal schoolsMeeting new people is a huge part of going to school, but PenPal Schoolsexpands the pool of new people a student may meet to enhance learning andbuild understanding across cultures. By connecting classrooms around theworld, the company takes the traditional pen pal experience and adds moderntechnology to turn it into a more powerful learning opportunity. Students inboth classrooms can learn together, and teachers can track progress to monitorwhich lessons are working best.prepifyWhile the ACT and SAT are meant to measure a student’s learning, those withthe means for comprehensive prep classes often have an advantage in taking thetests. Prepify uses its free, online SAT/ACT prep courses to get low-incomestudents ready for the potentially life-changing test. The business alsosticks with students through the college application process, connecting themwith schools that fit their skills.queriumQuerium understands that everyone learns differently, and it tailors itslessons to each student. Crafted for kids who grew up on computers, Querium’sprograms prepare students for college placement tests. An artificiallyintelligent visual tutor keeps students engaged, particularly with complextopics in STEM education.schoologySchoology is a learning management system (LMS) that operates like a socialmedia site for students, educators and parents. The LMS does everything fromenabling educators to post assignments and quizzes to running full onlinecourses. Founded in 2009, the company is now growing out of both its New Yorkheadquarters and satellite Austin offices.tk20, inc.Elite schools stay on top because of the great teachers that help studentssucceed. Tk20 keeps track of teachers and other staff with powerful assessmenttools, making sure that students are learning as much as they can in theclassroom and beyond. Integrated tools built on proven methodologies help keepinstitutions on track. Tk20 also provides tools for the accreditation process,strategic planning and institutional research.upswingGetting a tutor used to mean going to a stuffy room in the local library orwaiting after school to meet with a senior looking to fill a bullet point ontheir resume. But Upswing brings tutoring online to help students stick outtough classes. With video, audio and virtual whiteboard tools, students andcertified tutors or teachers can connect online. And Upswing’s data collectionallows them to better engage with students who may be struggling, before theyeven know it.Top 10 Edtech Companies in USA

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