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Computers System Design

Computer systems design is a rapidly growing technology market in Kenya, aswell as the rest of the world. Systems design involves the process of defininginterfaces, architecture, and modules required for a computer machine tofunction properly. To configure high-quality products, these industriesspecialize in computer hardware, communications systems, and software.Essentially, these businesses are responsible for how CPUs are designed andbuilt. Exploring opportunities in this field, you can access a high potentialfor growth and business portfolio diversification. Naturally, launching acomputer systems design firm ensures that you will remain competitive in theincreasingly technological digital world. Certainly, emerging-market investorsshould be on the lookout for computer systems design industry opportunities in2021.


Furthermore, biotechnology businesses are becoming another booming area.Biotechnology involves the use of living organisms to manufacture and developconsumer products. For example, this often encompasses the geneticmanipulation of microorganisms to develop antibiotics, hormones, andpharmaceuticals. At the same time, the biotech industry is responsible for thedevelopment of new bioengineered body parts that could change medicine.Exploring opportunities in this sector, you can contribute to engineeringproducts that will improve our lives, as well as the well-being of our planet.Of course, the biotechnology market offers the potential to preserveresources, minimize infectious disease rates, and achieve medical advancement.Indubitably, Kenyan entrepreneurs should explore biotechnology businessopportunities this upcoming year.There are several emerging tech industries in Kenya to be on the lookout forin 2021. First and foremost, computer systems design is a rapidly growingtechnology market in Kenya, as well as the rest of the world. Next, eCommerceretail is a major tech industry in Kenya to watch for in 2021. Of course, themarket for custom software development in Kenya has shown continuous signs ofgrowth for several years now. Moreover, the fintech, or financial technologyindustry has rapid signs of growth across Kenya. Furthermore, biotechnologybusinesses are becoming another booming area. Follow the points highlightedabove to learn about the top emerging Kenya technology markets to lookout forin 2021.Best Fintechs in Chicago, RankedFrom its parks and breathtaking beaches along Lake Michigan to its beautifulskyline and superlative architecture, Chicago has plenty to offer. The city isalso a bustling business hub, with the best fintechs in Chicago making theirmark on the world.Advancements in technology have led to the rise of fintech that supports thefinancial ecosystem, and Chicago, already a business mecca, is turning into afintech hub. Benzinga’s guide to the top 10 fintechs in Chicago will help youlearn more.Contents 1. What is Fintech? 2. 10 Best Fintechs in Chicago 1. 1. Best Debt-Management Fintech: Beyond Finance, founded 2016 2. 2. Best Credit Union Fintech: Alliant Credit Union, founded 1935 3. 3. Best Small-Business Support Fintech: SpotOn, founded 2017 4. 4. Best Home Insurance Fintech: Kin Insurance Inc., founded 2016 5. 5. Best Money Transfer Fintech: Pangea Money Transfer, founded 2012 6. 6. Best Investment Portfolio Management Fintech: Halo Investing, founded 2015 7. 7. Best Low-Cost Payments Processing Fintech: CardX LLC, founded 2013 8. 8. Best Online Brokerage Fintech: ThinkMarkets, founded 2010 9. 9. Best Investing Platform Fintech: M1 Finance, founded 2015 10. 10. Best Investor Support Fintech: Morningstar Inc., founded 1984 3. Chicago: Home to the Best Fintechs

1. Best Debt-Management Fintech: Beyond Finance, founded 2016

Beyond Finance is a fintech company whose main objective is to offer financialfreedom to its clients through a transparent process that aims at offeringtailor-made products to suit their needs. With Beyond Finance, users can savemoney and be in control of their debt situations. The company consolidates itsclients’ debts into easy-to-manage installments.The company has total funding of approximately $170 million in April 2021.Several events showcased Beyond Finance’s determination to take its servicesto the next level. Some of these include being listed on AscendEX and its IDOlaunch on PolkaBridge. The company also introduced decentralized exchange forsynthetic asset trading.

4. Best Home Insurance Fintech: Kin Insurance Inc., founded 2016

Kin serves customers in the home insurance segment. Founded in 2016, it’sfully licensed to offer affordable home insurance products to property owners.Even though Kin’s headquarters is in Chicago, the company extends its scope ofservice to a vast region that includes Florida and California, which are proneto natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires. The coverage consists ofhurricane protection, condo insurance, flood, wildfire and earthquakeprotection.In May, Kin raised $63.9 million in Series C funding from Allegis NL Capitaland other investors. Kin noted that it would add more than 100 employees toits staff to service its vast clientele.

5. Best Money Transfer Fintech: Pangea Money Transfer, founded 2012

With its headquarters in Chicago, Pangea Money Transfer offers world-classmoney transfer services thanks to its global coverage covering more than 40countries. Customers can benefit from real-time money transfers to their bankaccounts, debit card deposits and cash pickup locations. Other advantagesinclude no account maintenance fees and elimination of hidden fees oroverdraft penalties.The Pangea platform is technologically advanced to allow money transfersthrough a 3rd-party app.Pangea has a total funding value of $32.7 million and 12 investors. In March2021, the company was acquired by Enova International for an undisclosed sum,demonstrating that it’s a blue-chip company that any investor would put moneyon.

6. Best Investment Portfolio Management Fintech: Halo Investing, founded

2015Halo Investing is a modern fintech that offers a wide range of services to itsclientele. It uses a highly advanced system that allows investors to accesstheir investment portfolios from anywhere. The platform provides a marketplaceapproach where clients can get structured products instantly at the prevailingprices. As an investor, you can choose your portfolio and set your requiredexpectations regarding returns and pricing.Halo Investing has a total funding value of $15.1 million, and in June 2019,it benefited from $12 million capital in Series B funding. In the same month,it raised $11 million from William Blair Circle and Alliance Life in Series Bfunding.

9. Best Investing Platform Fintech: M1 Finance, founded 2015

M1 Finance is one of the best fintechs in Chicago. It offers an onlineinvesting platform that individuals can use when dealing with theirinvestments. You can customize the platform depending on your needs and borrowfunds depending on your portfolio. Therefore, M1 Finance is like a bank withready products for its clientele.The company prides itself on operating under lower fees, using innovative andbetter strategies that enable individuals to build wealth. M1 Finance totalfunding amounts to $173.2 million, and in April 2021, it raised $30 millionfrom seed investors.

Top Fintech Company: Betterment

Betterment is a digital wealth manager whose “robo-advisor” algorithm selectsinvestments and builds a diversified portfolio for its clients — most of whomare Millennials. The company also employs human investment advisors, with astaff of 240 people, and a portfolio of more than $16.4 billion in assets.

Climb Credit

Climb Credit is a student loan outfit offering curated finance packages forselected courses from selected colleges and universities. The company’s focusis on “schools offering the knowledge and skills required for jobs with strongearning potential in today’s economy.”Climb Credit is working with 70 schools across America and has financed theeducation of 6,000 students to date. The company has also secured $66 millionin venture capital (VC) funding and debt.

Top Fintech Company: Lemonade

Lemonade is an insurance carrier that has already attracted more than $470million in funding, and which, as of last year, attained “unicorn” status,with a valuation of two billion dollars.Lemonade uses artificial intelligence and behavioral economics models tocompile insurance offers for homeowners and renters. Customers pay a flatmonthly fee, which is partly used to cover potential claims, and partly forbuying reinsurance.

Top Fintech Company: Policygenius

Another insurance technology or insurtech player, PolicyGenius, was founded bytwo former McKinsey consultants who saw a gap in the insurance industry anddedicated themselves to shifting the industry online and into the hands of theconsumer. The company currently has a valuation of between $120-180 million.Policygenius provides an online shop for various types of coverage, includinglife insurance, long-term disability, health, renters insurance, and petinsurance policies. Using its highly personalized Insurance Checkup, users candiscover their coverage gaps and review solutions for their exact insuranceneeds. Policygenius also provides highly accurate quoting engines that offerside-by-side comparisons of tailored policies.

List of Popular Fintech companies in Kenya

Kenya is the most attractive market in Africa for workers in the fintechindustry. New data shows that companies in Kenya pay the highest salaries incomparison to other countries. below is a list of some of the favouritefintech companies in Kenya

5. Branch International

Branch is a new way to access credit over a smartphone in Kenya. Customersneed to fill out an application for an affordable loan that is delivereddirectly to their mobile money account.The Branch app offers personalized, the responsive customer support that meetsthe needs. It is one of the many mobile money lending apps in Kenya.

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