What does a director of information security do

4. Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester

One of the most sought after and highest paying security jobs, a Systems,Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester or “PenTester,” is a network securityconsultant who attempts to break into and find exploits in computer systemsand software. They are considered to be a variety of ethical or “white hat”hacker. They are expected to run numerous tests with the goal of achievingnetwork penetration. Then, the PenTester will complete an assessment reportabout the vulnerabilities they have discovered.While they will often run pre-determined test types, they will also designtheir own tests. The job of a penetration tester requires a great deal ofcreativity, imagination, and determination, as well as a high degree oftechnical know-how.A Penetration Tester must have a complete and intimate working knowledge ofexisting systems. They must also commit to maintaining ongoing knowledge ofnew and upcoming systems in order to deliver usable vulnerability reports byexploiting real vulnerabilities.Average Salary: $83,137

What does a chief information security officer do?

A CISO’s responsibilities include: * real-time analysis of immediate threats, * keeping up with developing security threats and helping the board understand them, * making sure data isn’t being misused or stolen by internal staff, * managing projects, * making sure all information security processes run smoothly, etc.

Chief information security officer salary

As a CISO, you can expect one of the highest salaries in the cyber securityfield. The salary starts from $105,000 and up to $225,000, making the mediansalary somewhere around $163,000.

What does an information security manager do?

An information security manager’s daily duties include: * assessing an organization’s security measures, * analyzing reports generated by the monitoring system, * managing backup and security systems, * looking after the data recovery in emergency situations, * overseeing security violation investigations, etc.

Security architect salary

As a security architect, your salary will be somewhere between $79,000 and upto $139,000 per year. This makes the median salary for a security architectaround $106,000.

5. Director of Information Security

A director of information security is a professional who is in charge ofdesigning, implementing, managing, and allocating all information securitymeasures within a company. They report directly to a CISO, and in smallercompanies, they even assume the role of one.

What does a director of information security do?

A director of information security’s duties include: * managing security programs, * supervising security departments, * distributing resources accurately and efficiently, * keeping an eye on vulnerabilities and threats, * developing strategies to handle security incidents, etc.

Director of information security salary

As a director of information security, your salary will fall somewhere between$67,000 and $157,000, depending on the company you work for. This makes themedian salary around $103,000.

What does a network security engineer do?

The responsibilities of a network security engineer include: * maintaining LAN, WAN, and server architecture, * solving existing security problems, * creating virus detection programs, * developing tracking scripts for system vulnerabilities, * investigating security breach alerts, * maintaining virtual private networks, firewalls, email security, etc.

Network security engineer salary

As a network security engineer, you can expect to earn somewhere between$57,000 and $128,000, depending on the company you work for, your level ofexperience, skills, and education. The median salary is around $85,000.

What does a penetration tester do?

A penetration tester’s daily duties include: * creating tests that simulate a cyber crime, * identifying application vulnerabilities, * suggesting security strategies, * assessing the physical security of systems, network devices, and servers, etc.

Penetration tester salary

As a penetration tester, your salary will be between $57,000 and $136,000,depending on where you work and how much experience you have. This makes themedian salary somewhere around $80,000.The cyber security field offers many career opportunities—penetration testing,cloud computing, to security architecture. In addition to these high payingjobs, there are many more that have median salaries well above average.However, we’ve chosen a few ones that stand out.If you found these jobs interesting and would like to make a career out ofthem, you should check out the Master of Science in Cyber Security program weoffer.

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