10 Email Marketing Specialist

1. Marketing Coordinator

This is a perfect entry level marketing job for you if you love quantitativeresearch and crunching numbers is your thing. As a marketing coordinator,you’ll be primarily involved in developing and executing marketing strategies.You’ll work with a marketing manager or a senior executive from the marketingdepartment. Moreover, you’ll be the bridge between senior marketing managementand marketing staff, clients, and suppliers.This means you’ll get firsthand experience of understanding how ‘marketing’actually works in a company.Additionally, you’ll get a chance to polish your communication skills, sinceit involves a lot of coordination.The job descriptions vary but generally marketing coordinators get to do allof the following: * Developing marketing strategies * Marketing planning * Developing and managing marketing and advertising campaigns * Assisting the marketing manager * Developing, editing, finalizing, and monitoring marketing material * Generating marketing reports * Marketing data analysis * Coordinating with employees, clients, and suppliers * Marketing budget monitoring * Planning and arranging meetings * Communicating and coordinating with the sales teamAccording to Salary, the average salary of the marketing coordinator in the USis between $48 and $62:There are over 13K entry level marketing coordinator jobs available on Indeedwith an average salary of $43,452 per year.Also, Glassdoor has 941 entry level marketing coordinator open jobs with anaverage salary between $17K and $100K.Yes, it is a full-fledged marketing post and this is why chances of growingand becoming a marketing manager increase significantly.

2. Marketing Assistant

As a marketing assistant, your primary job will be to work with (andsupport/assist) the marketing manager and executives for strategy development.In other words, you’ll be working alongside a marketing manager as anassistant.It’s fairly different from a marketing coordinator position which you act as abridge between management and employees. In the case of a marketing assistantposition, you work on strategy development and profit maximization.Here are a few major tasks that you’ll have to do as a marketing assistant: * Assist marketing manager * Monitor and improve marketing campaigns * Generate ideas * Support and assist the marketing team * Handle large marketing projects * Visit customers, clients, and suppliersThe average salary of a marketing assistant is $14.10 per hour, but it can beas high as $22.11 per hour. This salary greatly depends on your niche whetherthat’s working in more traditional companies such as blue-collar maintenanceand production or a fast-growing tech startup.Indeed has 46K+ marketing assistant jobs available to choose from. This meansmarketing assistant positions are in higher demand when compared to marketingcoordinator positions. In other words, you won’t have to face high competitionfor a marketing assistant job.This is an excellent role if you are not sure which marketing specializationto dive into. This job will allow you to explore areas of marketing anddevelop your interpersonal skills. The next step on the career of a marketingassistant might be a marketing representative role, a sales representativerole, or some other entry-level marketing associate position.

3. Marketing Analyst

This is a technical and crucial position where you’ll be involved in advanceddata analysis and reporting, that will be used for decision-making. In anutshell, it involves marketing research, data collection, data analysis, andthen reporting the data in an easy-to-understand way.As a marketing analyst, you’ll track and analyze marketing campaigns, suggestimprovements based on data, and track the performance of marketing campaignsusing appropriate measures (ROI, conversion rate, etc.).However, since all (or most of) marketing decisions are based on reportsgenerated by a marketing analyst, this job comes with high responsibility.Here is a list of major tasks that you will be performing as a marketinganalyst: * Marketing research * Data collection from customers * Data analysis * Reporting * Competitor analysis * Market analysis * Decision-making assistance * Identification of new products, target markets, tactics, and sharing recommendationsWith challenging job demands comes a lucrative salary. According to Indeed,the average salary of a marketing analyst is around $68K a year. However,there aren’t too many entry-level jobs available in this category (4617 jobs).Expect high competition since there are fewer jobs.Marketing analyst jobs are challenging and technical. And this is one of thereasons why not too many marketers choose this field. Not everyone istechnical.

4. Marketing Intern

A marketing intern position is a perfect entry-level job for anyone who isinterested in entering the marketing industry. However, I’m not a big fan ofthis job as it’s too basic in nature. You won’t learn a lot of things fromthis job.Moreover, many people will ask you to start for free, which I don’t recommendeither.But here is a good thing: Getting a marketing intern job is the easiest ofthem all. This is the most entry-level position in the list.If you’re struggling to start your career in the marketing industry, andnobody seems to be interested in hiring you, try applying for marketing internposts.You’ll get a chance.Here is a list of tasks that you’ll perform as an intern: * Research and analysis * Manage social media accounts * Handle marketing campaigns * Assist the marketing team with their daily tasks * Perform entry-level sales * Conduct basic market research and identify trending news and stories * Monitor social marketing metrics for performance analysis * Prepare presentations about the business development * Create and schedule social media contentThe average marketing intern salary in the US is $11.71 per hour. The overallsalary range from $7.25 to $19.92 per hour.One positive point about a marketing intern position is that you’ll get thechance to work with many experienced marketing professionals.You’ll find a lot of marketing intern jobs on Indeed and Glassdoor. There areover 13K jobs available on Indeed as of now.The job of a marketing intern is simple and doesn’t come with a lot ofchallenges. This gives you ample time to learn and improve your skills. It isrecommended to choose your marketing field while working as an intern.Specialization is essential for career growth.

6. Digital Marketing Assistant

This is not the same as marketing assistant positions. As a digital marketingassistant, you’ll assist the CMO with digital marketing only. Thus, yourinteraction with traditional marketing (TV ads, billboards, radio, etc.) willbe negligible.Overall digital marketing spends in the US has increased dramatically inrecent years and is expected to cross $129 billion by 2021. In fact, digitalmarketing spends have already surpassed traditional marketing spends in theUS. For this reason, this is the best entry level job you can think of.Your job will be challenging since you’ll be managing digital marketing whichis way different than traditional marketing. Here are a few major tasks thatyou’ll have to perform: * Assist in the development and implementation of digital marketing strategy * Monitor traffic, leads, sales funnel, and ROI * Track and monitor performance metrics * Manage presence on all the marketing channels including blog, email marketing, YouTube, social media, and others * Manage the company’s blog * Conduct analysis and reports * Communicate and collaborate with marketing teamsThe average salary of a digital marketing assistant is higher than the salaryof a marketing assistant ($63K+ per year). However, the number of jobs isminimal in this field. There are just over 1000 entry-level digital marketingassistant jobs on Indeed.If you’re well-prepared and have experience in digital marketing, this job isyour best bet.

7. Content Marketing Specialist

This is a highly specialized entry-level job. It’s strictly related to contentmarketing so you’ll get a chance to grow in this field.Content marketing specialists work closely with the content marketing team,CMO, and senior management. You’ll be involved in strategy development foronline content that your company will create, publish, and distribute.It’s a challenging, technical, and high-responsibility job. If you can handleit, your career growth will skyrocket in a few years.Here are some of the tasks that you’ll be doing as a content marketingspecialist: * Develop a content marketing strategy * Execute and monitor content marketing strategy * Identify the right content type of different buyer personas * Develop the editorial calendar * Publish and manage content * Promote content * Track and monitor performanceContent marketing strategists have excellent compensation. The average salaryyou should expect is $23 per hour. It’s more than any other entry levelmarketing job that we have discussed above.Indeed has 2200+ open entry level jobs that you can choose from.When applying, expect competition. You won’t get a content marketingstrategist job easily. So, do your homework.Ask yourself: Are you really one of the best candidates for this job?If the answer is a loud YES, go ahead.

10. Email Marketing Specialist

This is a specialized job that has a lot of growth potential. You’ll get tolearn a lot about personalization, copywriting, CRM, and landing pages whileworking as an email marketing specialist.The tasks include: * Assist in email marketing strategy implementation * Handle email marketing software * Create and send newsletters * Segment users * Build and manage lists * Create and manage email campaigns * Conduct A/B testing * Conduct reports and analysisIt isn’t a very highly paid job but it pays more than general-purposemarketing jobs. The average salary is $49K+ a year and there are over 5K jobson Indeed.There are a lot of jobs available which means entry into this field is easierthan most of the other specialized fields.

What is a Remote Job?

Remote jobs are jobs that you can do away from the office, whether it is athome or any other place. These are traditional roles, but they’re done awayfrom an office location.The number of remote jobs is increasing in every industry as this workarrangement is beneficial for the company, the employee, and in the long run,for the environment as you cut down on travel.

Why Look for Remote Jobs?

I am a big advocate of remote jobs because there are so many benefits ofchoosing remote work as compared to an in-house desk job.The most significant factor is the flexibility to work at home. Being able towork in a comfortable environment can help increase productivity and thequality of work.Other important benefits include cutting commuting costs, saving time, stayingaway from office politics, and finally having a great balance of work andfamily life.Below are the most in-demand remote jobs that you can do from home withaverage income (US) per year.

How to Find Remote Jobs?

Landing a remote job takes some preparation and a bit of work. Before youstart searching for a remote position, you need to check if you havehighlighted some soft skills on your resume like having high self discipline,good time management skills and any prior experience of working remotely.Being a self-starter and highly organized are some of the top qualities thatremote companies look for.Once you have polished your resume for remote work, start searching in placeslike Indeed.com, WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs etc. You can also search the listbelow to find some of the best remote jobs that pay well.

Are You Ready for Remote Jobs?

I know it sounds exciting to go for any of the above jobs (if you have thenecessary qualifications) because of all the perks of working remotely.But before you jump in, think hard about working from home every day. Thoughthe flexibility and freedom to work anytime you want is the best feature ofremote work, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.I love working from home as a blogger. I have friends who work in thecorporate world, and they cannot do this every day; their work suffers if theywork from home.So it’s up to you to decide if this is the route you want to take because ifyou do, then there is no shortage of money or high-quality jobs in remoteworking.I hope you find the job you are looking for and become a remote worker thisyear.​WANT TO EARN UP TO $40/HR WORKING FROM HOME?​Get this FREE Checklist of Work-at-Home Companies that pay $10 – $40 Per Hour& sign up to our newsletter! ​ ​Start applying TODAY!​ ​You can unsubscribe at any time!

4. Social media strategist

Average salary: $53,534Social media strategists conceptualize, organize, and manage the social mediapresence of a company. Within the last decade, social media platforms (e.g.,Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) havegrown tremendously. Each platform has its own purpose, feel, rules ofengagement, and target audience, and most tech companies want to have a socialpresence across many or all of them. Therefore, social media strategists mustnot only know how each platform and its algorithms work and how to read itsanalytics, but also understand how to create content that is meaningful forits respective user base.Social media strategists need to be creative. Depending on the specific role,they may also need analytical skills, writing skills, and possibly even designskills. They must also stay up-to-date on social media trends and figure outways to increase engagement. Those who’ve held entry-level social media rolescan grow into social media managers, more generalized marketing managers,digital marketing leads, or digital marketing directors, or pursue a number ofother careers in marketing.Find social media strategist and other social media and marketing jobs on TheMuse

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