11 Computer Systems Analyst

How to Become a Software Engineer

If you’re interested in this thriving field, there are several paths toqualify for software engineering job openings. Some developers opt for abachelor’s degree or a master’s in computer science.But more and more tech companies and other employers are becoming lessinterested in applicants having college degrees in computer science. Instead,they focus on looking for candidates with practical experience in developingsoftware applications.If you’re looking for a path that’s quicker and more affordable yet just asintensive, check out coding bootcamps. These bootcamps will teach you thefundamentals of software engineering. By the end of your chosen program,you’ll know all things programming. There are also tons of great online codingbootcamps available if you can’t attend in person.

5. Computer Research Scientist

* Median Annual Salary, 2018: $118,370 * Job Growth, 2018-28: 16% (much faster than average)Computer research science is one of the most lucrative and rewarding careersin tech. Computer research scientists are at the forefront of technologicalinnovation. They research and discover new ways to do amazing things withcomputer technology and help drive progress. According to BLS, the outlook forthis profession is excellent, with openings expected to grow at a rate that ismuch faster than average.

How to Become a Computer Research Scientist

To qualify for a computer research scientist role, you’ll need a bachelor’sdegree in computer science or information systems, at the very least. You canalso never go wrong with a master’s degree.

11. Computer Systems Analyst

* Median Annual Salary, 2018: $88,740 * Job Growth, 2018-28: 9% than average)Computer systems analysts are essential because technology changes rapidly.These professionals analyze computer systems for companies and perform updatesto make systems more efficient. Computer systems analysts make our list ofbest IT jobs due to high job satisfaction ratings and competitive pay.

How to Become a Computer Systems Analyst

To become a computer systems analyst, earn a bachelor’s degree in any of thefollowing fields: * Computer science * Management Information Systems (MIS) * Computer systems analysis * Information science * Business analytics

13. Computer Network Architect

* Median Annual Salary, 2018: $109,020 * Job Growth, 2018-28: 5% (as fast as average)Computer network architects design complex digital systems and cloud computinginfrastructure for big and small businesses. This field helps companiesfunction in the digital era.Computer network architects command a high salary and good job prospects. Yoursalary as a computer network architect will vary depending on location. Aprofessional based in California could earn around $123,000 per year, whileone in Florida makes just around $86,000.

How to Become a Computer Network Architect

Master the field by getting a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer scienceor computer engineering. You can also opt for related fields such as networkadministration.

18. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

* Median Annual Salary, 2018: $82,050 * Job Growth, 2018-28: 5% (as fast as average)Network and computer systems administrators are in demand today in virtuallyevery industry in the country. Every business utilizes systems and networks.As a result, businesses need trained professionals to manage these vital andcomplex systems.Network and computer systems administrators earn high salaries, even comparedto other technology jobs. According to Indeed, a network administrator with 10years of experience can earn nearly $84,000 a year in California.

How to Become a Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Employers would usually look for a bachelor’s degree. However, others mayaccept certifications or a two-year associate degree.

24. Computer Systems Analyst

* Average Base Salary: $112,926 * Job Growth, 2019-29: 7%A computer systems analyst ensures an organization or company makes efficientuse of technology. This coding career involves extensive research andimplementation of the latest technology, analyzing the benefits and costs ofupdating tech, and overseeing the installation of technology upgrades.

How to Become a Computer Systems Analyst

To become a computer systems analyst, you’ll need an advanced degree incomputer science, business, or a similar field. If you want to work as acomputer systems analyst in a certain industry, such as healthcare or finance,then consider taking graduate courses related to those fields.There are also coding bootcamps available that train you to become a computersystems analyst. These programs don’t have degrees, but they take less timeand train you for immediate employment.

How to Become a Software Developer

To become a software developer, you’ll need a two- to four-year degree incomputer science or a related field. There are other means of becoming asoftware developer, such as coding bootcamps. These programs don’t come with adegree, but often provide hands-on training, career advice, counseling, andother tools to help you find a coding job after graduation.

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