16 Computer Software Engineers

1 Computer & Information Systems Manager

Median Salary: $142,530 Job Growth: 11% Number of Jobs: 414,400Also called IT project managers, computer and information systems managers areadvanced and experienced professionals who determine information technologygoals and create systematic plans to meet them. Like many managers, they takean all-encompassing approach to their jobs, generating long-term plans,delegating assignments, and organizing phases of an operation. They will alsoneed to determine both short and longterm personnel needs and staffaccordingly. As a computer and information systems manager, you willessentially direct all computer-related work and determine the steps to createa better network and software system. Recommended entry level education is abachelor’s degree.

3 Computer Hardware Engineer

Median Salary: $114,600 Job Growth: 6% Number of Jobs: 64,400These are the professionals that deal directly with physical computercomponents, such as processors, circuit boards, memory chips, and routers.They are engineers, so they deal with the physical nature of technology andmay be tasked with creating new hardware that is more efficient or effective.While computer hardware engineers may not deal directly with code and softwaredevelopment on a regular basis, they will test completed models of theirequipment, sometimes using existing software or programs to make the newhardware function. They may also update current hardware to meet the advancedneeds of evolving software.

5 Computer Network Architect

Median Salary: $109,020 Job Growth: 5% Number of Jobs: 159,300These professionals are the ones who design and build data communicationnetworks, ranging from LANs, for “local area networks,” to WANs, for “widearea networks.” The networks that are assembled by these experts can connecttwo offices in different cities or connect a complex network of offices,satellite offices, and in-home offices. One of the tasks that a computernetwork architect will complete is the initial planning for a computer system.They may also have to present plans to an administrative or leadership board,and could be asked to upgrade security systems or research new and emergingtechnology that could be beneficial to the organization’s network.

50. Genetic Counselors

Image SourceAverage Salary: $31,340A gene counselor would do what you might expect: Provide information andsupport to families who have members with birth defects or genetic disordersand to families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions.These counselors are adept at identifying families at risk, interpretinginformation about the disorder, analyzing inheritance patterns and risks ofrecurrence, and reviewing all the available options with the family.

44. Healthcare Social Worker

Image SourceAverage Salary: $51,000This profession specializes in offering both individuals and groups with thesocial and psychological support to cope with illness and disease, whetherchronic or acute. Healthcare social workers help people to access services andeducation related to health problems. The goal is to have the client achieveand maintain a state of optimal health so they can function in their dailylives. Social workers also act as a client advocate, educator, coordinator ofcare, adviser, and strives to preserve the healthcare and dignity of thepopulation they serve.A career as a healthcare social worker is perfect for those who enjoy helpingother people in times of distress, crises, and uncertainty. But it can bestressful for the worker.

39. Community Program Administrators

Image SourceAverage Salary: $57,950Social workers who enter management positions often oversee nonprofit agenciesor social service programs that serve specific communities. In these types ofpositions, professionals are responsible for coming up with strategic ideas,raising money, budgeting and directing a staff. An example of a social serviceprogram would be a homeless shelter for families that provides both immediateand follow-up assistance.The skills needed are a combination of management and leadership. Managementincludes functions such as planning, program design, information systems,program evaluation, financial management, human resource management, andsupervision. Leadership includes visioning, inspiring and motivating staff,strategic management, and organizational change.Prospects for social and community service managers is good, and projected togrow 21 percent from now to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.

38. Criminal Justice Educators

Image SourceAverage Salary: $60,000These post-secondary instructors teach courses in criminal justice,corrections and law enforcement administration. This role includes bothteachers who are primarily engaged in classroom teaching and those who domostly research.

16. Computer Software Engineers

Image SourceAverage Salary: $95,960Thinking of a career as a staff software engineer? It might pay to keep goingto school for that extra two years then. The average worker with this jobtitle and a four-year degree pulls in $79,104.09, according to CareerBliss.If, however, you have the same title plus an extra couple of years ofeducation, you can expect to earn 17.57 percent more, or $95,960.47. Overtime, that two years of tuition should pay for itself.

13. Human Resources Senior Officer

Image SourceAverage Salary: $99,200A human resources official oversees the HR department of companies and isresponsible for the activities that take place there. Average salaries forthis profession are around ninety six thousand dollars. They’ll supervise HRworkers while ensuring that all aspects of the department run smoothly. Thisusually involves a large number of different responsibilities related directlyto human resources.Things like benefits administration, employee compensation, performancereviews, disciplinary action, paid time off management, hiring andtermination, and more are included in the field. They also take time todevelop new business strategies based on HR models that can be applied toimprove productivity and boost a company’s bottom line.

11. Computer and Information Research Scientist

FlickrAverage Salary: $103,000Computer scientists develop new technologies, systems and computer-basedsolutions. As theorists, designers or inventors, they develop solutions in avariety of contexts, particularly at computer hardware and software companies.Computer scientists, also called computer and information scientists, can workfor government agencies and private software publishers, engineering firms oracademic institutions. Businesses and government agencies usually employ thesescientists to develop new products or solve computing problems. Computerscientists employed by academic institutions are typically involved in moretheoretical explorations of computing issues, often using experimentation andmodeling in their research.

8. Computer Research Scientist

* Job outlook through 2020: 15% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 4,100 * Median annual wage: $108,360This position has the least number of new jobs, but that’s because it is adifficult field to enter. Computer and Information Research Scientiststypically require a Ph.D., and so the candidate pool is small, which keeps thedemand for this role high. Among other duties, computer and informationresearch scientists write algorithms to help businesses analyze data.

10. Computer Support Specialists

* Job outlook through 2020: 17% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 123,000 * Median annual wage: $47,610It’s the lowest paying job on the list, but it also requires the least amountof time in school; most employers will hire candidates with a postsecondarycertificate or an associate degree. There are two types of computer supportspecialists: computer network support specialists and computer user supportspecialists.Computer network support specialists usually work with IT staff totroubleshoot problems. Computer user support specialists, also known as helpdesk techs, assist customers and non-technical employees.

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