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Finding Nursing Jobs from Home with FlexJobs

FlexJobs’ listings are updated daily, so finding a remote work-from-homenursing job can be just as easy as keeping up to date on current postings.Stay connected to the best companies for flexible medical jobs and find remotenursing positions at a variety of employers.Don’t forget to share this article with friends!16 Companies that Hire NURSES to Work from Home by Chris Durst Mar. 31, 2017We’ve reviewed and revised our list of companies that hire home-based nurses!Not so very long ago, the idea of nurses working from home seemedunattainable. After all, nurses need to be in the same space as the patientsthey help, right? Not any more!Following are 16 companies that routinely hire home-based nurses for a widevariety of positions. If you are a Registered Nurse, or know an RN or LPN whowould love to work from home, this list is for you!* * *Humana Humana, an insurance company, hires nurses to work from home in a variety ofroles, including care managers, telephonic CCR, case managers,Preauthorization List (PAL) clinical advisors, and others.Some positions may require local travel to visit with patients.Click here to see their work from home jobs. Enter NURSE in the “Keyword”field > select “Virtual/Work At Home” from the “Work Environment Type” menu >click the Search button.* * *AetnaAetna regularly posts positions for teleworking nurses.Click here to see their work from home jobs. Enter NURSE in the “Keyword”field > click the “Go” button > look for jobs that say “Yes” in the “PotentialTelework Position” column.* * *HealthHelpHealthHelp hires home-based clinical review nurses.Click here to see all open positions.* * *Anthem Anthem regularly posts jobs for nurse care managers and other roles.Click here to see the latest work from home jobs. * * *McKesson Hiring in the US and Canada, McKesson hires RNs to work in a variety ofpositions. In some roles, you will need to travel to see patients in theregion.Click here to see their current openings.* * *Carenet Health Services Carenet hires Registered Nurses to service their clients via telephone.Services include Nurse Triage, Medical Decision Support, Medical DeviceMonitoring Services, Member Engagement Initiatives and Healthcare Supportprograms.Currently, they are hiring in AR, CO, IA, MS, MO, ND, NE, NC, SC, TN, TX, VAClick here for details about current openings.* * *Sykes Assistance Services CorporationSykes hires home-based nurses in CANADA for their telehealth positions.Click here to search. Select “All Areas of Interest” menu > select “Work fromHome” from the “All Locations” menu > click the Search button.* * *FONEMED FONEMED hires Registered Nurses provide telephone triage and health advice tocallers across North America.Currently, they are hiring in most states.Click here for open positions.* * *UnitedHealth Group Hiring RNs for a wide variety of positions, UnitedHealth Group has a robusttelecommuting program.See all of their telecommuting positions here.* * *eQHealth SolutionsHires RN’s for a variety of work from home positions, including case managers.Click here for all of their positions, and scroll to look for RN openings.* * *Cigna Many insurance companies have jumped on the work from home bandwagon in a bigway, and Cigna is toward the head of the pack.They hire Registered Nurses as consultants, clinical care managers, concurrentreview trainers/writers, health risk educator consultants, and many otherpositions.See their open positions here. Enter NURSE in “Keyword” field > select “Yes”in the “Work at home opportunity” menu > click on the “Search for jobs”button. * * *The Hartford The Hartford frequently posts for Nurse Case Managers and other roles thatrequire an RN license.To see their positions, click here. Enter NURSE in the “Job Title” field >click the search button (magnifying glass) > look for “Yes” under the “RemoteWorker Option” column.* * *Healthfirst This New York based health insurance company frequently posts positions fornurses to work as case managers. They may require that you train on-site inNew York.Click here for to see their current work from home positions.* * *Centene Corporation Hires home-based case managers and utilization review nurses on a regularbasis.Click here and enter the word REMOTE into the “Keyword” field.* * *Best DoctorsPeriodically posts openings for remote RNs.Click here to search. Select “Remote” from the “Location” menu > enter “nurse”in the “Description Keywords” field > Click the “Search” button.* * *Altegra HealthAltegra Health periodically hires remote nurses.Click here and enter the word “remote” into the keyword field > click searchand scan results for nursing positions.For more work from home jobs and gigs, see our Newest Jobs & Gigs page. Wepost new leads every day except Sunday. Good luck!PLEASE SHARE this post – turn your friends into Rat Race Rebels!


MediTelecare is a telehealth service that helps patients find providers formental health services.The company currently has positions available in the following states: VT, ME,NH, VA, IA, TX, MS, KS, WV, NE, MO, MN, OK. You’ll need a valid RN licensein one of these states to work with MediTelecare.The Telehealth Clinical Psychologist is a remote position that allows you toconduct phone assessments of patients who call in about services and helpreview and coordinate services.You’ll also need to complete daily documentation to assist the billingdepartment.A doctoral degree for psychology or a related field is a requirement, andpsychiatric or geriatric experience is preferred.Visit MediTelecare Careers

Citra Health Solutions

Citra Health Solutions gives RNs the opportunity to work from home providingcoordinated care, coaching, and motivational behavior modification tools topatients with chronic health issues enrolled in Citra’s Chronic CareManagement program.Visit Citra Health Solutions Careers

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions has a variety of work from home positions,including a Medical Reviewer Nurse for those certified as RNs. You’ll bereviewing medical billing and claims and make decisions on appeals and denialsbased on given information.Must have RN in home state, plus a compact license, and should haveprofessional RN experience in a clinical setting.Visit BroadPath Healthcare Solutions

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

RNs can apply for a Surgical Clinical Reviewer position through GeBBSHealthcare Solutions. The job is usually listed on FlexJobs or Indeed, ratherthan on its website, so keep an eye out on these job boards.The full-time contract position requires providing consultations to medicalstaff, analyzing information, quality assessments, and more. A benefitspackage, including retirement plan and health insurance, is offered.Visit GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

Interim Healthcare

Interim Healthcare provides in-home services to elderly and disabledresidents, so the company looks for Registered Nurses to provide home healthand case management services.As a home health aide, you’ll visit residents and assist them with dailytasks, like bathing, grooming, toiletry, and more.As a case manager, you’ll be in charge of managing a caseload of clients,coordinating patient care, and creating schedules for home health aides, amongother duties.Employees get paid time off, health benefits, flexible scheduling, and otherbenefits.You may have to do some in-person work, like visiting patients and attendingmeetings, but most of the work can be done at home.Visit Interim Healthcare

Molina Healthcare

A leader in the healthcare insurance industry, Molina offers remote positionsfor RNs. You can search for these by using the location feature to search“remote”.One such position is the Care Review Clinician, in which you’ll provide avariety of services to healthcare providers, patients, and the Molina team.The position requires a minimum of 5 years of clinical practice, and it’spreferable to have some experience with Molina and/or Medicaid.Visit Molina Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare occasionally lists remote jobs for RNs on its website,such as the Home Health Care Manager position.This part-time position may require some travel, but you’ll usually beassisting patients from home in coordinating their care between specialists.Visit Piedmont Healthcare

Zelis Healthcare

This healthcare technology company offers payment and management solutions formedical companies to help reduce costs.Zelis hires Nurse Auditors with RN licensure to work remotely and act as anoverseer for medical billing and claims to help reduce unnecessary costs andcross-check billing with insurance benefits.Candidates will need at least 3 years of relevant experience with medicalbilling and knowledge of medical coding.Some travel may be required but will be less than 5% of all work time. Thepositions are full-time and some overtime work may be necessary.Visit Zelis Healthcare

7 Types of Work at Home Nursing Jobs

Luckily, there are now several types of nursing jobs you can do remotely whereyou can put your nursing degree and your spirit of caregiving to good usewhile avoiding a stressful work environment.Compared to traditional hospital work, these jobs are physically lessdemanding and can be performed at home or anywhere in the world.Here are some of them.

2. Telehealth Triage Registered Nurse

Telehealth is increasingly becoming popular. This is when healthcareprofessionals use remote video teleconferencing or audio software over theinternet to provide medical care virtually.As a telehealth triage RN, your role is to take inbound video or audio callsfrom patients, assess their symptoms and the urgency of those symptoms, anddirect them to the right place for them to get treatment; whether they need togo to the emergency room now or schedule a non-urgent telemedicine consultwith a specialist. * REQUIREMENTS: At least an associate’s degree in nursing is required, plus real-life nursing experience and clinical documentation. * SALARY: As you’ll soon discover with the jobs below, telehealth careers offer competitive rates. And unlike other online jobs, nursing jobs from home even include benefits.

6. Medical Writer

Medical writing is a work at home nursing job that requires extensiveknowledge of medical terminology and procedures as well as excellent writingskills.Medical writers are usually tasked with writing print or digital materialsthat are used by everyone from medical professionals to the general public.Examples include promotional materials, journal articles, press releases, blogposts, medical product inserts, and other similar documents. * REQUIREMENTS: At least a bachelor’s degree in nursing is required. Writing experience is highly desired but usually not required. * SALARY: The average starting salary of medical writers is around $70,100 a year as of April 2021 (Source)

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