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MNC India: Top 30 Leading Multinational Companies in India

Post globalization, liberalization, and privatization in 1991, the Indianmarket scenario has completely changed. Our country became the fertile groundfor the growth of Multinational Companies (MNCs). Today when we live in the21st century, and after almost 30 years, we have seen the MNCs grow andflourish in India. These companies have a stable and readily availableworkforce. Apart from providing employment, these companies have hugeinvestment and infrastructure that has promoted foreign exchange growth. Inthis blog, we have listed 30 leading multinational companies in India that onecan consider to get work to boost his career.

4. P&G (Procter & Gamble)

Even if you think that you have not heard the name of this MNC, you have usedP&G products in India. The brand has been associated with many consumer goods,from detergents to shampoo and sanitary napkins to diapers. You will find theP&G logo on products like Arial, Tide, Pantene, Gillette, Olay, and manyothers to name. It focuses on a wide range of grooming, health, beauty, andhousehold care products. This array of products offers by P&G has made it oneof the best multinational companies in India.Founder- William Procter and James GambleYear of Establishment – 1837Revenue Generated – 6,768 crores USD (2019)Total assets– US$ 115.1 billion (2019)Total equity– US$ 47.58 billion (2019)

5. Coca Cola Company

Coco-Cola was one of its kind company that promoted non-alcoholic beverages inthe country. It is American multinational beverage cooperation with theheadquarter in Atlanta. It ventures into retailing, manufacturing, andmarketing of non-alcoholic beverages and syrup since 1886. In the year 1993,the brand entered the country, and today it is one of the leadingmultinational companies in India.Founder – John Stith Pemberton as a pharmacist and Griggs Candler as anentrepreneurYear of Establishment-1982Revenue Generated – 45.99 billion USD (2018)Total assets– US$ 83.21 billion (2019)Total equity– US$ 16.98 billion (2019)

7. Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a Japan-based multinational company leading in the fieldof consumer electronics goods. It entered the Indian market in the year 1994.It has carved its niche in the array of electronics that includes mobilephones, television, play station, cameras, and many more to name. Today it isundoubtedly, one of the leading multinational companies in India.Founder – Akio Morita and Masaru IbukaYear of Establishment –1946Revenue Generated – 80 billion dollars (2019)Total assets– ¥23.039 trillion (2020)Total equity– ¥3.746 trillion (2019)

12. Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever Limited or HUL is the Indian subsidiary of Unilever, aBritish-Dutch multinational company headquartered in Mumbai. It was renamed‘Hindustan Lever Limited’ in 1933. HUL was founded in 1933 and merged withconstituent groups in 1956. Its products include foods, cleaning agents,personal care products, water purifiers, and Fast-moving consumer goods.Year of Inception – 1933Revenue Generated – ₹38,785 crores (US$5.4 billion) (2019-20)

17. Bosch India

Robert Bosch, or only Bosch, is primarily a German company. It has beenvisible in India for some time now, and it is one of the leading companies inIndia. The company works in four major business sectors: consumer goods,mobility, energy, and building technology and industrial technology. Theproducts encompass hardware software, household appliances, drives, andcontrol and power tools.Founder – Robert Bosch Year of Establishment – 1886Revenue Generated – €78.5 billion (2018)Total assets– €83.87 billion (2018)Total equity- €36.08 billion (2018)

19. Accenture

Accenture is an Irish company with multinational services. It is on the listof Fortune Global 500 companies. The company is dedicated to its clients forproviding the services through provocative thinking and transformativeinsights. Accenture offers a wide range of services, strategies, digital,technology, and operations. Accenture’s current clients include 91 of theFortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.Year of Establishment – 1989Revenue Generated – US$43.20 billion (2019)Total assets- US$29.79 billion (2019)Total equity– US$14.41 billion (2019)

23. Tata Consultancy Services

Seeing the customer care record and goods produced by this MNC, Tata Group isdefinitely one of the most trustworthy and best multinational companies inIndia. It has more than 660800 employees, and Tata Sons currently own thegroup. The headquarter of TCS is in Mumbai and operates in 46 countries. It isknown for the business in IT (Information Technology) services, BusinessProcess Outsourcing (BPO), and business solutions. This is one of the top 10largest Indian companies.Founder – Jamsetji TataYear of Establishment – 1968Revenue Generated – ₹161,541.00 crores (US$23 billion) (2020)Total assets- ₹120,899.00 crore (US$17 billion) (2020)Total equity- ₹84,126.00 crore (US$12 billion) (2020)

24. Cognizant

With employees over 255800 where half of the employees are Indian, Cognizantis amongst the most reputed MNC in the world. The company is also part ofNASDAQ-100. In the year 2011, the company was counted amongst the Fortune 500Company. It provides IT services, such as consulting, digital technology, andoperations services. As one of the fastest-growing companies, Cognizant is oneof the leading companies in India for IT and MBA graduates.Founder – Kumar Mahadeva Year of Establishment – 1994Revenue Generated – 16.8 billion (2019)Total assets- US$16.2 billion (2019)Total equity- US$11.02 billion (2019)

26. IBM (International Business Machines Cooperation)

Talking about the information technology industry, no other company can topIBM on the list. Its Indian headquarters in Bangalore provides IT services,including application management, storage consultancy, business consultancy,nanotechnology, and computer hardware. Its core business focuses onmanufacturing hardware, software, and middleware and providing hosting andconsulting services. This MNC is known for its invention, softwareintegration, equipment, and services, which assist forward-thinkinginstitutions, enterprises, and people who build a bright planet.Founder – Charles Ranlett FlintYear of Establishment – 1992Revenue Generated – 7,714 crores USD (2019)Total assets– US$152.18 billion (2019)Total equity– US$20.98 billion (2019)

29. Citi Group

This Multinational Company was found in the late ’90s after the accusation ofTravellers Group and Citicorp. It’s Indian headquarter is in Mumbai.Currently, the company has over 40 branches in the country which are operatedunder the name of the Citibank itself. It is one of the oldest and largest MNCin the country with the whooping revenue generated every year.Founder – Samuel OsgoodYear of Establishment –1902Revenue Generated – 19.4 billion Dollar (2019)

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