3 Ames and Des Moines Iowa

1. St. Louis, Missouri

Many now see the mid-western city of St. Louis, Missouri as a new hub forinnovation and tech. With its diverse city geography, low costs of living, andstrong university systems, this metropolitan area serves as a focus point fortech startups and job opportunities. An increase in startups has led to thedevelopment of the Cortex Center, an innovation community focused on research,tech, and entrepreneurial exchange. Additionally, the T-Rex Facility, anonprofit technology startup incubator, has led to the creation of 4,000 newjobs and houses over 215 growing companies. Plus, the development of bothCortex Center and TREX creates a strong tech future for St. Louis, Missouri.Tech Companies in St. Louis, MO: Gateway Inc., EaglePicher Tech, DonaldDanforth Plant Science Center, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Daugherty Systems

2. Tampa, Forida

A city known for its beautiful scenery and fun attractions, Tampa, Florida isa booming area for tech companies, jobs, and startups. As the largest tech hubin Florida, representing 25% of Florida’s tech jobs, Tampa houses more than 50IT and software companies. As a result, this led to over 2,000 new jobs in thepast two years. Innovative communities such as the Tampa Bay Wave, a nonprofitorganization that works to support, build, and grow tech companies in theTampa Bay area, have supported over 150 tech startups. With Tampa’s idealculture for tech startups and job opportunities, it is the perfect time tolook for new opportunities.Tech companies in Tampa: Tech Data, Jabil Inc., WellCare Health, Data Tech,ConnectWise

3. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan shifted its gears from the “Motor City” to the new globaltech hub. With a relatively low cost of living and work, Detroit attracts manytech companies and startups. As the city’s entrepreneurship hub, TechTownDetroit supports tech startups to help grow and launch their business.Therefore, if you’re looking to move to Detroit in hopes to pursue a career inthe technology field or to build your tech business, now is the time.Tech companies in Detroit: Google, Compuware, General Motors, MarkerOS,Ambassador

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is quickly emerging into atechnological hub for AI, robotics, and biomedical companies. Not only hasthis “Rust Belt” city turned into a popular tech hub for many large companies,it is also a vey affordable place to live and work. Plus, Robotics Rowrepresents one of the most famous tech spots within the city located along theAllegheny River. In addition, it’s home to Edge Case Research.Tech companies in Pittsburgh: Gridwise, Hospital IQ, Rapid Flow Technologies,Immersive Systems

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Looking to relocate to the southeast region? A growing city for a number ofindustries served as one of the most significant tech hubs for both companiesand those looking for tech jobs. With its relatively low cost of living,diverse community, and strong university systems, more companies look to growtheir industries and relocate to Atlanta. Home to the fourth largest techvillage in America, the Atlanta Tech Village focuses on expanding and creatingsuccessful tech spot startups.Tech companies in Atlanta: Microsoft, MailChimp, Infor, Charter Global Inc.,SalesLoft

6. Raleigh, North Carolina

Known as one of the most cost-affordable places to live, Raleigh, NorthCarolina keeps expanding its tech scene. With a high demand for tech jobs andspecialties in AI and IT, many tech companies and startups search forqualified candidates to fit these positions.Tech companies in Raleigh: Pendo, Red Hat, Bandwidth, Cisco Systems, IBM

8. Baltimore, Maryland

The East Coast city of Baltimore, Maryland has an economy that makes techstartups and job opportunities ideal. Future development plans of a “CyberTown USA”, which will be located in Port Covington, hope to draw in cybertechcompanies and bring in high-paying jobs.Tech companies in Baltimore: ZeroFOX, Protenus, Terbium Labs, Tratify

9. Miami, Florida

A city best known for its beaches and tourism, Miami, Florida is now widelyconsidered an up-and-coming tech hub for South Florida. In the midst of atech-focused transformation, many companies see Miami as a city ofopportunity. More specifically, in 2017, Miami was named the number oneStartup Capital in the United States. Tech industries such as Healthcare Techand Cybersecurity are growing even more in Miami.Tech companies in Miami: OPKO Health, CareCloud, Neocis, Zudy, itopia

1. Lincoln and Omaha, Neb.

The Cornhusker State likely conjures up images of rolling prairies andsprawling farmland, and while those scenes are certainly part of Nebraska’slandscape, they’re not all the state has to offer. Nebraska’s two mostpopulous cities, Lincoln and Omaha, have both become havens for entrepreneursseeking a home that’s not only affordable, but extremely supportive of newtech businesses, with organizations like the Nebraska Angels — a network of 60active venture capitalists investing in tech businesses in the state. Theresult has been successful startups such as Bulu Box, a monthly serviceproviding samplers of premium health products, and Liberty, an Uber-likeservice that aims to improve mobility in rural areas. Omaha is also home toSilicon Prairie News, a new website that covers the startup scene in Nebraskaand other Midwest states.

2. Huntsville and Birmingham, Ala.

For a lot of cities, investing in a tech economy is a relatively new concept,but the Northern Alabama city of Huntsville has been focusing on innovationsince the 1950s, when NASA built up operations there. The city has built onits legacy as it moved into the 21st century with concerted efforts to helpstartups flourish with helpful resources like The Foundry, an incubator indowntown Huntsville. In 2017, Huntsville was named the number one fastest-growing tech city by ZipRecruiter and currently has the third most technicalworkforce in the country, according to Bloomberg. The state’s most populouscity, Birmingham, has also received a lot of attention for its recent growthin the tech sector. Through the work of Velocity Accelerator, the InnovationDepot, and others, the city has seen successful startups launch, such asgrocery delivery service Shipt and Daxko, software for health and wellnessorganizations.

3. Ames and Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa is another state considered to be a star of the “Silicon Prairie.” Thecapital city of Des Moines in particular is a stand out — it’s officially thefastest-growing city in the Midwest after successful efforts to recruit andattract millennials. Livability listed Des Moines as one of our best citiesfor entrepreneurs of 2017 given its career opportunities and affordability,and it already ranks among the top cities for tech hiring in 2018.Also see: This is the optimum age to be a successful entrepreneurDes Moines — and the nearby city of Ames, home to Iowa State University — hassuccessfully built on its many legacy industries, from agriculture toinsurance, to bring them into the digital century while also promoting newsectors. The state’s thriving startup ecosystem puts an “Iowa nice” attitudefirst, where the belief is that a rising tide lifts all boats. Startup DesMoines, for example, is an organization with the mission of welcomingentrepreneurs to the community, providing ambassadors to help newcomersnavigate the ecosystem.

5. Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo.

Both Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis — on opposite sides of the state ofMissouri — routinely make headlines for their growing tech economies. KansasCity landed on the map several years ago after becoming the first site ofGoogle GOOG, -1.22% Fiber, and the sector has been growing ever since with ahealthy and vibrant startup scene. Interestingly, Kansas City has been namedone of the best cities for women in tech — it’s the only city in America wherewomen on average earn more than men. St. Louis is also a hot spot to watch,with its downtown area thriving with coworking spaces, tech incubators, VCfirms and a huge number of startups, all a result of collaborative effortsamong private individuals, city officials and universities hoping to invest inthe city’s future.

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