36 Top Healthcare Startups Companies To Know 2021

36 Top Healthcare Startups & Companies To Know 2021

In the fall of 2018, corporate finance advisory firm Hampleton published areport titled, “The healthtech sector is currently one of the most dynamic intechnology M&A.” As a summary of the report notes, “aging populations,increasing patient demands and the rise of lifestyle diseases, coupled withpressure on the costs for delivering care are forcing healthcare providers toinnovate to improve the quality of their services and lower their prices.”

Top Healthcare Technology Companies & Startups

* Tempus * Flatiron Health * Kyruus * VillageMD * Collective Health * Rally Health * Wellframe * Verge Genomics * Doximity * QuiO * PatientPop * Strata Decision Technology * Hinge Health * HeadspaceThose innovations are made possible by technologies that range from blockchainand artificial intelligence to big data analysis and advanced sensors. IoTconnectivity plays a key role, too. And data is central, but not on its own.As Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, toldForbes, “Up until three-to-five years ago, all that data was just sittingthere. Now it’s being analyzed and interpreted. It’s the most radical changehappening in health care.”Employing a wealth of digital information, these 36 healthtech companies areharnessing powerful technologies to create healthcare products and servicesthat benefit patients and providers alike.Circulo HealthFounded: 2021Focus: HealthtechWhat they do: Circulo Health is revamping the Medicaid system with artificialintelligence that streamlines the experience for both providers and patients.Because of its unique partnership with Olive.ai, Circulo Health has givenhealthcare professionals the tools to automate certain tasks and gatherinformation at a faster pace. Underserved communities now have access to high-quality care while providers have the ability to offer tailored treatmentswith more data at their disposal.Medely


Location: ChicagoWhat it does: Tempus creates data-harnessing technology to personalize cancertreatment using genomic sequencing, clinical data structuring, imagerecognition, biological modeling and other means. It’s stated goal is for eachpatient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before.Strata Decision Technology

Strata Decision Technology

Location: ChicagoWhat it does: Strata develops SaaS solutions several areas of the healthcareindustry, including finance analytics and business intelligence. It’sStrataJazz platform was designed to simplify and streaming planning,budgeting, forecasting and the management of operating and capital spending.VillageMD

Collective Health

Location: San FranciscoWhat it does: Collective Health’s integrated, cloud-based platform benefitsself-insured employers and their workers by merging HR needs such as claimsadjudication, administration and financial operations with member support andintegrated analytics. Advantages include waste control waste, more effectivecash flow management and more accurate financial reporting.iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm Technologies

Location: San FranciscoWhat it does: iRhythm’s diagnostic monitoring solutions are designed toimprove health while reducing costs. Its wireless Zio Patch, for the diagnosisof cardiac arrhythmias, is applied by a doctor. Patients then simply press thepatch upon feeling any irregular heart rhythms and log a description of saidevent in a provided booklet or via mobile app/website before returning themonitor by mail so the results can be used to make a diagnosis.Bswift

Carie Health

Location: MiamiWhat it does: Carie Health lets users connect with board-certified physiciansfrom their smartphones, tablets and laptops. A lower-cost solution totraditional healthcare, it’s as simple as signing up, locating your personalphysician or choosing one from Carie’s network, scheduling an immediate orfuture consultation and visiting the doctor.eHealth Technologies

eHealth Technologies

Location: Rochester, N.Y.What it does: eHealth Technologies is in the medical records business. Itsmany healthcare solutions include concierge service that provides patientoutreach, retrieval of medical records, images and pathology from disparatesystems, record organization and image exchange that lets users access imagesfrom any connected site. Additionally, its Physician Engagement Suite ofsoftware helps patients find the right doctors and facilities.Eceptionist

Reflexion Health

Location: San Diego, Calif.What it does: Reflexion Health’s prescription software includes Vera, motion-tracking technology that acts as a virtual exercise rehabilitation assistantthat prepares and educates patients for surgery, leads and records exerciseperformance, measures joints and limbs in motion, provides audio-visualfeedback and facilitates “telehealth” visits between patients and healthcareprofessionals.Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics

Location: San Francisco, Calif.What it does: Founded by machine learning experts and neuroscience drugdevelopers, Verge uses artificial intelligence to help pharmaceuticalcompanies pinpoint drugs that have the highest likelihood of success so thatmoney spent on a drug’s R&D isn’t wasted if that drug fails to be approved bythe FDA.Alector

20. Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data and analytics technology andservices to healthcare organizations, committed to being the catalyst formassive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement.

30. Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence provides actionable data insights to thousands of dentalpractices using sophisticated software tools and solutions.

The Page Company

Jordan Page and team provide practical online content and programs designed tohelp women and families become more financially fit, more productive, andinnovative.

42. Strata Fund Solutions

Strata combines highly skilled people with cutting-edge technology to offerthe highest level of administration service to our clients within thealternative investment industry.

Tabula Rasa Healthcare (TRHC)

Source: ShutterstockMegatrend: Big Data / HealthcareSmall health-tech data company Tabula Rasa Healthcare is one of my favoritesmall-cap stocks to buy for one very simple reason: the company is leveragingBig Data to save money and lives.Adverse drug events — or ADEs, wherein someone is harmed from misuse of amedicine — are a big problem. There are over 50 million ADEs every year, andthey cost the healthcare systems upwards of $130 billion per year. They alsoresult in 150,000 deaths every single year — making ADEs the third leadingcause of death in the U.S.With all of that in mind, Tabula Rasa Healthcare is attempting to solveAmerica’s huge ADE problem with big data.Specifically, the company has created a proprietary subscription softwaresolution — the Medication Risk Management Matrix — which combines drug safetyand composition data, with patient health and vital data, to create optimalmedication regimens which match the right medicines, to the right patients, atthe right doses.The big idea is simple: Data-driven, optimized medication regimens will resultin fewer bad prescriptions and inappropriate drug uses. That means fewer ADEs,less ADE-related deaths and lower ADE-related costs.Over the next decade, Tabula’s Medication Risk Management solutions will gofrom having a few customers today, to being the standard for issuingmedication across the entire U.S. healthcare industry. And as they do, bothmoney and lives will be saved.And Tabula’s revenues, profits, and stock price will all roar higher.

Maxar Technologies (MAXR)

Source: ShutterstockMegatrend: SpaceLast, but certainly not least, on this list of small-cap stocks to buy for biggains over the next 10 years is space-tech company Maxar.The bull thesis on MAXR stock comes in three parts.First, Maxar is an industry veteran that’s been around since Neil Armstronglanded on the moon. That means the company has a ton of expertise in allthings space related, robust space infrastructure production capacity and ahuge existing satellite network that is rotating the Earth. The company willrely heavily on these advantages to grow with the booming space industry overthe next 10 years.Second, the company is better now than ever before. That is, a few years back,Maxar was a heavily indebted company spread too thinly across too manyprojects. Ultimately, this caused the company to lose a big satellite in early2019. But, over the past 12 months, Maxar has down-sized its operations, paiddown debt and focused the business model around its strengths: EarthIntelligence and Space Infrastructure.Third, huge investment into 5G and autonomous driving technology will propelbig demand for Maxar’s space-tech solutions over the next few years. On the 5Gfront, Maxar’s Space Infrastructure business will get a big boost as companiespour money into building out non-terrestrial 5G networks. Meanwhile,autonomous driving technology requires granular, 30-centimeter imaging data —the likes of which only Maxar can produce thanks to its existing constellationof imaging satellites. Demand for this granular imaging data will explodehigher over the next decade.As all that happens, MAXR stock will explode higher, too, alongside the SpaceAge boom of the 2020s.Luke Lango is a Markets Analyst for InvestorPlace. He has been professionallyanalyzing stocks for several years, previously working at various hedge fundsand currently running his own investment fund in San Diego. A Caltechgraduate, Luke has consistently been recognized as one of the best stockpickers in the world by various other analysts and platforms, and hasdeveloped a reputation for leveraging his technology background to identifygrowth stocks that deliver outstanding returns. Luke is also the founder ofFantastic, a social discovery company backed by an LA-based internet venturefirm. As of this writing, he was long NIO, PLUG, SFIX, FB, and TSLA.

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