5 Best Real Estate Tech Startup Modus founded 2018

Best Tech Startups in Seattle, Ranked

For years, we have known Seattle for its weather and coffee, but now, there isa new evolution drawing attention towards this Washington city as startupssprout up left and right.One of the main factors contributing to the increase of venture activity inSeattle is big names establishing their engineering offices there. Airbnb,Uber, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, among others, are in Emerald City. This hasattracted high-quality engineers to the city, a key ingredient for building agreat startup. Want to learn more about the best tech startups in Seattle? LetBenzinga’s list be your guide.Contents 1. Top Tech Startups in Seattle 1. 1. Best Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup: Core Scientific, founded 2017 2. 2. Best Compliance and Audit Software Tech Startup: Hyperproof, founded 2018 3. 3. Best Industrial Tech Startup: Kurvv, founded 2019 4. 4. Best Gig Economy Tech Startup: Loopie, founded 2018 5. 5. Best Real Estate Tech Startup: Modus, founded 2018 6. 6. Best Deep Learning Tech Startup: OctoML, founded 2019 7. 7. Best Alternative Food Tech Startup: Rebellyous Foods, founded 2017 8. 8. Best Agricultural Data Tech Startup: Pollen Systems, founded 2017 9. 9. Best Micro-Training Tech Startup: Snack Team Training, Founded 2018 10. 10. Best Market Research Tech Startup: SparkToro, Founded 2018 11. Invest in the Best Seattle Startups Today 12. Benzinga: Ranked

Top Tech Startups in Seattle

To choose the best startups, we looked for companies who are leveragingtechnology to fill a major gap or disrupting an industry. These are the besttech startups in Seattle.

3. Best Industrial Tech Startup: Kurvv, founded 2019

Kurvv is redefining how factories and heavy equipment users increaseproductivity by minimizing asset down time. Kurvv makes software that can useto predict future asset failures so they can be prevented. The software iseasy to use and there is no need for customers to hire data scientists. Withthe use of AI, the software shows the likeliness of an asset having issues orfailures. The Kurvv system is a plug-and-play technology.You plug it in a machine and it starts making predictions. Kurvv is both easyto learn and simple to use, hence making it a suitable foray into machinelearning for enterprises.So far, Kurvv has already raised $1 million in seed money. The benefits ofthis software are promising. Factories and maintenance teams can use thesoftware to know when issues will arise and decide on when and how to conductpreventive measures. This results in reduced maintenance and part inventorycosts on top of productivity gains from reduced downtime. Kurvv makes it easyto know what to expect and prepare accordingly.

4. Best Gig Economy Tech Startup: Loopie, founded 2018

Technology is a means to reduce our workload, and while it’s arguable whetheror not that’s been successful, it has definitely made it easier to outsourcedaily, mundane tasks.Loopie is a startup connecting gig workers with people who need their laundrydone. The same way you hail a digital cab, you can order a digital laundromat.The users or the laundry gig sellers have to use their machines to do thewashing. Buyers use the app to request the service and get their laundry backwithin 24 hours.Loopie also works with select laundromats to become Loopie partners, wideningtheir network of Loopie Home Washers and creating more accessibility for thoselooking to work with Loopie or use their services.The laundry comes back, freshly washed and dried, in a Loopie duffle bag.laundry. Loopie’s CTO is a former Microsoft veteran and they already have $1.3million in funding.

5. Best Real Estate Tech Startup: Modus, founded 2018

There is a new modus operandi when it comes to closing houses. Modus Closingis an app that aims to make the closing process both transparent and secure.They seek to cover every aspect of real estate transactions. Currently, theyhave two products: title insurance and escrow. The startup already has $12.5million in funding, a new office and backing from Trulia’s founder.

6. Best Deep Learning Tech Startup: OctoML, founded 2019

Democracy meets AI with OctoML. This startup comes from the brainpower behindXG Boost, TVM, Apache and Apache MxNet. OctoML is the go-to solution forcompanies that want to use machine learning but do not have the know-how orresources to work with AI on their own.OctoML democratizes AI, allowing companies to deploy AI technology in existingframeworks. After raising $3.9 million as seed, OctoML went on to raise SeriesA and Series B funding. They currently have over 55 employees and counting.

10. Best Market Research Tech Startup: SparkToro, Founded 2018

SparkToro is a startup that helps businesses market in sectors and channelsfrequented by their customers, whether as an existing or target demographic.By analyzing where people are clicking, SparkToro helps businesses positionthemselves to receive these clicks. These insights help marketing agencies, PRfirms, content creators and more to reach their target audience effectivelyand successfully.SparkToro seeks to help small businesses save the amount of money they spendon digital research. Just as their about page says, market research should notbe just available for the big names. Currently, SparkToro has raised over $1.3million in funding.

Invest in the Best Seattle Startups Today

In the first three quarters of 2020, Seattle-based startups brought in venturecapital worth $3.2 billion. In 2019, it was $3.6 billion. These are positivesigns that there is no slowing down tech startups in Seattle. Many fields areripe for exploration, gaming, healthcare, agriculture, you name it. There isalso enough tech workforce to ensure that the tech wheel is not stopped. Othertech cities already offer stiff competition making Seattle the choicestcandidate when it comes to tech innovation and talent. Emerald City is anattractive tech pool for 2021 and beyond.

Benzinga: Ranked

Want to invest in startups or are you Interested in tech startups nationwide?Read other Benzinga rankings, like Best Tech Startups in Chicago and Best TechStartups in Miami. Or, looking for more ways to inform your investingresearch? Check out the Best Tech Blogs and Best Blogs for Investors for greatresourcesRead also: BEST ACCELERATORS IN SEATTLE, RANKEDThe 28 Best Tech Startups to Work for in 2019, According to LinkedIn * LinkedIn recently published its third annual Top Startups ranking, showcasing the best US startups to work for in 2019. * LinkedIn says it selected 50 companies based on four measures: employee growth, job-seeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies list. * These are the 28 tech startups from the list, including Bumble, Coinbase, Bird, Lime, and DoorDash. * Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.LinkedIn recently analyzed and rounded up the 50 best US startups to work forin 2019.LinkedIn says it selected the startups based on four factors: employee growth,job seeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, andhow well these startups pulled top talent from the LinkedIn Top Companieslist.We isolated the tech startups from the full list and present them below. Checkout the 28 best US tech startups to work at now, according to LinkedIn.Best Tech Startups in Provo, Utah, RankedYou’ve heard of Silicon Valley, but how about Silicon Slopes? This popularskiing destination near Provo, Utah, is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.Roughly 10% of Provo’s employees work in the tech industry.Read also: BEST ACCELERATORS IN SILICON VALLEY, RANKEDLooking to get in on the action? Use Benzinga’s list of the best tech startupsin Provo to learn more.Contents 1. The Top Tech Startups in Provo, Utah 1. 1. Best All-in-One Business Startup: Podium, founded 2014 2. 2. Best Upcoming Startup: StockMotion, founded 2020 3. 3. Best Legal Startup: Filevine, founded 2014 4. 4. Best Crowdsourcing Startup: Yoodlize, founded 2018 5. 5. Best Contact Center Startup: Aktify, founded 2017 6. 6. Best Warehouse CMMS Startup: Limble CMMS, founded 2015 7. 7. Best Business Intelligence Startup: Grow, founded 2014 8. 8. Best Remote Workforce Startup: vSpatial, founded 2016 9. 9. Best ESL Startup: Hallo, founded 2017 10. 10. Best Speech Technology Startup: Canary Speech, founded 2016 2. Hit the Silicon Slopes

The Top Tech Startups in Provo, Utah

Our editorial board found the best tech startups in Provo by looking forcompanies filling a gap or disrupting an industry by leveraging technology.These are the best of the best startups in Provo, Utah.

3. Best Legal Startup: Filevine, founded 2014

Filevine is a startup eDiscovery platform allowing law firms to investigateand manage cases directly within a cloud-based system. Here, firms and lawyerscan monitor both intake and lead-tracking, control billing and time-keepingand engage in advanced reporting activities.Built on AWS, users can feel safe knowing they’re using one of the largest,most dependable cloud platforms on the market. This comes with the speed,security, trust and reliability law firms place most concern.Filevine gives legal professionals the space to grow and build their networks.Lawyers have access to the Filevine Community, client referral programs,strategic technology partners and attendance at the renowned Legal XConference.

8. Best Remote Workforce Startup: vSpatial, founded 2016

Designed for remote VR environment, vSpatial uses virtual reality to expandexisting workspaces with: * Multi-Monitor Setups * Visual Backdrops * Spatial AudioActual co-workers (or their avatars) will be by your side. You can communicatein real-time and even share documents and screens, as if you were in aphysical office building.vSpatial works best with popular headsets like Oculus and Windows MR,connecting up to 16 users at once.

9. Best ESL Startup: Hallo, founded 2017

As borders reopen, you may want to consider Hallo to brush up on your languagelearning.Hallo is an ESL-friendly platform, teaching users to become fluent throughEnglish-only immersion, private lessons with both ESL-certified teachers and1-on-1 discussions with fellow Hallo users across the country.Hallo invites students to attend 8 structured English language classes with upto 4 other users. Private lessons are available.Hours are flexible and lessons are available 24/7. Hallo provides studentswith feedback and grades them using AI by engaging in discussions.

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