8 Computer Research Scientist

1. Software developer — also known as software development engineer or

software engineeMedian salary: $107,510Job description. Software developers are engineers who build softwareprograms, applications, networks and operating systems (OSes). While a largeportion of job duties involve building programs through coding, softwaredevelopers typically are involved in critical analyses of user needs, planningtechnical feature requirements, documentation and testing. Software developerpositions may focus on front-end applications that users interact with, theback end, which includes application or program code, or both.Recommended skills. Anyone seeking a software developer position should haveknowledge of and experience coding in multiple programming languages,including C++, C

, Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, SQL Server, Ruby and HTML.

They should also have general knowledge of computer science and softwaredevelopment concepts, critical thinking and strong communication skills. Formore information on developer skills, click here.Paths to this career. For entry-level positions, most companies prefer four-year bachelor’s degrees in computer science. But some software developers mayhave only an associate’s degree or a certificate of completion from a bootcampfor building coding skills. Senior-level positions may require advancedcomputer science degrees.Demand. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numberof software developer jobs is projected to rise 22% between 2019 and 2029.This equates to the creation of 316,000 new jobs.Average salaries of 8 in-demand tech jobs in 2021.

6. Computer systems analyst

Median salary: $90,920Job description. Computer systems analysts design computer systems for clientorganizations. These professionals learn about the business models of theirclients and research which technologies best fit the organization’s specificneeds and use cases. The overall goal is to design a computer system for thecustomer organization with the appropriate hardware, software and network forthe organization’s budget and needs. Computer systems analysts may be employedby client-service firms for computer systems design or work in-house inindustries, including banking, healthcare and technology.Recommended skills. Computer systems analysts typically have the following: * comprehensive understanding of computer systems and IT; * comprehensive understanding of business models and how they use technology; * general computer science knowledge; * current knowledge of technology and business; * critical thinking skills; * research skills; * communications skills; and * client-facing skills.Paths to this career. Computer systems analysts typically have a bachelor’sdegree in information systems or computer science. Some employers may prefercandidates who have bachelor’s degrees in computer science and business-related studies or have a master’s degree.Demand. The need for computer systems analysts is expected to increase from2019 to 2029, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 46,600 jobs to becreated during that period. This is a 7% increase in jobs. Most of theseincreases are linked to expansions in healthcare IT.

7. Computer network architect

Median salary: $112,690Job description. Computer network architects are responsible for designing andconstructing data communication networks for organizations. These include widearea networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs) and intranets. Tasks for acomputer network architect can range from setting up simple connectionsbetween offices, to setting up multicustomer cloud architectures. Coreresponsibilities for a computer network architect include building andpresenting detailed networking plans to management and maintaining propermaintenance and upgrades for network hardware and software.Recommended skills. Computer network architects typically have the followingskills: * expertise in networking technology; * understanding of business IT; * general computer science knowledge; * interpersonal and presentation skills; * ability to understand different business models; and * knowledge of computer and network administration.Paths to this career. Typically, computer network architects have a bachelor’sdegree in computer science, information systems or a related technical field.More competitive positions may prefer candidates with a master’s degree ininformation systems. Computer network architect jobs are not entry-level, asthey usually require five to 10 years of work experience in roles such as anetwork or database administrator, or computer systems analyst.Demand. Between 2019 and 2029, there are projected to be around 8,000 new jobscreated, as a result of expanding IT needs within companies, according to theBureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Software Developer

* Job outlook through 2020: 22% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 222,600 * Median annual wage: $102,880By far, the largest number of job openings on the list is for softwaredevelopers. This growth is fueled by the demand for mobile apps and otherproducts that are driven by technology. While some software developers designapplications, systems software developers design operating systems andinterfaces. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, ormathematics is usually a requirement.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

* Job outlook through 2020: 25% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 127,700 * Median annual wage: $82,710Computer systems analysts are needed to design and install new computersystems, and IT consulting firms hire most of them. Growth has occurredprimarily in the following areas: cloud computing, mobile technology, andhealthcare records. Candidates usually need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports thatsometimes a liberal arts degree is sufficient.

8. Computer Research Scientist

* Job outlook through 2020: 15% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 4,100 * Median annual wage: $108,360This position has the least number of new jobs, but that’s because it is adifficult field to enter. Computer and Information Research Scientiststypically require a Ph.D., and so the candidate pool is small, which keeps thedemand for this role high. Among other duties, computer and informationresearch scientists write algorithms to help businesses analyze data.

10. Computer Support Specialists

* Job outlook through 2020: 17% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 123,000 * Median annual wage: $47,610It’s the lowest paying job on the list, but it also requires the least amountof time in school; most employers will hire candidates with a postsecondarycertificate or an associate degree. There are two types of computer supportspecialists: computer network support specialists and computer user supportspecialists.Computer network support specialists usually work with IT staff totroubleshoot problems. Computer user support specialists, also known as helpdesk techs, assist customers and non-technical employees.

2) Software engineer

* Median annual salary: $92,046 * Job satisfaction: 3.6/5 * Number of job openings: 107,516What software engineers do: Software engineers use knowledge of engineeringprinciples and programming languages to design, develop, and install softwareand systems. This role can start as an entry-level position, with theopportunity to be promoted to senior software engineer roles.Skills and experience: * Proficiency in multiple programming languages such as Java, MySQL/Oracle/DB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript * Expertise with SQL, relational data modeling, and basic database schema design * Experience working across complex enterprise systems to enhance current processes and procedures, while ensuring the validity of enterprise data * Ability to solve architectural and system issues involving scalability and relational databasesCompanies hiring software engineers now: * Classy Llama, Springfield, Missouri – Save the job * Medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance * 401(k) plan, no match * Free lunch and snacks * Robinhood, Menlo Park, California – See the job * Vacation and paid time off * Employer paid health insurance * 401(k) plan with match * Heap, San Francisco – See the job * 401(k) with matching * Free lunch and dinner * Onsite gym, gym/health reimbursement

8) Software developer

* Median annual salary: $77,000 * Job satisfaction: 3.5/5 * Number of job openings: 59,603What software developers do: Software developer responsibilities includedesigning, testing, implementing, and managing software programs. They arealso charged with modifying existing programs to meet company needs,developing quality-assurance testing methods, training users, and evaluatingthe software for its efficiency and usability. They may also implementprograms, integrate systems, train users, and monitor systems.Skills and experience: * Coding in languages such as Java, Python, C

/.Net, Mean, and Ruby

* Problem-solving and analytical thinking * Experience in software testing and debugging * Expertise in object-oriented designCompanies hiring software developers now: * Redjack, Silver Springs, Maryland – See the job * 401(k) with match * Vacation and paid time off * Commuter reimbursement * Travelers, Saint Paul, Minnesota – See the job * 401(k) with 50% matching up to the first $6,000 * 20 days vacation and paid time off to start * Comprehensive health insurance for employees, spouses, domestic partners, and children * Jobot, Orange California – See the job * Employer paid platinum full coverage PPO and HMO health insurance options * Unlimited paid time off * Free life insurance

Employability increases due to experience

Apprentices also become far more employable afterwards, should they choose tomove companies or even departments within the same company due to the level ofon-the-job experience gained.

Software Developer

A software developer is someone who sits in front of a keyboard. Their job isto bash some keys randomly until the correct pop-up window (out of many)appears. It is a very quick job, regardless of the nature of the problem.Software development ends when the developer says “I’m in”.Just kidding. For many, the above is an accurate depiction of not onlysoftware developers, but of the entire IT industry as a whole. In reality, theindustry requires an extraordinarily diverse range of skills, and one personcannot know all of software. Software developers also require collaboration,and this can be achieved with version control software such as Git andBitbucket.The actual role of a software developer is to produce the code that is neededfor the problem at hand, such as mobile application code, database code andserver code. A good software developer is rounded in a lot of programminglanguages, but is best suited to either one or a few with a similar paradigm.The nature of a software developer’s work is to write “pull requests” on ashared codebase. That is, to make incremental improvements upon existingsoftware. These improvements can include fixing bugs or adding new features.

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