9 Health information technology careers

1. Science & Technology

If you’re like most people, when you think of high-paying jobs in SiliconValley, you probably think of the science and technology sector—and for goodreason. The region is a major hub for tech companies large and small, fromgiants like Facebook, Salesforce, and Apple to startups of all sizes, maturitylevels, and industry focus.In fact, there are more than 300 IT firms in the region, according to the SanFrancisco Center for Economic Development (SFCED), which employ more than71,000 tech professionals. That’s an increase of more than 165 percent from2006.According to an analysis of Bay Area area salaries conducted by Zippia (usingBureau of Labor Statistics data), these are the highest paying information,science, and technology-focused jobs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley: * Computer and Information Systems Manager: $184,290 * Computer Network Architect: $139,110 * Computer Hardware Engineer: $137,790 * Software Developer (Systems Software): $130,610 * Computer and Information Research Scientist: $127,060 * Software Developer (Applications): $117,770Because Silicon Valley is known as a technology capital of the world, manypeople covet these top jobs, making it potentially more difficult to breakinto the tech industry compared to others. As such, having relevant workexperience and education is critical. Advanced degrees in fields such ascomputer science, information systems, or computer engineering for IoT canhelp job applicants demonstrate expertise while also gaining the relevant,hands-on experience that employers want from candidates.

17 Computer careers for technology junkies

It’s safe to say that now is a great time to pursue a career in technology. Infact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment ofprofessionals in computer and information technology careers to increase muchfaster than average, with 12 percent growth projected through 2028.1 Let usintroduce you to some of the many computer jobs worth considering.

5. Computer hardware engineer

Computer hardware engineers are tasked with designing, developing andsupervising the production of computer hardware like keyboards, modems,printers, computer systems, chips and circuit boards. Their duties are similarto those of electronics engineers, although they focus exclusively on computertechnology, with tasks like designing blueprints of new equipment, makingmodels of new hardware designs, upgrading current computer equipment andsupervising the manufacturing of new hardware.

6. Computer software engineer

Conversely, computer software engineers focus their work on designing anddeveloping software used to control computers by utilizing the principles ofcomputer science and mathematical analysis. You’ll typically see this workmaterialize through the design and development of computer games, wordprocessors, operating systems and compilers.

9. Health information technology careers

While jobs in technology continue to rise in prevalence, so too do jobs in thehealthcare field. Health information technology (HIT) is an excellent way toblend the two, launching your career in the midst of rapid growth. The HITfield is a specialized subset of information technology professionals who workfor medical facilities and other healthcare organizations to increase theefficiency and quality of clinical care through technology. You can expect toencounter tech positions in healthcare environments that center on elementslike electronic billing and coding systems, electronic medical records andnetworks for digital imaging.

16. Computer support specialist

The important work of computer support specialists is pretty accuratelyexplained by the title itself. They provide help and advice to computer usersand organizations by offering technical assistance directly to computer users.This includes regular testing, troubleshooting and overall maintenance ofexisting network systems.

Which computer career path will you choose?

It’s clear that today’s self-proclaimed tech geeks have the unique opportunityto steer their careers in just about any direction they choose. Can youenvision your future in one of the computer jobs listed above?If you’re considering working in this industry, you’ve likely thought aboutpursuing some formal education in either Computer Science or InformationTechnology. But how do you know which of these options makes sense for you? Welaid out a side-by-side comparison for you in our article, “Computer Sciencevs. Information Technology: Decoding the Differences.”1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational OutlookHandbook, [accessed July, 2020] www.bls.gov/ooh/. Information representsnational, averaged data for the occupations listed and includes workers at alllevels of education and experience. This data does not represent startingsalaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary. JavaScript is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.. Python is a registered trademark of The Python Software Foundation. EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published in 2018. It has sincebeen updated to include information relevant to 2020.The 10 Best Tech JobsIt’s hard to go wrong with a technology degree. According to the NationalAssociation of Colleges and Employers, computer science is the STEM major withthe highest job offer and job acceptance rate. Perhaps that’s why a recentCareerBuilder survey revealed that from in the 2010s, the number of studentscompleting science technology degrees grew by nearly 50%, and the number ofcomputer and information science students rose by almost one-third, makingthese two degrees among the fastest growth rates in the U.S.A degree in a computer-related field can lead to a variety of well-paying andhigh-demand jobs. The best tech jobs pay significantly more than the averagemedian wage of $34,750 and have projected growth rates that are faster thanthe 11% overall rate anticipated for the average U.S. job.By sorting through data from several sources, including the U.S. Bureau ofLabor Statistics (BLS) and jobs website GlassDoor, we compiled the followinglist of the ten best tech jobs.

7. Information Technology Manager

* Job outlook through 2020: 15% * Number of new jobs through 2020: 50,900 * Median annual wage: $127,640Information technology managers go by a variety of other names; for example,computer and information systems managers, chief information officers (CIOs),chief technology officers (CTOs), IT directors, or IT security managers. Whileduties may vary, they usually oversee an IT team and handle the organization’stechnology needs. A bachelor’s degree in a computer or information science-related major is required, though some employers prefer an MBA.

The 24 Best Technology Job Boards to Know:

While working as a tech Recruiter, Dice was one of the first places I lookedto find candidates. It’s an extremely popular technology & IT job board, andis where I’d recommend beginning.Hired is another great job board known for focusing on technology positions.It features high quality, high-salary jobs for a variety of techfields/disciplines.Angel.co is a massive site… sort of like LinkedIn for entrepreneurs and techfounders/tech workers.And now they offer job listings too.So while it’s not only a tech job board in terms of what you can find on thesite, it’s one of the best places to quickly find job leads in the companiesyou want. Highly recommended.The Ladders isn’t only a tech job board but it’s the second place I looked asa tech recruiter, when it came to the job boards I scanned through once perweek.Why? It tends to attract higher level people (the job board started out as“$100K+ jobs for $100K+ people”).They backed down from that slogan and exclusivity but it still attracts high-level job seekers, and therefore high-level employers like many of the techcompanies you probably want to work for.If you follow tech at all you might know about the popular blog TechCrunch.Well, CrunchBoard is their technology job board and it lists some great techand IT job postings.Like most job boards, you can search by location and keyword to narrow downyour results and only see relevant job opportunities.Stack Overflow is the largest online community for software developers toshare knowledge and learn new skills. And yes – they now have a job board aswell.This is worth checking out if you’re a software engineer or programmerGitHub is a site every software developer should know, but not everyone thinksto go there for jobs. GitHub does have a good, searchable tech job boardthat’s worth a look for any tech job seekers involved in programming orrelated fields (like data engineering, etc.)Mashable, the popular site for tech news, also has a job board. You can postyour resume and search job listings by keywords and city. You can also set upjob alerts to be notified when a new posting fits your criteria.Uncubed is a job search website featuring jobs from startups as well asFortune 500 employers.Positions include software engineering, data engineering, data science,product management, UI/UX, and even sales and marketing positions.This is worth a look for any tech job seeker but is especially useful if youhave a skill set that falls outside of programming/engineering (for exampledigital marketing, software sales, etc.)Authentic Jobs features job postings for engineers, but also a variety ofother positions in tech.You can find everything from marketing and copywriting positions to customersupport positions here.So practically anyone can find a suitable tech job on this job board.If you’re an engineer, this is still worth a look. Don’t read this descriptionand write this off just because it includes other roles in tech. This is alsoa solid choice for engineering positions.While this isn’t the flashiest or most modern-looking technology job board outthere, there are some very good job listings on here… and clicking a listingoften takes you directly to the employer’s website so you can apply directlyand save time.This is a feature we love, because you’re not wasting time applying withoutknowing if the job is even still open, etc. (It’s a lot more likely that a jobis still open and “active” if it’s still posted on the company’s website).White truffle allows you to apply to 7,500+ tech jobs via one application. Youwill need to create a “candidate account,” to get started, so this isn’t a jobboard that you can browse without registering.However, if you’re willing to register and put in the time, it does featuremany high-quality employers.IT Job Pro claims to be the “most popular tech job site,” which simply isn’ttrue based on our research. However, they do seem to be worth checking out.They have multiple postings within the last 24 hours, and they feature somevery high level jobs like Vice President of Software Engineering.They have jobs in software architecture, programming, and much more.However, the employers featured on this site primarily seem to be large banks,and other huge corporations like Sprint, IBM, etc.So if you’re looking for small, niche start-ups for your next tech job, thisjob board might not be the best choice.This is a great job board for tech workers who want to join a true start-up.No big banks and corporations here!They’ve got plenty of jobs in areas like front-end development, full stackdevelopment, UI/UX, and even listings of employers looking for technical co-founders, etc.And they show compensation for a lot of the jobs, including equity percentage,etc.A simple, but very good technology and start-up job board by Y Combinator.The layout looks a bit like craigslist: Ultra-simple and plain. But the jobpostings are good, and clicking a listing takes you right to the employer’swebsite usually, which we love.The popular tech-themed content site Hacker Noon now has a job board that’sworth checking out.You can search easily by category, keyword and/or location to find tech jobs,primarily engineering.This is another content site that got into the job board business and did apretty good job of it.Their technology-focused job board has a nice modern interface and is easy tosearch and use to find tech jobs.They feature technology jobs in the US, EU, and other locations.Another true start-up job board, Venture Loop features 61,000+ start-up jobsat the time of writing this.They feature a variety of start-up tech jobs, many for VC-funded companies.This job site lets you apply to multiple top technology jobs in 60 seconds.They feature top tech firms like Foursquare, Jet, Airtable, SeatGeek and more.We weren’t sure what to think of this tech job board at first glance. They’renot popular and they don’t get a lot of traffic.But the listings look good, and clicking a job posting takes you directly tothe employer’s website, which we love (as mentioned earlier).They have a unique interface that shows which key skills each job features,and they seem to have a steady flow of jobs. We saw 100+ jobs posted justtoday, which seemed almost too good to be true, but could be possible.This seems 100% focused on US technology jobs, so this isn’t the best site tofind EU technology jobs. Keep reading for a separate section for EU residents.Tech Fetch is a great site featuring 100,000+ tech jobs across the US.They also offer instant job alerts if you want to upload your resume and benotified when new jobs are posted that match your skills.They offer a “quick apply” feature to upload your resume and submit it to acompany with just a few clicks, but you will need to register an account to doapply to any jobs.This site is for EU job seekers. You’ll find a good mix of technology jobs forEU start-ups here.Note this includes the UK, too. We saw a large number of tech jobs in London,for example.Honeypot is another EU-focused technology job board. They work a bitdifferently, though.Here’s how they describe their site: “Create a profile and let companies applyto you.”So if you’re a tech job seeker in Europe and that sounds interesting, we’drecommend this.If you’re not in the EU, and/or you don’t love the idea of uploading info andwaiting for technology companies to show interest in you, then this isn’t thebest choice.Want to relocate? This is the job site for you. This job board is exclusivelyfocused on jobs with relocation packages.The job listings seem to be primarily EU-focused, but it does include US techjobs, too.

Remote Jobs in Tech:

We just published a list of the best remote job boards HERE, and many of themare focused on tech positions.

Job search next steps

Knowing who’s hiring for computer and IT jobs is a key step in the job searchprocess. But now it’s time to put yourself out there and get some exposure.Need some help with that? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you notonly get job alerts emailed right to your inbox, which cuts down on the amountof time you’d spend combing through ads, but you can also upload up to fiveversions of your resume—each tailored to different types of tech jobs thatinterest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobswith qualified candidates, just like you. Let us help you find a job in thetech industry today.Companies Hiring Computer and IT JobsFind top computer and IT jobs hiring this month.It’s amazing how technology jobs continue to grow. In fact, the Bureau ofLabor Statistics has projected that computer and IT jobs—software developers,database administrators, data analysts—to grow 11% between 2019 to 2029.That’s much faster than the average of all occupations. And here’s the catch:Tech jobs aren’t just at tech companies. So, update your resume, and get readyfor a full season of job interviews at companies hiring now.Using data provided by Monster and Burning Glass’s LaborInsight tool, weidentified some of the leading tech companies for computer and IT jobs onMonster.Click through the companies below to see if one of these would be a good fitfor you. New jobs are being added all the time, so bookmark this page andcheck back often.

Job search next steps

Knowing who’s hiring for computer and IT jobs is a key step in the job searchprocess. But now it’s time to put yourself out there and get some exposure.Need some help with that? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you notonly get job alerts emailed right to your inbox, which cuts down on the amountof time you’d spend combing through ads, but you can also upload up to fiveversions of your resume—each tailored to different types of tech jobs thatinterest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobswith qualified candidates, just like you. Let us help you find a job in thetech industry today.

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