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19 Leading San Francisco Bay Area Edtech Companies To Know 2021

The next wave of edtech is designed to mold the minds and sharpen skills ofeveryone from young students to working professionals. Breakthroughtechnologies, like VR and AI, are being employed throughout the learningprocess to make the experience more engaging and ultra-efficient.San Francisco is on the cutting-edge of edtech technology. San Franciscoedtech companies are helping educators better communicate with parents andcraft more personalized lesson plans, while students reap the benefits ofgamified learning and smart studying platforms. Edtech even helps adults learnnew skills, both in the office and in their personal lives.

Top Edtech Companies in the Bay Area

* Udemy * Quizlet * MasterClass * Remind * Kiddom * Course Hero * CleverThese 19 San Francisco edtech companies are at the head of their class when itcomes to innovating in education.SeesawFounded: 2013What they do: Seesaw’s platform helps unify the learning process by creatingpowerful communication channels between students, teachers and families,helping to unlock creative thinking across subjects. The platform’s engagingtools allow students to showcase their work and take ownership over theiraccomplishments while providing educators with insights into their learningprogress, which families can then celebrate through Seesaw to stay engaged intheir child’s education.SpringboardFounded: 2013What they do: Springboard offers flexible online courses in tech sectors likedata science, marketing, cybersecurity and UX/UI design. The part-time onlinebootcamps are six months long and help students to prepare for a career intech. Throughout a Springboard program, students will work with mentors tostudy, ask questions, receive feedback and prepare for a career in tech.Course HeroFounded: 2006What they do: Course Hero is an online learning platform with access to morethan 40 million course-specific study materials for students. Taking FIN300 atArizona State University? Maybe you go to NYU and are taking ECON 101.Whatever the case, Course Hero has study materials to help college studentsace their tests.MasterclassFounded: 2012What they do: MasterClass lets students take online classes from world-famousexperts. For $15 a month, students have access to everything from filmmakingclasses with Martin Scorsese to tennis lessons with Serena Williams andcooking courses from Gordon Ramsay. MasterClass features classes from expertsin disciplines ranging from business to comedy.CourseraFounded: 2012What they do: Coursera was founded by Stanford professors with a goal ofopening up the doors of high-quality education to people everywhere. Theonline platform features virtual classes and degree opportunities from leadinguniversities in fields like business, computer science and more, withadditional training and development programs available for professionalslooking to broaden their specific skill set.UdemyFounded: 2010What they do: Udemy is an online learning platform and course catalog wherestudents and professionals can go to gain training or education on a varietyof relevant topics. Their on-demand model offers the option to pay course bycourse, which provides an affordable alternative for those looking to gainknowledge in specific areas.QuizletFounded: 2007What they do: Quizlet gives students access to a library of millions of studyguides. The study sets encompass just about every subject imaginable,including biology, social sciences, humanities, math and reading. Since eachstudent learns differently, every Quizlet study set comes with the ability tolearn through a game, through flashcard methods or through a quiz format.RemindFounded: 2011What they do: Remind is a communication tool that connects all partiesinvolved in a student’s educational success under one platform. With theplatform, administrators are able to make school-wide announcements and viewengagement statistics, teachers can directly message parents to update them ontheir student’s learning progress and parents are able to reach schoolleadership to volunteer for events and stay in-the-know.ClassDojoFounded: 2011What they do: ClassDojo is a communication app that allows for teachers toconnect with students and parents. Teachers use the app to send photos, videosor messages to keep students and families updated on projects, tests oranything else happening in the classroom. The ClassDojo toolkit also featuresinstant translation into more than 30 languages, a scheduling tool and aclassroom noise monitor.SixupFounded: 2015What they do: Sixup is an online student loan platform for underbankedstudents. The company offers loans to those students who traditionally can’tobtain one to cover the gap between financial aid and the total cost ofattendance. While going through school, Sixup helps students build credit andwill even offer loans at reduced interest rates if a student’s gradesconsistently improve.KiddomFounded: 2013What they do: Kiddom brings teachers, parents, students and administratorstogether under one platform to boost communication and un-silo the learningprocess. Using Kiddom, teachers are able to deliver digital curriculum tostudents, monitor performance in real-time, personalize learning based on astudent’s strengths and weaknesses and even detect early signs of bad learninghabits that need correction. Meanwhile, families are able to view theirstudent’s learning habits and administrators are able to look at real-timedata on school and district-wide trends.CleverFounded: 2012What they do: Clever builds edtech software to help teachers andadministrators extract student data to optimize the learning experience. Thesingle sign-on platform allows teachers to experiment with different learningapps and assign them to a student’s portfolio, where, the teachers can trackand assess learning progress. The Boston, Denver and Nashville public schoolsystems are just a few major systems nationwide to implement Clever into theircurricula.Volley LabsFounded: 2014What they do: Volley realizes that learning technology isn’t just forstudents. The business platform uses AI to continuously synthesize companybriefings, micro-courses and quizzes to help employees fill critical knowledgegaps in the enterprise. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and KPMG all use Volley tohelp employees gain critical company knowledge at a quicker rate.VerblingFounded: 2011What they do: Verbling is an e-learning platform that features languagelessons from native-speaking professional teachers via video chat. The companylets students customize schedule and curriculum and offers language studytools like collaborative textpads and vocabulary reviews. The platformcurrently features language teachers for more than 60 languages ranging fromArabic to Norwegian and Yiddish.DegreedFounded: 2012What they do: Degreed is a platform for individuals and companies to learn newskills and certify expertise. The platform uses AI and machine learning totailor content, articles, videos, podcasts and courses to each individual’slearning goals. Degreed currently has dedicated learning content across morethan 1,500 skills, including international marketing, business consulting andblockchain development.Homework LabFounded: 2017What they do: Homework Lab helps students manage and get help with homework.The platform allows students to upload their homework, describe their tasks indetail and then match a “geek” who is there to help walk them through theparts of the work that are confusing the student. All Homework Lab geeks areMA, MBA or PhD students or professors who have a wide-range of expertise ineverything from nursing to finance and math.CeregoFounded: 2013What they do: Cerego’s adaptive learning platform measures and improves memoryand information retention. The platform’s AI-assisted predictive analyticsfocus on how students or employees are learning and will use real-timeassessments to improve a learner’s agility and memory retention withpersonalized lesson planning. Universities like NYU and the University ofTexas, as well as organizations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation andthe U.S. Air Force, all use Cerego to optimally educate their students andstaffs.Juni LearningFounded: 2017What they do: Juni Learning is an online coding class for children. Theprivate, one-on-one courses is designed to give students the confidence topursue technical topics on how to build video games, websites and apps. Theplatform is backed by advisors from Google, Pinterest and Youtube, as well asprofessors from Harvard and Princeton.LaliloFounded: 2016What they do: Lalilo is an online literacy platform for kindergarten, firstand second grade students. The platform, designed by teachers, usespersonalized and interactive games to help students learn in engaging way.Lalilo, based in Paris but with an office in San Francisco, automaticallytracks whole class and individual learning progress to ensure that studentsare reaching their objectives.List of Chicago Based EdTech Startups Modernizing the Learning ProcessChicago is a prominent seat of educational innovation in the world. It’stherefore quite obvious that Chicago-based education technology companiesbring forward tools and technology that not only help to redefine theoperational activities of education system but take it to the next level ofimagination.These startups, are in a way a perfect role model to emulate or an energybooster for the entire education technology community across the world.Gone are the days when education stakeholders thought it was tricky to bringtechnology to education. Now the concern is which other areas can technologybe brought so that it can disrupt and enhance that area. Of course, there arestill debate going on about too much of screens can be the cause of risingdistractions. But, such propositions are neglected with valid justificationsthat make such contrary statements to tech being a distraction hostile.Coming back to our central point of discussion, let’s see how Chicago basededtech start-ups are modernizing the learning process and at the same timeextending learning outside classroom to assist lifelong learners take up newchallenges and increase their employee skills.Frontline Education- Education is actually an industry which consists oftalented people. Having said so, it is not only the onus of the teachers toshoulder everything that’s required to create a successful learningenvironment. Thinking so, Frontline Education has innovated a tech solutionwhich offers schools with the right kind of tools they need to properly run aschool.The tool developed by this startup helps in scheduling software, screeningtools and insights into teacher and student performance. In fact, the companyalso helps schools in tackling challenges that come with the increased pace ofchanges brought on by technology.Wyzant- One-to-one learning is essential and it must not be just confined inthe classroom. Students may require adequate guidance from subject expertseven when they are out of institution. Having sensed such requirement oflearners, Wyzant through its tech innovation connects learners with tutors tohelp them receive the right guidance anywhere, anytime.The app asks students certain question to figure out what kind of assistancethey are in search of and then provides a list of experts who can helpstudents receive extra help and dive deep into a topic of interest. From theApp, students would also receive the complete detail of the experts and theirscheduling so that students can find the right help at the right moment.ThinkCERCA- Each student is different and so are their problems too in thelearning process. This company acknowledges this vital facet of learners andtherefore has innovated tech solution which offers personalized learningexperience to students. Educators using this startup’s tool receive an aidthrough which they can develop personalized lesson plans that ensure studentsachieve more each year. The tool’s system is so prepared that it tracksstudent’s progress to ensure they are on the right path for success.RedShelf- Managing copies of textbooks is a real pain and adding to it, arethe cost of books and the weight to carry them daily to classes. But RedShelfhas solved such pain of students by digitizing books.This company has partnered with famous publishers of textbooks and areconverting their copies into ebooks and magazines. They are thus encouragingyouths to read books and resolved the issue of affordability and easyaccessibility by digitizing good resource.Classkick- Again in the line of personalized learning solution, the EdTechCompany tracks students’ progress while they are in the learning process andguide them when they face challenges in the process. Teachers with this toolcan personalize lessons by creating and customizing content as per student’sperformance. The best part of this tool is that it helps teachers withformative assessment at anytime and anywhere.It also helps in empowering student’s development because with it studentsdemonstrate understanding in the ways that work best for them.LearnCore- learning is a lifelong process and therefore it does not simplyend at graduation. This startup helps companies to conduct professionaltraining for sales and customer success team in cloud based platform. Theplatform helps in building knowledge and skills among employees and what theyalso receive as a bonus is the tracking of training’s ROI by checking theefficacy of training right from its bottom line.LEAP Innovations- it’s a startup that assists schools to implement latesttechnology to boost student outcomes. For the EdTech companies, it serves as aperfect hub where they get a platform to pilot and scale their software sothat they can work with educators to meet their needs.Fletch- this EdTech startup has created a learner centered tool which givesstudents a perfect place to ask questions, build study groups with fellowclassmates and keep up with correct advising and financial aid tasks.It is also trying to resolve the issue of high rate of college dropouts bytracking students and alerting educators’ right at the first sign of animpending dropout.Learnmetrics- This startup assists in turning raw data from students intoactionable insights. Stakeholders can actually make use of the cumulativereport that contains suggestions to work out and improve education outcomes.The evidences are created by the software by aggregating and analyzing thestudent’s data.Instructure- Schools and colleges have unique technology needs such like,some wish to include document transfers, online testing and handing outgrades. Keeping such needs of the institutions in mind, the startup hasdeveloped a tool that provides requirements all in one Canvas software. Itoffers easy engagement to enterprises with Bridge, and deliver qualitycorporate training option.Have we missed out any other prominent Chicago based EdTech startup which withits innovative solution has become an exemplary company for other EdTechsolution designers & makers? Do drop us your comment on the same to appreciateproductive innovations and increase the horizon of imagination.About the AuthorAnanya is currently working as the Content Manager at EdTechReview. She has akeen interest in Ed Tech and the ways in which it is strengthening theeducation sector as a whole. She is an avid reader and loves to meet relevantpeople & unleash new updates on various innovations in the EdTech world as itindirectly helps her pen down well-researched blogs on the niche. Follow her@AnanyaDebRoy Like what we do?The Latest EdTech News To Your InboxFollow us:13 DC edtech companies shaping the future of learningThe year 2021 has been kind to many technology categories in DMV, but one thathas been in the headlines almost more than any other is the city’s thrivingedtech industry.With increases, acquisitions and product launches, education technology hasenjoyed unparalleled practical growth as schools continue with virtuallearning techniques and seek new ways to bring technology into the IRLclassroom. At the same time, institutions are looking for new models to runfront offices and make education more accessible.But we understand that it is difficult to keep up. So just in time for the newschool year, we have gathered 13 of the best edtech companies in the metroarea that you need to know.

Full Survey Education: The one who helps you out in the administration

officeWe’re still not done with the Blackboard connections. In 2013, Greg Davies,one of the founding team members of Blackboard, founded Full MeasureEducation, a company that develops communication software for theadministration side of college to help lower dropout rates.A few years later, as a startup, it raised $ 5.5 million and $ 6 million back-to-back investment rounds led by Wayne, Pennsylvania’s Protect scientificinformation.In 2021, the NoMa company raised another $ 10 million Fulcrum Equity Partnersthat will be put to employment, add an entire floor to its headquarters andexpand its product offering.Davies told in June that the company now serves 450 schools, themajority of which have been added over the past year and a half.

Vemo Education: The one who takes on student debt

This has been a good year for Arlington’s revenue-based payment platform Vemo.In June, it acquired a Boston-based edtech company Edmit for an undisclosedamount, and the couple has already begun work on their new student service:Vemo and Edmit will pay for a six-month loan to eligible students who cannotfind a job within a year of graduation or earn less than $ 20,000 a year .It also found some impact in August, as it was at the top of DC companiesnamed in 2021 Inc 5000 list as

Above is the list of Most Promising EdTech Companies in India 2021

Edited by Aishwarya IngleTop 10 EdTech companies in India | Best EdTech StartupsImage Source: PixaBay.comEdTech companies in India have been in the news recently for various reasons.As a result of the lockdown, they have had an opportunity to shine.India’s EdTech industry is also the second largest in the world today and itis growing rapidly. Experts predict that the industry will reach $3.2 billionby 2022. This is one of the areas where the pandemic has grown rapidly. As aresult of the lockdown, schools and coaching classes had to rely on technologyto continue teaching.Here is a list of the top 10 EdTech companies in India marking their strongpresence across the country.

2. Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin has established its name as a leading educational institute bycreating educated professionals. Henry Harvin has started its journey in 2013and since then it has gained a reputation by offering 100+ online andclassroom courses. They focus on the skill development of a candidate who hascompleted the formal education but not is fully job-ready. The highlyexperienced instructors and appropriate course structure will shape yourcareer path.The most trending courses offered by Henry Harvin are the Digital marketingcourse, Content writing course, Copywriting course, Business Analytics with R,GST course, SAP FICO S/4 Hana course, Lean six sigma course and many more.They have allocated a specific academy to a diverse range of professionalcourses.The advanced technology used by them provides access to E-learning Portal,personal trainer-led courses etc. The interactive session and industryappropriate course structure are an interesting part of this EdTech company.VIDEO

Benefits of EdTech companies:

* Thanks to these Edtech companies, children are getting exposure to the world. They can connect with others irrespective of their location and can exchange their ideas. This type of exposure leads to build a social and cultural association. * This type of online education format is convenient for both students and teachers as it saves more time. * It is available to all kinds of people, all types of situations, irrespective of their location. * It is considered as a cost-effective affair as it will be rewarding in long run. * Teachers can track the performance of students by scoring their exams with help of machine learning and blockchain tools. * The individualized learning pattern engages students and encourages them to interact with peers efficiently.


Q1. What is an EdTech company?EdTech is the short form of education and technology. With the help ofcomputers, programs, and learning systems EdTech company provides training tostudents and professionals.Q2. How big is the EdTech market?According to experts global EdTech market was estimated as USD 74.64 billionin2019 and anticipates an annual growth of 19.9% over next seven years.Q3. What is the future of EdTech companies?The paid user base of EdTech companies has increased from 1.57 million in 2019to 9.6 million in 2021. There are 1400 EdTech companies in whole world, out ofwhich India has 327 companies, 10% of the whole EdTech market. Q4. How is EdTech companies transforming the classroom?In classroom teaching it is difficult for a teacher to pay attentionindividually. Through online learning teachers can interact with a studenteffectively. Children can learn more efficiently through video learning andgamified methodology. Q5. What does the K in K-12 stand for?The ‘K-12’ system refers to ‘Kindergarten to 12th grade’.14 Top Austin, TX Edtech Startups You Should Know 2021Technology has shaped many aspects of our daily lives, but bringing thoseadvancements to the education sector takes dedication. These edtech companiescan improve life for students in the classroom, help administrators upgradecourses, allow teachers to track students and even provide continuingeducation to those who are looking for a career change.These 14 companies are dedicated to bringing powerful technology to education,helping tomorrow’s leaders learn with today’s tools.

Austin Edtech Companies You Should Know

* A Cloud Guru * Aceable * Civitas Learning * Schoology * Upswing * Amazing.comaceableDriving and smartphones may not seem like the smartest combination forstudents, but Aceable has brought driver’s education to mobile devices withgreat success. The digital courses prepare students for the written portion ofdriving tests in Texas, California and other states. Students can also learnabout defensive driving techniques, which can lead to insurance discounts orclear a traffic ticket from their record.A Cloud GuruA Cloud Guru is the world’s largest cloud computing school with over 700,000engineers having taken courses. The company offers beginner to advanced levelonline classes on everything from introduction to Google Cloud to certifiedSysOps Admin tests. A Cloud Guru is currently being used by Women Who Code,Expedia and Qualcomm to teach their engineers.360training.comEducation doesn’t end at graduation. With, training andeducating new employees or professionals interested in expanding jobopportunities can learn new skills. By integrating e-learning technology withprofessional content, companies like Duke Energy and US Bank have efficientlytrained employees for complex jobs using’s programs.academicworksColleges and universities want the brightest students to attend, and thatoften means handing out scholarships to those who show great potential.AcademicWorks helps keep track of all those scholarships with a comprehensivemanagement service. The company’s products handle everything from complianceto stewardship of scholarship funds at nearly 500 institutions. With theirautomated system, more students can apply to more scholarships too, makingsure those funds are going to those who deserve it most.amazing.comAs many entrepreneurs know, ideas alone can’t power a business. Amazing.comhas courses for entrepreneurs of all levels. The service partners withbusiness leaders to share information and get startups off on the right foot.Courses include short lessons to fit into busy days and range from financialliteracy to courting clients.civitas learningWith everything a student does online, from researching on the library’swebsite to submitting a term paper, they are generating data. But data alonedoesn’t provide much insight on how students are faring. Civitas Learning usesinstitution-specific predictive models to monitor how students are performing,along with graduation expectations and other key predictions. With a focus ondata science, Civitas may even expand beyond education thanks to a $60 millionfunding round last year.compasslearningTo ensure a fair education for all, many schools abide by standards set forthby local, state and federal officials. Software maker Compass Learning makesstandardized learning programs engaging at all levels. Many students enter theclassroom with an understanding of technology, and Compass leverages that tokeep students on track.peopleadminPeopleAdmin is a talent-recruitment and management platform used by K-12schools and higher education institutions. The software offers applicanttracking, position and performance management, employee onboarding and data-driven analytics reporting. More than 700 organizations are using the cloud-based solution.penpal schoolsMeeting new people is a huge part of going to school, but PenPal Schoolsexpands the pool of new people a student may meet to enhance learning andbuild understanding across cultures. By connecting classrooms around theworld, the company takes the traditional pen pal experience and adds moderntechnology to turn it into a more powerful learning opportunity. Students inboth classrooms can learn together, and teachers can track progress to monitorwhich lessons are working best.prepifyWhile the ACT and SAT are meant to measure a student’s learning, those withthe means for comprehensive prep classes often have an advantage in taking thetests. Prepify uses its free, online SAT/ACT prep courses to get low-incomestudents ready for the potentially life-changing test. The business alsosticks with students through the college application process, connecting themwith schools that fit their skills.queriumQuerium understands that everyone learns differently, and it tailors itslessons to each student. Crafted for kids who grew up on computers, Querium’sprograms prepare students for college placement tests. An artificiallyintelligent visual tutor keeps students engaged, particularly with complextopics in STEM education.schoologySchoology is a learning management system (LMS) that operates like a socialmedia site for students, educators and parents. The LMS does everything fromenabling educators to post assignments and quizzes to running full onlinecourses. Founded in 2009, the company is now growing out of both its New Yorkheadquarters and satellite Austin offices.tk20, inc.Elite schools stay on top because of the great teachers that help studentssucceed. Tk20 keeps track of teachers and other staff with powerful assessmenttools, making sure that students are learning as much as they can in theclassroom and beyond. Integrated tools built on proven methodologies help keepinstitutions on track. Tk20 also provides tools for the accreditation process,strategic planning and institutional research.upswingGetting a tutor used to mean going to a stuffy room in the local library orwaiting after school to meet with a senior looking to fill a bullet point ontheir resume. But Upswing brings tutoring online to help students stick outtough classes. With video, audio and virtual whiteboard tools, students andcertified tutors or teachers can connect online. And Upswing’s data collectionallows them to better engage with students who may be struggling, before theyeven know it.Top 25 Fast-Growing EdTech Companies & StartupsEducation has been the most highly affected industry by COVID-19. Workplacescontinue to operate remotely, businesses operate online, and the healthcaresector is working the same as before. But, educational institutes are one ofthe highly affected organizations.Lockdowns and closure of schools worldwide have given rise to EdTech startups.While we see universities/colleges move online, startups already operating inthat niche tend to grow.The already tech-savvy newer generations have to study online, and that ischanging multiple industries. Because if you change the policies in theeducation sector, it will directly affect the healthcare and business sector.The people who will join healthcare and start/work for businesses in thefuture are now in schools. Therefore, the education sector is the mostimpactful of them all.Education is going to become an industry worth $7 trillion by 2025. Startupsin this industry will be the most impactful and successful. These companieswill be shaping the new generations.In this article, we will discuss the EdTech startups that you must keep an eyeon in 2021. These companies have the potential to lead the EdTech business.The list comprises the startups launched in 2021 – the post-pandemic era.

Top 10 Best Edtech Companies to Worth Watching in 2021

These education companies impact a student’s life in many ways. The studentsget access to cutting edge technologies and learning methods. These startupshelp students have fun while learning.Founded: 1997Location: WashingtonBlackboard is one of the biggest education technology companies. They arehustling to help teachers impart quality education.Working in the edtech realm, this is one of few companies with a mission todisrupt online education.Blackboard amplifies the student-teacher engagement by digitalizing theteaching world. Blackboard’s total valuation stands at $700 Million. This isone of the reasons why it is one of the the largest technology companies inthe education industry.Founded: 2011 as Think and Learn Pvt LtdLocation: Bengaluru, IndiaByju’s covers the entire K-12 segment of school education, but with the mainfocus on Maths and Science. Byju’s was the most valued education tech companyin 2019, standing at $5.4 billion.It allows students to take video lessons via the application or website.Today, Byju’s is one of the most successful startups. Beginning from a simpleeducation platform has today become an authentic source of learning.The gamification of the subject matter impresses the students and makeslearning fun. Growing as an innovative startup, Byju’s makes e learningaccessible and easier for everyone.As one of the top edtech companies, Byjus constantly innovates. Therefore,allowing the students to have a better study experience.

Interactive Learning – A Revolution

They also enhance the entire teaching and learning process by leveraging thepower of digital technology. Interactive learning is one such example, whereinstudents can take a more active role while learning.Unlike traditional classrooms, online classes can help teachers useanimations, audio-video, live doodling, graphs, and live links to otherresources in real-time to make a topic more in-depth and interesting.

What is an Edtech Company?

An Edtech company, also known as an educational software company, is a companythat enhances the teaching and learning process with the power of digitaltechnology. Educational software companies create software and hardware thatempower teacher-led education and improves the learning outcomes of students.Interactive projection screens, in-classroom tablets, smart whiteboards,online real-time content delivery, and MOOCs are all examples of EdTech. Allthese technologies help make learning hyper-interactive.Let’s now look at the best education technology companies that are doing agreat job is changing the way teachers teach and students learn by ensuringinteractive learning.

19 Best Edtech Companies That Ensure Interactive Learning

Year Founded: 2013Headquarters: 8th Avenue, NYNewsela impacts millions of students and hundreds of schools and educationalinstitutions across the globe. This educational software company givesteachers 20 different genres of highly relevant and deeply researched contentfrom social studies to science, which can easily be imported to classrooms forstudents to learn.This educational software company is a knowledge hub that’s directed towardsthe following domains: * English Language Arts (ELA) * Social Studies * Science * Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) * SpanishAnd even though the parent domains of this edtech company are limited, thereare countless workshops, resources, and programs for students to keep themupdated with the current global trends. Their recent educational program onBlack Lives Matter is one such example.Year Founded: 2011Headquarters: BengaluruBeing a key player in our list of top edtech companies, Byjus has definitelymade a significant impact in the e-learning domain. Starting from mere offlinetutoring classes to becoming one of the leading educational technologycompanies, Byjus has come a long way towards success.While the Bengaluru-based Edtech startup is focused on the entire K-12 segmentof school education, it has also recently started its very own trainingprograms to prepare students for competitive exams throughout India.With highlights in Maths and Science, Byjus even has its own application. Thekey features of the platform include interactive video lessons, free democlasses, excellent study experience, and regular personal assessments for thestudents makes it one of the top e-learning companies.Year Founded: 2013Headquarters: Beijing, China & San Francisco, USABeing one of the most renowned education technology companies, VIP Kid ispopularly recognized for providing brilliant and interactive English lessonsfrom North American teachers.VIP Kid is a popular virtual learning platform that leverages this technologymore than any other company. The ultimate goal is to connect teachers andstudents globally.The teachers on the platform are native English teachers, which practicallyenhances the entire learning experience.Being a part of our list of edtech companies, VIP Kid helps students connectto teachers where the teachers can basically connect with the studentsremotely, do their job, and earn in the comfort of their own homes.Year Founded: 2016Headquarters: Bangalore, IndiaWith 300,000+ students already trained, Unacademy has become one of India’sleading edtech startups and soon recognized itself as one of the top edtechcompanies.Unacademy is insanely popular for its exceptional competitive exam preparationcourses, as it features a variety of training programs that are perfect forall kinds of domains and fields.Unacademy features some of the best training programs for: * UPSC CSE * SSC, Bank Exams * Railway and Defence Exams * JEE and NEET preparation * State PSE * GATE,And a lot more. Apart from these insightful and resourceful courses, Unacademyeven features a personal and skill development program that prepares a studentfor all kinds of professional expeditions.Year Founded: 2011Headquarters: Austin, USCivitas Learning is a leading solution in our list of top edtech companies.What makes it distinct is the provision for colleges and universities to usedata to solve any challenges and improve the student success rate.With its suite of resources and adequate tools, Civitas Learning is popularlyrecognized to empower higher education leaders, advisors, and faculty ofdifferent colleges and institutions. With this platform, the educators areequipped with the right kinds of tools that they need to improve theenrollment and improve the student’s success.Being an edtech startup, the platform focuses on providing dedicated andhandpicked resources to students when they need extra support in any fieldthey belong to. Deployed at 400+ higher education institutions, CivitasLearning definitely is one of the best e-learning solutions out there.Year Founded: 1997Headquarters: WashingtonBeing an e-learning company, Blackboard does exactly what an e-learningcompany should – help provide excellent online learning facilities. However,what makes them different is that they provide resources for teachers equallyto help them provide quality education.This leading educational software company serves the following sectors: * Higher education * K-12 learning * Business and govt clientsThe platform is recognized for bridging the gap between education andtechnology and discovering new realms of learning where a student is free tolearn and move forward in any domain they want.The entire platform enhances the teaching-learning experience by digitizingthe teaching. With abundant solutions for students and teachers, Blackboardhas gained significant popularity and is now valued at $700 million.Year Founded: 2011Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United StatesRather than being a typical e-learning platform with a focus on academic-related courses, Duolingo is one of those edtech companies that teachlanguages to people.Started in 2011, this platform is popularly known for its free app that helpsits users learn more than 30 languages. With more than 300 million users,Duolingo teaches languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and a lotmore major and important languages.With a very interactive set of guidelines and instructions for its users,Duolingo also features game-like challenges.When completed, the user ascends to the next level. The distribution oflanguages over interactive programs is what makes Duolingo one of the besteducational software companies on our list.Year Founded: 2011Headquarters: Exeter, UKStudents face a lot of troubles, especially in subjects like Mathematics;Sparx, an interactive e-learning platform, understands this and simplifiesmathematics for the students who are facing troubles with the subject.This e-learning platform has a variety of courses curated by skillful industryexperts. The virtual classes provided are interactive and simplified for thestudents to understand the subject better.Sparx is one of the few edtech startups that not only is niche-specific butalso promotes advanced methods of solving complex problems.Year Founded: 2015Headquarters: Denver, ColoradoThe Guild is probably one of the most distinct edtech startups in our list ofedtech companies. Rather than providing dedicated courses for ‘students,’ itcurates academic content for professional employees.How this elearning company works is that it’s focused on professionals thatare involved in jobs yet still want to continue their studies while working,And since these employees can’t spare the time to study, Guild Educationswoops in and provides some of the most exceptional education quality forthese professionals.Other than that, Guild is also popularly recognized for providing tuitionreimbursement and upskilling for companies to provide them with talentedemployees in their next recruitment drive.Year Founded: 2012Headquarters: Mountain View, CaliforniaWith collaborations with more than 200 companies that include Google, IBM, andStanford, Coursera is one of the most widely renowned edtech companies. Theplatform is popular for connecting students with major universities.Coursera provides courses for both enterprise-level people as well as thestudents. These courses are carefully curated to match the industry needs andbuild expertise for the candidates that apply for these courses.With courses offered in a variety of areas, Coursera helps students from thebest institutions by allowing them access to some of the best resources, suchas on-demand video lectures, community forums, and plenty of mentor-studentsessions.Year Founded: 2013Headquarters: Oslo, NorwayIn our list of the best edtech companies, Kahoot definitely has the mostinteresting and unique interface. With its review sessions and homeworkassignments, Kahoot is distributed across the following domains: * Kahoot at school – Distance learning for students and teachers in schools * Kahoot at work – For distance learning, training, and other online courses * Kahoot at home – Learning apps for an interactive learning session for home study * Kahoot academy – Library for the biggest learning communityThe collaborative learning on this platform allows the students to study ingroups and solve questions together. The one who completes first earns thepoints.This very competitive element in Kahoot has made it grow immensely and made itplay a significant role in the academic years of students.Year Founded: 2008Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UtahInstructure is an excellent alternative for teachers that want to create newcourses or allot assignments for the students’ community.The freedom to create and serve courses is what makes Instructure one of thebest edtech companies. With about 3000 universities with a listing on thisplatform, Instructure has become insanely popular for providing exceptionalprograms that revolve around personal development and simplify learningaltogether.The provision of learning programs in the fields of K-12 and higher educationInstructure makes it to our list of best edtech companies.Year Founded: 2015Headquarters: Melbourne, AustraliaIn the span of just 5 years, A Cloud Guru has managed to become one of the topeducational technology companies. Rather than being a traditional edtechcompany for students from all disciplines, A Cloud Guru is focused on ITpersonnel.This platform has 100+ certification courses with some of the most skilledinstructors and regular assessments.With their cloud solutions, this company provides certifications in programsbelonging to different cloud technology domains,Year Founded: 2013Headquarters: Berlin, GermanyThe medical industry has a lot of exposure, yet fewer resources, especiallyoffline. But Amboss tackles that problem as it operates in the realm ofmedical education and equips the students with the right skills by giving themaccess to exam-style questions and the latest medical study material.Being in such a demanding field, Amboss improvises its courses by providingadequate notes, highlights, and regular 1:1 sessions for the students to helpthem upskill as they learn.Amboss is one of the very few e-learning companies that provide medicalcourses and other healthcare industry resources.Year Founded: 2011Headquarters: New Orleans, LATORSH is beneficial for students and teachers equally. Not only can thestudents approach the platform to learn, but even the teachers could compilenew courses for the students to bring an improvement to their existingcurriculum.Another branch of TORSH is the TORSH talent that allows you to review yourlearning and receive coaching. Furthermore, it provides a data-driven approachto review your performance and evaluate the information collected from theuser’s account. It also captures all kinds of interactions generated by theusers.With such features, TORSH has managed to grow exponentially over the lastdecade since it’s an all-in-one solution for students and teachers equally.Year Founded: 2010Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United StatesBeing a Bangalore-based edtech startup, Simplilearn has managed to growsignificantly in the last decade. Fast forward to 2021, the company hasdedicated courses for almost all major domains and fields.Simplilearn features 4 popular program categories: * Post-Graduate Program * Masters Program * Certifications Program * University ProgramAll these programs are sufficient for a student in any field to buildexpertise in the domains of their preference.The platform also includes some of the best mentors and industry experts thathave a great workaround for all kinds of student queries. Most importantly,the provision of a dedicated app from the platform makes it even easier forthe students to learn.Year Founded: 2006Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, United StatesWorking on an almost similar concept like Sparx, Dreambox Learning featuresthe most interactive math curriculum with a plan to make it accessible andeasy to learn.The entire platform also uses a variety of visuals and game-like touches toits learning to simplify it and make it easier for the students to masterthese concepts.With its comprehensive problem-solving approaches to recalibrating difficultybased on the students’ performance, Dreambox Learning makes learning veryimmersive and fun at the same time.Year Founded: 2009Headquarters: NY, United StatesWith the aim to make education interactive yet simpler at the same time,Schoology is immensely popular in the K12 space.The platform allows the kids to take up projects and work on them togetherremotely. The in-built chat feature enables the kids to discuss these projectssimultaneously and work in groups to find solutions.Made for teachers as well, Schoology has a one-stop portal for teachers foradministrative tasks that includes planning, assessment, and quizadministration.Year Founded: 2010Headquarters: NY, United StatesMastering the English language is considered essential for all kinds oforganizations.And since it’s one of the widest languages used in communications of allkinds, Voxy makes sure that all the people that sign up for its courses masterthe language in a very short period.Voxy is popularly recognized for providing exceptional language courses gearedtowards all kinds of contexts.The curriculum is also tailored to objectives that include passing the Test ofEnglish as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).The curriculum also features data analytics and helps the students findmistakes and improve where needed. One-on-one tutoring is also a majorhighlight of the platform.Additional Read: 6 Benefits of IoT in the Educational Sector

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