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The 20 Best Singapore IT Companies

As a business owner, have you ever experienced delayed transactions,disorganized records, negative customer feedback, and other hassles? If youhave, then it’s probably the time to upgrade your management system, switch todigital platforms, and look for the best Singapore IT companies to help you.The best IT companies in Singapore can give you a strategic, efficient, andresponsive management system. That can make the admin work easy and accessible— allowing the creative professionals to focus on priority projects.Therefore, with a team that can build functional platforms and provide ITsupport services, you can achieve higher performance.Don’t know where to start looking for an IT company? Take a look at our listof the best Singapore IT companies that offer different kinds of developmentservices.

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CONTACT DETAILS|+65 6586 7711 OPERATING HOURS|Monday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Whether for the camera, desktop, laptop, tablet, wifi router, and printerIsupporT Service Singapore is ready to help with your IT issues. It hascertifications like ISO 9001 and bizSafe as credentials.IsupporT Service Singapore’s services span everything, from security setupsand optimisation up to troubleshooting and virus removal. This company evenoffers two packages, the online protection package and the protection pluspackage.For the online protection package, clients can receive computer and printertroubleshooting, virus removal, software installations and setup, and onlineaccount setup services.On the other hand, the protection plus package offers all these services andcomes with additional services like data back-up and transfer, wifi andconnectivity support, OS installations, security optimisation, and even smartsecurity camera installations.IsupporT carries out all these services by hiring no less than trainedprofessionals with excellent clean records.The best thing about IsupporT is that it does all these IT support servicesremotely. So, any SME from any area in Singapore can benefit from itsservices.The only thing we don’t like about IsupporT is that its opening hours end asearly as 7 PM. they’re even unavailable on Sundays and Public Holidays.Highlights * Protection plus package with a full range of IT services * Online protection package for basic support needs * Remote IT support for SMEs * Certifications from four standardizing authorities * Extensive background checks for employeesCustomer ReviewsHere are some reviews that’ll help you manage your expectations should youchoose IsupporT for your IT needs:“Have taken up their service during start of Circuit Breaker. Really thankfulfor their timely expertise in setting up our computer systems for WFH.”“Very good support provided and resolve problem instantly.”—Anna SohAnd that’s our list of the best Singapore IT companies! If you’d like tosuggest more services, let us know, as we may also consider adding them to ourlist.Also, if you’re looking for digital platform development assistance, you maysee these services for the best software development in Singapore! They offerall types of desktop and mobile software for better system management.List of Top 10 Blockchain App Development Company in CanadaIn Blockchain application development, the technology behind bitcoin appearsmassive with its decentralized open-source ledger. The distributed ledger aimsto conduct secure transactions between holdings over a network that everyonetrusts.Blockchain in mobile app development has unlocked the roadblocks in terms ofdata storage security. The decentralized structure makes the storage of datain applications safe enough for everyone in the chain. Also, the technologylooks promising for paid apps. We have the leading blockchain app developmentagency in our hands, and here are the top-ranked contenders.

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The application building process begins with defining the problem to resolveit while developing an application. From designing the architects to exploringadditional issues, requires a lot of experience to develop blockchainapplications.The Blockchain mobile app developers listed below do it all while developingthe apps for clients. Here, we have the best service providers offeringexceptional development services to clients. Let’s take a look at the list oftop blockchain developers.

List of Top 10 Blockchain App Development Company in Canada

AppStudio is a world-leading mobile application development company based inCanada. They were founded in 2009 and had a team of over 50+ employees.Moreover, experts specialize in blockchain application development and customsoftware development. They primarily work with mid-market clients. Thus, youcan check AppStudio clutch review to know more about them.Zazz is a digital company founded in 2012 with less than 100 employees. Theyoffer Blockchain application development, application testing, and IoTdevelopment solutions from their offices around the world. They work withsmall and medium-sized companies.Bitswift Technology Solutions Inc.’s journey from the best mobile appdevelopment firm to now a blockchain app development company is as impressiveas the suite of services. Plus, their blockchain developers are another reasonfor its splendid growth in a short period.Brainsmiths Labs includes a team of highly trained software developmentexperts who have in-depth knowledge of Ethereum, smart contracts, anddistributed application development. Furthermore, their talented team ofdevelopers stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies.Gyroscopic is a leading blockchain technology company. They focus onharvesting Blockchain technology to enable progress to Web’s next generation.The blockchain development company has a perfect mix of the world’s leadingblockchain experts.Aversan Labs is another blockchain application development company that hasexperience working with distributed ledger technology, including blockchainprogramming. Furthermore, the blockchain solution companies have helped themobile application development agency to reach a new apex.Apparrant Technologies is a Blockchain Application Development Company todeliver exceptional value to clients. However, their brigades are aware of allthe technological advancements that occur in related technology. Theblockchain development firm’s customer-oriented approach helps many blockchaintech startups.Blockstream is an innovative blockchain service provider. They focus onproviding versatile and high-performance blockchain solutions for startups andclients. However, Their prominent developers focus on real-world businessapplicability. Moreover, the blockchain development company develops a fastand scalable custom blockchain.Decentral Inc. has already made its mark in the field of blockchain technologycompanies with offices globally. Also, the company strives for the best.Furthermore, they aim to produce innovative solutions with the help of theircutting edge web and mobile solutions.ITM house is a Blockchain app development company based in Canada with severaloffices around the world. Their team provides managed IT services, webdevelopment, and mobile app development solutions to clients. Additionally,they specialize in artificial intelligence, IoT development, and blockchainservices.

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* Mobile Apps and Games * Web, BI/AI, Crypto, AWS * UI/UX/CAD Design * SEO and Digital Marketing * VR/ AR, IOT, and WearablesRed Spider company is not only specialized in Web and Art design but has alsoearned its value in the Digital Marketing industry. When it comes to the listof top IT companies in Dubai, Red Spider has gained its reputation in a shortspan of time. That’s why it has completed 100+ multinational projects with100% client satisfaction. They also offer premium web hosting services thatare affordable as well as superior to its competitors.

Best Services Provided by Red Spider

FreeBites is another software development firm started in the heart of UAE,having 100+ satisfied Dubai Ad Agencies in recognized global industries.FreeBites is best suitable for Custom made websites because their staff canbetter understand the need of each client and what they want. They usetraditional methods of collecting information from clients in a piece ofpaper. These methods sound old but are the best to understand the needs of aclient. FreeBites is dedicated to providing quality services to their userswhich will boost their income by offering international website developmentstandards.

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Careem is a globally recognized cab driver service that operates in 13primarily Countries. Based on the whole IT based scenario careem is alwayslooking for dedicated individuals that can best serve their firm. Careem alsowants to expand their company in different countries. The Careem company firststarted their operation from Dubai in 2010 and it is now successfully runningin 80+ cities worldwide. This company truly revolutionized the IT andtransport industry and aims to provide services for both customers andclients. Careem is no-doubt one of the best IT companies in Dubai that youshould consider applying.

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* Big Data Engineer and Data Analyst * Software Engineering * Machine learning programming * Community Management * Agile CoachRSi Advertising is a global recognized full-cycle Software and web developmentcompany specialized in niche-based technologies. Founded on 2007,intellectSoft is helping companies achieving their goals in this competitivemarketplace with higher impacts. Intellect has 10+ years of operation in thismarketplace with 500+ loyal clients and 6 Offices globally. This company isthe only IT company that is fully focused on Modern day technology likeBlockChain. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, FinTech and AugmentedReality.

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* Mobile App Development * Software Testing and QA * IT Consulting * UI/ UX Services * Enterprise Software Development and DevOpsFutureTechnologies is a professional firm specialized in Mobile AppDevelopment and Gaming software. Their developers have higher expertise in IOSand Android App development. They also provide services for ranging yourApplication on Google or Apple Play store. The other best part of IndiaNic isthe love for the Gaming industry. Their developers are motivated to make high-end games with 2D/3D signatures as well as VR technology experience for thebusiness industry.

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* Mobile and Console Games * Web Development and Design * Mobile App Development * UX/ UI Analysis * Graphics DesigningSunflower Lab is a US-based software house located in different cities of UAE.Sunflower provides excellent software services in different industry verticalsand business domains. Since 2010, Sunflower Lab is dedicated to serving 100’sof clients from start-ups to fortune 5000 companies.

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* Networking and Switches * IT- Server, Laptops, and Desktop * Wifi or Network Access point * PBX or PABX * IT products and EquipmentBranex is thriving to reshape the digital marketing strategy and brandingacross Dubai. Branex specialized in Print Designing, portfolio Management,Custom Logo design, Website development, and designing. The company providesquality end-to-end marketing communication between client and customers.

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Aratech is solely based on Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.Aratech provides amazing results on Google ranking factors with minimalmonthly fees increasing your firm branding or business. The firm is alsospecialized in PPC, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce product, and pressrelease submission. The firm states to have full knowledge of Google algorithmand ranking factors that will aid them to rank faster on Google SERP.

Complete List of Top IT Companies Dubai UAE

Conclusion:Each company listed on our website has its own specialty. Match yourexperience and field with each company’s website and then choose the firmwhich best suits your situation. If you’re dedicated to working in any ofthese firms, now is the time to apply if you’re looking for a job. It is bestto start your career with Dubai IT companies because the environment andgovernment here are flexible. All the companies listed here are fullyregistered with the UAE government and delivers a wide range of IT-basedservices with global standards. Finding the right firm can be time consumingand difficult task. Always research for a specified company and then apply.In order to search for the newest job available, you have to first visit eachwebsite and check their Career page. All the latest and updated jobs arelisted on Career Page. If the company has an open vacancy, they will listthere.In order to get outsource your project to any specified company, Get a Quotefrom the Desired IT Company Dubai website or visit there about us page.

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