Biotech Companies In NYC To Know

15 Top Biotech Companies In NYC 2021

Over the past several years, New York City has taken significant measures tobolster its biotech community. In 2016, Governor Cuomo announced a $650million initiative in an effort to to strengthen the city’s growing lifesciences cluster. Alongside these efforts, VC funding for NYC’s biotech sectorhas grown tremendously in recent years, led by organizations like NYCEDC.Recognizing the robustness of biotech hubs like San Francisco andPhiladelphia, NYC is eagerly investing in its burgeoning life sciencesecosystem — and it seems to have certainly paid off.As biotech companies continue to emerge across NYC, the city has been placedat the forefront of the nation’s life sciences scene. The city’s cluster ofbiotech organizations are tackling a broad range of global health issues.While one has created a smart wearable device designed to gauge sleepdeprivation, another is pioneering a revolutionary new way to accelerate thediscovery and treatment of cancer. There’s no question that NYC’s biotechcommunity is rich with talent, making the city an undisputed, up-and-cominglife sciences capital.Take a look at these 15 biotech companies in NYC strengthening the city’sstatus as a life sciences hub.

Biotech Companies In NYC To Know

1. Flatiron Health 2. Paige 3. PWNHealth 4. Imagen Technologies 5. Kallyope 6. MeiraGTx 7. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 8. Axsome TherapeuticsFlatiron HealthFounded: 2012Focus: OncologyWhat they do: Flatiron Health aims to reinvent cancer treatment by learningfrom the experiences of every patient. The company’s OncoCloud suite ofsoftware and services is designed to connect community oncologists, academics,hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a unified platform.Flatiron Health’s software capabilities include document search, automatedbilling, data analytics, patient identification and revenue cycle management.Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterFounded: 1884Focus: OncologyWhat they do: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is dedicated todiscovering strategies to prevent, control and ultimately cure cancer.Utilizing agile methodologies and user-centered design, the company develops awide range of digital products in an effort to improve the patient journey.Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center aims to strengthen its testing andproduct development to provide greater support to patients, researchers andclinicians.Imagen TechnologiesFounded: 2015Focus: Diagnostic CareWhat they do: Imagen Technologies aims to eradicate errors in radiologythrough its machine intelligence solution for medical diagnosis. The companyis currently focused on applying AI to medical image analysis in an effort toimprove patient outcomes and make diagnostic care more accessible.PaigeFounded: 2018Focus: Oncology + AIWhat they do: Paige has developed an AI-native digital pathology ecosystem inan effort to accelerate and transform the discovery and treatment of cancer.The company’s AI suite is designed to provide pathologists, clinicians andresearchers with insights drawn from decades of data diagnosed by cancerexperts worldwide. Paige’s platform offers secure, scalable digital slidestorage, enabling pathologists to further leverage computational pathologyproducts as they become available for clinical use.PWNHealthFounded: 2015Focus: Diagnostic TestingWhat they do: PWNHealth seeks to provide safe and easy access to diagnostictesting while empowering people to improve their health. The company’sflexible APIs and modular platform allow healthcare stakeholders to provideseamless consumer access to diagnostic testing solutions, which can betailored for specific situations and can include clinical guidance so peoplecan understand their results. PWNHealth’s testing solutions can be used toscreen diverse populations, uncover people’s genetic risks and identifyclinical trial participants.KallyopeFounded: 2015Focus: Gut-Brain BiologyWhat they do: Kallyope has created a platform in an effort to unlock thetherapeutic power of the gut-brain axis. The company is building acomprehensive map of gut-brain circuits and interrogating the function ofthese circuits in order to identify therapeutic targets that can be modulatedwith gut-restricted molecules. By targeting the gut-brain axis, Kallyope aimsto unleash the opportunity to access and influence brain centers involved infundamental human processes and diseases.MeiraGTxFounded: 2015Focus: Gene TherapyWhat they do: MeiraGTx is a clinical-stage gene therapy company dedicated todeveloping potentially curative treatments for patients suffering from seriousdiseases. The company’s gene therapy platform is primarily used fordiscovering new treatments for diseases of the eye, salivary gland and centralnervous system. MeiraGTx currently has six programs in clinical development,which target diseases like Parkinson’s, ALS and Achromatopsia.Axsome THerapeuticsFounded: 2012Focus: CNS DisordersWhat they do: Axsome Therapeutics focuses on developing novel therapeutics forthe treatment of central nervous systems (CNS) disorders. The company iscurrently focusing on discovering new treatments for disorders likeAlzheimer’s, Major Depression, Narcolepsy and Fibromyalgia. Axsome hasdeveloped its own technology called MoSEIC, also called Molecular SolubilityEnhanced Inclusion Complex, which creates a buffered drug-carrier complexcombined with a pH modifier in order to improve the rate and degree of drugabsorption.TARA BiosystemsFounded: 2014Focus: Predictive Cardiac PhysiologyWhat they do: TARA Biosystems seeks to reinvent predictive cardiac physiologywith its proprietary platform. The company’s Biowire II platform utilizesbiomimetic stimulation to produce engineered cardiac tissue, enabling the teamto understand the effects of certain medicine on the heart without the needfor human testing. TARA Biosystems aims to introduce a faster, safer and lesscostly drug development process.TatchFounded: 2017Focus: Sleep DiagnosticsWhat they do: Tatch seeks to transform sleep diagnostics with its wearablesmart patches. The company’s wireless patches enable people to perform in-homesleep tests so they can accurately determine if they have sleep apnea or otherchronic disorders. Tatch’s wearable devices are capable of measuring thingslike movement, oxygen levels, respiratory effort and heart rates.BrainCheckFounded: 2015Focus: Cognitive Health AssessmentsWhat they do: BrainCheck offers mobile testing for measuring cognitive healththat is designed for use by both providers and individuals. Patients can takethe company’s neurocognitive assessments through an online portal, whichallows physicians to provide cognitive health education, remote monitoring andcognitive care management tailored to each patient’s needs. BrainCheck’scognitive monitoring solution also allows individuals to track their brainhealth from home and easily share their results with loved ones.CelmatixFounded: 2009Focus: Women’s Reproductive HealthWhat they do: Founded by Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim, Celmatix is a research-stageprecision health company that aims to transform women’s health. The company’sReproductive Atlas Platform utilizes a structured dataset in an effort todevelop treatments for conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarysyndrome (PCOS). Celmatix partners with a variety of organizations includingEvotec, Bayer and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Nirsum LabsFounded: 2017Focus: Opioid Use Disorder TreatmentWhat they do: Nirsum Labs aims to combat the U.S. opioid crisis through thedevelopment of medications for opioid use disorder (OUD). The company hasengineered a series of novel small molecule candidates with potential utilityin OUD and other indications. Nirsum Labs’ mission is to advance thedevelopment of effective OUD treatments.Massive BioFounded: 2014Focus: Cancer Research TrialsWhat they do: Massive Bio has created a platform capable of connecting cancerpatients to bio-pharmaceutical trials. The company’s AI-driven platformmatches patients with the right clinical research based on their cancer typeand the current stage of the disease, thus helping patients discover noveltreatments in real-time. Massive Bio seeks to bridge the gap between cancerpatients and healthcare providers.LifeNomeFounded: 2016Focus: Personalized Wellness SolutionsWhat they do: LifeNome has developed an AI-driven B2B platform that allowsorganizations to offer their customers personalized science-based products andservices. The company’s products are designed for a wide range of purposesincluding nutrition and diet monitoring, sleep and stress management, andgenetic predisposition tracking. LifeNome partners with a variety of globalorganizations such as IBM, Unilever and the World Economic Forum.Biotech Companies In San Diego To KnowAs companies in every tech industry imaginable race to find solutions to theCOVID-19 crisis, it’s no wonder that biotechnology is on everyone’s lips.Organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors may be working aroundthe clock to find effective treatments for the novel coronavirus, but evenwhen the dust has settled, researchers and engineers will continue to put inthe time to improve the lives of people living with diseases and conditionsthat are far less headline worthy.Demand for biotech innovation shows no sign of slowing down, and in citieslike San Diego, where biotech companies are a driving force forinfrastructural growth and real estate leasing, life sciences play an integralrole in more than just the economy. San Diego has long been a hub for biotechtesting and innovation, with UCSD alone boasting revenue streams of over onebillion dollars per year in sponsored research, but what sets the SoCal cityapart is its commitment to community empowerment through health techinitiatives.Whether you’re anxious to jump into the race to find a coronavirus vaccine, oryou want to put in the long term work of improving quality of life foreveryday patients, you’ll want to take a look at how these 14 biotechcompanies are building a better world in San Diego and beyond.

Biotech Companies In San Diego To Know

* Dexcom * Illumina * NuVasive * Human Longevity * EAG Laboratories * Quidel * BiotixIllumina

How These Biotech Companies in San Diego Are Helping Us

San Diego is literally a hub for biotech and pharmaceutical research andinnovation. Between public institutions such as the University of California,San Diego (UCSD), and private businesses, biotech companies’ impact on thelocal economy is unmistakable. As a major employer, the biotech industryprovides tax funding toward infrastructure, commercial real estate leasing,and many employment opportunities.This article will discuss the top biotech companies in San Diego, what theydo, and how they lead their particular industry niche.

How Many Biotech Companies are in San Diego?

Did you know that there are over 3,100 biotech and pharmaceutical companies inCalifornia? Approximately 16% of those are located in San Diego.The big biotech companies in San Diego create over 2,800 different types ofjob opportunities in life sciences. If you think that’s impressive, thesestatistics don’t even include the total number of start-ups and venturecapital-funded opportunities.The massive growth of the life science industry in San Diego also provides allkinds of local business opportunities. Because of the high volume of biotechcompanies in the area, there is a secondary market for San Diego lab equipmentthat other research institutions may want and need.Most of the top biotech companies in San Diego make their headquarters near LaJolla and its surrounding areas. Below, we will discuss 10 of the best in allof America’s Finest City.

Wrapping it Up

Let’s face it: It’s kind of awesome to have these biotech companies in SanDiego because they have such a positive impact both locally and globally.Locally, they’re a significant economic engine for revenue and employment. Andglobally, they’re helping to build a safer, more sustainable world.Having these institutions located so close together opens up the possibilityof collaboration and integration in scientific research that saves lives. Fromproduct development to testing and logistical support, these biotech companiesin San Diego are helping drive the local economies while leading the world inresearch and life science support.From solving polio to being first to market with the COVID vaccine, San Diegobiotech companies are leaders in making a safer, more sustainable world.5 Biotech Companies In San Diego To Know!The need for biotech innovation has displayed no sign of slowing down afterthe pandemic, and biotech companies in San Diego have always played anintegral role in more than just the economy by being a driving force for realestate leasing, infrastructural growth, and life sciences. San Diego has longbeen a scientific hub for biotech prep, testing, and innovation, with UCSDalone boasting revenue streams of over one billion dollars per year insponsored research – so this is most definitely an interesting field.

5 Biotech Companies In San Diego That Are Life-Changing!

To find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis, it was no wonder that biotechnologywas on everyone’s lips as companies in every tech industry imaginable racedrapidly last year.Last year and perhaps even right now, organizations in the pharmaceutical andbiotech sectors may be working around the clock to find effective methods tofight COVID-19 for good because even now after the dust has settled,researchers and engineers simply continue to improve the lives of peopleliving with diseases and conditions that are far less headline-worthy.With the long-term goal of improving the quality of life for everyday patientsin mind, let’s take a look at how these 5 biotech companies in San Diego arebuilding a better world.

1. Human Longevity Biotech Companies San Diego, 2013

If you’re wondering what they do, Human Longevity has the goal to harness theadvantages of genomic research to assist people to live longer and healthierlives, by developing a database of clinical data to assist doctors tounderstand the full picture of their patients’ health.Human Longevity is a company in San Diego that uses machine learning andcomputing technology to transform clinical datasets into actionable insights,assisting medical professionals to make recently developed discoveries inhealthcare and extend the lifespans of their patients at any age.

2. Dexcom Biotech Companies San Diego, 1999

Founded at the end of the 90s, Dexcom offers solutions for diabetesmanagement.How? Dexcom offers a continuous glucose monitoring kit that patients can useto care for their condition and find control over their health.Innovatively, relying on sensor technology to calibrate and transmit glucosenumbers to patients every five minutes, their wearable devices remove the needfor fingerstick testingMoreover, Dexcom seeks to aid their customers by empowering the diabetescommunity through their Dexcom Warriors program in addition to their healthmonitoring products, which highlight the accomplishments and everyday lives ofpeople managing diabetes.

3. Illumina Biotech Companies San Diego,1998

If you’re wondering what they do, Illumina is a genetic sequencing companythat creates assays for genetic variation analysis in clinical tests.How? The company offers technology that helps power clinical studies todisease transmission. Illumina does so by facilitating ease for researchers totrack pathogen spread, discover effective therapies, and test vaccines.The company offers assays that have recorded breakthroughs in a number ofresearch fields including oncology, agrigenomics, microbiology, andreproductive healthcare.

4. EAG Laboratories Biotech Companies San Diego,1978

Founded in the late 70s, EAG Laboratories created and distributed scientifictechnologies and services to companies in the engineering, life science, andmaterials sectors and continues to do so.EAG Laboratories’s work with companies in generic drug manufacturing andpharmaceuticals comes under the umbrella of everything from chemical imagingto regulations compliance, helping organizations protect and optimize theirproducts at every step of their lifecycle.The team of researchers at EAG Laboratories has tie-ups with leadingbiotechnology companies to both protect their patents and other intellectualproperty and develop effective medical products.

5. NuVasive Biotech Companies San Diego, 1997

If you’re wondering what they do, NuVasive develops medical products andsurgical devices. What kind of devices you may ask? Well, NuVasive Biotech hasproducts that are developed to assist patients undergoing surgery that haveboth noninvasive experiences and successful outcomes.NuVasive Biotech primarily focuses on spinal surgery technology. How? Well,the company provides a portfolio of software and hardware products designed toaid surgeons to transform care for neck and back pain. Among the many servicesthey offer are spinal alignment software, orthopedic solutions,neuromonitoring, and technology to reduce surgical radiation.Ann Arbor Tech CompaniesAnn Arbor is home to hundreds of software, security, life sciences,sustainable energy, biomedical, AR/VR, and mobility tech companies, VCs andangel funds, and even a growing list of indie gaming studios. This listincludes companies and related groups featured in frequent networking groupsaround town and the Tech Trek but is not exhaustive and is an expanding list.If you run or work for a tech company you would like listed here, pleasecontact the editor.Note: We will be expanding to multiple lists of tech companies around theGreat Lakes and Midwest region. As you can imagine, this is a work inprogress, especially as more companies are founded or branch offices fromcoastal tech companies opened every month. If you have a company to add to alist in or around Michigan or the Midwest, please contact us and we will addit to our lists for publication. Thanks for your interest.

University of Michigan Entrepreneurship

Innovate BlueInnovation in ActionOptimize Student AcceleratorTechArb Student AcceleratorTechTransferUniversity of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship15 Biotech Companies In Phoenix To KnowPhoenix’s biotech industry has reached new heights over the past severalyears, making this Southwestern tech hub a fierce competitor in the lifesciences space. As more startups and tech companies decide to take theirchances in the Arizona desert, the state as a whole has seen a surge inbiotech interest. According to the Arizona Bioindustry Association, biotechemployment across Arizona has risen by 15 percent since 2016, while thestate’s biotech companies have generated $349 million in VC funding sincethen.Throughout Phoenix and surrounding cities, the life sciences sector continuesto expand, leaving in its wake a burgeoning biotech community. These lifesciences leaders are experts in a variety of disciplines, utilizing bothtechnology and scientific expertise to develop groundbreaking discoveries incancer research, DNA exploration and even agriculture. Whether they have beenin the Phoenix area for decades or are relatively new to the Arizona techscene, these organizations are united by a mutual determination to changemillions of people’s lives by merging time-tested research with 21st Centuryinnovation. These 15 biotech companies in and around Phoenix are breaking downbarriers across the life sciences sector — one revolutionary solution at atime.

Biotech Companies in Phoenix to Know

1. Exploragen 2. OncoMyx Therapeutics 3. GenoSensor Corporation 4. Systems Oncology 5. Amnio Technology 6. Ordinatrix 7. Paradigm Diagnostics 8. VisionGateOncoMyx Therapeutics

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