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What is Technical Support?

Before we take a look at the many types of tech support jobs from home you canexplore, what exactly does a tech support job involve?Tech support, short for technical support, is a service wherein specialistshelp customers of a software of hardware company use the company’s productsand services to maximize customer satisfaction and get their value for money.For example, Apple’s tech support agents help owners of an iPhone, Mac, iPad,or other Apple products in installing applications, connecting to theinternet, and troubleshooting issues with their gadgets.

Can You Be a Tech Support Specialist?

The good news is that even those without a college degree can fill a techsupport position. However, you do need to complete training that focuses onthe product or service you’re going to provide technical support for.For instance, if you’re hired as a Microsoft tech support specialist, you’llneed to be familiar with all Microsoft software products and be able to assistcustomers on issues from installation to troubleshooting.Aside from product-specific training, tech support specialists must also havestrong communication and people skills, as well as advanced knowledge of thelatest news and trends in IT.You’ll be communicating with people who range from mildly annoyed to downrightabusive, so you must be an active listener, extremely patient, and emotionallyas well as mentally tough to handle different kinds of people day in, day out.If you plan to work from home, employers prefer that you work in a locationwhere there’s no foot traffic and background noise to minimize distractions.More importantly, you’ll need to have your own computer that’s capable ofrunning plenty of applications in the background while taking in VoIP calls, ahigh-quality headset, and a high-speed, reliable internet connection.

30 Companies with Home-based Tech Support Jobs

Here are 30 different companies that regularly offer work from home techsupport jobs.If a job isn’t currently listed on their job board, be sure to bookmark thepage as they update fairly regularly.Starting your job search at FlexJobs is a surefire way to find high-qualityjobs.FlexJobs is a job board that makes it simple and safe for you to findlegitimate job opportunities. Every company and employer who posts openings onFlexJobs has been thoroughly vetted and verified, so you can rest assured youwon’t be scammed here.Signing up for a membership gets you perks like career coaching and résuméreviews so you can get the job you want.Go through the work from home tech support job openings available today!Want some extra cash in your pockets? No joke. Here are the fastest ways tomake easy money online. Click here to see how.2U is a tech company that offers learning management platforms with clientssuch as UC Berkeley, Syracuse University, Tufts University, and many othertop-tier universities and educational institutions.They currently hire remote technical support specialists from Maryland,Denver, and New York, though positions may open up in other cities from timeto time. Your main responsibility would be to troubleshoot tech-related issuesreported by students or faculty via phone, chat, or email.2U requires a bachelor’s degree and 1 to 3 years of experience in technicalsupport or any other customer-service related field.This company is involved in software management of fitness gyms and healthclubs. ABC Financial hires remote technical support representatives regularly.This Pasadena, California-based IT solutions provider periodically hirestelecommuting tech support jobs.Alorica is a global customer service provider. Alorica-At-Home is a specificdepartment for their employees who are working from home. A few US states haveopenings for remote technical agents to provide technical support Alorica’sclients.The biggest marketplace in the world needs no introduction.They’re currently offering technical support associate jobs to assistcustomers with their Amazon devices, such as Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire TV,Prime Video, Prime Music, Echo, Alexa, and all other devices.The pay is at $15 per hour.As an AHA (at-home advisor) for Apple, you’ll be answering/solving issues ofApple customers via chat, phone, or email. Bilingual AHAs are paid higher. Alltech support specialists must be experts in iPads, iPhones, Macs, or otherApple products. (Interested in other work-from-home jobs offered by Apple?Check here.)This business process services company is currently looking for technicaloperators who know how to navigate smartphones and use desktop computers.The Technical Operator position is listed under the Customer Support andAdministration category.Even this computer hardware giant offers work from home tech support jobs.When searching the career database, make sure to tick “True” under the “RemoteJobs” filter to view technical support positions that can be done from home.Frontline Group is a call center consulting and tech support outsourcingcompany. They are constantly looking for tech support people to help withsoftware, hardware, ISP, and telecom-related concerns.Currently, they’re only hiring residents from the following states: AR, FL,GA, ID, LA, MI, NC, SC, NE, OH, TX, UT, and VA.Formerly called “Geeks On Time,” this company provides both onsite computerrepair and remote 24/7 telephone-based tech support nationwide. They open upslots for remote support every now and then.Geek Squad is Best Buy’s tech support arm that was originally known forcomputer tech concerns but has now expanded to help out with applianceinstallation and repair as well as smart home installation.Most of the Geek Squad can be found in Best Buy retail locations, but theyalso have work from home tech support job positions that you can apply for.The SIMPLEST way to make real money online… You can make money from home andit doesn’t have to be challenging. Click here to see how.Launched by Kelly Services Staffing Agency, “KellyConnect” is the company’swork from home program. Tech support specialists are regularly needed with payranging from $12 to $15 an hour.No degree is needed, but you have to be tech-savvy and have strong knowledgeof tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other modern gadgets.Red Hat is a well-known provider of enterprise open source software solutions.Technical Support Engineers work remotely to troubleshoot issues, addressproblems, and provide solutions.Linux experience is required, while knowledge of hybrid cloud, containers, andKubernetes technologies is considered an advantage.When searching for jobs on their page, make sure to type “remote” on thekeywords so work from home opportunities are displayed.This company hires call center agents, tech support representatives, and chatagents. No degree required, but at least a one-year work experience in acustomer service or technical support environment is a must, as well as atleast a basic understanding of wired and wireless home networks.Salary as a Remote Customer Service Technician, Remote Client ServicesTechnician, Premium Services Technician, and Personal Technology Expert rangesfrom $11 to $15 an hour.The perks of working for include medical insurance with vision anddental, paid time off and holidays, disability insurance, tuitionreimbursement, and a referral bonus program that lets you earn when you referothers to apply on their site.This BPO company operates in 16 countries, so it’s no surprise that they offerwork from home tech support positions.Sutherland Remote Engagement is their work-from-home department that matchesprofessionals with remote job opportunities that are the right fit for theirskills and interests.They are currently hiring Technical Support Engineers and Technical SupportConsultants.Having been around since 1993, the company has a continuous need for TechnicalSupport Representatives to work from home and support customers of wirelessand internet providers.Work-from-home positions are available with a base salary of $12 per hour andabout 25 hours a week shifts. There is paid training, vision and dentalbenefits, vacation pay, and healthcare insurance. However, this is onlyavailable in select states, so check that you’re residing and eligible to workin one of the states listed.TeleTech is a BPO company continually hiring technical supportrepresentatives, which features $10 to $16 an hour salary, a 401(k), andbenefits.They only offer this position to 46 out of 50 states, so again, check if yourstate is among them before applying.Similar to TeleTech, Transcom is a global BPO company that provides customercare, sales, credit management, and tech support to clients.They’re currently hiring work-from-home technical support agents from 26 outof 50 states.Teleperformance is yet another global BPO company consistently hiring techsupport representatives.If you have at least 6 months of past customer service or tech supportexperience, you can apply to become one of Teleperformance’s independent techsupport representatives and work completely from home.Type in “tech support” when you’re searching for specific job positions.This company is a popular Learning Management System provider. They’recurrently hiring remote technical support specialists to help resolve customersupport issues, perform quality assurance testing, and fulfill basic projectmanagement functions.This smart home security services company hires customer solutions technicalsupport to help their customers with issues on automation, internet, cloudstorage, and other Vivint home security products.On their Careers page, select the Customer Service category and look for the“Customer Solutions Tech Support” positions on the page.This Dallas, Texas-based company is one of the earliest companies that gaveopportunities for virtual workers.Today, they boast a 100,000+ strong global workforce who fill positions ascall center agents, data entry associates, and tech support specialists.Asurion is a technology solutions company with clients all over the world.Currently, they have openings for technical support and sales representativesto assist their customers with product and technical inquiries.During training, coaching sessions, and uptraining, the pay is $16.50 perhour. However, team members are paid for every interaction with a customerinstead of a per-hour salary model.They’re only accepting applicants from 20 out of 50 states, so make sureyou’re in one of these states before you put in your application.VIPdesk Connect is a business process outsourcing company working with bigbrands to provide the best customer service solutions.They currently have an opening for a Tier 1 work from home technical supportrepresentative focusing on problem solving and complaint resolution.They’re currently only considering residents of the following states: AZ, CO,FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, NC, NJ, NM, NV, OH, TN, TX, UT, VA, or WI.Slingshot is an up-and-coming startup offering sales and customer supportsolutions for home services businesses, such as pest control, lawn care,cleaning services, snow removal, and many more.Work-from-home tech support specialists are needed to handle queries abouttheir software solutions, resolve helpdesk tickets, and troubleshoot softwareissues.Pay starts at $15 per hour, plus benefits such as PTO, healthcare, and amatching 401(k).Unfortunately, even if this is a home-based position, they’ll only considerresidents of Idaho, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, or Florida.Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is a multinational cloud computing and technologycompany founded in 2020.They’re currently looking for remote technical support specialists to assistusers of their HR and payroll software product with any technical questionsand concerns.CaptivateIQ creates sales commission tracking software that easily computessales commissions, works with project management software, and allowscollaboration with the payroll department for approvals and disputes.They’re hiring technical support analysts to assist software users with real-time technical support and help develop their knowledge base to addresscustomers’ concerns before they call in.eVisit created the eVisit Enterprise Virtual Care Platform for telemedicine,helping healthcare become available to everyone who needs it.They are currently looking for remote technical support advisors to assisthealthcare organizations with their telemedicine platform, including analyzingvideo connectivity, monitoring and preventing network problems, andtroubleshooting real-time to resolve technical issues.As live video content becomes more popular nowadays, there is a need for real-time, remote video production.LiveControl essentially provides a video production studio in the cloud whileyou broadcast your live video, whether it’s a dance performance, podcast/talkshow, or even a funeral.Simply schedule your event, install their multi-camera setup and equipmentwhere you do your filming, log on to their network, and they’ll do the rest.They’re looking for remote technical support specialists who have at least twoyears of experience in video production to troubleshoot real-time customerissues during live broadcasts.Click “Careers” on their homepage to get more details.

14. School of Motion

A highly reputable online design course provider, School of Motion is anothercompany that understands the value of remote workers. With courses inphotoshop, 4D cinema, and animation, this is a world-class service that canhelp creative designers level up in their careers.

23. Launch Potato

Describing itself as the fastest-growing media company in South Florida,Launch Potato is constantly looking for new remote staff. Its aim is to helpdigital brands grow but doing so with a sense of fun that creates a strongwork ethos and community, even if you never see your colleagues in person.

Which Online Tech Support Service Is Best?

Technical support includes a variety of services and products to benefitbusinesses and consumers. These benefits include troubleshooting, computerrepair, and live chat services. It is common to experience problems with phoneservice and these problems often require high-level technical support toresolve.The ten companies below received high scores for both pricing and the qualityof the services they provide. These companies have been identified as the bestof the best in the field of tech support services. caters to the needs of consumers who need a one-time fix as wellas those desiring subscription services. However, customers have been lukewarmon the $129.99 charge for a one-time diagnose and repair service for PCs. Thecompany offers the option to secure around the clock support for $19.99 amonth. A six-month minimum commitment with a $40 setup fee is required forthis option.The company also offers one-time fixes for problems with wireless networks andPC tuneups for $79.99. will synch smart devices for customers for$49.99.Consumers who desire support via phone may need to take heed to pastdissatisfied customers who report long wait times when calling to requestassistance.

These Companies Hire Remote Tech Support Representatives

If you’re the go-to person for your friends and family who always need helpsetting up their computers or fixing their technical issues, then working fromhome as a technical support representative may be the job for you.

What is Technical Support?

Technical support is when a software or hardware company provides the serviceof helping its registered users with its products. An example would be Apple.If you buy an iPhone and later need help to install an app, you would callApple and they would walk you through the installation process, along withanswering any other question you may have about your iPhone.Another example would be needing help with a function in purchased softwarelike MS Office. You would call Microsoft’s technical support department, andthey would assist you with, and resolve the issue.

Skills Needed for a Technical Support Role

Not all technical support roles require a college degree. Some can easily betaught through training, as long as you’re relatively tech-savvy and a quicklearner.Other skills required are excellent people skills, strong communicationskills, excellent organizational skills, and knowledge of hardware andsoftware. You should also have some knowledge of the latest software and ITtrends.

How Much Does a Technical Support Specialist Make?

The pay for a technical support representative can vary widely, depending oneducation, experience, and location. Just be aware, having no previousexperience will more than likely mean lower pay. According to PayScale, theaverage salary for a technical support specialist is $49,653.If you’re already working in the tech support field and wanting to work fromhome, or if you’re tech-savvy and have been considering a job in this field,then here are some companies that hire remote employees for technical supportroles.

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Where to Find Work From Home Tech Support Jobs

2UThis educational technology company hires part-time, remote technical supportspecialists to take calls from students and faculty needing technicalassistance.ABC FinancialABC Financial is a software management company for health clubs and gyms. Theyhire remote technical support representatives on a regular basis.Accolade SupportThis call center hires independent contractors as remote technical supportrepresentatives to resolve technical issues over the phone.AdviseTechAdviseTech is an IT solutions provider for businesses. They offer 24/7 onlinetechnical support and hire remote IT technicians. They require a minimum of 10years’ experience.ConduentThis business process services company hires virtual customer service –technical support representatives to work from home. You must have technicaland be familiar with Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and MACs. Starting pay is $12per hour.Frontline Call CenterThis call center hires technical support representatives for telecom, ISP,hardware, and software.Geeks OnlineThis company is a computer repair service. They hire remote technical supportrepresentatives and offer remote telephone technical support 24/7.KellyConnectThis is the work-from-home program of the Kelly Services staffing agency. Theyhire remote technical support advisors. No college degree is required, and thestarting pay is between $12 and $14 per hour.PlumChoiceThis company offers technical support services to small businesses andconsumers. They hire remote technical support representatives and offer 24/7technical is a computer technology company. They hire remote servicestechnicians. They don’t require a bachelor’s degree, however, you must have atleast one year of experience setting up home networks of equivalent training.teleNetworkProvides contact center and business process outsourcing services. They hiretechnical support representatives to work from home. No previous experience isrequired, and the starting pay is $10 per hour.TeleperformanceThis is an outsourced customer experience management company. They hiretechnical support representatives to work from home. The position requires sixmonths of previous customer service experience, but no prior technical supportexperience is required.TTECThis business process outsourcing company hires technical supportrepresentatives to work from home. Some positions require certifications, suchas Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.VenUVenU is an educational services company. They hire remote technical supportspecialists. There are no degree requirements mentioned, but you must have ahigh degree of technical aptitude and experience in web technologies.Vivint Smart HomeThis is a smart home security services company. They hire remote technicalsupport agents.

Interested in More Remote Technical Support Jobs?

If you are looking for more work-from-home tech support jobs, be sure to checkour daily job leads. Technical support jobs are listed frequently.

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