Is Phoenix a Good Place for Tech Jobs

Tech Companies with Best Company Culture in Phoenix

Company culture is the glue that holds a company together. Where the employeehandbook ends, company culture begins.Positive company culture inspires creativity, trust, and a hard work ethic.However, negative company culture can cause employee engagement, satisfaction,and interest to suffer.Companies with strong workplace cultures based on their values and goals willhave a successful business and happy employees.To exemplify this, we’ve compiled a list of the top tech companies withoutstanding company cultures in Phoenix. Check it out to find your next careermove!

1. American Express

American Express is a global services company that provides services andproducts to enrich the consumer experience.At American Express, they believe that the best way to back their customers isto back their people, which is why they have one of the best company culturesin Phoenix. Every employee is encouraged to take ownership of their leadershipthrough The American Express Leadership Academy. This program offersleadership development opportunities across the company from leading industrypractitioners.

2. Axon

At Axon, employees create technology and solutions to advance the companymission of protect life. Axon produces products ranging from cloud-based bodycams to taser devices for civilians. Their truly innovative technology andbold mission gives employees a sense of pride in the work they are doing.Axon has six affinity groups for employees to participate in which aresupported by executive level sponsors and feature monthly events for all toexperience. This tech forward company offers a robust benefits platformincluding 24/7 emotional and mental support for employees and loved ones,wellness incentives, and more. The company also has fun events for employeesthroughout the year including Halloween costume contests, trivia challenges,and an all-expenses paid employee trip to the Grand Canyon.

3. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is an investment banking organization dedicated to helpinginvestors transform lives and realize dreams. Accordingly, the company cultureat Charles Schwab is forward-thinking and service-oriented.The motto “Own Your Tomorrow” is embodied in its employees and benefitspackage, which makes owning your tomorrow possible with healthcare packagesand complimentary financial advice. These opportunities make it possible foremployees to own their future and help investors reach their goals.

4. Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial Network is a family of companies that takes a people-firstapproach to financial services. The company was founded in 2002 by Brad Strohand Andrew Housser on the belief that by staying committed to helping people,you can ensure better financial outcomes for both the customer and thebusiness. This Heart + $ philosophy still guides the vision of the growingcompany, which has helped millions of people find solutions for theirfinancial needs.Freedom Financial recently was named an azcentral’s 2021 Top Workplaces. AtFreedom, they believe their people are the key drivers of our market-defininginnovation and success. Freedom strives to nurture an inclusive, caringculture that positions everyone to do their best work. They are deeplycommitted to providing work that makes a meaningful impact by helping everydayAmericans move forward toward a better financial future.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar that operates the world’s largestcloud platform dedicated exclusively to small and independent ventures.The company aims to create a culture of creativity and fun. Its vast team oftalented individuals is united by the goal to innovate to better servecustomers fearlessly. Employees are empowered to take advantage of top-of-the-line training to expand their skill set and create lasting change. GoDaddyseeks innovative employees who aren’t afraid to put their beliefs into action.

7. Spear Education

Spear Education reaches millions of patients annually worldwide. With sevenproducts that serve dental practices with e-learning software, patienteducation multimedia tools, and a practice management analytics platform—thetalented team of “Spearians” empowers dentists to provide the best carepossible.As the industry leader in dental continuing education, Spear hosts seminarsand workshops at a state-of-the-art campus in scenic North Scottsdale. The keyto their amazing culture—provide transparency on everything that happensacross their fast-growing company with regular All Hands meetings, engagementand satisfaction surveys, and weekly one-on-one meetings between employees andtheir managers. Spears’ vibrant culture is focused on recognizing andrewarding team members who live their values every day.

8. Robinhood

Robinhood’s mission is to democratize finance for all. With customers at theheart of their decisions, Robinhood is lowering barriers, removing fees, andproviding greater access to financial information. Together, Robinhood isbuilding products and services that help create a financial system everyonecan participate in.Robinhood was recently named a 2021 Fortune Best Workplace in FinancialServices & Insurance, a 2021 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor, and a 2021TIME100 Most Influential Company. At Robinhood, every voice is valued and noidea is too small to bring to the table.


USAA is a financial services organization committed to going above and beyondfor service members and their families.The company strives to create a work environment and culture that allows itsemployees to succeed. How do they do this? As one of its many benefits, USAAwill match up to 7% of what you contribute to your 401(k) as a way to fulfilltheir core value—build for the future. USAA’s benefits give employees theflexibility to simplify their lives and spend time achieving their goals.

10. Valor Global

Valor Global is a global customer care solutions company that combinesinnovative thinkers and an influential company culture to deliver sought-afterservices.Valor Global believes that extraordinary service doesn’t happen by chance, butis a result of a culture that generates accountability, creative thinkers, anda commitment to continuous improvement. Employees are encouraged to thrive andgrow by learning, coaching, and mentoring colleagues.

11. Workiva

Workiva’s motto is “We Build Trust Together.” This tech company in Arizona hasone of the best company cultures in Phoenix because of its focus on diversityand inclusion. Workiva fosters a healthy work environment for all employees,valuing fairness, teamwork, and respect.This company has a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee along with sevenemployee resource groups. Their passion for company culture shines through theplethora of employee benefits like a pet-friendly office, 12 weeks of paidparental leave, and up to five weeks of paid vacation time.These tech companies with the best company culture in Phoenix have a fewthings in common. Each invests in its employees to elicit the bestperformance. Their employees are trusted to be creative and produce work thatexcels the business because of strong values and company culture.

Is Phoenix a Good Place for Tech Jobs?

Absolutely! Phoenix is a great place for tech jobs. In fact, Phoenix has the14th largest tech talent labor pool nationally, with 98,220 tech workers. AndPhoenix offers affordable living for those wanting to work for tech companiesin Arizona.There are ample opportunities at tech companies in Arizona in SoftwareDevelopment, IT Coordinating and Data Engineering, entry-level tech jobs, andmuch more. Arizona is home to over 10,000 tech companies making it an idealplace to move if you are looking to work in this industry.If you plan to move to Arizona, BestCompaniesAZ offers many Arizona movingresources for those considering relocating.You can learn more about tech companies in Phoenix with BestCompaniesAZ! Clickhere to learn more about job opportunities at some of Arizona’s best techcompanies.Is Phoenix the New Silicon Valley? ShockingTechnology companies are becoming very popular in Arizona, newly dubbed theSilicon Desert. There are three core reasons that so many tech companies havesuch a strong attraction to Phoenix in particular, as indicated in JLL’s U.S.Technology Outlook.It’s a place where a higher standard of living costs a lot less, there’s abudding and flourishing pool of talent, as well as lower costs for businesses.The experts at Paracore for example, are investing strongly in providing PPCservices for Arizona tech businesses, that can use their enormous savings tocreate effective marketing campaigns.The average rent for office space in Phoenix is $24.22 per square foot.Compared to Silicon Valley, San Fransisco and Seattle, whose average costs persquare foot can be over $100, it’s a considerable savings. Phoenix’s mostaffluent areas for amenities, including Tempe and Scottsdale, reach only$29.12 and $31.26 in average rent costs.Generally speaking, Arizona costs less money for a higher standard of livingas well, with about half the cost of living in San Fransisco. In terms ofemployee salary costs, you’re looking at an average of $91,794 for techpositions in Arizona.That saves an Arizona tech company about 60% when compared to Silicon Valley,and about 50% when compared to San Fransisco. It’s immensely attractive totalent in tech who are considering working here, especially those with highereducation and skills.While new features like Facebook’s estimated ad recall lift are clearlycommanding a vibrant and innovative talent pool in California, Arizona is hoton its heels. Consider that the main established markets in tech are payingmore than what they’re receiving in value, just to keep their employees fromswapping to a higher-paid position. Meanwhile, entities in Phoenix, along with3D printing companies, are reaping the benefits of the availability of talent.Phoenix’s metro population is made up of 22% millennial-generation people.Almost 30% of the 4.6 million inhabitants hold bachelor degrees or higher. By2021, it’s estimated that 24.2% of the metro population in Phoenix will bebetween the ages of 18 and 34.Arizona State University, which is recognized by the U.S. News & World Reportas the Number One Most Innovative School in America two years in a row, isjust one of the prestigious institutions located in Metro Phoenix. With morethan 300,000 students in the area, this university provides about 21,000degrees each year. It’s part of what will continue to make it a hot spot fortech companies in the future as well.In terms of community college systems, Phoenix’s Maricopa Community Collegesare home to more than 265,000 students. When asked about their intentions onwhere they’d like to live and work, most of these students say they want tostay in Arizona and enjoy the standard of living that their education makespossible for them in their tech market.For tech companies that are looking to start companies on the West Coast ofthe United States, Arizona is really the ideal place. You can have a lot morestaff at near half the price of leading tech locations, especially for smallbusiness that need to spend money wisely. It’s not just about the ability toincrease a company’s exposure online, but about the real networkingopportunities with skilled workers in the area.There’s also the advantage of real estate, whether you’re looking for officespace for dozens of key employees, or additional offices for customer support,marketing and more. With this trend in mind, we can certainly expect Arizona’stech market to thrive and prosper, and for more large companies to stronglyconsider a move.Tech is Making its Way to Arizona: Big TimeCBRE, the global investment and research firm, designated Phoenix and Tempe astwo of the top cities for tech company real estate, in 2019. The tech marketin Phoenix provides a lot of demand for property, from both companies andemployees.AZ Tech is able to organize exclusive networking events with key people inArizona’s budding technology industry talent pool. The cost savings inproperty prices when compared to California tech hubs is part of why we’relikely to see a continued growth in tech companies and talent.Quite a few technology companies are arising out of Arizona’s affordablestandard of living. Phoenix Business Journal reports that seven Arizona citiesare among the fastest growing in the tech market, with Tuscon heading thelist. The Cyberstates report issued by CompTIA indicates that Arizona isincreasing in jobs by more than 5,000 each year. They also note a nearly 174%growth in the demand for novel and developing technology sectors, such astechnology-driven advertising.Tech-related jobs enjoy an average of 94% greater pay in Arizona when comparedwith the United States as a whole. There are amazing coffee shops in many ofArizona’s biggest cities that also attest to the standard of living and jobgrowth, which is reflected by their increasing online presence. In the end, abetter standard of living and greater salaries at innovative tech companieshas a major influence on the national tech talent pool.Using the state’s overall economic leverage, each city is able to grow on anannual basis. With developments in solar energy, missile defense and themanufacturing of semiconductors, Tuscon is growing by leaps and bounds. Themarket-leading biotech space continues to find a home in Flagstaff. Thestartup market in the making in Phoenix, along with autonomous vehicle R&D,are likewise nothing to scoff at.In terms of total employment in tech, Phoenix takes the lead as the 15thhighest in the U.S. It’s seen a 2.8% or higher increase specifically in IT,software and communication, as in digital marketing services, for example.That’s part of the reason why it’s also ranked number 19 in total economicimpact by the technology industry.Arizona Tech Council President and CEO Steve Zylstra says that the keystrategic advantage over densely populated-cities like Silicon Valley ishaving room to grow. He also mentions the mega-metropolitan Sun Corridor, theurban-developed area of southern Arizona. The networking opportunities among agrowing talent pool are attractive even to moguls like Bill Gates and JerryColangelo.Cyberstates also predicts a growth rate for tech employment in Arizona of 11%by 2026, due to decreased costs in real estate, standard of living and otherfactors. However, there are still extremely attractive positions at companieslike Facebook and Google. These companies are very experienced in creating anoptimal corporate culture and acquiring tech talent.It’ll be up to Arizona’s ability to provide educational opportunities for aworkforce that’s adapting toward a more tech-oriented job market. For example,companies in online retail are going to be replacing traditional roles withthings like data analysis and integrating platforms with the internet ofthings.

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