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Opinion: 10 Best ASX Stocks to Buy Now

In the past year, the ASX 200 has returned an impressive 24%, the bestperforming year since 1987. The economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemichas likely bolstered the index’s performance. However, even more impressive isthe performance of the below ASX stocks which have risen up to 3000% in thelast 12 months ending June 30, 2021.In the past 12 months, these are the top 10 stocks on the ASX that rose themost: 1. Magnetite Mines (ASX:MGT) 2. Ultima Utd Ltd (ASX:UUL) 3. Podium Minerals (ASX:POD) 4. Mindax Limited (ASX: MDX) 5. Sagalio Energy Ltd (ASX: SAN) 6. East Energy Resource (ASX: EER) 7. Aquis Ent Ltd (ASX: AQS) 8. Venturex Resources (ASX: VXR) 9. Globe Metals & Mining (ASX: GBE) 10. 8Vi Holdings Limited (ASX: 8VI)Could these be the best stocks to buy right now? Let’s explore in more detail.

Venturex Resources (ASX: VXR) – Up 1501%

The company’s flagship venture is the Copper Zinc Sulphur Springs Project inWestern Australia. Venturex also performs continued exploration across itsother assets in the Pilbara region.

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site*5 Best Australian Shares To Buy 2021 [Best Growth Stocks ASX]Thanks for downloading! Please check your email and spam folder and make sureto mark emails from us as not spam.Today, we’ll look at the best Australian shares to buy on the ASX in 2021 thatwe think are the best growth stocks.Some of these best growth stocks have already made strong gains and have a lotmore upside potential to go.With record low interest rates boosting capital markets, growth stocks thatare highly leveraged to a bullish market will benefit most.Even though growth stocks have taken a beating recently due to inflation fearsand rotation into value stocks, this has presented an opportunity to grab someof the best growth stocks on the ASX for cheap.

The Best Australian Shares To Buy 2021

We’ve outlined the 5 best growth stocks to buy that we have found to have agood business plan with lots of upside potential and represents some of thebest that the ASX has to offer.

Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC)

Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC) is one of the world’s largest private hospitalchains.The company has been of interest to the markets due to the spike in the numberof hospital patients resulting from the pandemic.Its recently released full-year FY21 results impressed with recordperformance, despite lost revenue from elective surgeries, which have highermargins than COVID-related services.Data from the company shows significant pent-up demand existing for electivesurgical and non-surgical patients due to lockdowns, the focusing of resourceson COVID, and general public aversion of hospitals.Read our research on Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC) and how it made our bestAustralian shares to buy 2021 list.

Top 10 IT Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best IT Shares to Buy

In this article, readers will be introduced to the 10 Best IT Stocks to Buy inIndia. These companies are doing exceptionally well economically in the marketand hold great positions worldwide.Investors can get guaranteed returns from these shares as they are of the ITmarket leaders. Thus, investment risks can be eliminated to a major extentwith these stocks.At first, readers should learn about the Top 10 Tech shares, and they are ofTCS, Infosys, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro InfotechLtd., Oracle Fin, MphasiS, MindTree, and L&T Technology Service Ltd.These companies are the top ones in the nation and are offering premiumservices to popular brands across the globe.One can expect to earn the best return by investing in the stocks of thesecompanies. Therefore, readers should not miss out on any point for learningmore about IT shares.* * *

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. – Best IT Shares to buy in India

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. or TCS is undoubtedly the highest-grossing ITcompanies in India.This share is considered as the Best Software Shares to buy for itsextraordinary performance in the past few years. The 52 weeks high-low ratioshows that TCS shares are going up aggressively.It 52 weeks low was 1506.05 while the 52 weeks high is 2358. TCS has anestimated market capitalization of Rs. 858845.81 crores which is a huge figurein the national market. Its trading volume is 5,232,180 that shows the highamount of indulgence of traders.TCS is a subsidiary of the most trusted Tata Group, and its client baseincludes big names from different countries. It shares a high amount ofdividend of 3.41% with its shareholders.* * *

Infosys Ltd. – Top IT Stocks to buy in India

The second rank holder among the 10 Best IT Stocks to buy in India is InfosysLtd. Its net worth is Rs.391480.20 crores, and the total trading volume is8,650,414. This company has managed to overcome its 52 weeks low with a goodfigure.The 52 weeks low was 509.25 and the 52 weeks high was 986.45 for Infosys Ltd.shares. Investors get a dividend of 1.9% from this company. The EPS orEarnings per Share is quite high, and it is Rs. 39.98.Infosys has been serving a huge client base for a very long time, and itsperformance has helped in earning a lot of goodwill in the market.* * *Check out the list of best stocks to buy from other sectors* * *

HCL Technologies Ltd. – Most Traded IT Shares in India

HCL Technologies Ltd. has fetched the third position among the 10 Most TradedTech Shares in India. This share has performed well in the share market andditched the 52 weeks low effectively.HCL Technologies shares have 52 weeks low of 375.25 and the 52 weeks high was729. The total worth of the company is Rs. 190173.65 crores at present.Its trading volume has gone up to 3,354,884 in the past few years, and thisproves the large number of investors drawn by the company.Clients get a dividend share of 1.43%, which boosts their profit. HCLTechnologies Ltd. is a profitable option to invest as it has a huge turnoverevery year.* * *

Tech Mahindra Ltd. – Best IT Shares in India

The 5th position in the list of the 10 Best IT Shares to buy in India is heldby Tech Mahindra Ltd.This company is one of the A-listed IT companies in India with a total worthof Rs. 72289.41 crores. The Tech Mahindra shares have shown a massive growthif the 52 weeks high-low ratio is assessed.It 52 weeks low was 471.40, and 52 weeks high was 845.90. Investors are givena dividend of 2% by the company.The trading volume of Tech Mahindra shares is 2,954,870, and this denotes thata large number of shares are traded daily.This company’s great stock market performance and large customer base aresolid reasons for investing in its shares.* * *Here are the list of Top Stocks to Buy from other Sectors* * *

Oracle Financial Service Software Ltd. – Best Technology Shares to Buy

Incorporated in 1990, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. finds theseventh place in the list of the 10 Best Technology Shares to Buy.This company has outperformed itself in the stock market and has bounced backwith a punch from its 52 weeks low.The 52 weeks low was 1506, but the 52 weeks high was commendable, and it was3262.7. Its market capitalization is Rs. 25621.33 crores, and trading volumeis 58,865.This IT Company serves a large number of clients in almost 145 countriesworldwide. Oracle’s journey from its inception has been noteworthy, and it istouching new heights regularly.* * *

IT Stocks to Buy – Conclusion

This article has provided comprehensive knowledge on the top 10 TechnologyShares to buy in India. These shares are doing great in the market, and theyenable an investor to earn a huge amount of profit.One should, however, assess these Software Stocks to buy carefully beforepurchasing them for the long term to ensure a good amount of profit.* * *Open Demat Account with your Favorite Broker* * *Most Read Articles* * *

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