List of Top 50 Companies Using Blockchain Technology

List of Top 50 Companies Using Blockchain Technology

With the popularity of blockchain, many companies have started usingblockchain technology. And why wouldn’t they? Blockchain has the potential tobring a lot to the table. More so, you can use blockchain in different usecases such as Supply chain, Healthcare, Government, Insurance, Banking, Realestate, and many more.Even though blockchain was initially considered suitable for the Bankingsectors only, it has started disrupting other industries as well. So, now wehave a lot of solutions that are in the pilot phase or already in use in theenterprise.> Enroll Now: Free Blockchain Course

Top 50 Companies Using Blockchain Technology

Are you wondering which companies are using blockchain? You don’t need to lookfurther because we have a list of 50 companies that are using blockchain inmany ways. So, let’s see what these companies are!

Bank and Finance

BBVA is one of the companies with blockchain technology using it for thebanking sector. Red Electrica Corporation and BBVA recently completed asyndicated loan using this wonderful technology. Apparently, MUFG, BNPParibas, and BBVA granted the deal of €150m. More so, the loan reached inrecord speed from BBVA’s blockchain platform.At present, the company is more than optimistic about using technology forfuture projects as well.Banca Intesa Sanpaolo – an Italian banking conglomerate is using blockchaintechnology for validating trading data. Deloitte, Eternity Wall, and the bankstarted to test out the technology recently. More so, they are using theOpenTimestamps protocol that uses Bitcoin to power the system.Anyhow, the core contributor Peter Todd of Bitcoin, is behind the technology.Let’s move on to the companies with blockchain technology in the next part.U.K.’s second-largest bank is Barclays and one of the companies withblockchain technology. In reality, they are using blockchain technology forstreamlining fund transfers and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes. More so,they even filed for patents against these two features so, it’s easy to saythat they are surely working on the technology.The bank HSBC is planning to the blockchain-based platform by the end of March2020. More so, they will shift from their traditional paper-based records tofully digital and decentralized Vault platform. Thus, their investors can nowfinally track their money in real-time. More so, it will have private featuresas well.Let’s move on to the companies with blockchain technology in the next part.Visa is one of the companies with blockchain technology that did come a longway in the niche. Previously in 2016, they introduced a blockchain platformthat would deal with business-to-business payment services.However, it took them time to make the project live. By the end of 2019, theywanted to cover 90 markets that the businesses can payments to.> Wondering how these companies are using Blockchain? Go through the> Blockchain Business Strategy and get ready to start with Blockchain.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention company is here to leverage newtechnologies for improving the overall health of American citizens. That’s whythey’re working with IBM for developing an encrypted ledger system that wouldhelp them record all Electronic Health Records (EHR), without evercompromising any security.Pfizer is yet another one of the large companies using blockchain technology.Biogen and Pfizer led organization Clinical Supply Blockchain Working Group(CSBWG), just completed proof of concept for tracking records and managing thedigital inventory of pharmaceutical products.In reality, the group also comes with other players such as GlaxoSmithKline,Merck, AstraZeneca, and Deloitte.> Read Now: What’s the Difference between Blockchain and Distributed Ledger?


AIA Group is also one of the large companies using blockchain for insurancepurposes. In reality, the company launched a project for bancassurancesolutions with other partnered banks. This platform will harness the power ofblockchain and help share documentations and policy data in real-time in asecure channel.According to them, it’s one of a kind solution in the market.Another one of the large companies using blockchain technology is MetLife.Actually, LumenLab is MetLife’s Singapore based incubator company, and theyare collaborating with NTUC Income and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) forcreating Lifechain.Using this platform, you can help your loved ones to determine if the deceasedhad insurance or not, and when in need, automatically it will file for aninsurance claim.Prudential Financial is one of the public companies using blockchaintechnology for insurance. The company plans to use the tech for ensuring thereare no fraudulent activities in insurances, and all the customers get a betterservice and can prove their documentations without any hassle.Anyhow, the company will work with other insurance companies as well todevelop the solution. Anyhow, it’s also working on a platform that can offerbuy and sell goods, tracking along with filing for insurance from the sameplatform.The company American International Group or AIG is one of the public companiesusing blockchain technology. At present, they are partners with theInternational Business Machines Corp for developing a smart insuranceplatform. With the help of the platform, they can finally cover all thecomplex international insurance problems.Aegon is also on the list of public companies using blockchain technology.Actually, they are part of the initiative B3i that uses the R3 Corda platformto back up their insurance platform. Moreover, there are fourteen insurers andreinsurers in the group as well.Anyhow, the solution is capable of handling all the workload of insurance orreinsurance processes from one place.> Read our previous blog to learn How to Implement Blockchain.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

ADNOC or Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is another addition to the energycompanies using the blockchain technology list. In reality, they are using thetechnology to increase transparency throughout their companies and willeventually expand to supply chain management as well. *

Chile’s National Energy Commission

Chile’s National Energy Commission is going to use an Ethereum based networkfor recording all their energy sectors data. As there are a lot ofdiscrepancies in the energy sector, it’ll be wiser to have an immutable recordthat no one can alter.However, they are more than eager to use the public Ethereum platform forthis.

Smart Electric Power Alliance

Another awesome solution in the IoT industry is the project SEPA is workingon. Using IoT devices and blockchain, they plan to secure the power grinds andoffer clean energy for education, research, and many more. Basically, as theIoT devices are vulnerable, they are using the technology to secure it.This IoT based project is for the healthcare sector as well. MediLedger’ssolution includes many pharmaceuticals companies, along with wholesalers aswell. Among them, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Pfizer stand out the most.As the IoT devices will track the products, they are coupling it withblockchain to offer high security.Let’s check out who is using blockchain in the next part!> Also Check: Practical Use Cases of Blockchain

Brookfield Asset Management

It’s one of the big companies using blockchain technology. Brookfield AssetManagement is one of the very well-known companies in the world. In reality,they have more interest in blockchain and plans to integrate it as a part oftheir systems. Using the tech, they plan to reduce transaction costs andautomate contacts.Allinfra and Link REIT, Hongkong is partnering up for working in a blockchainproject for the real estate sectors. Basically, they will work on the pilotproject to check out how blockchain can help the real estate sector. Anyhow,they plan to introduce a sustainable infrastructure backed by blockchain.JLL is another one of the big companies using blockchain technology. They arecurrently using it in Spanish commercial real estate valuation. According tothem, they can use this tool in construction and financing the real estatesector and even sell and rent properties. Mainly the initiative came from JLLJapan.Westfield is using blockchain for real estate bank guarantees. It’s mainly forthe people who are leaseholders in the retail markets. Anyhow, Westfield’slive project will last eight-week, and they will determine if the technologyworks for them or not. However, they are more than optimistic that it willhelp them to issue commercial leases easily.Another one of the big companies using blockchain technology is ColdwellBanker. At present, they are an active client of the company Propy. Basically,Coldwell is using the platform to list sellers and agents, along with offeringtransactions as well. More so, with this platform, they can secure all theirtransactions and contracts without any issues.> Not aware about the different types of Blockchain Technology? Here’s a> complete guide on the Types of Blockchain.

Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is going to establish its blockchain-basedadministrative system. More so, along with the project, the residents of thecity will have S-coin that they can use for public services. Additionally,they can also redeem these coins for rewards as well. They can also pay taxesand participate in public opinions through the platform.Lantmäteriet is Sweden’s land registry authority, and it is now working withbanks and businesses for a blockchain pilot project. According to them,purchasing a property is very time consuming, and with blockchain, it can saveresources and time both. More so, all the documents would be in digitalformats leaving no paper trails. *

Uganda National Drug Authority

Uganda National Drug Authority is working with MediConnect to deal with theircountry’s counterfeit drug problems. According to them, the project will trackall the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies to ensure that no one cansteal or replace them with fake ones. *

Winding Up

Blockchain is truly a disruptive force that no one can tame. It’s alreadydisrupting a lot of industries, and soon, it will disrupt every singlemarketplace in the world. At present, the companies using blockchaintechnology are actually securing their place in the changing ecosystem.In reality, it’s evident that companies still face a higher issue if theyavoid investing in the tech. So, if you haven’t adopted a blockchain solutionfor your enterprise till now, it’s high time you looked into the blockchain.If you are a beginner and planning to start a career in blockchain, there aremany opportunities for you in the industry. So, enroll in the Free EnterpriseBlockchain Fundamentals Course and lay the foundation for a bright career!Annual Ranking of Agricultural Technology Companies ReleasedBy Matt HopkinsSenior Online Editor | Meister Media WorldwideOn Monday, SVG Partners announced its THRIVE Top 50, an annual ranking of 50leading agricultural technology companies exemplifying the best in agriculturetechnology around the globe. Recognizing companies across six differenttechnology areas in agriculture – including biotechnology, connected devices,cloud services/SaaS, robotics and automation, predictive data analytics, andnext-gen farms – the list is the culmination of extensive market research,data analysis, as well as vetting and final selection by THRIVE’s corporatepartners.Launched in 2016, the THRIVE Top 50 awards is part of SVG Partners’ corporateinnovation program, which brings together major corporate brands like Coca-Cola, DuPont Pioneer, Trimble, Land O’Lakes, Wells Fargo, and others withpromising growth stage companies for pilots and partnerships. Top 50 startupsare scouted for exemplary leadership, technology, and traction, and selectedbased on alignments with specific organizational criteria and industry painpoints outlined by corporate partners.“The year’s honorees span a diverse range of technology types coveringeverything from accelerated gene editing to novel farming systems to farmmanagement platforms,” said SVG Partners/THRIVE CEO and founder John Hartnett.“The need for agtech innovation is more urgent than ever, and we are delightedto bring these technologists together with our corporate partners to advancethe industry.”On Feb. 7, the Top 50 agricultural technology companies will be honored at theTHRIVE Innovation Forum, an annual event in Menlo Park, CA, bringinginvestors, academics, and corporate types together with startups to shareindustry milestones and opportunities. Tickets to the event are $500.

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