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San Francisco Bay Area tech salaries revealed: Here are 21 of the region’s

highest-paid jobs at companies like Netflix, Google, Apple, and Facebook. * Business Insider analyzed the tech jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area that pay the highest salaries. * The Bay Area is the hub of the tech industry, and it’s where many of the world’s most prominent tech companies, like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Netflix, were founded, creating an ultra-competitive market for tech talent. * We analyzed the data for over 35,000 active foreign worker-visas in the San Francisco Bay Area. Companies seeking foreign workers must disclose salary data for particular jobs when they seek visas. * For this list we focused on jobs paying above $240,000. Some of the tech industry salaries in the Bay Area went as high as $650,000. * Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.The San Francisco Bay Area is the hub of the tech industry. It’s wherefounders from all over the world come to start companies, and where some ofthe world’s most prominent tech companies, like Apple, Google, Facebook, andNetflix, were founded.That’s created a competitive job environment, with companies willing to paybig bucks to attract top talent, with some salaries surpassing half a milliondollars a year, according to a Business Insider analysis.While tech companies generally don’t reveal reveal employee salary andcompensation, except for its very top executives where it’s required byfederal regulations, American companies have to disclose salary data when theyapply for visas on behalf of current or prospective foreign workers. TheOffice of Foreign Labor Certification collects and processes thoseapplications and publishes the salaries every year.We analyzed the data for over 35,000 active foreign worker-visas in the SanFrancisco Bay Area, including the city of San Francisco, numerous cities inSilicon Valley, and surrounding cities, to find some of the highest paid jobsat technology companies in the area. For this list we focused on jobs payingabove $240,000. (Notably, the data covers annual base salary not totalcompensation, which can include bonuses or stock awards). Of note, Googleaccounted for 13% of the active visas on the list.It’s not a comprehensive look at San Francisco Bay Area tech salaries becauseit only includes data for foreign workers, but it gives some rare insight intohow much companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Cisco and others payfor top tech talent.These are 21 of the highest-paid tech-industry positions in the San FranciscoBay Area:

Apple, human interface designer director: $324,917

Apple was founded in 1976 in Los Altos, and is one of the companies that hashelped make Silicon Valley into what it is today. Apple is now headquarteredin Cupertino and has a sizeable number of employees based there, even as itswidening its footprint beyond the Bay Area.The highest paid hire in the data was a human interface designer director,with a salary of $324,917. Apple’s human interface design team is responsiblefor conceptualizing, designing, and creating the user experience for all Appleproducts, services, and accessories. The focus is on making products that looknice but are also easy to use.The salary for a non-director human interface designer range from $65,062 to$220,000For more Apple salaries, check out our story here.

Salesforce, VP software engineering: $241,696

Salesforce is the City of San Francisco’s largest employer, with over 7,000employees in the city. It’s is headquartered in San Francisco, and recentlycompleted construction of a new Salesforce Tower headquarters that sits in theheart of the city’s financial district. CEO Marc Benioff is a SF native.Its highest paid hire on the list was a VP of software engineering, with asalary of $241,696. Another hire with the same title on the list earned$194,251. A majority of its visas in San Francisco were for engineering hires,with non manager salaries starting at $85,821.For more Salesforce salaries, check out our story here.

Workday, senior principal software development engineer in test: $205,200

to $307,800Workday is headquartered in Pleasanton, a suburb in the San Francisco BayArea. It also has Bay Area offices in San Mateo, Palo Alto, and San Francisco.It makes cloud based human resources and financial planning software. Likemost other cloud software companies, software engineers play a key role indeveloping its products.The highest paid hire on the list was a senior principal software developmentengineer in test, with a salary range of $205,200 to $307,800.Regular software engineer roles start at $119,122.

Twitter, senior staff software engineer: $310,000

Twitter was founded in San Francisco and still has its headquarters there.However, it recently told employees they could work remotely even after thecoronavirus pandemic ends, and are not required to come back to the officewhen it reopens.Its highest paid hire listed was a senior staff software engineer in SanFrancisco, with a salary of $310,000. Other engineering roles started at$117,770.

Adobe: senior engineering manager UI: $241,696

Adobe makes design software, and is most well known for its photo editing toolPhotoshop. It is headquartered in San Jose. Given that its tools focus ondesign, the user interface and user experience are central to the company’sproducts. Adobe’s highest paid hire on the list was for a senior engineeringmanager UI for $241,696.Non manager engineering roles started at $92,560.

Lyft, director of product management: $305,000

Lyft was founded in San Francisco, and is now one of the most well known ride-sharing companies. The highest paid role on the list was for a director ofproduct management, which Lyft listed two hires for, at a salary of $305,000.Non-director product managers earned salaries of $197,300 to $222,349.

LinkedIn, director, site reliability: $241,696 to $370,000

LinkedIn was founded in Mountain View in 2003, and since 2016 has been part ofMicrosoft, though it still operates as its own company. Its highest paid rolein the San Francisco Bay Area was a manager of site reliability, with a salaryrange of $$241,696 to $370,000.Hires for managers of site reliability meanwhile, had salaries between$163,530 and $263,000.

PayPal, director, business analytics: $252,000

PayPal is a fintech company that manages online payments. It is headquarteredin San Jose, and its list of founders includes notable names like Peter Thiel,Max Levchin, and Elon Musk. Its two highest paid hires on the list weredirectors of business analytics, who both had a salary of $252,000.The role manages teams who are collecting data about PayPal’s products andapplying it to its various businesses. Non manager financial analyst rolesstart at $95,000.

Apple, hardware development manager: $269,100

Apple is best known for the iPhone, and other hardware products like the iPadand Mac computers. So it’s no surprise that one of its highest paid roles inthe Bay Area was a hardware development manager for $269,100. There weremultiple hires for a hardware development manager, and salaries started at$157,539.Non-manager hardware development engineers and hardware systems engineers hadsalaries between $93,891 and $207,113.

Cloudera, principal software engineer: $270,000

Cloudera is headquartered in Palo Alto, and makes software to process largeamounts of data using a technology called Hadoop. Its highest paid role on thelist was for a principal software engineer, for $270,000. There were a totalof three hires for a principal software engineer, with salaries starting at$190,155.Engineering roles made up a majority of the visas Cloudera applied for, whichsalaries starting at $111,121.

Pure Storage, chief information security officer: $300,000

Pure Storage sells products that companies use to store data. It isheadquartered in Mountain View, and has sizeable offices around the world. Itshighest paid hire in the data was a chief information security officer, for$300,000.A CISO role is typically in the c-suite, and is responsible for a team thatmakes sure that information and technology within the company and productsremain protected.

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