Social media for tech companies

Social media for tech companies

The world of technology has become the force for change in today’s society.Virtually every process of our daily life is being scrutinised and improved bytech companies around the globe. New platforms are creating marketefficiencies and new technology is enabling the human race to do thingsthey’ve never done before. But what role does social media play? Some techbusinesses may, in fact, be a new social network or a tool to use on socialmedia platforms, but what about those less directly linked? How can socialmedia be used as a marketing or research tool?Let’s start with social media for tech businesses just starting out.

Social media for tech start-ups

Social media has two major roles to play for a start-up tech company. One inresearching the market; one for informing the marketing strategy. Of course,social media marketing may become the key driver of new users or new businesswell beyond start-up phase, but we’ll discuss that later.

Marketing channel testing

Whether you’re pre-launch and collecting sign-ups or you actually have afunctioning platform, you need to find out where you can most effectively gaintraction. And traction is the key word. Whether it’s user numbers,transactions, or other kinds of leads, identifying the best bang for yourmarketing buck is absolutely crucial.Knowing which channels represent low cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of users is avital part of running a start-up tech business. These metrics are especiallyimportant when looking for a series A round of funding, for example, when oneof the key issues is scalability. Sufficient marketing channel testing givesinvestors a clear indication of the scale their money is going to provide tothe business.Knowing your CPA through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, especially forconsumer-facing businesses is absolutely key. The same goes for LinkedIn butis more applicable to the B2B side of your business. The good news is thatthis is actually pretty straightforward once you have the social mediaprocesses and protocols in place and have a CRM system. This is actually anarea of our social media management business that has grown significantly overthe past 12 months. Further reading on traction testing can be done in thisbook.But there’s more!Not only does social media marketing give you vital market research and dataon user acquisition (or whatever traction looks like for you), but it helpsinform other major elements of your marketing strategy…

Social media for gaining investment

It almost goes without saying that growing a tech business through socialmedia elevates its value as an investment opportunity. This might be throughincreasing revenue, traction, and demonstrating cost-per-acquisition of usersand/or paying customers.But the more interesting elements of social media might be the ability for youto go out and profile potential investors. Both on a company/fund-level and atthe individual level. Finding out which projects excite an investor and whatthey’re likely to look for in an opportunity could be the perfect way to getan ‘in’ or shape your approach and pitch deck. Never underestimate the powerof information and making something a unique opportunity to an investor.Don’t forget that LinkedIn is a fantastic place to find and connect withinvestors and introducers. LinkedIn lead generation can be incrediblyeffective in expanding your network and setting up meetings.

2. Create quality content

Image created by Market Business News.Social media loves relevant and informational content. Therefore, consideringthat as a tech company your primary focus is to make viewers understand yourproduct, you must come with interesting informative content in the form ofposters and videos. Ensure that your content is not filled with technicaljargon, but is buttered with engaging storytelling infused with productunderstanding.

Our Ranking Methodology Used for Social Media Marketing Agencies

Taking into consideration the core meaning and the idea of the best socialmedia marketing agency, analyzing hundreds of online materials and sites, andgoing through a large number of user reviews and ratings, we’ve defined themost crucial factors that play a role in determining whether an agency isworth hiring or not. You’re about to read a list of these factors, each ofthem explained in detail.

The Essential Aspects Top Social Media Marketing Firms Must Carry Out

Our analysis won’t be complete without pointing out the essential aspects asocial media advertising company must carry out.In this part of our comprehensive analysis, after interviewing the managers ofour subject companies, we concluded that there are five essential elements asocial media ad agency must carry out to deserve and retain its place in thisindustry.

1. A Social Marketing Company Must Be Able to Create a Customized,

Reliable Strategy for Reaching Business GoalsInterviewing managers of the best social media companies gave us the “not sosurprising fact” that 99% of any SMM company’s success lies in creating astable, thorough strategy for achieving their client’s goals.But what exactly is included in this strategy? What are the elements of a goodplan? Through our research, we found out that three elements constitute agrand strategy:

2. The Social Media Marketing Companies Must Be Able to Create a Content

StrategyContent is at the core of social media marketing. Without reliable, on-point,and customized content, any effort is useless. A top social media marketingcompany will have strong creative abilities in the form of a well-preparedteam of creative people: content writers, videographers, photographers,graphic designers. Beyond checking the boxes from our custom criteria forcontent marketing agencies, we assessed the social media marketing specialistsfor the following three crucial elements:

3. Distribution – The Social Media Marketing Agency Needs to Determine

Proper Channels and TacticsIf you already know your target audience well, then you know where they hangout most on social media. Top social media agencies should recognize this andbe proficient in using the correct channels for proper and targeteddistribution of content.At this point, an agency should be able to design a solid distribution planbased on the analysis of your target audience and develop a strategy aroundthe social channels your buyers frequently visit. For example, Facebookadvertising experts should also cover other essential platforms, includingTwitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more.Furthermore, social media marketing firms will have to assign roles fordifferent tasks that need to be done on different channels.

4. Activation – The Social Media Marketing Company Needs to Grow Your

Business’ Followers BaseAccording to our research and analysis, a good strategy is successful only ifthe activation tools are both appropriate and adequately used. Tightlyconnected with the defined budget and the strategy execution fees, tacticsmust be prioritized to produce results within the specified time frame.According to our research, social media marketing companies’ tactics fall intoone of two groups:

5. Measurement – Both you and the Social Media Marketing Firm Need to Be

Able to Track Progress and Measure ResultsThe social media marketing agency’s services are only as good as the resultsthey bring to clients. Goal measurement and analytics reports are tools thatany agency must be able to provide and, moreover, base their work onexplaining them well.When it comes to measuring goals and tracking progress, a good analyticsreport provided by SMM companies should include a few elements:

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