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Big tech companies are telling their employees to be vaccinated before

returning to the office as the Delta variant spreads * Major tech companies recently said employees must get vaccinated before returning to the office. * Facebook and Google are among the firms mandating vaccines for in-person workers. * The EEOC says employers can require employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine or ban them from the office. * See more stories on Insider’s business page.LoadingSomething is loading.As return-to-work plans clash with rising COVID-19 cases in many states andthe spread of the Delta variant, some tech giants are joining the growingchorus of tech companies requiring their employees to get vaccinated againstthe virus before coming into their offices.On Wednesday, Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet both announced thatany employees coming into their US offices must be fully vaccinated, reversingcourse from earlier this year and marking a major shift among industryleaders.Several other tech companies had already announced similar policies foremployees working in person over the summer, including Adobe, VMware, Twilio,and Asana, Protocol reported earlier in July.While employers are continuing to adapt their policies in light of evolvingdata, here’s where things stand with some of the biggest tech giants.


* Vaccines required: “Voluntary vaccinated cohorts” have started returning to Salesforce’s global headquarters in San Francisco, and vaccines will be “encouraged” as more offices reopen. * Office reopening target: 100 Salesforce employees returned to Salesforce Tower in May, while 17 offices, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region, had started phased reopening at that point. * What they’re saying: Salesforce’s plan consists of voluntarily vaccinated cohorts, then limit capacity reopenings, then full reopenings, with the timing dependent on COVID-19 data and local guidance.

Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER)

Uber was the first rideshare company to become popular in the United States.They initially launched in San Francisco in 2011 as a high-end alternative totaxicabs but eventually pivoted to focus on more affordable services.Not only did Uber give consumers an easy way to get around, but it alsoquickly became a popular way for people to make money part-time using theircars.The company has seen great success and is now in several countries around theworld.In subsequent years, the company also launched UberPool and UberEats.UberEats provides local food delivery options in many cities around the world.Uber has indicated that they are planning on expanding their food deliveryservices in the future.They have recently acquired both Postmates and Drizly, which are food andalcohol delivery services.Uber has been the subject of much scrutiny since it launched.In particular, many people have been concerned about the way the companytreats their independent contractor drivers.Laws in some countries have changed to require Uber to treat their drivers asworkers.Uber stock has been trading sideways since November 2020. Concerns over theindependent contractor status of drivers have caused share prices to dipsomewhat throughout the summer months.Given the ubiquity of Uber and other ridesharing services, this could be anexcellent time to buy the dip.Although the rideshare model may evolve over time, Uber has proven theirability to pivot into new markets and stay afloat.It’s important to note that rideshare companies will need to adjust theirservices as we emerge from the pandemic.This could cause fluctuations in earnings numbers and share prices in theshort term, so investors may want to focus on long-term potential instead.

DoorDash Inc. (NYSE: DASH)

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service based in San Francisco.Food delivery services have become particularly popular over the last year ascustomers have wanted to enjoy meals from their favorite restaurants at home.While there are other food delivery services on the market right now, DoorDashcurrently has the largest market share.In addition to working with restaurants, they have expanded into working withconvenience stores to provide essentials for their customers.DoorDash stock has been up and down over the past year. However, their mostrecent earnings report was extremely promising.Their revenue grew significantly from the same period of time last year.Some investors were initially worried that DoorDash would lose traction afterthe pandemic, as restaurants started opening up for in-person dining.However, this hasn’t been the case – demand for food delivery has remainedhigh this year.Although DoorDash has only been public since the end of 2020, they’ve alreadyestablished themselves as an important part of the TaaS industry.This could be a very lucrative stock moving forward if the food deliverymarket continues to grow.

Hertz Global Holdings (OTC: HTZZ)

As global car ownership rates have been decreasing, demand for car rentals hasbeen increasing.Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the United States.They provide most of their car rentals through major airports and cater toshort-term travelers.Hertz stock struggled throughout the pandemic as customers couldn’t travel andtherefore weren’t renting cars.Many people are finally traveling again after over a year away, and they areexcited to rent cars.Hertz has also struggled financially over the past few years and has recentlyopted to restructure the company.They’ve just come out of bankruptcy and restructuring in July and are hopingto resume growth shortly.This has been exciting for investors who want to see the company succeedfinancially moving forward.While Hertz stock has been going out of penny stock range, it is still veryaffordable.This makes them a good choice for investors who want to buy into TaaS trendsbut don’t want to spend too much money.

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SPCE)

Virgin Galactic is part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and is working todevelop the technology for space tourism.They were public through a SPAC instead of an IPO in 2019.For many years, space tourism seemed impossible, but as technology hasimproved, it looks closer and closer to becoming a reality.Virgin Galactic has been testing satellites as well as vehicles for futurespace travel since 2004.The company recently took its first passengers into space, with plans to sendpaying customers beyond the atmosphere in 2022.Right now, Virgin Galactic is a high-risk, high-reward stock.No one is sure yet how space tourism will work and how the company will makemoney in the long term.However, their position as a leader in this industry makes them a particularlyintriguing pick.In addition to space tourism, Virgin Galactic is also interested in developingsupersonic aircraft.Not only would supersonic travel be more environmentally friendly, but itcould also cut long-haul flight times down as much as 75 percent.This means customers could get from New York to Paris or Los Angeles to Tokyoin just a few hours.Virgin Galactic stock has been volatile over the past year but is still up 50%from last year.If commercial space flights begin sometime in the next year, it couldskyrocket their share price (no pun intended)!

Should You Buy TaaS Stocks?

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in transportation as a serviceright now. TaaS has gained plenty of traction over the last few years, butit’s an industry with real long-term potential.The way that consumers want to get around is changing, and TaaS companies aretaking steps to address these needs.Many people in the Millennial and Gen Z generations are choosing not to havecars.They opt instead to rely on things like public transportation and smallvehicles like bicycles and electric scooters.Transportation as a service allows them to enjoy some of the benefits of carswithout actually owning one.Cars can be costly to purchase and maintain.As a result, many people are opting not to have them to maintain a frugalbudget.Concern about climate change and vehicle emissions have also prompted manyconsumers to limit their car use or even give it up altogether.These changing attitudes may create an increase in demand for TaaS in thefuture.We’ve already seen many people start to rely heavily on ridesharing services,and there’s plenty of room for even more growth in the industry.Looking for more stock picks? Get a new trade every week for free with TradeIdeas. Trade Ideas sends you a new pick every single week along with thereasoning on why it could be ready to break out. Sign up for free right here.

TaaS Stocks: Final Thoughts

TaaS is a growing industry that could completely change the way we get fromplace to place. The looming threat of climate change has necessitated thedevelopment of new transit options.TaaS service gives consumers the convenience of having a car without harmingthe environment. Investing in this industry now could come with strong returnsin the future.Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She covers financeas well as real estate, technology, pop culture, and more.Best IPO Stocks to Watch in 2021Updated: Sept. 20, 2021, 10:48 a.m.

IPO stocks to watch in 2021

With the stock market trading at all-time highs through much of 2021, the IPOmarket has remained strong, carrying the momentum from the second half of 2020when a strong rebound in tech stocks encouraged new issues.Among the recent IPOs to watch are the following:

Upcoming IPOs: Companies going public in 2021

Here are some other big-name companies making plans to go public in 2021:

2. Rivian

This electric vehicle maker is the latest EV stock expected to make a splashin the public markets. According to Bloomberg, the company is aiming to gopublic as soon as September 2021 after raising $2.65 billion in January at avaluation of $27.6 billion.EV companies such as Tesla and Nio (NASDAQ: NIO) have delivered huge returnsto investors since the pandemic began, so it’s not surprising that Rivianwould seek to take advantage of investor interest. The company may be bestknown for its deal to manufacture 100,000 custom electric vans for Amazon by2030.

3. Stripe

As the most valuable privately held tech startup in the U.S., digital paymentscompany Stripe may be the most anticipated IPO out there. While the companyhas not announced plans to go public, Reuters reported that Stripe had takenits first step toward a market debut, tapping a law firm to guide it in theprocess. The wire service also said that the company was planning on doing adirect listing instead of a traditional IPO since it doesn’t need to raise newfunds.Stripe, which provides cloud software that allows businesses to seamlesslyprocess payments, was valued at $95 billion in its latest funding round inMarch.Given that rich valuation, it’s not surprising that a listing would beimminent as early investors and insiders need the company to go public to cashout their holdings.

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