These 14 Tech Companies Offer the Best Employee Benefits in the UK

These 14 Tech Companies Offer the Best Employee Benefits in the UK

Facebook employees get great perks wherever they work. Kobby Dagan /Shutterstock.comSilicon Valley tech firms are famous for showering their employees withbenefits on top of what could already be considered a substantial salary.British employees have also found that tech companies tend to be generous whenit comes to compensation.Glassdoor, the anonymous employee review website, has published its list ofthe companies that offer their UK employees the best pay — including salariesand bonuses — as well as other benefits. Out of the 25 firms on Glassdoor’slist, most of them are in tech and hail from across Europe as well as the US.Glassdoor relied on feedback from employees over the past year who rated theirsatisfaction with their salary and compensation on a five-point scale. Therating takes into accounts all benefits and perks, not just money. That meansthat some tech companies that may not offer all their employees the biggestpaycheck still made it onto the list.10 Tech Company Employee Benefits & Perks From Best CompaniesThe business world is becoming more independent from technology every day.Nowadays, Employees have opportunities that were not available to them beforethe technology boom. To meet demand, companies are hiring the best of the bestto lead the way in the world of IT and technology.Tech company employee benefits make a career in technology exciting andrewarding.If you’re interested in a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies,consider these tech company employee benefits as a guide to the perfectworkplace.

1. Health and Wellness

Tech company employees spend a large amount of time on the computer. Toencourage an active workforce, health and wellness benefits are offered bymany tech companies. Companies like GoDaddy offer a healthy living program andfitness classes, and host health fairs. In addition, employees can workout instate-of-the-art gyms and work with personal trainers free of charge.

2. Professional Development

Employers want their employees to feel excited and passionate about what theyare doing. Engaged employees means a smaller turnover rate. To encouragepersonal and professional growth, companies such as Markitors offer lunch-and-learn workshops with professionals from a variety of fields. Monthly speakersoffer insight on topics like retirement, work-life balance, and managingbenefits.

6. Vacation Benefits

We don’t have to convince you that vacation days are a benefit. Vacation daysare a welcomed break from stress. At companies like GoDaddy and Markitors,employees are encouraged to take time away from work to recharge. Whether it’sa trip to Paris or a staycation at home, vacation perks make the top of ourlist of the best tech company employee benefits.

7. Time Away From Work

Coupled with vacation benefits, time away from work is an appealing perk.Everyone needs a break from work to enjoy life outside of their careers. Manytech companies such as Infusionsoft and GoDaddy encourage employees to take aday here and there for themselves. If the opportunity to recharge yourbatteries is important to you, consider a career at a tech company that offersthis perk.

8. Discounted Products and Services

Who doesn’t want discounted or free products? The ability to receive productsat a discount or for free is a perk that speaks for itself.

4. Ultimate Software

Headquarters: Weston, FloridaMedian compensation: $124,993Department most satisfied with compensation: operations

4. Ultimate Software

Headquarters: Weston, FloridaMedian compensation: $124,993Department most satisfied with compensation: operations

14. Goldman Sachs

Overall benefits rating: 4.1Goldman Sachs is a strong supporter of the LGBT community, and since 2008 haveoffered full cover for gender reassignment surgery. Many employees alsocommented on the chance for progression within the company.Shutterstock

11. Genentech

Overall benefits rating: 4.3Genentech offers a range of pampering services from on-site car-washes,haircuts, childcare centre, mobile spa and dentist. What’s better than goingto work and getting your chores done too? A current director of global productmanagement said: “Great place to work due to culture, benefits, talentedpeople. Mature processes and tools. Opportunities available locally andglobally. Diversity and inclusion are central and focused on.”latimes

2. Bain & Company

Overall benefits rating: 4.7The Best Place to Work in the US in 2017, holds an annual two-day, global“Bain World Cup” football tournament open to all employees. The events areheld in different parts of the world each year’ this years will be held in LosAngeles.City Year

Adobe Employee Benefits and Perks (San Jose, CA)

Generous does not even begin to describe the perks and benefits packages atAdobe. Sure, other companies provide things like commuter programs and retaildiscounts, but this company goes a little bit further. From educational grantsto commuter packages, this company is providing its employees with a bevy ofperks that can seriously make a difference in retaining top talent.

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