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Best Tech Companies in Vancouver in 2021

Vancouver is a city known for its picturesque views, mild weather, andhipsters crowding craft breweries. Over the years it’s also built a name foritself as a tech hub. Nicknamed Techcouver, it earned the title of 12th rankedcity for tech talent in North America two years in a row. Vancouver has heldits ground even throughout the pandemic, by continuing to offer tech jobs atbig-name companies and must-watch startups. Lighthouse Labs graduates, at arate of 98%, became employed in Vancouver in 2020. See how you can start yourown career in tech with us in 2021 and beyond.In Vancouver as well as internationally, the most popular tech jobs arecurrently software engineers, web developers, and full-stack developers. Butno matter what position you’re interested in within the tech world, it’simportant to set yourself up for success through education. Here at LighthouseLabs, we offer accelerated learning programs with mentorship and hands-onexperience, so you feel confident and job-ready entering the workforce post-graduation.After updating your skills and preparing yourself for a fulfilling techcareer, you’ll want to find the perfect job for your goals and abilities.Here’s a list of the tech companies in Vancouver you’ll want to keep your eyeson in 2021, many of which made The Globe and Mail’s list “Top 400: Canada’sTop Growing Companies: 2020”.Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about working in Canada’s techindustry.Subscribe Year Founded: 1994Work at Amazon after a programming bootcamp in Vancouver. A behemoth of acompany with internationally-spanning infrastructure, Amazon continues toimpress with their wide array of tech-based services. They’ve continued tolaunch new features, subscriptions, and products that continuously capturetheir customers’ attention. Their tremendous growth over the last decade showsno sign of stopping.What You Should Know: Amazon is predicted to be the “most important company ofthe 2020s”. Its Vancouver office alone employed over 1,000 people in 2019, andexpects to employ 5,000 in 2022. They’re also building new office space thatshould be completed by 2023.Year Founded: 2009Want to learn to code in Vancouver? You could land a career at Slack. Slack isa business communication platform that offers users a new way to stay up-to-date with work and coworkers. It claims to be “faster, better organized, andmore secure than email”, which we would definitely agree with.What You Should Know: With 12 million users daily, they’ve thought of it allin terms of functionality and productivity. Did you know you can sync Slackwith tools you constantly use, like CRM management, and even upload customemojis?Year Founded: 2008Hootsuite is hiring for Vancouver coding school graduates. One of the originalsocial media management platforms, now considered to be a global leader in theindustry. They have more than 18 million customers and employers, and are aFortune 1000 company.What You Should Know: Hootsuite prides itself on being an inclusive, diverse,and results-driven company that creates a positive impact on the world throughtheir social programs. Working at this company offers a work-hard-play-hardtype of environment, with perks such as craft beer programs, ping-pong tables,nap rooms, and the opportunity to bring your dog to work.Year Founded: 2011Vancouver coding school graduates could work with Trulioo. Trulioo providesglobal identity verification services to individuals and businesses.Headquartered in Vancouver, its services help a range of industries such asfinance, banking, retail, gaming, and online marketplaces.What You Should Know: Working at Trulioo would be a great learningopportunity. They also offer tons of fun perks. Think weekly catered lunches,foosball and ping-pong tournaments, three weeks of vacation (even if you’renew), and waterfront views.Year Founded: 1975After programming bootcamp in Vancouver, start working with Microsoft.Microsoft needs no introduction. This technology company dominates the marketwith their top brands, like Windows, Surface, Xbox. If you were to apply atthe Vancouver office, you could work on projects like “Notes, MSN, Gears ofWar, Skype, and mixed reality applications”.What You Should Know: There’s a full lab called “The Garage” that allows theirteams, community partners, and students to build, experiment, and create newinnovations.Year Founded: 2013Article is a furniture company creating modern, mid-century, and Scandinavianpieces that are known to be affordable and long-lasting. Led by CEO AamirBaig, it was named Canada’s Fastest Growing Company based on its 5 yearrevenue growth of 24,182% in 2019.This furniture company has lots of opportunities for tech workers, too. Ifyou’re working as a software engineer for them, there will be ampleopportunity to work with JavaScript, participate in full-stack development,and build responsive and accessible applications.What You Should Know: Article works directly with manufacturers, allowing themto offer 30% better value than traditional retailers. They also claim thatthey can ship your orders from their warehouse to your door in two weeks.Year Founded: 1982After a full-stack developer bootcamp, work at the EA Games Vancouver Office.Electronic Arts Games, better known as EA Games, “develops and delivers games,content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices,and personal computers” to over 300 million users around the world. Theirheadquarters are in Redwood City, California, but they have offices around theglobe.What You Should Know: The Vancouver office is home to some of their largestfranchises, such as FIFA Soccer, NHL, UFC, and a Need for Speed. It has manyamenities, including basketball and volleyball courts and a large soccerfield. It even has an arcade, an aesthetician, guitar lessons, and a drycleaner. EA Vancouver also offers extensive family benefits that allow you tocreate a work life balance that works for you and your family.Download our Career Trajectory Report to discover where Vancouver’s techindustry can take you Year Founded: 2017Lumen5 creates video from your existing content to use for social mediamarketing. It uses AI technology to storyboard your ideas and put themtogether in an impactful and engaging way. This Vancouver startup already hasmore than 300,000 users, and won first place in 2019’s New Ventures BCCompetition.What You Should Know: Not only does Lumen5 make video editing easier, it alsohas an extensive media-library allowing users to create videos withoutcreating the content first. Fun fact: “the duration of each scene isalgorithmically determined based on the number of words in the scene”.Year Founded: 2015Klue is a competitive enablement platform and up-and-coming Vancouver startupthat provides insight on competitors by capturing, managing, and communicatingmarket insights. It even centralizes data from a variety of platforms so datadoesn’t get lost. Klue ranked 58th on Globe and Mail’s list “Top 400: Canada’sTop Growing Companies: 2020.What You Should Know: Klue is a startup that’s working hard to become abillion-dollar company. They’re looking for people that have grit, want totake risks, and aren’t afraid to voice their intelligent opinions – in fact,they state that it’s expected.Year Founded: 2012Thinkific is a software program that allows entrepreneurs to create and selltheir own online courses. With online learning becoming increasingly popularin 2020, they raised $22 million to capitalize on this opportunity and improveand increase their products.What You Should Know: Thinkific may still be considered a startup, but theybelieve in diversity and inclusion. Their leadership team is run by 50% womenand over 15 countries are represented within its 100 employees. Aspiring techworkers should take note that they plan to triple their team by hiring anadditional 350 employees over the next 18 months.Did you know that we have our own set of five free online courses hosted onThinkific? Sign up for them here and learn at your own pace.

Begin An Exciting Career in Tech

Whether you’re working as a full-stack developer, a web developer, or asoftware engineer, there are plenty of jobs to choose from in the tech world -especially in Techcouver. With this city’s diverse range of companies there’slots to choose from depending on your personal interests, your preferred workenvironment, and the type of benefits you’d like.Because of our current global situation, many people have some extra time tospare. This can be the perfect opportunity to develop your skills or learn newones. And if money is tight due to the pandemic, we’re extending ourscholarships and offering $500,000 to students in need.Thinking about joining Vancouver’s tech industry? Check out our WebDevelopment Bootcamp Curriculum Package to learn more about our studentexperience.Download Our Web Development Bootcamp Curriculum Work experience at a tech companyHere at Xero, encouraging and nurturing young talent is really important tous. Each year we host a Summer of Tech event in our New Zealand office, aninternship program that connects innovative tech companies with brightstudents.It’s not uncommon for us to bring high school students into the office for afew days (Alice McFall, Matthew Strawbridge) so they can get work experienceand figure out how a big company works.Most recently we were joined by Rachel Crosland, a Year 12 student from StMary’s College in Ponsonby, Auckland. She was kind enough to write us anarticle detailing her experience. She hopes it will provide some insight intothe inner workings of Xero – and inspire others her age to seek valuable workexperience.

Two days’ work experience at Xero

By Rachel CroslandI was lucky enough to meet Andy Lark at the Lion Foundation Young EnterpriseScheme CEO Day that was held at Ernst & Young in Auckland. My school allowsits Year 12 students to complete two days of work experience so I contactedAndy and two months later; here I was, flying down to the Xero offices inWellington!If someone says the word accounting, most people immediately think of peoplesitting at desks in silence with mountains of paperwork and filing. Xero isvery much the opposite. Yes, there is still paperwork to be completed, butXero has made accounting fun and enjoyable even for the staff who make thecloud based accounting software that many businesses in New Zealand use tomanage their finances.

The importance of values in the workplace

The Xero offices are designed to allow staff to be creative and the layoutencourages teamwork. Throughout the office there are posters that promote thecompany values, which are Human, Champion, Challenge, Ownership, and BeautifulHuman – because Xero is a company run by humans that create software forhumans so the software is designed by real people who have passion andpurpose, and that is what makes the difference.Champion – because they are leading the way in the innovative cloud accountingand they create new opportunities for their customers, partners and eachother.Challenge – because Xero dreams big and invent better ways to do business.Ownership – because the Xero staff are told that if you have an idea, own it!Drive it so that the idea is delivered and becomes reality.Finally, Beautiful – because everything that Xero does is designed to bebeautiful. Xero engages, delights and inspires.In my two-day work experience, I have truly seen these values in action. Eachstaff member seems to love their job; they are friendly and hardworking peoplewho each have their own identity.

A beautiful place to work

The office space plays a huge part in how the business functions and there isa welcoming vibe when you walk in. There are couches and beanbags for casualmeetings and lunch breaks, meeting rooms with smart TVs for meetings with Xerostaff around the world (and down the street because it’s too cold to gobetween buildings in the middle of winter!). The desk spaces have computersand plenty of room for creative minds to thrive, they even have adjustableheight to allow staff to work standing or sitting, whichever they prefer! Theway that all the Xero staff collaborate is amazing to observe because they areall such different people but they seamlessly work together from individualtasks to group collaborations.

Work experience provides invaluable insight

I got to see the work of most teams in the marketing department at Xero andwhat I learnt was amazing! There are so many different roles and components totasks and projects and so much thinking and effort that goes on behind thescenes. You know those emails you get to help you to use Xero? Well there area lot of people who contribute to the planning, designing and production ofthose emails.I met people who work with all the data and they are the ones who make all thegraphs and analyse the numbers. I learnt some Photoshop skills and thethinking that goes into the videos and pictures that are on the Xero website.I talked to people who work on all the communications that get sent out tocustomers and internal communication for Xero. I met so many people who toldme about Xero’s brand production, website development (I even got to do somecoding for the Xero website!), design, content marketing and the Xero blog.I am so grateful to Andy, Jolene and all the Xero staff for allowing me tocome into the Xero marketing office in Wellington and helping me to experiencewhat it is like to work in many of the different roles in the business. I verymuch enjoyed my visit and hope that one day I’m lucky enough to get a job insuch an incredible company.If you’re a business wanting to learn more about the value young peopleprovide in the workplace, check out some of our Small Business Guides:Best Tech Companies to Work for in CalgaryAlberta’s most populous city is known for many things — skyscrapers and energycompanies, rodeos and the Canadian Pacific Railroad. But for the manyAlbertans interested in tech, the fifth-largest city in Canada is taking on adifferent hue. Over the past decade, Calgary has been slowly but surelyadopting the characteristics of a tech hub. Numerous startups are popping upthroughout the downtown core, while tech companies with more longevity aresettling in comfortably and beginning to expand.If you’re a curious and driven person looking to break into the tech industry,Calgary can be an excellent place to make a name for yourself. The city’squality of life is consistently ranked to be high; the Economist IntelligenceUnit designated Calgary as the most liveable city on the continent. You’ll bea short while away from both beautiful mountain ranges and dazzling rivers, incase you feel like spending some time in nature on your evenings and weekends.In terms of your professional career, you’ll have many options, whether youwant to work in financial technology or web development, a smaller startup oran international corporation, there are scores of companies that will benefitfrom the programming skills you’ll learn during your digital skills training.We’ve analyzed the tech industry in Calgary, and determined what some of thebest companies to work for are. Read on to learn about some of the places youcan bring your skills to.Year founded: 2016Symend is a FinTech, or financial technology, startup with four years ofexperience under their belts so far. If you’re seeking to work in the techindustry, Symend presents an interesting opportunity. The company’s main focusis a software platform for the debt recovery and collections industry, onethat automates information, outreach, and payment options.Distinguishing itself from other tech companies in the debt recovery industry,Symend approaches their work from a unique perspective. The two founders arepeople who have previously had their own outstanding debts, and who wereshocked by how predatory the debt collection process was. They wanted to builda better framework, so they put their energies into Symend. With this company,they hope to create a positive experience for everyone involved in thecollections process, and make the industry both less antagonistic and lesscostly.Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about working in Canada’s techindustry.Subscribe Year founded: 2005Aucerna is one of Calgary’s larger, more long-standing tech companies. They’vebeen around for a decade and a half, and currently serve over 500 clients onan international basis. Aucerna is where Calgary’s notoriety as an energyindustry hotspot coalesces with its rising status as a tech hub. Aucerna isthe energy industry’s leading provider for solutions to planning, execution,and reserves.Aucerna seeks to further digitize the energy industry, providing techsolutions to a variety of problems. They use cloud computing to integrateenergy industry processes, and connect data with key decision makers. Workingat Aucerna would make for a lucrative career after taking tech courses inCalgary — the company has the largest base of customers in the entire energyindustry.Year founded: 2007Typically, it’s difficult for smaller businesses to process credit cardtransactions due to the high fees charged. In a world in which consumersincreasingly want to pay with their credit cards, this has become more of anissue. Enter Helcim, a payments company that enables small businesses toaccept credit cards from their customers.Helcim makes credit card processing easy and affordable by producing a creditcard reader, a virtual terminal, a POS app, and more. As a developer, thereare many different projects you could work on at Helcim. Excitingly, theyoperate on a cloud-based platform, from which they currently serve over 7,000merchants.Year founded: 1996Critical Mass is one of the best-known tech companies to come out of Calgary.Today, they have 11 offices spread across the world, including in SouthAmerica, Asia, and Europe. Their specialty is everything to do with digitaldesign, and they serve their clients on things such as brand strategy, userexperience, digital marketing, and digital product design.Critical Mass has worked directly with huge international clients like Visa,AT&T, Dropbox, and even the U.S. Army. Though the company is now spreadthroughout the globe, their Calgary office still employs over 250 people. Theoffice itself is known for its quirky design — with a job here, you’ll workwith people who installed a life-size Stormtrooper figure and kombucha taps intheir workspace.Year founded: 2010Are you interested in artisanal wines and beers, or passionate about makingexcellent cocktails? You can combine these interests with your tech career bytaking a job at BlackSquare. This information technology company works withinthe global alcohol industry, providing sales, fulfillment, and logistics helpto alcohol companies.Working with BlackSquare, you can help them develop and maintain their POSsystems, e-commerce platforms, and digital marketing campaigns. Aftercompleting a programming bootcamp in Calgary, work with the company that’spartnered with Google, Mailchimp, Spotify, and more.Year founded: 2012Another landmark Canadian tech company, Vog App Developers is one of the topapp development companies in the country. They’ve been named both one of thetop mobile app developers and one of the top B2B companies in 2020 by Clutch.Vog has worked with countless companies from the health sector to the naturalresources industry.Those that get the opportunity to work with Vog can work on a variety ofdifferent projects. Vog develops custom software, mobile apps for both iOS andAndroid, as well as design experiences. In these capacities, their developersget to work on both frontend and backend development.Download our Career Trajectory Report to discover where Calgary’s techindustry can take you Year founded: 2019After building SkipTheDishes into the business it is today, two of itsfounders have moved on to their next venture. Neo Financial is a Calgary-basedFinTech startup that just raised a $50 million round, and is quickly becomingone of the city’s top-growing comapnies.Neo Financial’s primary public offerings include a savings account and acredit card with its own rewards structure. The company also teams up withlocal merchants to offer product-specific offers to Neo users incentivizingcustomers to use the Neo product at coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores,and more. As of writing, Neo is hiring more than 20 developers and engineers(including software developers and data engineers), and has plenty of otherjob opportunities for those who want to work in tech.Year founded: 2008Essential Designs has offices across the country, in Vancouver, Toronto, andof course, Calgary. Similarly to Vog App Developers, they’re involved inbuilding mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Essential Designs alsoworks on web applications and custom software for their clients. As anemployee, you could work on coding,wireframing, project management testing,graphic design, and more.Essential Designs’ main selling point is that their applications are highlydata-driven. Their way of doing things has been quite effective, evidenced bythe high status of their clients. This company has worked with TEDx, VancouverCoastalHealth, and Honeywell in the past, among other companies.Year founded: 2017Excited about the rising popularity of cryptocurrency? You might love anopportunity to work with the National Digital Asset Exchange, or NDAX. Thiscompany brought cryptocurrency trading to a national platform, establishing asecure place for users to buy, sell, and trade. Luckily for Albertans, NDAX isheadquartered in Calgary.Using NDAX, users can engage with 10 different cryptocurrencies, including thepopular Bitcoin, Litecoin, and EOS. NDAX seeks to simplify cryptocurrencytrading, with the help of the astute developers that program the platform. Youcould join their ranks, and work with a company that’s partnered with massivecompanies like Business Insider and Yahoo.

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