Top 10 Best Software Developing Companies in Abuja

Top 10 Best Software Developing Companies in Abuja

The development and application of softwares are very much appreciated to aidin various digital setting. With this potronage of softwares, these top ICTcompanies are the brain behind their availability. The varied and wideapplications of softwares includes how they are used in running websites ofbusinesses across various sectors such as hospitals, schools, stores, etc.This write-up will enumerate a list of software companies located in Abuja,the capital city. This will enable you have options if you are looking for asoftware company located in nation’s capital city.Basically, software is a general term used to refer to applications, scripts,and programs that run on a mobile device, phones, and most especiallycomputers. With the country becoming digitalized in the aspects of phone,computers and their gadgets, the services of these software companies aregreatly needed to work on these devices software. During the course of thisarticle, we will outline the notable software companies in Abuja, and alsoinclude their specific address with the contact details.

Top 10 Best Software Companies in Abuja

There are lot of companies that majors on giving services on softwares and howto see a solution to the operating devices. With this great number, you mightbe looking for the one that is a good option. The following list contains somenotable Software Companies that are in the nation’s capital city.Here are software developing companies in Abuja:

Global Secured Tech. & Software Solutions Limited

If you are interested in a good software company, then Global Secured Tech. &Software Solutions Limited is an option. The internet service companyspecializes on software development solutions. Their location is Suite 352,Anbeez Plaza, No 15, Ndola Crescent, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja FCT.The following is a comprehensive list of other notable software companies thatare still located in the capital city, Abuja. This list incorporates theirrespective address and as well the contact details: * Microsoft – Number 29, Kampala Crescent at Wuse II, Abuja (phone: 09 461 1337) * IBM – River Building 83 on Ralph Shodeinde Street, Abuja * Oracle – Plot 1458 Tigris Crescent, Maitama, Abuja (phone contact: +23492780500) * Jam-Forte Technologies Ltd – Dicovery Centre, 215 Konoko Crescent, Wuse II Abuja (phone contact: 0704 550 9455, 0814 548 2550) * Jokeapart Global Tech-Media Ltd – Number 167 Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent at Wuse 2 Abuja, FCT (phone contact: 0703 645 5161, 0807 973 8153) * Linksoft Communication System – No 1, Blantyr Street at Wuse II, Abuja * Pureweb Technologies Ltd – Suite 211, Jinifa Plaza, at Central Business District, Abuja, (Phone contact: 0706 6874738, 0706 633 9236) * SoftSmart Busines Solution – Number 15, Durban Street at Wuse II, Abuja FCT * Techvantage Innovations – No 60 Birnin Kebbi Crescent at Garki 2, Abuja (0818 573 5859, 0810 924 3938) * Websolutions and Communications Limited – Plot 1284, Parakou Crescent at Wuse II, Abuja (+2348127778478, +234805 733 3610) * Wootlab Innovations – Number 29, Usuma Street at Maitama, Abuja (Phone contact: 08029253000, 07032700312) * Inpetro Technologies – Abuja, Federal Capital Territory * Interra Networks – Central Business District, Abuja * Bizmarrow Technologies – MIB plaza, first avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja * Docusoft Nigeria Limited – Number 12, Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Abuja * Codeflare Limited – Plot 29 Cadastral Zone, F13 Kubwa District at Central Market, Abuja * Cyber Vision Global – First Avenue FHA, Abuja * Centrifuge Information Technology Limited – Number 784a Herbert Macaulay Way at Central Business District, Abuja * Skylight Technologies – Number 50, Ebitu Ukiwe at Jabi, Abuja

9. Hexaware Technologies Private Limited

Hexaware technologies private limited is one of the global leaders and fastestgrowing IT service and business process outsourcing service provider. It islocated in Navi Mumbai, India and has almost its presence in more than 18counties. It was founded by Mr. Atul Chandra Nishar in 1990.

1. What are the top 10 product-based software companies in Chennai?

Here are the top 10 product-based software companies in Chennai are ZohoCorporation, Freshdesk, Thoughtworks, Vembu Technologies, Softcyric,Chargebee, Reach Accountant, Go Db Tech Ten Miles, K7 Computing, Ramco, andObject Frontier.

2. What are the top IT companies in Chennai?

The top IT companies in Chennai are Cognizant, HCl, TCS, Accenture, HexawareTechnologies, Nokia, etc.

3. What are the leading companies in Chennai?

Chennai is one of the major cities in India and also known as the IT hub dueto the presence of well-reputed IT companies. The leading companies are mostlyfrom the IT industry are Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Oracle, etc.

What are some good tech companies in Chennai?

Some of the good tech companies in Chennai are Amazon, IBM, HP, Dell, Infosys,etc.

What are the top paid companies in Chennai?

Almost, every tech company offers a good and decent package in Chennai, butthe top paid companies in Chennai are Amazon, Zoho, Bank of America,Cognizant, etc.

What are all of the best startup IT companies in Chennai?

According to Easyleadz, some of the best startup IT companies in Chennai areIdeas2IT Technologies, Saksoft, Freshdesk, Plintron, etc.ConclusionIn the next decade, the IT industry will witness tremendous revolutionizingaspects and a vast expansion into all the verticals. As per the evolving andgrowing demand for skill set requirements from the IT industry, there willalways be a huge demand because it is going to the next big change and withthat one can surely expect Chennai to be the next IT hub for the futuretechies. These are the top 44 software (IT) companies in Chennai which an aspiringSoftware engineer must lookout for.If you like the companies listing in this article and are planning to shift toBangalore then do check: Top 45 IT companies in BangaloreTop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Companies in the USA andInternationallyArtificial Intelligence software, by the leading artificial intelligencecompanies, is a fast-growing market within computer science that focuses oncreating and providing intelligent problem-solving solutions. A.I. softwarecan include speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning thatcan aid or even replace human engagement in a process.

Artificial Intelligence Companies – Summaries and Info

Apple Inc. in a multinational technology company headquartered in Californiathat develops and manufactures consumer electronics, online services, andsoftware. Since 2016 Apple has acquired several promising artificialintelligence startups, one of which founding the basis of FaceID, Apple’sfacial recognition security system.Amazon, the e-commerce giant, also offers cloud computing and A.I. softwareand hardware services for both consumers and businesses. It is the largestinternet retailer in the world when measured by revenue and is the secondpublic U.S. company to reach the value of $1 trillion, after Apple.Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures and license computer hardware,software, and consumer electronics, as well as provides various dataprotection and storage services. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and PaulAllen in 175.Google is a multinational technology and internet services company based inCalifornia. Google is known for its leading search engine platform,advertising technologies, android software, as well as cloud computing andmachine learning.Facebook is a social network and media service company based out ofCalifornia. Launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook continues to operateas one of the world’s largest social media platforms while also pursuingbusiness and development in cloud computing, virtual reality, machine learningand other forms of A.I. software.IBM (International Business Machines) is one of America’s oldest technologycompanies, manufacturing device hardware, middleware, and software since 1911.IBM also provides an array of hosting and consulting services in areasincluding nanotechnology, mainframe computing, and predictive maintenance.Intel develops software and manufactures hardware for the computing industryand the inventor of the x86 chip series found in most personal computers.Intel provides processors to leading computer manufacturers like Apple andDell and is the second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makerbased on revenue.Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company based out of California.Salesforce primarily sources its revenue through its customer relationsmanagement product but also develops and sells commercial A.I socialnetworking applications and internal development.NVIDIA Corporation designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for both gamingand professional markets, as well as system-on-a-chip units (SoCs) forautomotive and mobile computing markets. Its primary GPU product line directlycompetes with Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) GPU products. Nvidia also providesparallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists for high-performance supercomputing applications. It produces mobile processors forsmartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainmentsystems.Anki is an American robotics and A.I. startup that develops and manufacturesA.I. technology for children’s products. In 2013 Anki debuted Anki Driveduring the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.AiBrain is an artificial intelligence solutions company based out ofCalifornia. As one of the world’s pioneering developers of A.I. and automationsoftware, their main focus it developing an A.I. complete with human-likeproblem solving, learning and memory capacity.Banjo is a startup that designs and develops A.I. software that combs throughsocial media to identify key events in real-time that are of interest to itsusers. Banjo was formed out of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in2013 as a way for brands to analyze social media to react and make decisionsfaster.

Top AI Companies (Global) – Summary and Info

ByteDance is an internet technology based in China. Bytedance is known for itspopular Chinese content platform, Jinri Toutiao, but operates several othercomplex machine learning-enabled platforms.Appier is a leading technology brand and provider of artificial intelligenceplatform solutions for enterprise clients. Two fo its primarily AI softwareplatforms are Aixon, a platform that makes recommendations to help discoverand grow audiences, and Cross Programmatic Platform, a platform that combinesaudience targeting, inventory management, bidding, and optimizationinfrastructure to assist cross-screen campaigns.SenseTime is a Chinese technology company that specialized in artificialintelligence. SenseTime is known for its prominent facial recognitionsoftware, among other AI solutions, and is the world’s largest A.I startupcompany, with offices across China, Hong Kong, and Japan.Kindred Systems is a Canadian technology company which designs and createsA.I. software for robots in complex supply chain systems, including eCommerceand retail markets. Kindred Systems’ primary product is Kindred SORT, afulfillment center A.I. solution helps assemble e-commerce orders from batch-chosen items.OrCam Technologies is a technology company based in Isreal that specializes indesigning and manufacturing wearable artificial intelligent technology forpeople who are impaired.Mobvoi is another Chinese based A.I. startup that is known for its Chinesevoice recognition, natural language processing, and vertical searchtechnologies software that it developed. Mobvoi was founded in 2012 with acore team that included several ex-Google employees and A.I. experts.Preferred Networks is a Japanese technology startup company that designs,develops, manufactures deep learning systems for three primary businessmarkets, including transportation, manufacturing and bio/healthcare.Prospera Technologies develops computer vision technologies for the agtechmarket that monitor real-time plant health and development. Based in Tel Aviv,the startup is one of the leading developers of agtech ai software.Cambricon is a Chinese startup smart chipset developer. As a pioneer int hefield, Cambricon builds core processor chips for various intelligent cloudservers, robots, and smart terminals, and is the world’s first successfulsmart chip developer with two main product lines, terminal, and server.Element AI is a developer and provider of A.I business platforms based out ofMontreal, Canada. The startup quickly gained over $102 million in funding in2016 and focuses on providing commercial AI solutions which lower the barrierfor entry for businesses.

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