Top 10 Companies in India by Market Capitalization

The Top 15 Companies That Sponsor H1B Visas

The H-1B visa is your ticket to staying and working in the US after yougraduate, and H-1B visa sponsorship is a highly coveted route to post-graduateemployment for international students.You can stay in the US for up to three years on an H-1B visa, which can thenbe extended for a further three years.To get an H-1B visa, you need to be sponsored by an employer, who willpetition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) onyour behalf.The list of the top companies that sponsor H-1B visas is dominated by techcompanies and consulting firms, a sign of how the market for talent isshifting. Tech companies are increasing the number of MBAs they hire year-on-year.Here are the top 15 companies that sponsor H-1B visas*, based on visasapproved in 2020:* * *

Logo for a Tech Company: Things to Pay Attention to

Tech companies and start-ups have enormous competition these days. That is whyhaving a memorable logo is a must if you want to make it in the tech industry.Do not let Professional Logo Design Costs scare you – this is the kind ofinvestment your company needs.If you wish to create an outstanding tech logo – take these tips into account: * Make it relevant to your audience. People should immediately understand what your start-up has to offer to them. * Make it simple. Think about what describes your business best and focus on it while designing your logo. Do not try or describe every service you are offering. * Make it unique. Your logo should stand out from the rest if you want your clients to recognize you immediately. * Make it scalable. Make sure that your logo is adaptable to different screen sizes.

Top 10 Tech Companies Logos

With a variety of tech companies out there, it would be hard to pick the bestlogo. However, we have prepared a list of 10 great ones for you to learn from.Let’s take a look.

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Image: GlobalDataTop 10 Biotechnology Companies In The United States By Market Value

Top 10 Biotechnology Companies In The United States By Market Value

Biotechnologists conducting research in a laboratory.Biotechnology companies are companies that use biotechnological methods forproduction delivery and design. Biotechnology is a technological applicationthat makes use of biological systems to create products and services. Thebiotech firms in the US are a small but rapidly growing sector of thepharmaceutical sector. The sector is bustling with activities from big-ticketdrugs to the introduction of the biosimilars (a drug designed to be identicalto one that has previously been licensed) that are likely to shake up thesector by offering more affordable treatment. The biotechnology companies inthe country can churn out innovative solutions with biotech stocks becominglucrative in the process. The biggest biotechnological companies in the USinclude:

Top 10 Biotechnology Companies In The United States By Market Value

Rank| Biotech Company| Market Value (in billion USD) —|—|— 1| Gilead Sciences, Inc.| 154.3 2| Amgen, Inc.| 119.1 3| Celgene Corporation| 91.9 4| Biogen Idet, Inc.| 82.7 5| Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.| 40.2 6| Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.| 36.4 7| Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.| 29.8 8| Illumina, Inc.| 27.9 9| BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.| 13.9 10| Agilent Technologies, Inc.| 13.7 1. Home 2. Economics 3. Top 10 Biotechnology Companies In The United States By Market ValueTop 5 Best Companies For Tech SupportIf you missed it, yesterday I gave you my top 5 companies with the worst techsupport. Upon popular request, I’, going to give you my Top 5 Best CompaniesFor Tech Support. Again, this list is subjective but based on feedback I havegathered along with personal experience.5. LogitechThey make the best mice and keyboards around in my opinion, and their supportis really great. It is extremely easy to talk to a Support Agent or start anRMA. They always seem willing to help, and if you have concerns, they seemvery responsive on Twitter as well.4. KodakWhether it’s a printer or a camera, Kodak has tremendous Tech Support witheven better warranty practices. They are easy to talk to, knowledgable andquick to get the problem resolved. They will send parts to your door quickly,or send a replacement device without needing a signed note from PresidentObama.3. LenovoThey make some of the best PC Laptops in my opinion, and their support backsit up. Their knowledgable support technicians can solve most problems over thephone, but when they can’t they’re immediately ready to get a service orderstarted. Sometimes a little hard to understand for us English dialects, buttheir agents understand that.2. Monster CableThere cables are extremely overpriced, but this premium comes with somebenefits. Their products are reliable and easy to use, and the people on theother side of the phone are friendly and helpful. Plus, if their productfails, they will go above and beyond to make the situation right. Dr.Dre wouldbe very proud!Honorable Mentions: These companies didn’t make the list, but there effortsdeserve a little pat on the back: Nintendo, NewEgg, Epson, Canon, Linksys(Cisco era), Seagate.1. AppleIf you didn’t see this coming, you have never used Apple support. These guysare so good, sometimes I call just to talk. Apple is the best as their tech’sare friendly, responsive, helpful and efficient. To setup a call, you can evengo online and have them call you. You can also type in all the basicinformation so you don’t have to tell them over the phone‘That is Cooke with an ‘E’ AT THE END!”All of this, coupled with reliable products and quick service turn-aroundsmake Apple the hands-down winner. Sorry to all the Apple haters out there, butthis is not even an argument.Got a company that has treated you right? Give them a shout out down below. Iam sure that this list could have a lot of different companies in it, so letshere it!Top 10 Japanese Tech Companies in 2021While 2020 was an abrupt and widespread crisis, it provided a catalyst totransform traditional technological practices. Japan has seen a rise in newattitudes towards digital adoption, alluding to the imminent change for thefuture of human interaction and workplace productivity.We’ve produced a comprehensive list of top technology companies, mostlytraditional Japanese enterprises, based on the following four criteria:capital value, sales, profit, and number of employees.

1. Top 10 Japanese Tech Companies by Market Capitalization (April 2021)

Source: StrainerInsightsLittle has changed from the last decade with the top 5 companies consistentlydominated by major telecom companies in Japan. We expect that they willcontinue to govern for many years to come. E-commerce (Z Holdings Corporation)and gaming (Nexon) companies follow the telecom giants. Notably, there hasbeen a rise in tech consultancies like Nomura Research Institute and OBICCorporation in 2021.Since our last article in 2018, Sony, Recruit, Nintendo, Canon, Hitachi, andMitsubishi have moved from the top 10. These brands have had to compete withbreakthrough innovation from new tech companies with the winners being able tobring constant discovery and development to their customers and partners.Z Holding acquired Yahoo Japan Capital and LINE Ventures to form Z VentureCapital.Notes on the Japanese Gaming IndustryFor the past 2 decades, Microsoft with its Xbox has failed to successfullyenter the Japanese market. This is largely due to failed localization of theXbox product. Japan is home to 3 big console makers, Ninetendo, Sega, andSony.Stream gaming has become a disruptor in the gaming industry. In May 2019,Microsoft and Sony agreed to a surprise partnership for cloud gaming. Googlealso entered the playing field with Stadia, a cloud gaming service. Stadiacontributes to the drop in shares of Sony and Nintendo.In the gaming industry, COVID just accelerated the trend that had been brewingover the previous years. Nexon continues to expand its PC games to mobile. Andremember, there are roughly 3 billion highly game-playable workstations inpeople’s pockets around the world. In 2020, MapleStory was up 151% in Koreaand 171% in Japan – a 24% growth from a year ago.

1. Akamai

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts Akamai is responsible for servingsomewhere between 15 to 20 percent of all web traffic. Initially founded in1998 out of MIT, Akamai’s founders sought to solve the problem of congestiononline through applied mathematics. Akamai’s platform increases a website’spage load times by mirroring content across multiple servers and serving auser content from the server that has the most available bandwidth. In 2013Akamai saw revenues in excess of $1.578 billion. The company has over 3,000employees. www.akamai.comTop 10 Tech/IT Companies in NigeriaNigeria’s tech space is undoubtedly one of the most prominent in Africa andone of the fastest-growing in the world despite the antagonistic policies ofthe Nigerian government.Despite this, states such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun and Ibadan are fast becomingthe tech hubs of the country owing to suitable conditions which somewhatsupport tech growths in these areas.In this post, we focus on the top 10 tech companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Tech/IT Companies in Nigeria

Below are the top tech companies in Nigeria, according to PetsQuo:

Top Canadian Companies By Market Cap

These are the 10 largest publicly traded companies in Canada by marketcapitalisation as of 7 November 2019, in U.S. dollar terms. Market cap iscalculated by multiplying the number of the company’s common sharesoutstanding by the market value of each share.


VIPKid (Source: Caiwei Chen)Education disruptor VIPKid have continued their growth in 2019, includingsecuring another round of financing, led by Tencent. Cindy Mi’s companyconnects English teachers with Chinese students across the world, and hasgarnered a valuation in the region of $4.5 billion. VIPKid boasts over 90,000English teachers from North America and more than 700,000 paid clients.VIPKid was recently named one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2020. Inaddition, the company was named in BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable ChineseBrands report released by WPP and Kantar. VIPKid remains the talisman forChinese online education, an industry that is projected to reach over 50%penetration by 2022.Top 10 Companies in India (Ranked by Market Cap)List of the Top 10 Companies in India by Market Capitalization (Updated):According to the 2021 data published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF),India is the sixth-largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GrossDomestic Product (GDP), which is valued to be worth US$ 3.04 trillion andestimated to a gdp growth rate of 9.5% in the upcoming year. This is incomplimentary with the various Indian companies that have been doing businessin India and overseas.Every company operating in India works extremely hard to get better in termsof the product/services quality and customer satisfaction that they provide.An organization is generally evaluated on different parameters such as assets,revenue, profits, sales, market value, share price, etc, and is rankedaccordingly.However, when we talk about the size of a company, one of the biggest factorsto look at is its market capitalization. In this post, we are going to discussthe ten biggest public companies in India based on their latest marketcapitalization.

What is Market Capitalization?

Market capitalization is the aggregate valuation of the company based on itscurrent share price and the total number of outstanding stocks. It iscalculated by> Market capitalization = (Current market price of 1 share)*(total number of> outstanding shares)It helps to classify the companies into different types like large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies. The companies with a market cap of Rs 28,500crore or more are large-cap stocks. Company stocks with a market cap betweenRs 8,500 crore and 28,500 crores are mid-cap stocks and those less than Rs8,500 crore market cap are small-cap stocks. (Related post: Basics of MarketCapitalization in Indian Stock Market.)Let’s understand with an exampleJust by looking at the share price, you cannot judge the size of a company.For example, here are the share price of two companies from the automobilesector. 1. Maruti Suzuki – Rs 7,063 2. MRF – Rs 85,541Which company is bigger?If you just look at the share prices, you might think that MRF’s share priceis quite large compared to Maruti Suzuki, and hence, it may be bigger.However, the total number of outstanding shares of Maruti Suzuki is much largecompared to MRF. Maruti Suzuki has around 30.6 Crore shares while MRF has 0.43crores shares.Therefore, the market capitalization of Maruti Suzuki is Rs 216,141 Croreswhile the market capitalization of MRF is Rs 36,825 Crores. Therefore, MarutiSuzuki is a bigger company compared to MRF.

Top 10 Companies in India by Market Capitalization

Here is the list of the top 10 companies in India by market capitalization:Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian multinational companyheadquartered in Mumbai, currently headed by Mukesh Ambani. The company wasco-founded by Dhirubhai Ambani and Champaklal Damani in the 1960s as RelianceCommercial Corporation.Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals,textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Reliance is oneof the most profitable companies in India. The market capitalization value ofRIL is Rs. 13,76,351 Crores with a current price of Rs. 2,035.45.Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an Indian multinational informationtechnology (IT) service and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai,Maharashtra, India. It is a subsidiary of Tata Group and operates in 149locations across 46 countries.TCS is the biggest IT company in India and the second-largest Indian companyby market capitalization. TCS is now placed among the most valuable ITservices brands worldwide. The market capitalization value of TCS is Rs.11,71,674 Crores with a current price of Rs. 3,167.50.HDFC Bank is an Indian banking and financial services company that wasincorporated in 1994, with its registered office in Mumbai, India. Its firstcorporate office at Sandoz House, Worli was inaugurated by the then UnionFinance Minister, Manmohan Singh. It is the largest private bank in India.As of March 2020, it had a base of 1,16,971 permanent employees with 5,130branches across 2,764 cities. It is India’s largest private sector lender byassets and market capitalization. It has a market capitalization value of Rs.7,88,769 Crores with a current price of Rs. 1,425.80.Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides businessconsulting, information technology, and outsourcing services and wasoriginally founded in 1981.It is the second-largest Indian IT company after Tata Consultancy Serviceswith its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The marketcapitalization value of Infosys is Rs. 6,82,678 Crores with a current price ofRs. 1,610.25. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) was established in 1933. It is a British-Dutch manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its productsinclude foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care products, waterpurifiers, and consumer goods.As of 2020 Hindustan Unilever’s portfolio had 35 product brands in 20categories with 18,000 employees and sales of Rs. 47,029 crores in 2020-21.The market capitalization value of Hindustan Unilever is Rs. 5,48,405 Croreswith a current price of Rs. 2,334.05.ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services companyheadquartered in Mumbai and its registered office in Vadodara, Gujarat. Itoffers a wide range of banking products and financial services in the areas ofinvestment banking, life, non-life insurance, venture capital, and assetmanagement.ICICI Bank has 5,275 branches and 15,589 ATMs across India and has a presencein 17 countries including India as of February 2020. The market capitalizationvalue of ICICI bank is Rs. 4,72,849 crores with a current price of Rs. 682.70.Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) is an Indian financialservices company founded in 1977 as the first specialized mortgage company inIndia based in Mumbai. It is a major provider of finance for housing in India.HDFC also has a presence in banking, life and general insurance, assetmanagement, venture capital, realty, education, deposits, and education loans.The market capitalization value of HDFC is Rs. 4,40,739 Crores with a currentprice of Rs. 2,440.75.State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian multinational, public sector bankingand financial services statutory body headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.SBI has a 23% market share by assets and a 25% share of the total loan anddeposits market.SBI has 22,141 branches and 58,555 ATMs as of 2020. The current marketcapitalization value of the State Bank of India is Rs. 3,85,275 crores withthe latest share price of Rs. 431.70.Bajaj Finance Limited, a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv, is an Indian non-bankingfinancial company (NBFC). The company deals in consumer finance, SME (smalland medium-sized enterprises) and commercial lending, and wealth management.Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, the company has 294 consumer branches and497 rural locations with over 33,000+ distribution points. Marketcapitalization value of Bajaj Finance is Rs. 3,75,972 crores with a currentprice of Rs. 6,228.90.Kotak Mahindra Bank is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai,India. Established in 1985 by Uday Kotak.In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. (KMFL), the group’s flagshipcompany, received a banking license from the RBI. It offers banking productsand financial services in the areas of personal finance, investment banking,general insurance, life insurance, and wealth management. It is the third-largest Indian private sector bank by market capitalization value of Rs.3,28,122 crores with a current price of Rs. 1,654.90.Also Read :

Summary: Top 10 Companies in India by Market-cap

Here is the list of companies with the largest market cap in India with a fewother popular companies:Company| Industry | Market Cap (RS CR)| Current Price (RS)| 1Yr Returns(%) —|—|—|—|— Reliance Industries Ltd.| Refineries| 13,76,351.73| 2,035.40| -1.54 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.| IT – Software| 11,71,674.52| 3,167.50| 38.84 HDFC Bank Ltd.| Bank – Private| 7,88,769.58| 1,425.80| 38.11 Infosys Ltd.| IT – Software| 6,82,678.65| 1,610.25| 66.72 Hindustan Unilever Ltd.| Household & Personal Products| 5,48,405.78| 2,334.05|5.58 ICICI Bank Ltd.| Bank – Private| 4,72,849.46| 682.7| 96.8 Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.| Finance – Housing| 4,40,739.22|2,440.75| 36.99 State Bank Of India| Bank – Public| 3,85,275.48| 431.7| 125.54 Bajaj Finance Ltd.| Finance – NBFC| 3,75,972.88| 6,228.90| 91.56 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.| Bank – Private| 3,28,122.81| 1,654.95| 21.16 Wipro Ltd.| IT – Software| 3,21,412.43| 586.6| 108.99 Bharti Airtel Ltd.| Telecommunication – Service Provider| 3,08,597.01| 561.9|1.23 Asian Paints Ltd.| Paints| 2,83,783.46| 2,958.55| 72.45 HCL Technologies Ltd.| IT – Software| 2,78,272.79| 1,025.45| 45.34 ITC Ltd.| Cigarettes-Tobacco| 2,52,348.03| 205| 5.56 Avenue Supermarts Ltd.| Retailing| 2,26,756.77| 3,500.55| 69.66 Bajaj Finserv Ltd.| Finance – Investment| 2,26,314.13| 14,221.30| 129.17 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.| Engineering – Construction| 2,24,941.61| 1,601.40| 75.32 Ultratech Cement Ltd.| Cement & Construction Materials| 2,20,064.03| 7,623.75|85.05 Axis Bank Ltd.| Bank – Private| 2,17,342.99| 709| 64.23 Disclaimer: This data is updated in July 2021. As the stock price changes inthe future, market capitalization will also change. Hence, the list of top 10companies in India by market capitalization can also change in the future.> Also read: How to Invest in Share Market? A Beginner’s guide!That’s all for this post on the top 10 companies in India by MarketCapitalization. I hope it was useful for you. Take care and Happy Investing.How China competes with Silicon Valley: top 10 Chinese tech companiesAs we all know, portfolio diversification is one of the keys to investmentsuccess. When it comes to asset allocation, the decision can be a hard one tomake. That is why we have come up with this comprehensive guide to the top 10hottest stocks of Chinese tech companies you can trade or invest in today.

Chinese tech market in 2019

It was expected that growth in China’s technology market would slow in 2019due to economic pressures and geopolitical tensions caused by the ongoingSino-US trade war. However, after a rather poor performance in May, theoverall tech market has made a fascinating turnaround, giving these companiesa positive outlook for weeks and months ahead.It is believed that the tech industry will fully rebound in 2020. According toForrester’s “China Tech Market Outlook, 2019 To 2020” report, business andgovernment purchases of technology goods and services will grow by 4% in 2019and 7% in 2020.As of 11 June, the largest Chinese technology companies – including Alibaba,Baidu, and NetEase – all opened on Tuesday up over 2%. Baidu edgedhigher by some 4%.

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