Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

We are living in a time of flux, with jobs lost to automation while other jobsrequire specific skills and qualifications. And with the new year 2021 rollingin, If you are giving your career some consideration to make sure you arefuture-proofing your skillset or perhaps moving into a new field altogether,here’s everything you need to know about the top 10 highest paid tech jobsfor you.ÂRead all about the highest-paying tech jobs below to see which interests youthe most. And once the decision is made, the next step is to figure out thekind of training and practice, or certification you’ll need to transitioninto one of these highest paying job roles.

7. Cloud Architect

Next in the list of highest paying jobs is cloud architect. A cloud architectdeploys and oversees an organization’s cloud computing strategy. Some of theskills and knowledge required by a cloud architect include: * A thorough understanding of cloud application architecture * Knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure or Google cloud platform * Good communication skillsA cloud architect typically is responsible for developing cloud architecture,developing a cloud strategy and coordinating the implementation and deploymentof it, and ensuring application architecture and deployments in the cloudenvironment are done properly.ÂThe average yearly salary of a cloud architect is $107,000. However, withinthe cloud computing field too you will find various job roles andresponsibilities, that pay handsome salaries, and you can find about cloudhighest paying jobs here!

4. Software Architect

A software architect optimizes the development process by making designchoices and dictating technical standards such as coding, tools and platforms.As part of their role, they identify a customer’s requirements and performhands-on work to develop prototypes.ÂSome of the skills required of a software architect include: * Data modelling * An understanding of software architecture * Good programming skills * Strong analytical skillsThe average yearly salary of a software architect is over $114,000. In India,the demand of software architects is at an all time high, and the salaries canrange from 24 Lakhs to over 40 Lakhs Rupees annually.

Which IT Jobs are in Demand?

We are living in a time of fluidity as far as the job market in the IT sectoris concerned. People have lost jobs to automation and now it has become thepriority of learning leaders to train their respective company’s professionalsin advanced tech skills. As mentioned before, roles in the field of datascience, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, product management are hereto stay. This means more focus on acquiring the skill set for these jobs thatwill dominate the tech sector in America. We have compiled a list of these in-demand, high paying IT jobs in America.

2. Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are excellent data managers who design softwarethat can run on their own for predictive model automation.

5. Data Architect

A professional who understands the core concepts of data that includedesigning, creating, deploying, and managing the data structure of anorganization.

8. Cloud Architect

When we talk about a cloud architect, we are referring to an IT specialist whois responsible for developing the computing strategy of the company thatincludes cloud adoption plans, application design, and its proper managementand monitoring.

What are the Best Paying Tech Careers?

We mentioned the job roles in the IT sector that will witness a rise in demandin America in 2021.For data based roles, there are 5,420 current job openings on Linkedin with11,100 hired in the US. For specialized engineering roles like back-enddeveloper, full stack engineer, cloud engineer and cloud architect, there are13,396 current job openings on Linkedin with almost 30,168 people hired in theUS. AI based roles already have close to 889 openings on Linkedin and 3,239people hired in the US.With so many openings in the IT sector, what amongst these are the best payingtech careers along with the highest paying companies? Also, what skill set doyou need to grab these job opportunities?Here are the answers to these questions.

2. Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer

National Average Salary: $1,14,121 per yearCompanies that Hire: Google, Apple, Samsung Research America, General Motors,Toyota Research Institute

5. Data Architect

National Average Salary: $1,08,278 per yearCompanies that Hire: American Express, Allianz Life, Bank of America,Rackspace, Colgate-Palmolive Company

8. Cloud Architect

National Average Salary: $1,07,309 per yearCompanies that Hire: Google, Accenture, EY, Microsoft, Amazon, Novetta

1. Software Architect

Coming in at just over $128,000 in annual salary, software architects areessential to a company’s ability to move through the development process. Thearchitect is in charge of design choices and selecting a tech stack that thecompany will use for a project.A software architect needs to be familiar with data modeling, softwarearchitecture, programming skills, and analytical skills. They must also stayup-to-date on all the latest tools and platforms that could prove helpful tothe workflow.If you’re good at diagnosing problems and figuring out the required tools andresources to solve them, this could be a good job for you, likewise.It’s unlikely that you would find a software architect position straight outof college. However, a bachelor’s, or even master’s, will help you get there.Most people in this position have had at least five years of on-the-jobtraining.

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