Top 10 Tech Companies Logos

Best Tech Logo Designs Templates

Find below our collection best tech logo design templates. Some of thesetemplates are available to be downloaded in AI, EPS, PSD, SVG etc. format andcan be modified easily even with free graphic design software if needed. Incase of PSD, you can learn how to edit PSD files without Photoshop in ourtutorial.Additionally, you will also find logo designs that are available for you toedit online and download the high resolution PNG logo from Placeit. Theseeditable templates make it easy to create a tech logo even if you are notfamiliar with graphic design software.

Logo Tech with Bulb Sign

This minimal tech logo design features a bright bulb representing idea orspark of brilliant thought. The logo is suitable for any forward focusing techcompany or business. The logo template can be edited online and easilycustomized with the information of your technology company.Download

Sparks brand identity design logo

“Sparks” is a modern, minimalist logo template including a beautiful anddynamic planet shape made of three overlapping colorful waves and symbolizinga secure triangle eye. This logo is perfect for a technology business,consulting agency or startup website. The logo vector file is built in CMYKmode in 300 DPI and is print ready.Download

Human Techno Logo

This is a perfect logo if you want to represent humans connecting withtechnology. The logo design is available in 4 different color schemes and youcan easily change the logo text and slogan with the EPS, AI(CS), PDF, PSDfiles provided.Download

Hexa Tech – Technology Logo

This is another futuristic logo design suitable for representing cutting edge,dynamic and hi-tech products/services. The logo design is available inhorizontal and vertical version and is also available in a monotone colorscheme.Download

Wishdomtech – Technology logo template

This is a beautifully designed colorful tech logo representing a human faceconnecting with technology. The logo is perfect for any technology business orcompany. It is available as AI and EPS file with 100% editable and re-sizablecontent. It includes CMYK as well as RGB color palettes.Download

Human Technology Logo

This aesthetically pleasing unique logo design is perfect for informationtechnology and communication companies. Available in colored, black and whiteversion, the vector logo is easily customizable.Download

Code Technology Logo

Coding is associated with technology, programming and software development. Arelated startup or company can use this minimal code technology logo. The logoconsists of curly braces often featuring in a computer program.Download

Best tech logos for the clever company

—Logo design by makario for Flatbread Hot air balloon logo by deea ♥I bet you feel pretty smart, starting your own company. And why not show thewhole world how clever you really are?A logo with some wit can make your customers feel like your company has apersonality. You’re a fun company, and your product is probably fun, too. Youcan do with a play on words (so long as it’s not a lame pun), or just anunexpected combination of imagery.

Start up your technology logo today

—Your startup logo is going to follow you around across multiple platforms,from launch icons to company letterhead. You better get used to looking at it.Make sure you’re happy with it. Not just in terms of the message it conveys toyour customer; it should also match your company’s aesthetic. This is yourapp, your technology, your company, after all.

Logo for a Tech Company: Things to Pay Attention to

Tech companies and start-ups have enormous competition these days. That is whyhaving a memorable logo is a must if you want to make it in the tech industry.Do not let Professional Logo Design Costs scare you – this is the kind ofinvestment your company needs.If you wish to create an outstanding tech logo – take these tips into account: * Make it relevant to your audience. People should immediately understand what your start-up has to offer to them. * Make it simple. Think about what describes your business best and focus on it while designing your logo. Do not try or describe every service you are offering. * Make it unique. Your logo should stand out from the rest if you want your clients to recognize you immediately. * Make it scalable. Make sure that your logo is adaptable to different screen sizes.

Top 10 Tech Companies Logos

With a variety of tech companies out there, it would be hard to pick the bestlogo. However, we have prepared a list of 10 great ones for you to learn from.Let’s take a look.

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