Top 146 medical and healthcare startups in UK

Top 13 Nanomedicine startups

Last updated: April 18, 2021| —|— Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology that ranges from themedical applications of nanomaterials and biological devices, tonanoelectronic biosensors, and even possible future applications of molecularnanotechnology such as biological machines. 1Country: USA | Funding: $184.8M T2 Biosystems is focused on developing innovative diagnostic products toimprove patient health. With two FDA-cleared products targeting sepsis and arange of additional products in development, T2 Biosystems is an emergingleader in the field of in vitro diagnostics. Our initial development effortsutilizing T2MR target sepsis, hemostasis and Lyme disease, which are areas ofsignificant unmet medical need in which existing therapies could be moreeffective with improved diagnostics.2Country: Japan We challenge to integrate and develop nano and bio technologies. Our missionis to contribute to people’s health and well-being with better process andquality.3Country: USA | Funding: $20M TaxolCur develops new approach to treat cancer using to HYBRID-NANOENGINEERINGattack on tumor stem cells and microenvironment in one formulation.4Country: USA At Keystone Nano, we tackle huge challenges at the nano level. We’redeveloping nanoscale solutions for better treatment of cancer and forimprovements in difficult-to-solve industrial chemistries. We have both aninternal development program and a series of co-development programs withpartner companies, using our unique nanoparticles to deliver their actives.5Country: Germany Bio-Gate is a company that employs unique silver technology to endow materialsand products with antimicrobial properties. The focus of the product portfoliois medical technology products. Our different technologies are also used torefine cosmetics, consumer goods and industrial products. The company employstwo techologies: MicroSilver and HyProtect.6Country: USA Nanomedical Diagnostics is the first company to combine expertise in biology,nanotechnology, surface chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing to createpractical and scaleable graphene biological field effect transistor (BioFET)products. Our ongoing mission is applying our cutting-edge capabilities toproduce affordable diagnostic and monitoring platforms that deliver accurate,timely health information and improve patient outcomes and lives.7Country: Australia | Funding: $5.1M iCeutica has developed the Encapsulated Organic Nanoparticles (EON™) Platformto produce consistent nano-sized drug particles.8Country: USA | Funding: $3.5M Zylö Therapeutics has an innovative sustained-release drug-delivery systemthat uses patented hydrogel-derived nanoparticles9Country: Canada | Funding: $2.4M Sitka Biopharma is a preclinical biotechnology company focused on developingits breakthrough nanoparticle platform technology to increase absorption ofdrugs in difficult-to-penetrate tissues.10Country: USA NuVascular Technologies, Inc. is developing the next-generation of medicaldevices that will specifically treat patients suffering from end-stage renal(kidney) disease with the goal of helping patients live better and longerlives.AdAdvertise your startup11Country: Israel Vecoy Nanomedicines is a privately held company, is a leading company in theapplication of nanomedicine technologies to the complex issues of viraldiseases. The Vecoy technology will fundamentally change the treatment ofviral infections by administering novel nano-scale virus-traps that captureand destroy viruses.12Country: USA | Funding: $517K The Cour particle platforms provide a novel and highly specific immunetargeting capability which may be safely applied to severe inflammatorymodulation, and immune (antigen) tolerization.13Country: India Meda Biotech is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a newclass of Hybrid- Nanoengineering water soluble drugs with unprecedentedcontrol over drug properties to maximize trafficking to disease sites,dramatically enhancing efficacy while minimizing toxicities.Top 146 medical and healthcare startups in UK

Top 146 medical and healthcare startups in UK

Last updated: September 28, 2021| —|— 1Funding: $984M CMR Surgical created

Versius: the next-generation universal robotic system

for minimal access surgery.2Funding: $635.3M babylon was founded with a single purpose: To put an accessible and affordablehealth service in the hands of every person on earth. How? We’ll do this bycombining the ever growing computing power of machines, with the best medicalexpertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalizedhealth service and making it universally available.3Funding: $436.1M Hinge Health is pioneering digital care programs for people with chronicmusculoskeletal conditions such as back or joint pain4Funding: £407.3M Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed the world’s first and only nanoporeDNA sequencer, the MinION. The MinION is a portable, real time, long-read, lowcost device that has been designed to bring easy biological analyses toanyone, whether in scientific research, education or a range of real worldapplications such as disease/pathogen surveillance, environmental monitoring,food chain surveillance, self-quantification or even microgravity biology.5Funding: $363.8M Immunocore is a privately owned, clinical-stage, UK-based biotechnologycompany, focused on the discovery and development of novel T cell receptor-based drugs to treat diseases with a high unmet need, including cancer andviral disease.6Funding: $351.7M Quanta develops an advanced haemodialysis systems for use in the home andclinic.7Funding: $298.6M Artios is developing breakthrough cancer treatments that target DNA DamageResponse (DDR) pathways to selectively kill cancer cells8Funding: $270M Altos Labs is working on biological reprogramming technology to essentiallyprolong human life9Funding: $268.1M GW has established a world leading position in the development of plant-derived cannabinoid therapeutics through its proven drug discovery anddevelopment processes, intellectual property portfolio and regulatory andmanufacturing expertise.10Funding: $236M Freeline Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company specialising indeveloping liver directed gene therapies for bleeding disorders.AdAdvertise your startup11Funding: $218M Myovant Sciences is to deliver innovative women’s health (endometriosistreatment) and prostate cancer solutions by efficiently advancing newmedicines to market.12Funding: $215.6M Vaccitech is creating novel vaccines that elicit strong responses from helperand cytotoxic T-cells.13Funding: $207.9M Exscientia is applying AI and big data processing to accelerate drug discoveryand development.14Funding: $202M A leading British artificial intelligence company located in the knowledgequarter of London with a focus in health and drug development15Funding: $191.8M Kuur Therapeutics is a cell therapy company working on new techniques to curehuman diseases based upon a treatment method called cellular immunotherapy.This technique involves harnessing and enhancing the power of the human immunesystem to fight disease.16Funding: £165.9M Achilles Tx’s mission is to develop next-generation, patient-specifictherapies that harness the immune system to destroy cancer cells17Funding: $184M Huma combines data from biomarkers with predictive algorithms both to helpmonitor patients, and uses the same technology to help researchers andpharmaceutical companies run clinical trials18Funding: $181.7M Autolus utilises advanced cell programming CAR-T and manufacturingtechnologies and we have established a development-stage pipeline of productsfor the treatment of haematological malignancies and solid tumours.19Funding: $164.3M We are a leading, clinical-stage stem cell business. Our primary objective isthe development of novel stem cell therapies targeting areas of significantunmet or poorly met medical need.20Funding: $162.3M Juvenescence is a bio-pharma development company developing therapies focusedon allowing people worldwide to live longer, healthier lives.21Funding: $152.5M F2G discovers and develops novel drugs for the treatment of life-threateningfungal diseases.22Funding: $142.6M MISSION Therapeutics offers a platform for the development of small moleculedrugs that selectively target deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs).23Funding: $134.4M Elvie is a British femtech company developing smarter gadgets for women.24Funding: $117.9M Bicycle Therapeutics is developing a technology for the creation of newgeneration biotherapeutics.25Funding: $116.2M Crescendo has developed a novel bispecific T-cell engager for the selectiveactivation of tumour-specific T-cells exclusively within the tumourmicroenvironment26Funding: $112.2M Oviva is digitising the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity through ourunique behaviour change platform.27Funding: $110.6M Our pioneering, flexible diagnostic instrument and disposable cartridge systemis designed for decentralised laboratory, point-of–care and other near-patientsettings. It provides a fast, easy-to-use and accurate affordable solution toscreening for the presence of STIs and HAIs, where rapid diagnosis isessential for effective treatment and control.28Funding: $111M COMPASS Pathways is advancing the drug, the active ingredient in magicmushrooms, for use in people with treatment-resistant depression.29A drug discovery and development company focused on advancing novel approachesfor severe respiratory conditions30Funding: $91.1M Touch Surgery is an interactive mobile surgical simulator that guides youstep-by-step through every part of an operation, and every decision that’smade along the way.31Funding: $86.6M YuLife is a provider of life insurance and policies providing income in theevent of critical illness.32Funding: $78.6M Lumeon is a digital health company that provides care pathway managementsolutions to the healthcare industry.33Funding: $77M reViral is a biotechnology company that develops drugs to treat RespiratorySyncytial Virus (RSV) infection.34Funding: £52.6M PsiOxus aims to be the world’s leading cancer gene therapy company, deliveringmedicines of value to patients with cancer.35Funding: $70M Lifebit is building the world’s first intelligent genomics platform thatunderstands DNA data and generates meaningful insights like humans do.36Funding: $67.9M Biotechnology company integrating artificial intelligence with expertpharmacology to discover treatments for rare diseases37Funding: $63M Unmind is a B2B mental health platform providing clinically-backed tools andtraining.38Funding: $58.9M Ultromics clinicians and engineers working together to set new standards forworld-class cardiovascular diagnostic tools.39Funding: $59.3M PepGen is empowering nucleic acid therapeutics to go the distance and buildingneuromuscular and neurologic pipeline.40Funding: $57.7M Gyroscope is an ophthalmology company developing gene therapies for thetreatment of eye diseases linked to an unbalanced complement system41Funding: $58M Pulmocide is focused on the development of inhaled medicines for the treatmentof viral and fungal infections of the respiratory tract.42Funding: $54M Medopad connects patients and providers in real time. It also collects datathrough wearables and lets patients send their data to healthcareprofessionals. The platform also offers providers and insurers ways to analyzelarge amounts of data using artificial intelligence and machine learning.43Funding: $53M Numan is a startup which aims to tackle your tackle problem erectiledysfunction.44Funding: $49.9M AccuRx is on a mission to bring patients and their healthcare teams together.45Funding: $47.3M Your.MD is the world’s smartest AI health information service, offeringeveryone free access to the health information they need. Your.MD empowerspeople to discover what’s wrong with them thanks to the world’s first AIsystem designed to understand individual situations and personal factors,receive medically certified guidance (in partnership with the UK’s NHS)46Funding: £37M Enterprise Therapeutics is a drug discovery company dedicated to the researchand development of novel therapies for the treatment of respiratory diseases.In diseases such as cystic fibrosis, asthma and COPD the lungs becomecongested with mucus leading to difficulty in breathing. New disease modifyingtherapies that target the underlying mechanisms of mucus congestion willreduce the frequency of lung infections and improve patient quality of life.47Funding: $45M Inspired by nature’s ability to regulate protein function to restore health,HotSpot Therapeutics is discovering new allosteric therapies with the abilityto treat disease in new ways. Unlike conventional drug discovery, whichfocuses on targeting the active sites of proteins, HotSpot has developed atechnology platform to uncover nature’s privileged regulatory hotspots –pockets remote from the active site that are critical to protein function.48Funding: £37.2M Iksuda Therapeutics is a biotechnology company specializing in the developmentof next generation biotherapeutics49Funding: £36M Azeria Therapeutics is the world’s first pioneer factor drug discoverycompany.50Funding: $38M Proximie is a secure software solution that expands virtual surgicalcollaboration enabling surgeons to share expertise through AR.51Funding: $33.7M Zava is an online medical service provider and offers consultations,diagnostics and medication without the need for a face-to-face visit.52Funding: £27M MiroBio develops novel, best-in-class therapeutics that bring significantbenefits to patients suffering from a range of auto-immune diseases. MiroBio’smedicines will activate natural mechanisms to regain control of over-activeimmune responses triggering these diseases.53Funding: $30M Minatx is a therapeutics company uses gene activation mechanisms to discovernew medical treatments.54Funding: $29M RenalytixAI is a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled clinicaldiagnostic solutions for kidney disease.55Funding: $26.5 m Cambridge Epigenetix develops ground-breaking epigenetics tools for DNAmethylation (5mC) and hydroxymethylation (5hmC) analysis.56Oxitec is a pioneer in controlling insects that spread disease and damagecrops. Through world class science we have developed an innovative newsolution to controlling harmful insects pests.57Funding: $24M Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to securely store health records andmaintain a single version of the truth. The different organisations such asdoctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers can requestpermission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and recordtransactions on the distributed ledger.58Funding: $23M Signifier Medical Technologies is a medical technology company59Funding: £18 M Wren Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based, focused on drugdiscovery and development for protein misfolding diseases.60Funding: $22m Kheiron Medical Technologies aims to help radiologists detect breast cancerearlier by using deep learning61Funding: £20M DoctorLink app helps individuals have a better experience with their GP-doctors and helps GP Practices to reduce their growing levels of demand. Ituses a clinically certified Symptom Assessment tool and integrates with yourPractices IT system, so we can give personalised healthcare advice for whatyou need at the moment, and, in case you need to book an appointment with yourGP or other NHS Service, DoctorLink helps you with that as well.62Magstim has always been at the cutting edge of the evolution of transcranialmagnetic stimulation (TMS) from its conception as a valuable research tool toits coming of age as a revolutionary treatment for nerve and brain disorderssuch as major depressive disorder (MDD).63Funding: $19.7M Mogrify transforms cell therapy by the systematic discovery of novel cellconversions64Funding: $19.5M Birdie is a digital caretech company focused on elderly care at home.65Funding: $17.9M Oxford Endovascular are developing a novel treatment for treating brainaneurysms.66Funding: $16.5 m A breathalyzer for disease. Owlstone Medical has developed Breath Biopsytechnology to identify non-invasive VOC biomarkers in breath.67Funding: $16.8M Neurovalens is a global health-tech company that creates non-invasiveneurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s greatest healthchallenges.68Funding: $16M Celleron is building a global oncology company focussed on the clinicaldevelopment of new and innovative therapies to treat cancer.69Funding: £13.2M Transforming mental health for millions with state-of-the-art immersivetechnology70Funding: $15M Urban lets you book a growing range of wellness services on-demand — nowincluding massage, osteopathy, facial, and nail services71Funding: $14.7M Thriva offers a personalized at-home finger-prick blood test which enablesindividuals to easily track and improve health.72Funding: $13.7M Harnessing the power of machine learning to create better proteintherapeutics.73Funding: $14M Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning algorithms Brainomix team isbringing complete stroke imaging decision support solution to hospitalsworldwide.74Funding: $12.5M Oxford Vacmedix develops therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer basedon the Recombinant Overlapping Peptides (ROP).75Funding: $13.3M Second Nature is a smartphone application that coaches and motivates diabetespatients to live a healthier lifestyle. OurPath is a lifestyle improvementprogramme, proven to help people reduce the risk and complications of type 2diabetes.76Funding: $13M Virtual healthcare provider that aims to completely reframe the way thathealthcare is delivered by empowering providers to deliver the best – timely,efficient and effective – care for patients.77Medical Realities is an innovative group offering medical training products,specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and serious games. By usingconsumer-level virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift, MedicalRealities can reduce the cost of training, reach a wider audience & provide acompletely safe learning environment for medical students.78Funding: £9.2M Healios is reimagining the way children and adults with mental healthchallenges receive evidence-based psychological therapies by including thewhole family to achieve the best outcomes. Combining technology with qualifiedclinicians, Healios brings a completely new interactive experience to increaseengagement with therapy – so everyone has the best chance of a better qualityof life.79Funding: £8.6M Peppy develops employee healthcare benefits platform focusing on familysupport, female health and mental well-being80Funding: $12M Zedsen makes non-invasive sensors which use key biological signals fromconsumers’ bloodstreams to provide personalised health insights.81Funding: $10.6M Diaceutics Group leverages analytics, software, services and consulting.82Funding: $11.2M HelloSelf is a health and wellness platform that provides its users withdigital access to therapists.83Funding: £7.7M Patchwork is a health tech start up providing software solutions in attempt tosolve temporary staffing challenges.84Funding: $9.5M The GyroGlove is a small, lightweight stability device that fits on the backof the hand. It locks easily in place, and integrates intelligentfunctionality. With its minimal harness, we foresee hours of unobtrusive dailyuse, indoors and outdoors.85Funding: £8,8M Echo offers an app to help you manage your medication and order repeatprescriptions for delivery. Take control of your NHS prescriptions. Freedelivery options, reminders and tracking from Echo86Funding: £8M Microbiotica’s goal is to create the world’s leading company focused onmicrobiome biology and its use in medicine87Funding: $9.6M FundamentalVR delivers VR haptic simulators for surgery creating a safe,measurable & repeatable space to refine to refine skills88Sensio Air is a healthcare analytics company that helps people with asthma andallergy predict prevent and manage their symptoms.89Funding: $10.2M Theolytics is a biotechnology company harnessing viruses to combat cancer. Astep-change in the oncolytic viral therapy field, our phenotypic screeningPlatform enables the discovery and development of efficacious, targetedcandidates suitable for intravenous delivery and optimised for a chosenpatient population.90Funding: $10M Lifted is a home healthcare platform offering a personalized & innovativeapproach to improve the home healthcare experience.91Funding: $9.3M Open Bionics is developing affordable and open source 3D printed bionic handsfor amputees.92Funding: £8.2M uMotif is a patient-facing clinical trial software company. Through simple andengaging web and mobile apps, people track and monitor their health and chooseto share their data with their clinicians, carers, friends and family membersto improve care.93Funding: £6.7M OvuSense (Fertility Focus) develops fertility sensor and app.94Funding: £5.8M Touch Bionics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies andsupporting services designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for peoplewith upper limb deficiencies. Our advanced products include myoelectricprosthetic hand and prosthetic finger solutions, as well as highly realisticpassive functional prostheses that match the natural appearance of the wearer.95Funding: £5.3M OrganOx develops a revolutionary device for storing livers at normal bodytemperatures for extended periods of time. Following extensive pre-clinicalstudies and the successful completion of clinical studies, the product is nowcommercially available within the EU.96Funding: $6.6M BioBeats builds stress app that respond to physiologic data and learn from howyou interact with them, to help people live more engaging, healthier lives.97Funding: $7M Medbelle develops first digital hospital – an end-to-end platform for medicalprocedures.98Shift Bioscience is creating new drug targets and diagnostic tools to enhancehealthy lifespan through the repair of mitochondrial genes that causeneurodegenerative diseases or coronary heart disease.99Funding: £4.1M Raremark is an online service which makes scientific and medical knowledgeaccessible and understandable for patients and carers.100Funding: £4M Tictrac is a connected employee wellbeing platform101Funding: $5.7M Clinical stage company established to unlock the therapeutic potential ofpsychedelics through mitigating and managing psychoactivity102Funding: $5M Focussed on non-invasive and convenient medical diagnostic technology, NemauraMedical strives for better healthcare outcomes across numerous medicalconditions. Our patent-protected technology continuously measures selectedmolecules in the blood via a painless, non-invasive (needle-free) disposableskin patch connected to a small electronic device.103Funding: $4.8M hometouch is a home-care marketplace connecting families looking for home careto professional carers.104Cefaly offers the best safety efficacy ratio compared to current anti-migraineoral medication. It is the first line treatment for patients having frequentmigraine attacks. Cefaly enables the use of medicines to be significantlyreduced and the sufferer’s quality of life to be markedly improved. It is thesolution for most of migraineurs. Cefaly bears the CE Medical mark, iscertified to the ISO Medical standard.105Funding: £3.3M Healthera is a provider of next-generation, pharmacy-integrated personalhealth management solutions.106Funding: $5.2M Pando is a mobile communication platform empowering health and care teams tospend more time with their patients.107Funding: £3.1M CLM is a new breed of therapeutics company focused on care pathways, outcomesand the provision of dynamic personalised regimens.108ChatableApps – Worlds First Neuroscience-led AI Hearing Aid App, makingeveryday conversation accessible to everyone, everywhere109Funding: $4M SurePulse Medical Ltd. is a medical devices company.110Funding: $4.3M Collective Benefits provides benefits that matter for the self-employed thatmake it easy for companies to attract, retain and reward self-employedworkforces111Funding: £3m DrDoctor helps hospitals to deliver patient facing digital solutions. Itscloud-based patient management tools automate and virtualise processes andcare, so that Doctors can focus on their patients, and that patients canengage as true partners in their care.112Funding: £3.7M uMed is a technology platform embedded within a global network of healthcareproviders that automates the process of building high quality prospectiveresearch registries113Funding: £2.5M Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacyand transparency at its core.114Funding: £3.5m Apex Rides is the direct-to-consumer in-home smart-bike and app concept.115Funding: $3.5M Remote patient engagement with clinical exercises, outcomes analysis andTelehealth116Funding: £2.5m Pure is a private medical facility, the first of its kind in the UK, providinginnovative science-backed treatments & therapies.117Funding: £2M Eastnine are on a mission to banish the ‘not today’ from daily fitness.118Funding: £1.2M Vine Health provides intelligent digital technology to support people goingthrough cancer treatment to manage their care, using a combination ofbehavioural science and AI.119Funding: $3.1M Skin Analytics uses artificial intelligence to screen for melanoma skincancer.120Funding: £2.2M my mhealth develops myHeart – immersive cardiac rehabilitation app, that usesbehavioural feedback and gamification to improve heart health.121Funding: £2m Around the world the incidence of cancer is growing, and with it the demandfor better, faster and less expensive solutions for diagnosis and treatment.With the aim of bringing cancer care to everyone, everywhere, Endomag isdeveloping a clinical platform that uses safe magnetic fields to powerdiagnostic and therapeutic devices, avoiding the safety, workflow andavailability concerns of ionizing radiation.122Funding: $1.9M TestCard is the innovative medtech behind the ‘urine test-in-a-postcard’concept. Its accompanying mobile app provides an immediate result.123Cyberliver is a company that focuses on delivering cutting edge solutions forliver care via use of innovative technology.124Funding: £1.3M Nurturey develops intelligent assistant to manage health, stimulate mind andorganise diary125Funding: £1.5M Cell Guidance Systems is a biotechnology company developing research tools forstem cell technology.126Funding: $1.8M MindLabs’s mobile app combines live videos from mental health professionalswho lead meditation and mindfulness sessions, and features to help users tracktheir stress levels.127Funding: £1M Clementine App is a hypnotherapy app to help women feel calmer and betterequipped to cope with everyday life.128Funding: $1.6M Longer, Better Quality Lives for Brain Tumour Patients129Funding: €2M Abtrace provides a data driven layer on existing Electronic Health Recordsystems delivering proactive healthcare and earlier diagnosis. It uses machinelearning to detect, monitor and treat chronic and long-term health conditions.130Funding: 200kGBP We develop innovative AI-based products for healthcare and diagnostic imaging.131Funding: £360K Astinno develops wearable for women experiencing a perimenopause symptom knownas hot flushes.132Funding: $1.1M PsyOmics develops proteomic diagnostics to improve early diagnosis andtreatment outcomes for those with neuropsychiatric disorders.133Funding: £1M Fertifa is an innovative employer benefit solution making fertility care moreaccessible and affordable.134Funding: £1M MediShout is a digital solution that connects healthcare teams and improvesoperational efficiency, so staff can provide better care.135Funding: $120K RCube Health develops RESONY app that provides instant access to effectivemental health support and well-being. RESONY offers personalised exercises toreduce daily stress and anxiety by building positive resources for resilience.136Award-winning interactive immersive education for healthcare and beyond137Funding: £30K Oto builds digital therapeutics for tinnitus.138We use Machine learning to automatically derive accurate brain features (e.g.the volume of the hippocampus) from brain scans and compare them to anormative population. We also provide handy 2D and 3D visualisations of brainfeatures. This not only saves time to neuroradiologists but also empowers themto make highly accurate reports, by using the latest techniques and findingsin neurosciences139Funding: £45M Evox Therapeutics has built a comprehensive intellectual property portfolioencompassing key aspects of EV-based nucleic acid and protein deliverytechnology. Coupled with targeting technology and proprietary manufacturingand purification methods, the company is set to develop transformationaltherapeutics across a wide range of disease areas, using an equally wide arrayof therapeutic modalities.140Arete Medical Technologies is a startup creating medical devices and softwarefor precision approaches to chronic diseases, starting with asthma and COPD.141CiiTECH is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developingand commercializing medical cannabis products for the global market. We dothis by partnering and collaborating with leading institutions and companiesto realize the full potential of cutting-edge cannabis innovation.142Kalium Health develops personalised electrolyte monitoring test143Funding: £9M Navenio develops hospital workforce AI platform144Protherapy mental health platform makes available professionally qualified andtrained mental health practitioners to accept bookings for consultations.145Panthera, an independent site management organisation run by a world-classteam of experts, finds patients and runs clinical trials on behalf of CROs andpharma companies across multiple therapeutic areas.146Perdeca offers two digital health products. One helps anyone to make betterdecisions. The other assists families and carers of patients living withdementia including Alzheimer’s to join them in memory re-connection sessions.Top 146 medical and healthcare startups in UK

Top 146 medical and healthcare startups in UK

Last updated: September 28, 2021| —|— 1Funding: $984M CMR Surgical created

17 Computer careers for technology junkies

It’s safe to say that now is a great time to pursue a career in technology. Infact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment ofprofessionals in computer and information technology careers to increase muchfaster than average, with 12 percent growth projected through 2028.1 Let usintroduce you to some of the many computer jobs worth considering.

2. Applications architect

Digital pros who land a position like applications architect are required tomaintain a high level of technical expertise while also excelling in areaslike planning, coordination, communication and teamwork. These professionalsare tasked with designing major aspects of the architecture of an application,providing technical leadership to the development team, performing design andcode reviews, ensuring enterprise-wide application standards are met and more.

5. Computer hardware engineer

Computer hardware engineers are tasked with designing, developing andsupervising the production of computer hardware like keyboards, modems,printers, computer systems, chips and circuit boards. Their duties are similarto those of electronics engineers, although they focus exclusively on computertechnology, with tasks like designing blueprints of new equipment, makingmodels of new hardware designs, upgrading current computer equipment andsupervising the manufacturing of new hardware.

6. Computer software engineer

Conversely, computer software engineers focus their work on designing anddeveloping software used to control computers by utilizing the principles ofcomputer science and mathematical analysis. You’ll typically see this workmaterialize through the design and development of computer games, wordprocessors, operating systems and compilers.

9. Health information technology careers

While jobs in technology continue to rise in prevalence, so too do jobs in thehealthcare field. Health information technology (HIT) is an excellent way toblend the two, launching your career in the midst of rapid growth. The HITfield is a specialized subset of information technology professionals who workfor medical facilities and other healthcare organizations to increase theefficiency and quality of clinical care through technology. You can expect toencounter tech positions in healthcare environments that center on elementslike electronic billing and coding systems, electronic medical records andnetworks for digital imaging.

Which computer career path will you choose?

It’s clear that today’s self-proclaimed tech geeks have the unique opportunityto steer their careers in just about any direction they choose. Can youenvision your future in one of the computer jobs listed above?If you’re considering working in this industry, you’ve likely thought aboutpursuing some formal education in either Computer Science or InformationTechnology. But how do you know which of these options makes sense for you? Welaid out a side-by-side comparison for you in our article, “Computer Sciencevs. Information Technology: Decoding the Differences.”1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational OutlookHandbook, [accessed July, 2020] Information representsnational, averaged data for the occupations listed and includes workers at alllevels of education and experience. This data does not represent startingsalaries. Employment conditions in your area may vary. JavaScript is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.. Python is a registered trademark of The Python Software Foundation. EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published in 2018. It has sincebeen updated to include information relevant to 2020.20 medtech companies to know | 2020Medtech companies play a critical role in developing medical therapies andinnovations to improve outcomes and healthcare delivery across the U.S.Here are 20 medtech companies to know that deliver medical devices,treatments, technology and services for healthcare providers and patients,especially as the U.S. moves toward more virtual and remote care. Abbott (Chicago). Abbott is a global healthcare company with a portfolio ofhealthcare technologies including diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionalsand branded generic medicine. The company has 107,000 employees in more than160 countries who support its products and services. Abbott reported $31.9billion in 2019 sales and has been named No. 1 in its category on Fortune’sMost Admired Companies list for the past seven years. Accenture (Dublin, Ireland). Accenture is a global professional servicescompany that provides strategy, consulting, technology and operationsservices. The company focuses on 40 industries, including healthcare, and hasaround 506,000 employees serving clients in 120 countries. Accenture reported$44.3 billion in revenue for the 2020 fiscal year ending Aug. 31 and partnerswith Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and Workday for technology services. Amwell (Boston). Amwell is a telehealth provider that partners with more than50 health plans and 2,000 hospitals and health systems for virtual careservices. The company also reports more than 40,000 client providers are usingAmwell and 80 million health plan members have access to Amwell as a coveredbenefit. In September, the company received an investment from Google andlaunched an IPO. In October, J.D. Power ranked Amwell No. 1 in its U.S.Telehealth Satisfaction Study. AristaMD (San Diego). AristaMD is a telehealth company providing an electronicconsultation platform for primary care providers. The platform includesclinical workup checklists and is designed to integrate with clinicalworkflows. In recent months, AristaMD partnered with the University ofColorado School of medicine to expand its virtual consultations platform andadded Ascension Ventures as an investing company to complete a $24 millionSeries B funding round. Aunt Bertha (Austin, Texas). Aunt Bertha is a network that connects users withverified social care providers and allows nonprofits to coordinate efforts.The network has at least 700 resources in every county and services are freeand open to all users. The company is also committed to building tools tosupport decision-making and strengthening partnerships. In June, Aunt Berthapartnered with Ending Community Homelessness Coalition — or ECHO —to changehomeless intake for healthcare providers across the nation. BD (Franklin Lakes, N.J.). Founded more than a century, BD is focused onimproving patient outcomes and healthcare worker safety with a variety oftechnologies. The company has more than 50,000 associates in 50 countries andthe BD Technologies and Innovation Team, based in North Carolina, is focusedon developing next-generation technologies and accelerates early-stage lifesciences companies through collaboration, licensing or incubation. Boston Scientific (Marlborough, Mass.). Boston Scientific is a medicalsolutions and innovations company with 36,000 employees doing business inaround 120 countries. The company has 40 locations worldwide to developmedical solutions that improve patient health. Change Healthcare (Nashville, Tenn.). Change Healthcare is a technologycompany focused on developing insights, innovation and transformation throughits platform. The company works with payers and providers to apply the dataand analytics solutions to improve clinical decision-making, billing,collections and patient experience. Currently, one in three patient records istouched by its solutions, which manage 68 million diagnostic imaging studies.Change Healthcare billed $1.7 trillion using the revenue cycle and practicemanagement solutions. GE Healthcare (Chicago). GE Healthcare is a global medical technology anddigital solutions company. It has more than 100 years in the healthcareindustry and now includes around 50,000 employees. GE Healthcare had $17billion in 2019 revenue, excluding pharmaceuticals, and reportedly investsmore than $1 billion in medical research every year. Its Edison intelligenceplatform supports clinicians with precision health, digitizing healthcare anddriving productivity. Intuitive Surgical (Sunnyvale, Calif.). Intuitive is the maker of the da Vincisurgical system. The 25-year-old company works with healthcare providers oninnovations and currently 7 million procedures are performed using itstechnology every year. The da Vinci system was among the first FDA-clearedrobot-assisted and it’s now used in 67 countries and all 50 states. Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, N.J.). Johnson & Johnson is a globalorganization with more than 130,000 employees. The company’s medical devicesbusinesses focus on science and technology for surgery, orthopedics, visionand interventional procedures and drive value-based care. The company’sorthopedics business is a global leader in joint replacement and it offerscomprehensive trauma, spine and sports medicine solutions. Medtronic (Dublin, Ireland). Medtronic is among the largest medical devicecompanies with operations in 150 countries and products treating 70 healthconditions. The company has 90,000-plus employees and its therapies are usedby 72 million people annually. Medtronic’s total revenue is around $28.9billion with the cardiac and vascular, minimally invasive therapies, diabetesand cranial and spinal technologies groups among the leaders in their markets.In 2019, Medtronic spent $2.3 billion in research and development andconducted more than 350 clinical trials. McKesson Medical-Surgical (Richmond, Va.). McKesson Medical-Surgicaldistributes medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services andclinical resources to clients nationwide. This Fortune 500 company has76,000-plus employees serving health systems, home health agencies, hospitallabs, medical practices and more. NewWave (Elkridge, Md.). NewWave is a full-service IT, business services anddata management company. It was founded with the mission to deliver advancedIT and best practices to healthcare organizations to improve the quality ofcare. NewWave’s team of engineers, technologists and product developers arefocused on providing solutions to make users more productive. In 2019, theAmerican Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council honored NewWave withthe Impacter Award. Optum (Eden Prairie, Minn.). Optum, a UnitedHealth Group company, is ahealthcare services company that includes healthcare providers, technologiesand revenue cycle services. Ninety percent of U.S. hospitals, four out of fivehealth plans and four of five Fortune 500 employers have relationships withOptum. OptumCare, a national network of more than 52,000 physicians, providescare for patients; the company also includes business services and technology,pharmacy services and healthcare financial services. Siemens Healthineers (Malvern, Pa.). Siemens Healthineers USA is a medicaltechnology company with around 18,500 patents worldwide. It has 50,000employees in 70 countries and aims to innovate in precision medicine,healthcare delivery and patient experience. The company currently has apresence in the imaging, diagnostics and advanced therapies markets. On Sept.30, Siemens Healthiners partnered with WakeMed to accelerate innovation andcare delivery with robotic initiatives, advanced imaging and artificialintelligence. Philips (Cambridge, Mass.). Philips is a healthcare technology company witharound 81,000 employees and the mission of improving health and well-beingthrough innovation. The company aims to affect 2.5 billion lives per year by2030. On Sept. 23, Philips announced its partnership with Tampa (Fla.) GeneralHospital to provide new software, health informatics, workflow solutions andhigh-level consulting. Roche (Basel, Switzerland). Roche is a large biotech company focused onbiotherapies and cancer treatment. The company has 17 biopharmaceuticals onthe market and a workforce of around 90,000 individuals working across 100countries. Since its founding in 1896, Roche has developed medicines anddiagnostic tests used by millions of patients globally and was one of thefirst companies with targeted treatments for patients. Stryker (Kalamazoo, Mich.). Stryker is a medical technology company focused onorthopedics, neurotechnology and spine. The $14.9 billion company had around40,000 employees worldwide in 2019 and owned 8,883 patents. The company hadreported 40 years of sales growth through 2019 and was spending $971 millionon research and development per year ahead of the pandemic. Teladoc (Purchase, N.Y). Teladoc is a global virtual care and telemedicinecompany that provides millions of virtual medical visits to patients in 175countries each year. The company connects patients with providers fortelehealth visits and was named Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms for2020. On Aug. 5, Teladoc merged with Livongo, an applied health signalscompany, to combine Teladoc’s clinical expertise with Livongo’s consumerhealth insights and data-driven approach to healthcare delivery.Top 56 medical and healthcare startups in Germany

Top 56 medical and healthcare startups in Germany

Last updated: September 20, 2021| —|— 1Funding: $1.6B We are developing the next generation of personalized immunotherapies to helprevolutionize the treatment of people with cancer and other debilitatingdiseases.2Funding: $1.1B CureVac is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the prophylactic andtherapeutic application of messenger RNA.3Funding: $253.6M MorphoSys’s mission is to make exceptional, innovative biopharmaceuticals toimprove the lives of patients suffering from serious diseases. Our focus is oncancer.4Funding: $250M GEMoaB develops universal CAR-T platform with focus on providing significantlysafer and more efficacious treatments to patients who are suffering from hard-to-treat cancers and autoimmune diseases5Funding: $159.5M Ada Health is breaking new ground across medical reasoning and artificialintelligence. Ada is a personal health companion that uses AI and machinelearning to help people to understand and manage their health. Designed by ateam of 100 doctors, data scientists and engineers, Ada was launched with themission to give everyone access to high quality, personalised healthinformation and care.6Funding: $125M kaia is a digital therapeutics company focused on AI-powered management ofchronic pain7Funding: €80M Cardior Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops medicines and therapeutics forthe treatment and prevention of heart disease.8Funding: €74M T-knife is a developer of T cell receptors intended for T cell therapy ofcancer.9Funding: $78.6M Sanity Group is a holistic European Cannabis company focusing on health,wellbeing, and scientific research.10Funding: $70M Freeletics promotes and increases physical fitness, strives for improvedmental strength, willpower, and confidence – all vital components for shapingone’s lifestyle according to individual desires and goals.AdAdvertise your startup11Funding: $46.3M Retina Implant AG is a medical technology start-up company founded in 2003. Weare building upon the results of a research project in which numerous Germanuniversity hospitals and German research institutes have participated since1996. In close cooperation with our partners we plan to place the first fullyfunctioning electronic retinal prosthesis, in order to give back to blindpersons a part of their lost sight.12Funding: €35M Amboss is improving healthcare by making medical knowledge universallyaccessible.13Funding: €33.2M OMEICOS Therapeutics is developing a novell molecule utilizing a new Mode ofAction for the treatment and prevention of atrial fibrillation.14Funding: €23M inveox automates pathology labs to prevent cancer misdiagnosis and improve labefficiency.15vitaphone e-health solutions is a High Tech / High Touch, Remote PatientMonitoring and Patient Engagement firm. Using the latest wireless devices, oursecure software platform and our 24/7 patient monitoring and coaching centers,we help providers/organizations to increase quality, reduce costs (e.g.,admissions/readmissions), and improve the patient experience.16Funding: $18.2M Meditopia is a meditation app that helps users reduce stress, sleep well,build mental resilience, and experience long-term healing.17Funding: €12M Tubulis Technologies generates uniquely matched protein-drug conjugates ADCsthat deliver drugs to tumors but still cause adverse events by shedding theirpayloads en route to the cancer.18Alacris Theranostics’ mission is to exploit next generation sequencing andother omics data through its predictive modelling system ModCell, tofacilitate drug development and personalised medicine in oncology and othercomplex diseases. This approach was originally developed at the Max PlanckInstitute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin and is exclusively licensed toAlacris Theranostics.19Funding: €9M HMNC Brain Health is a precision medicine pioneer in psychiatry.20Bio-Gate is a company that employs unique silver technology to endow materialsand products with antimicrobial properties. The focus of the product portfoliois medical technology products. Our different technologies are also used torefine cosmetics, consumer goods and industrial products. The company employstwo techologies: MicroSilver and HyProtect.21Mimi is a digital health company that wants to transform your smartphone to ahearing aid. The company has created a mobile app for the iPhone, which usesits hearing technology based on proprietary algorithms to help those withhearing loss. The app first takes a test for both ears before understandinghow to personlize sounds for the person using the app.22Funding: €8M inne is a biotech startup in Berlin, with a mission to make naturalcontraception convenient and accurate.23Funding: €7M TeleClinic is a communication platform that enables simple and securecommunication between doctors and patients all over Germany.24Funding: €7.2M Medcuris develops tailor-made prostheses and orthoses from the 3D printer.25Funding: €7.1M iThera Medical focuses on the development of proprietary Optoacoustic Imagingtechnology for use in preclinical and clinical applications.26Funding: $9M Cara Care empowers patients suffering from chronic digestive diseases to livea healthier and happier life.27Funding: €6.7M Our EYEMATE eye pressure measurement system consists of an implantable microsensor, responsible for pressure sensing. It also consists of an external handheld device, which is transferring energy to the micro sensor telemetricallyand which is responsible for data read out and storage. A GSM module can beconnected with the hand held device for transfer of measurement data to aninternet-based database.28Funding: €6M Medloop’s mission is to close the gap between patients and doctors; creating amore fluent dialogue, empowering the patient and providing practices with moretime to focus on direct patient care. To achieve this, practices use adashboard, and patients connect through a native iOS and Android application.29Funding: $7m Aignostics is an AI-powered precision diagnostics focused on pathology toassist with drug development and clinical research.30Funding: $6M Baze has developed the first personalized nutrient supplement service toaddress this. Pioneering a dynamic data-driven approach based on recurringcomfortable blood analysis.31Funding: $5.6M Doctorly is a digital-first, cloud powered, fully centralised, practicemanagement platform for doctors.32Funding: €5M With a continuous glucose sensor, specific test meals and detailed analysis,Perfood guides you to discover the ideal nutrition for a life withoutheadache.33Google Analytics for your health34M-sense is a certified medical app to combat migraines and headache35CellmatiQ develops artificial intelligence platform for efficient medicalImage diagnostics36Funding: €4.3M Semalytix provides insights into the authentic patient experience by listeningto one billion patient voices with Pharos Suite37avateramedical develops system for Robot-Assisted minimally invasive surgery.Its mission is to provide access to robot-assisted, minimally invasivesurgical procedures for people all over the world.38Funding: $3.7M gives consumers access to healthcare that is easy and affordable.39Funding: €2.2M Machtfit, a German health wellness and fitness company, provides corporatehealth solutions for companies and their employees.40The TheraBionic P1 medical device is indicated for the systemic treatment ofadvanced hepatocellular carcinoma with or without metastases. It emits lowlevels of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, which block the growth oftumor cells and do not affect the growth of normal cells.41Funding: $3M MindPeak optimizes workflows in pathological analysis42Funding: €2M Combining the permanently gathered vital data with advanced AI analytics andmedical expertise iATROS increases the treatment outcomes and thereby saveslifes.43Funding: $1.9 m ImmunoLogik has identified an active agent that helps patients who havedeveloped a resistance against standard HIV treatment therapies.44Funding: €1,2M Arztkonsultation.De provides online doctor consultations in Germany45Funding: $2M Qunomedical is a healthcare company that connects patients with doctors inabroad.46Funding: $250K The smartphone App Nia, a medically validated companion, gives patients witheczema daily support and offers a comprehensive assistance.47Funding: $80K Curneu MedTech Innovation is a health care technology firm working on a motiveof building an affordable and innovative healthcare solutions that address theclinical needs thereby bringing better lives for the needy. In particular itdevelops the app for acupuncture treatment Planning48ADVOS is the world’s first method for the combined multi-organ support ofliver, lung, kidney, and acid-base balance. Based on the principle of albumindialysis, ADVOS allows extracorporeal fluid-based elimination of CO2, hepatictoxins, water-soluble and protein-bound nephrotoxins, as well as thecorrection of metabolic and respiratory acidosis. The ADVOS method works withtypical dialysis accesses and flow rates and does not require any gasexchangers for CO2 elimination.49Funding: €1.2M Dopavision is a therapeutic company developing a digital therapeutic formyopia.50Funding: $588.2K AICURA medical provides a platform and tools that are used to improve andenable personalized medicine innovation.51Our goal is to give all patients easy and affordable access to the doctor oftheir choice – regardless of their current location. Therefore patientsregister for free and only pay the consultation fee, set by the doctorhimself. Doctors need an professional account. By paying the monthly fee,doctors may schedule as many appointments as desired and set the fees on theirown.52A medical companion for expectant mothers that tracks pregnancy relatedsymptoms and vital data to give real-time risk assessment and access tocertified recommendations53FUSE-AI develops Sherlog, the platform for intelligent medical image analysis54denovoMATRIX offers modular biomimetic matrices that can be tailored torecreate a large variety of extracellular matrices for any cell type.55Priavoid envisions curing neurological disorders by developing innovativetreatment strategies based on a new class of orally available compounds.Focusing on indications with significant unmet medical need Priavoid appliesthe therapeutic concept to Alzheimer’s disease (AD), neuropathic pain andother neurodegenerative diseases such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),tauopathies, Parkinson’s disease (PD), and Huntington’s disease (HD).56BinDoc developsweb-based software solution for healthcare providers.22 Top Silicon Valley HealthTech Companies 2021From long wait times to prohibitive costs, there’s a lot about the healthcareindustry that could use a makeover. Luckily, as Silicon Valley technologycontinues to create pathways to improvement globally, hospitals and healthcarecenters are paying attention. As hospitals work to make their services morefinancially accessible and higher quality, the healthtech market is rapidlygrowing and only going to continue its upward trend. Technology fromartificial intelligence to software fuel the research of new medicines andtreatments, and healthcare professionals are discovering tools that allow themto utilize health data like never before.

Silicon Valley Healthcare Startups to Know

* Twin Health * Butterfly Network * Lark * Vocera Communications * GRAIL * Lumedx * Helix * Inscopix * HealthTap * Headspace * MindstrongFrom imagining video conferencing as an alternative to expensive hospitalvisits, to integrating smartphone touchscreen technology into the outdatedhospital pager system, these 22 healthtech companies in Silicon Valley areimagining a world in which technology helps us all become happier andhealthier.Twin HealthFounded: 2018Location: Mountain View, CAWhat they do: Twin Health is utilizing advanced technology to help reverse thecourse of chronic diseases like diabetes. Combining AI, IoT, data science,advanced medical science and healthcare, Twin Health has created the WholeBody Digital Twin — a dynamic, digital representation of human metabolicfunction based on physical preferences, daily activities and health data. TheWhole Body Digital Twin is used to provide people with personalized guidanceon nutrition, sleep, activity and breathing to each member while makingprecise medication recommendations to physicians, creating a highly informedmethod of managing — and possibly reversing — chronic illnesses.Grand RoundsFounded: 2011Location: San FranciscoWhat they do: Grand Rounds removes much of the stress from the healthcaredecision making process for both companies and individuals, using acombination of automation and human capabilities for better assistance. Theplatform’s machine learning capabilities monitor healthcare bills, trackmedical history and equip patients with a list of questions to consult withdoctors about, while customer care coordinators connect with users to locatethe caretakers in an individual’s network that are best equipped to deliverthe specific care they need.Butterfly NetworkFounded: 2011Location: Palo AltoWhat they do: Butterfly Network is the creator of the handheld ultrasoundmonitoring device Butterfly IQ, made possible due to innovative research thatenabled the miniaturization of an entire ultrasound system’s power onto asingle silicon chip. The company also provides point-of-care ultrasoundoperating software for use by forward-thinking medical professionals, as wellas an ultrasound device intended specifically for veterinarian use, leading toa robust selection of modernistic healthcare solutions.GrailFounded: 2016Location: Menlo ParkWhat they do: GRAIL aims to develop blood tests that help to detect cancerearlier than traditional medicine. The company is building intelligent modelsthat quickly information about a tumor genome and turn it into actionablesolutions to counteract the tumor. GRAIL is aiming to expand their blood teststo detect more cancers at earlier stages, so patients can have a 5-10x higherchance of survival.MindstrongFounded: 2011Location: San Francisco and Mountain ViewWhat they do: Mindstrong provides virtual therapy and psychiatric care throughsmartphones. The company connects you with the healthcare professionals thatyou need depending on what you’re experiencing. Additionally, the platformmeasures mental health symptoms and shares them with your healthcare team toensure that they always know how you’re feeling. This information is easilyvisible and trackable, so you can measure progress over time.TempusFounded: 2015Location: Redwood CityWhat they do: Tempus has amassed the world’s largest library of clinical andmolecular data to help physicians make real-time decisions and to deliver morepersonalized care to people with cancer. The precision medicine company usesAI and data science to analyze trillions of data points to better understandoptimal treatment options, as well as, to quicken the time it takes toresearch and develop potentially breakthrough therapies and drug treatments.HelixFounded: 2015Location: San MateoWhat they do: Specializing in personal genomics, Helix seeks to help healthresearch organizations integrate genomics into their development of careoptions with the hope of facilitating genetic discovery. Their genetic healthsystems empower researchers to discover genetic information that can lead todevelopment of new, medically-necessary healthcare solutions. They also offerDNA discovery products that individuals can use to learn more about theirpersonal and familial genes.Evidation HealthFounded: 2012Location: San MateoWhat they do: Evidation Health approaches the process of health research bycreating tools that can analyze passive health data on a day-to-day basis. Byworking with neuroscientists internationally, this company is able to map andimage neural circuit dynamics and gather corresponding data in order to makenew medical discoveries and treat resistant neurological conditions. Theirteam of over one hundred researchers include tech professionals previouslyfrom Google, Sleep Number, Microsoft and Sense Networks.Lyra HealthFounded: 2015Location: BurlingameWhat they do: Lyra Health is bridging the gap between mental health andtechnology by creating a membership experience that allows users to receivemore personalized care at the right time. The platform provides resources forbooking real-time appointments, either in-person or via live video, withdigital self care resources available for daily practice and progresstracking, and measurement tools for better understanding of treatment andrecovery progress.LarkFounded: 2011Location: Mountain ViewWhat they do: Lark connects health support providers and professionals withartificial intelligence to help improve patient health outcomes and assistpatients in managing their personal health goals. Serving patients looking tomanage diabetes, hypertension and general wellness, Lark provides tools tomonitor heart rate and blood pressure as well as online counseling servicesand health advice from real healthcare professionals.Veeva SystemsFounded: 2007Location: PleasantonWhat they do: Veeva Systems works with companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechand general life sciences to develop cloud-based research and developmentsolutions. The company provides clinical, regulatory, quality and commercialbased solutions to organizations like Bayer, Ora, Merck and Vertex. VeevaSystems also provides consulting and training services so that their clientscan get quicker returns on their investments and maintain long term successthrough their R&D.Proteus Digital HealthFounded: 2001Location: Redwood CityWhat they do: Proteus Digital Health is focused on integrating digitaltechnology with traditional pharmaceuticals to create products that canmodernize the healthcare industry in the digital era. Among the products theyoffer are medicines that are capable of communicating their own use,physiological sensors, patient care applications and health data analytics.The company hopes that their technology will specifically help patients withchronic conditions manage their personal health.Align TechnologyFounded: 1997Location: San JoseWhat they do: Align Technology is a dental tech company that designs andmanufactures Invisalign braces for misaligned teeth. Through a dental scanningand imaging technology called iTero, dental practitioners and orthodontistscan map and visualize their patients tooth decay, wear and jaw movement. Sincetheir founding date over twenty years ago, Align Technology has provideddental services to over 7.5 million patients.Vocera CommunicationsFounded: 2000Location: San JoseWhat they do: Vocera Communications is a healthtech telecommunications companythat creates specialized paging systems for healthcare professionals with thegoal of improving workplace efficiency and pace. Among their products is apager technology called the Vocera Smartpage, which relies on touchscreentechnology and voice commands to speed up patient connection and care. Theirtechnology is relied on by over 1,850 international organizations, 1600 ofwhich are hospitals and other healthcare facilities.LumedxFounded: 1990Location: OaklandWhat they do: Combining digital resources with traditional healthcare, Lumedxassists patients with cardiovascular concerns manage their health with thehelp of data intelligence and cloud-based healthcare solutions. While focusedmainly on cardiovascular data, the company recently expanded their operationsto cover orthopedics, neurology, spine and maternal medicine. Their productsare currently used in over 650 hospitals nationally and internationally.10x GenomicsFounded: 2012Location: PleasantonWhat they do: From microfluidics to computational biology, 10x Genomicsutilizes software capabilities to build DNA sequencing technology and improvepatient health outcomes. Combining hardware, software and chemistry to analyzegene expression and cell profiles, their technologies are used to speed updiagnosis and treatment of cancer, immune deficiencies and neurologicalconditions.QuantrosFounded: 1996Location: MilpitasWhat they do: Quantros seeks to combine software solutions with traditionalmedicine and healthcare systems to provide practitioners with more accuratedata and insights. With more than 800 hospitals in their network, Quantrosoffers a suite of solutions that range from insights on financial efficiencyto outcome measurement and care variation management. In 2018, the companyentered a partnership with the online medical database site, Vitals, to allowconsumers to view quality metrics of potential providers.InscopixFounded: 2010Location: Palo AltoWhat they do: Focused on neurological conditions and brain health, Inscopix isthe developer behind technology that speeds up the development and increasesthe quality and effectiveness rates of neural therapy and medicine. Targetingconditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, Inscopix tests theirneurotechnologies in-house and closely partners with researchers to improvethe approval rates of potentially therapeutic technologies.HealthTapFounded: 2010Location: Palo AltoWhat they do: Instead of focusing on medical research or provider workflow,HealthTap primarily focuses on improving patient experiences and outcomes withthe help of augmented and artificial intelligence. Their patient-focusedproducts include video consultations and AI powered symptom-based advice,while for employers HealthTap provides tools to simplify the process ofdiscovering benefits and health management for their teams.EpocratesFounded: 1998Location: San MateoWhat they do: Utilized by over one million healthcare professionals, Epocratesis one of the leading medical apps among hospitals and healthcare facilities.The application allows practitioners to complete daily tasks such as druginteraction checks, medical calculations and drug monographing through asingle streamlined interface. In a 2018 survey of physicians by the DecisionResources Group, Epocrates was rated the number one app for drug dosage andsafety information.GlookoFounded: 2010Location: Mountain ViewWhat they do: With a singular focus on diabetes screening and management,Glooko is a web application that diabetic patients can use to more efficientlymanage and sync their health data. Their data shows that Glooko users onaverage experience a decreased average BG, increased BG range and decreasedhyperglycemia. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the company has additionaloffices in Chicago and internationally in Sweden.Cardiva MedicalFounded: 2002Location: Santa ClaraWhat they do: Cardiva is a healthtech company that develops medical devices tohelp diagnose and treat vascular and cardiovascular issues. Cardiva seeks tofacilitate rapid hemostasis through femoral access closure systems that havebeen used in over 500,000 medical procedures. Cardiva has been recognized forits company achievements by Inc. 5000, The Medtech Insight Awards and TheShingo Prize.HeadspaceFounded: 2010Location: Santa MonicaWhat they do: Rather than focusing on physical health, Headspace seeks toimprove outcomes in mental and emotional healthcare by providing anapplication for users to manage anxiety, depression, and other conditionsthrough guided meditations. Partnered with research institutions at Stanfordand NYU, Headspace’s award winning platform relies on scientific evidence toprovide meditation and stress management solutions to users in over 190countries.Best healthcare startups to watch in 2021At Healthcare Weekly, we take innovations from healthcare startups veryseriously.Whether it’s a new service, physical product, or software company, we stay up-to-date in everything to do with healthtech so we are always on top of ourgame.Over the last month, we reviewed more than 200 healthcare startups that havereceived funding or announced major initiatives in 2021 and put together alist of our top 38 healthcare startups to watch.Any of these amazing healthcare startups might just become the next big thing.Companies in this list are ranked in two categories: healthcare startupsredefining drug discovery and healthtech software companies.

Using a device that resembles the diagnostic tool used on Star Trek, DxtER

from Basil Leaf Technologies can diagnose individuals from the comfort ofhome. Smart sensors track vitals and body chemistry to accurately diagnose 34health conditions, more than double that of the closest competitor. This 2017winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize is currently being prepared for FDAapproval and is expected to sell for less than $200 when it reaches marketshelves. Plans are in the works to double the number of diseases andconditions the tricorder recognizes.Company website: Basil Leaf TechnologiesBay Labs, Inc. combines AI deep learning with cardiovascular imaging toimprove the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. The companyuses its technology to affordably train more medical professionals about howto effectively perform and interpret echocardiograms, a highly specializedfield. Their hope is to make such training accessible to all medicalprofessionals, thus providing more patients with a higher level of care in thetreatment of heart disease. Bay Labs was recognized as one of the mostpromising AI startups in the social impact category at NVIDIA’s Inceptioncompetition in 2017.Company website: Bay Labs, Inc.Univfy uses proprietary predictive technology and machine learning to make theprocess, odds for success (within 5% accuracy) and costs of in vitrofertilization (IVF) more transparent. The company also helps patients locatereputable practitioners and funding for this expensive procedure. Clientsenter profile data through a portal and quickly receive a free personalizedIVF report explaining the likelihood of success, estimated costs, suggestedIVF centers and respected resources for more information. Access for receivingthe individual report is enabled through an IVF practitioner. Anyone canaccess the website to locate a practitioner service.Company website: UnivfyHigi is bringing health management, personal data tracking, and built-insupport networks to a kiosk near you! Higi users can measure all vital signsat more than 11,000 wheelchair accessible stations in grocery stores,pharmacies and club stores. The information can be stored and tracked online,on your cell phone, or a wearable device, and transmitted to a trusted healthprofessional. Users can join communities for support in health management,such as weight loss or improved exercise routines. They can also participatein activity challenges to win prizes. This is a service for anyone interestedin developing and maintaining healthy habits.Company website: HigiHealthCrowd is the first end-to-end engagement platform for healthcare. Itprovides support for healthcare organizations interested in unifying,automating and optimizing multiple forms of communication in order to deliverindividualized patient oriented care. HealthCrowd provides a solutioncombining healthcare expertise and ad analytics. Its main focus is to engagepatients, ensuring improved quality, clinical and financial better careoutcome. HealthCrowd’s Unified Communications Platform employs differenttechnologies and channels – text, voice, email, and nanosites – working inconcert to drive members to action.Company website: HealthCrowdGluCase has developed a smartphone case glucometer to help diabetic patientsmonitor their blood sugar within the context of activity levels, food intake,and other factors. The glucometer case allows users to share theircontextualized blood sugar readings with their care teams. A dashboard alertsboth the patient and the team when the user’s blood sugar readings are eithertoo high or too low. By using this device, diabetic patients are better ableto take charge of their health and prevent medical emergencies.Company website: GluCaseBioLert employs a smartwatch and smartphone app to help those suffering fromchronic seizures. The watch uses a patented algorithm to recognize vitalinformation indicating a seizure is imminent, then notifies users, theircaretakers and designated medical professionals of the event. Informationabout seizure onset, seizures and accompanying physical manifestations arerecorded in the cloud so the stats can be incorporated into a large body ofknowledge about factors relating to seizures. Anyone can download the app to asmartwatch; there is a monthly fee for the service.Company website: BioLertMaven Clinic acts as an digital community and medical resource for women toget the care they need, anytime and anywhere at an affordable price. The siteprovides direct electronic contact to a network of 1000+ highly-vettedhealthcare professionals for all types of women’s medical issues. MavenMaternity works with employers to help them provide maternity leave for newmothers, as well as support during the pregnancy and in the early stages aftera child’s birth. Maven Clinic is an on-demand provider; a nominal fee appliesto each appointment. Although any woman can avail herself of this service totake control of her health and well-being, women in areas with limited accessto women-specific medical professionals find it especially helpful.Company website: MavenBabylon Health, a subscription health service, is currently only available inthe United Kingdom and Rwanda, but it plans to rapidly expand coverage to theentire world. Subscribers (currently 275,000+) can contact doctors and othermedical professionals via video messaging and text for virtual consultationson all medical concerns. Doctors in the network are very well respected intheir fields. This service is bringing high-ranking specialists to those whowould otherwise have no access to medical care at all. Patients rate eachinteraction, helping to keep quality of service high.Company website: BabylonBeddr is a sleep tracking device that records important sleep related datapoints while attached to the user’s forehead. The information is sent to asmartphone. Assessments about the effects of sleeping position, breathing,stress, and other factors can then be used to provide personalized sleepcoaching without ever visiting a sleep clinic. The device can be used as oftenas desired to obtain deep personal understanding of sleep and how to get thebest sleep thus improving quality of life.Company website: BeddrNicotrax uses a smart cigarette case that attaches to a cell phone combinedwith a well-designed app, to create personalized plans that help people stopsmoking. The program monitors all aspects of smoking behaviors, includingwhere you smoke, times of day, and food intake, among other factors. Adashboard reveals individual patterns of smoking behavior in relation to thoseof other users. This information is combined to provide methods to decreaseand eventually eliminate smoking habits. Anyone who seriously wants to quitsmoking can use this technology to powerfully support their efforts.Company website: NicotraxSpring Health is a proprietary screening platform helping smaller companiesprovide their employees with access to personalized mental health treatment.This startup has developed a personalized confidential mental wellness planfor employees to access a network of therapists or psychiatrists and get helpas quickly as possible. Using this platform, employees can take control oftheir mental health care, be more productive, and improve workforce quality oflife. And small businesses can finally offer a new service which wouldotherwise be unaffordable.Company website: SpringEmpiric Health uses a software application to uncover variations in medicalfees, quality of procedures and patient outcomes. Empiric uses thisinformation to negotiate prices and work for changes in practices that lead toimproved patient outcomes. Although only available in the Salt Lake City areanow, Empiric Health is rapidly gaining funding to expand the program. Theirgoal is to standardize the quality and price of medical care.Company website: Empiric HealthWhile this technically brings us to 32 startups, we couldn’t pass up theopportunity to feature BioCardia®, Inc., a clinical stage regenerativemedicine company pioneering stem cell therapy for patients with heart failure.Co-founded by world renowned cardiologist Simon Stertzer and his colleagues in1999, BioCardia develops innovative therapeutics for the treatment ofcardiovascular disease, which accounts for over 800,000 deaths in the USalone. BioCardia stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation with itsHelix Biotherapeutic Delivery System, the leading catheter that enableslocalized delivery of cell and gene based therapies through the skin directlyto the heart muscle.Company Website: BioCardiaCo-founded by Samir Manjure, former Microsoft developer, and data scienceprofessor Ankur Teredesai, from the University of Washington Tacoma, KenSci isan AI-powered risk prediction platform for healthcare.KenSci enables health systems to easily manage their data and gain predictiveinsights, which in turn increases the quality of care and lowers costs.By aggregating data from electronic health records, wearables, and othersources, the platform predicts patient risks of developing chronic andcritical illnesses including heart disease.KenSci also provides estimates of expected costs for future years, helpinghospitals to better plan their annual budgets.Winner of the 2018 Microsoft Health Innovation Award for the best use of AIand machine learning, the company recently raised $22 million in series Bfunding to go global.Read more about KenSci here.Care Coach employs avatar technology to improve self-management of chronicconditions for the elderly. Behind the smart assistant avatar that interactswith patients via a tablet, is an entire team of health coaches and nurses.This combination of digital technology and genuine human connection is whatmakes Care Coach the perfect solution for the nation’s shortage of caregivers.By providing guidance for managing chronic conditions such as heart failureand diabetes, the smart assistant avatar reduces hospital readmission rates.What’s more, the service includes digital pets that offer companionship toelders living alone, helping them cope with depression and anxiety. Thisunique avatar technology is already being used by home-bound patients andinpatients all across the country.Read more about Care Coach here.Early screening tools have been shown to drive up survival rates amongpatients with breast cancer. However, traditional screening devices are notadvanced enough to detect subtle lesions and tumors in dense breasts.Enter iCAD’s ProFound AI, the first FDA-cleared AI program for enhancing earlybreast cancer detection for 3D mammography. This program rapidly andaccurately analyzes each image, enabling radiologists to easily spotabnormalities in mammogram images.iCAD’s technology achieved impressive clinical trial results. It improvedcancer detection rates by 8 percent, reduced unnecessary patient recall ratesby 7.2 percent, and cut radiologists’ reading time by 57.4 percent for densebreast 3D image analysis.Read more about iCAD here and here.The mental and emotional challenges of surviving cancer are often overlooked.Many patients struggle with chronic pain, drug side effects and feelings ofdepression. To help these patients navigate their new reality, SangeetaAgarawal, a former oncology nurse at The Mayo Clinic and founder of HelpsyHealth, created the world’s first AI nurse for holistic symptom management andnavigation (SAN).SAN automatically creates personalized care plans for each individual andeducates patients on how to manage their symptoms by creating better dailyroutines.Among other functions, the virtual nurse offers exercise and dietaryrecommendations, sends reminders for upcoming medical visits and medication,and monitors patients through their wearables. It also sends alerts whenever apatient’s condition deteriorates.According to a study conducted by Helpsy, people using SAN to manage theirillness experienced major health improvements. In less than four months, userssaw a 75 percent reduction in depression symptoms and reported 84 percentfewer aches and pains. Read more about Helpsy here.This healthcare company is reinventing dementia detection with a five-minutetest calledIntegrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA).Neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types ofdementia, begin long before any symptoms become apparent. Thanks toCognetivity, patients can instantly find out if they have early signs ofdementia by simply taking the test on an iPad; no medical supervision isneeded. In the test, participants are briefly shown various images and askedto categorize the image as fast as possible. Their performance indicateswhether or not they are at risk for developing dementia. This means suffererscan start treatment before the onset of measurable symptoms and reduce costsof treatment.Cognetivity, whose advisory board includes world-renowned leaders in AI andbrain mapping, is currently seeking to expand to Canada.Read more about Cognetivity here.One of the nation’s leading virtual care providers, Doctor On Demand, ismaking telemedicine mainstream.Using video conferencing, the company’s wide range of specialists arediagnosing and treating both urgent medical conditions such as urinary tractinfections, conjunctivitis or respiratory infections, and chronic conditionslike diabetes, obesity and thyroid issues.All at a fraction of the cost of in-person care.The virtual care provider of choice for several Fortune 100 companies, DoctorOn Demand recently launched Synapse, a virtual primary care platform designedto integrate with US health plans’ and employers’ existing networks.Synapse will enable the company’s customers to import health data fromconnected devices such as blood pressure monitors or fitness trackers andeasily share it with their Doctor on Demand’s care team either via electronicrecords or even fax.Read more about Doctor On Demand here.Developed on blockchain principles, Soom’s cloud-based enterprise SaaSplatform aims to help medical device manufacturers improve data accuracy andreduce costs.Drawing relevant data from multiple databases, including product lifecyclemanagement (PLM) systems and the Food And Drug Administration(FDA), thecompany’s smart software is able to create tailored reports and share it withdifferent stakeholders through a simple scan.For instance, thanks to the SoomSafety app, patients can scan the barcode of amedical device to read safety and recall information about the product.Warehouse workers can scan a product to look for the information that is mostimportant to them, including confirmation of global trade compliance.Soom’s platform has proven to increase patient safety, eliminate over-stocksin the supply chain and reduce product recalls.Read more about Soom here.GoHealth is on a mission to revolutionize the health insurance shoppingprocess. Launched by two friends, Brandon Cruz and Clint Jones, from theirone-bedroom apartment, this tech-driven company matches customers withaffordable health insurance plans.Aside from guiding clients through enrollment, GoHealth’s multilingual agentseducate them about tax credit eligibility, prescription drug discounts, andon-demand doctor access. The company’s technology solutions have helped morethan 30 million consumers shop for coverage. Named one of the “Best andBrightest Companies to Work for” in Chicago in 2018, GoHealth is working with300 health insurance companies.Top 60 medical and healthcare startups in Canada

Top 60 medical and healthcare startups in Canada

Last updated: September 04, 2021| —|— 1Funding: $293.4M AlayaCare is a start-up delivering a software solution and hardware ecosystemthat allows homecare agencies to deliver mixed telehealth / visiting healthsolutions enabling empowered patients to live better while driving down thecost of care.2Funding: $236.4M Deep Genomics brings together world-leading expertise in machine learning andgenome biology. We’re inventing a new generation of computational technologiesthat predict what will happen within a cell when DNA is altered by geneticvariation, whether natural or therapeutic. Our systems predict the moleculareffects of genetic variation, opening a new and exciting path to discovery fordisease diagnostics and therapies.3Funding: $225M BlueRock Therapeutics is pioneering cell therapies that replace dead, damaged,or dysfunctional cells to restore critical natural functions in the body. Thecompany is initially targeting severe brain and heart conditions, two areas ofcritical unmet medical need with blockbuster potential.4Funding: $150.5M Repare is developing new, precision oncology drugs for patients that targetspecific vulnerabilities of tumor cells.5Funding: $105M AbCellera Biologics offers development of antibody therapeutics to improvepatient outcomes.6Funding: $85M Milestone Pharmaceuticals is a drug development company developing smallmolecule therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.7Funding: $36.6M Human API is the world’s first real-time health data network, powering morethan 10,000 applications in 40 countries. Human API enables your users tosecurely share their health data with your application, providing you withreal-time access to digital, structured medical records and health data fromthousands of clinics, labs, pharmacies, devices, and apps.8Funding: $36.8M As the intraoperative imaging expert, the solutions from IMRIS, DeerfieldImaging measurably improve patient outcomes through planning, productintegration and clinical workflow to give surgeons access to diagnosticquality scans in operating room suites. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre, whichuniquely transports MR and CT scanners to the patient using ceiling-mountedrails and incorporate other IMRIS imaging technology, are sold globally tohospitals that deliver clinical services to patients in neurosurgical, spinal,interventional and orthopedic markets.9Funding: $37.2M DelMar Pharmaceuticals is engaged in developing and commercializing therapiesfor the treatment of cancer patients.10Funding: $36.9M Synaptive Medical is a medical device manufacturing company that specializesin neurosurgery, medical imaging, and surgical navigation.AdAdvertise your startup11Funding: $35M Medicago is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development,production, and commercialization of vaccines in Canada. Acquired byMitsubishi Tanabe Pharma12Funding: $28,8m InteraXon is the maker of brainwave-controlled computing technology andapplications. It has created a hardware and software platform technology whichconverts brainwaves into digital signals that are fed into a computer.InteraXon provides consumers with applications that use these brainwaves toperform activities such as; meditation, gaming, ADHD assistance, and manyothers to come.13Funding: $27.2 m Discover compelling medical cases. Global community focused on education andcollaboration. Used by 500,000+ healthcare professionals and students. Built-in patient privacy tools14Funding: $23.7M Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3Dbioprinting and tissue engineering. We bring together a multi-talented team ofindividuals to develop cutting-edge custom human tissue technology for use inthe life sciences.15Funding: $24M Oncolytics Biotech is developing REOLYSIN®, a safe and well-toleratedintravenously delivered immuno-oncolytic virus (IOV) that targets cancerthrough a unique mechanism of action with two components, selective tumorlysis and activation of the innate and adaptive immune systems, creating aninflamed phenotype to treat a variety of solid tumors and hematologicalmalignancies.16Funding: $24M Tia Health is building a network of holistic health clinics and virtualservices for women17Funding: $20M Smile CDR makes it easy for healthcare stakeholders to collect and exchangedata with our leading FHIR-based data liberation platform.18For a half century, ophthalmic surgeons have envisioned an intraocular lenscapable of restoring eyesight at all distances. Ocumetics TechnologyCorporation was founded to achieve this goal. Employing state-of-the artmaterials and production techniques, Ocumetics Technology Corporation is inthe process of developing a highly advanced intraocular lens, one that iscapable of restoring clear vision at all distances, without glasses or contactlenses, and without the visual quality problems that have plagued currentaccommodative and multifocal intraocular lens designs.19Funding: $17.6M MedChart is a release of information platform that makes transfer of medicalrecords easy and secure on the cloud.20Funding: $13.5M CloudDX offers a range of precision vital sign monitoring equipment, softwaresolutions, and mobile apps for the advanced healthcare industry.21Funding: $13.3M Swift Medical develops an app that is able to capture wound care informationby waving the smartphone above the injured site in a wand-like fashion.22Funding: $10.9M Maple’s mission is to tackle some of the world’s most meaningful issues inhealthcare, starting with timely and convenient access to doctors and otherhealthcare providers – so that you can feel better, faster.23Funding: $9.9M A mobile fitness app with interactive training programs world’s best personaltrainers at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.24QurAlis is specifically focused on discovering & developing new therapies foramyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most common form of motor neurondisease.25Funding: $9M Develops connected health, fitness and human performance software solutionsthat help make people better26Funding: $6.9M eSight is the only patented, assistive-device of its kind anywhere in theworld. eSight is wearable, handsfree, portable – and most importantly, eSightis a non-surgical device. eSight is currently registered with the UnitedStates FDA and Health Canada.27meshMD provides workflow automation tools that securely connect the medicalcommunity with those organizations they do business with on a regular basis28Funding: $4.7M WinterLight Labs develops a novel AI technology that can quickly andaccurately quantify speech and language patterns to help detect and monitorcognitive and mental diseases.29Funding: CA$4M Optina Diagnostics develops technology for the early detection of diseasethrough the eye.30Funding: $4.1M SeamlessMD provides a cloud-based platform for hospitals to educate, engageand monitor patients through surgery31Funding: $2.4M Sitka Biopharma is a preclinical biotechnology company focused on developingits breakthrough nanoparticle platform technology to increase absorption ofdrugs in difficult-to-penetrate tissues.32Funding: $3.3M Acorn Biolabs wants consumers to pay them to store genetic material in a betthat the increasing advances in targeted genetic therapies will yield betterhealthcare results down the line.33Funding: $2.9M The Rounds is the secure collaboration network modern physicians trust toimprove healthcare outcomes. Physicians of all specialties use The Rounds tolearn, share and discuss their needs in a secure environment.34Funding: $2.5M Medical Device startup developing a solution to detect gastrointestinal leaksafter surgical procedures.35Funding: $1.4M Medella Health is developing the next generation of bio-sensors andelectronics that help us monitor our health.36An award-winning smartphone application that allows self-testing for HIV.37Triage is an app using AI to instantly screen skin disorders using asmartphone.38Funding: CA$1.8M eTreatMD develops application that provides users with an alternative totraditional healthcare solutions when treating their chronic acne. The appanalyzes the skin and provides product recommendations based on userpreferences.39Funding: $2M Tech Driven Pharmacy that delivers your medication straight to your door.40Aetonix Systems develops mobile platform for remote complex-care managementthat simplifies the complexity of managing the care of patients with multiplechronic conditions or complicated care needs.41Funding: $1.7M XR Medical Solutions creates unique XR (Extended Reality Includes VR, AR & MR)content in the health and wellness sector.42Funding: $125K Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches andwearables.43Funding: $500K A doctor in your pocket. On-demand access to amazing doctors by secure textand video. No appointment necessary.44Funding: $1.1M Breathtec Biomedical was formed to propel innovative research in the area ofbreath analysis as a medical screening tool. Our efforts are aimed at leadingthe development of commercially viable methods for the early screening ofdiseases such as lung & breast cancers, neurodegenerative diseases (eg:Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s), tuberculosis, diabetes, liver disease and more.45Funding: CA$1.2M Sprout was established to provide employees with the resources needed to leadhealthy lifestyles, and to provide management with a solution to manage andmeasure its impact.46Funding: $1M Bio Conscious Technologies uses machine learning to better understand humanmetabolism. By integrating medical and wearable sensor data we identify riskfactors, monitor disease progression and predict complications associated withmajor chronic conditions before they occur.47Funding: $1,667M Interactive Health International develops interactive medical educationplatform – CyberPatient for health professionals.48Funding: $963.5K Microbiome Insights is a global leader providing end-to-end services formicrobiome DNA sequencing and state-of-the-art bioinformatics.49Funding: CA$500K Ellerca Health improves patient care through technologies and innovation.50Funding: $750K Kube Innovation develops device that allows to measure patient’s maximal biteforce in less than 3 sec51The first wearable armband to quantify training performance in the gym.Measure to improve.52Nanostics is focused on development and commercialization of novel, non-invasive diagnostic tests for cancer.53Coral Health is a technology company connecting healthcare entities byenabling secure, real-time, shared access to validated healthcare informationwith blockchain-powered solutions. We help healthcare professionals bettercoordinate individual patient care leading to improved health develops AI-Augmented 3D Ultrasound platform55Recon Health enables real time continuous health monitoring for individualsmanaging chronic diseases at home.56HealthBank’s direct-to-patient platform allows healthcare providers connect toall existing and new patients for appointment booking, prescription sharingwith on-demand pharmacies, and bill sharing with insurance providersthroughout the country.57AI Talos provides AI-guided decision-making support for breast cancerscreening (Thermography), enabling you to decisively confirm what you suspect,detect what you potentially missed and concentrate on questionable studiesthat need more attention.58Breathe-Global Devices intends to build inexpensive, easy-to-use, negative-pressure assisted breathing devices that can be worn without limiting theuser’s everyday activities.59An integrated technology solutions and development company that creates uniqueXR content in the health and wellness sector.60ABOzymes Biomedical is overcoming the blood group barriers for bloodtransfusions and organ transplants.

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