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Fintech Stocks: 10 Best Fintech Stocks to Buy in 2021

This article includes links which we may receive compensation for if youclick, at no cost to you.Despite the rise of technological innovations like the internet andsmartphones, many consumers still turn to cold hard cash to make purchases. Arecent survey found that physical cash is still used in 19% of payments andthat the average American has $74 worth of bills in their wallet at any giventime.But that’s slowly started to change in recent years. The use of cash forpayments has declined from one-third of all payments made back in 2017. Andit’s very likely that the global pandemic has helped to accelerate consumers’desire to use digital payment systems.Enter the financial technology (fintech) industry. Fintech companies arerevolutionizing how consumers pay our favorite coffee shop for a latte, how wesplit the check after a night out with friends, have allowed us to buy digitalcryptocurrencies, and so much more.The fintech market is expected to nearly triple in size over the next 10 yearsand it’s creating a massive opportunity for publicly traded companies andinvestors alike. That’s why we’re highlighting 10 of the best fintechcompanies that should be on your investment radar.

What are fintech companies?

Fintech companies are companies that use technology in the financial servicesindustry. Large payment processing companies including Mastercard areconsidered fintech companies, and so are cryptocurrency exchanges likeCoinbase. Traditional fintech companies, like PayPal Holdings and Square, mayoffer peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services and payment solutions for merchants.

Top Blockchain Companies in Development

Blockchain development professionals are usually skilled as softwareprogrammers and have knowledge of data structures and architectures andleading blockchain tools such as Ethereum and Hyper Ledger. There are severalfactors to consider when selecting a blockchain development company,including: * List of completed projects: The number, quality, and variety of blockchain projects listed on their web site and company profile will indicate their level of dedication and their relevance to your use case. * Adequate team size: Generally, the larger their team, the more development power and flexibility they have. * Years in business: Startup companies have a higher risk of going bankrupt, so the longer they’ve been on the market, the better. * Online presence: A regular and active presence on social media and corporate blogs is a good sign. * Positive reviews and testimonials: Favorable feedback on reputable portals is an indication that the company delivers high quality and treats its clients well.The current list of blockchain companies in the development arena that aregenerating positive buzz includes:

Top Blockchain Companies in India

Given its contribution to the IT industry over the years in skills andtechnology, it should come as no surprise that some of the biggest blockchaincompanies in the development sector have their origins in India. They include:

Top Blockchain Companies in Technology

Besides the considerations already described for assessing a blockchaindevelopment company, if you’re looking to compare blockchain technologycompanies, you should also look at the types of technologies that the companyworks on and their level of expertise in business development. Some of theworld’s leading blockchain technology companies include the following:

Top Blockchain Companies Publicly Traded

When speaking of publicly traded blockchain companies, there are two maintypes of organizations involved: blockchain companies whose stocks areavailable to investors and publicly traded companies that use blockchain ordistributed ledger technology in product or service delivery.Among the latter category are organizations like:

Top Blockchain Companies: DocuSign

DocuSign (NASDAQ:DOCU) is the undisputed market leader in e-signaturetechnology. The company actively uses blockchain technology in its business,allowing customers to record their agreements on the Ethereum blockchain.

Top Blockchain Companies: Square

Square (NYSE:SQ) is a payment technology company with two main components toits business: a payment-processing ecosystem for small businesses and its CashApp person-to-person payment platform. Cash App also allows users to buy andsell bitcoin quickly and easily, and Square has its own team of bitcoindevelopers, known as Square Crypto.If you’re looking to invest in blockchain company stock, the following optionsare worth considering:

Top Blockchain Companies: Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks (NASDAQ:LLNW) is an American company that provides acontent delivery network and value-added services that can help digitalcontent owners improve streaming quality, download speeds, and advertisingcapabilities. The company has recently added new serverless computingcapabilities to its service platform and expanded its content deliverycapacity to support the increasing demand for online content.

Top Blockchain Companies: Northern Data

Formerly known as Northern Bitcoin, Northern Data is a bitcoin-miningestablishment that runs exclusively on hydroelectric power. With its focus onsustainable mining through the use of 100 percent green technology, thecompany’s data center is situated within a Norwegian mountain, where a nearbyfjord helps to cool down its computers. The company recently announced acollaboration with Canaan (NASDAQ:CAN), one of the world’s leading blockchaintechnology companies. The partners will work together in the areas of AIdevelopment, blockchain technology, and data center operations.

Top Blockchain Companies:

Founded in 1999 under the name, (NASDAQ:OSTK) was oneof the first US retailers to accept bitcoin. In 2018, the company introducedtZERO, a security token trading platform, which allows accredited investors totrade tokens through broker-dealer Dinosaur Financial Group. hasalso developed Medici Ventures, a subsidiary that invests in blockchainventures in areas ranging from finance to agriculture.10 Disruptive Tech Stocks to Invest InWe’re a small team of writers and researchers here at Nanalyze, so we oftenleverage the efforts of others and take credit for it like they taught us todo in business school. We recently spoke with one of the leading experts ininnovation management to learn how innovation can become a competitiveadvantage for companies. It all made a lot of sense, so we decided to see ifthere was an investment vehicle out there that would let us invest in theworld’s most innovative companies. Turns out, there is.

10 Disruptive Technology Stocks to Invest In

ARK Investment Management builds investment products of all sorts, but todaywe want to talk about just one – the ARK Disruptive Innovation ETF. It’s theirflagship product offering which has already attracted nearly $3 billion inassets. For a thematic ETF, that’s a sizable accomplishment. There are nowmore active funds and ETFs than there are stocks. If your product attractsassets under management (AUM) measured in billions, you’re doing somethingright.All we’ve done here is take the top ten stocks in the ARK Innovation ETF andlist them out. As with any ETF, the top ten list will change based on themovement of share prices, and of course, active management of the ETF. Withoutfurther ado, here are the top ten stocks that make up just over 58% of theETF’s weighting.Credit: ARK InvestElon Musk is a volatile character, and so is the company he runs. We’re moreexcited about the potential of his Starlink venture than his electric carsthat everyone can’t stop talking about. “What we need are some more opinionsabout tech giant Tesla,” said nobody ever. Moving on.

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